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The port was tested on Wind River System Sbc8560 board
<>. U-Boot was installed on the flash memory of the
CPU card (no the SODIMM).
NOTE: Please configure uboot compile to the proper PCI frequency and
setup the appropriate DIP switch settings.
SBC8560 board:
Make sure boards switches are set to their appropriate conditions.
Refer to the Engineering Reference Guide ERG-00300-002. Of particular
importance are: 1) the settings for JP4 (JP4 1-3 and 2-4), which
select the on-board FLASH device (Intel 28F128Jx); 2) The settings
for the Clock SW9 (33 MHz or 66 MHz).
Note: SW9 Settings: 66 MHz
4:1 ratio CCB clocks:SYSCLK
3:1 ration e500 Core:CCB
pos1 - on, pos2 - on, pos3 - off, pos4 - on, pos5 - off, pos6 - on
Note: SW9 Settings: 33 MHz
8:1 ratio CCB clocks:SYSCLK
3:1 ration e500 Core:CCB
pos1 - on, pos2 - on, pos3 - on, pos4 - off, pos5 - off, pos6 - on
Flashing the FLASH device with the "Wind River ICE":
1) Properly connect and configure the Wind River ICE to the target
JTAG port. This includes running the SBC8560 register script. Make
sure target memory can be read and written.
2) Build the u-boot image:
make distclean
make SBC8560_66_config or SBC8560_33_config
make CROSS_COMPILE=.../ELDK3.0/ppc_8xx-/ all
Note: reference is made to the ELDK3.0 compiler. Further, it seems
the ppc_8xx compiler is required for the 85xx (no 85xx
designated compiler in ELDK3.0)
3) Convert the uboot (.elf) file to a uboot.bin file (using
visionClick converter). The bin file should be converted from
fffc0000 to ffffffff
4) Setup the Flash Utility (tools menu) for:
Do a "dc clr" [visionClick] to load the default register settings
Determine the clock speed of the PCI bus and set SW9 accordingly
Note: the speed of the PCI bus defaults to the slowest PCI card
PlayBack the "default" register file for the SBC8560
Select the uboot.bin file with zero bias
Select the initialize Target prior to programming
Select the V28F640Jx (8192 x 8) 1 device FLASH Algorithm
Select the erase base address from FFFC0000 to FFFFFFFF
Select the start address from 0 with size of 4000
5) Erase and Program