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Commands are added to U-Boot by creating a new command structure.
This is done by first including command.h
Then using the U_BOOT_CMD() macro to fill in a cmd_tbl_t struct.
name: is the name of the commad. THIS IS NOT a string.
maxargs: the maximumn numbers of arguments this function takes
command: Function pointer (*cmd)(struct cmd_tbl_s *, int, int, char *[]);
usage: Short description. This is a string
help: long description. This is a string
**** Behinde the scene ******
The structure created is named with a special prefix (__u_boot_cmd_)
and placed by the linker in a special section.
This makes it possible for the final link to extract all commands
compiled into any object code and construct a static array so the
command can be found in an array starting at __u_boot_cmd_start.
If a new board is defined do not forget to define the command section
by writing in ($(TOPDIR)/board/boardname/ these
3 lines:
__u_boot_cmd_start = .;
.u_boot_cmd : { *(.u_boot_cmd) }
__u_boot_cmd_end = .;