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These are brief instructions on how to add support for CF adapters to
custom designed PXA boards. You need to set the parameters in the
config file. This should work for most implementations especially if you
follow the connections of the standard lubbock. Anyway just the block
marked memory configuration should be touched since the other parameters
are imposed by the PXA architecture.
#define CONFIG_PXA_IDE 1
/* just to keep build system happy */
#define CFG_PCMCIA_MEM_ADDR 0x28000000
#define CFG_PCMCIA_MEM_SIZE 0x10000000
#define CFG_MECR_VAL 0x00000000
#define CFG_MCMEM0_VAL 0x00004204
#define CFG_MCMEM1_VAL 0x00000000
#define CFG_MCATT0_VAL 0x00010504
#define CFG_MCATT1_VAL 0x00000000
#define CFG_MCIO0_VAL 0x00008407
#define CFG_MCIO1_VAL 0x00000000
/* memory configuration */
#define CFG_IDE_MAXBUS 1
/* max. 1 IDE bus */
/* max. 1 drive per IDE bus */
#define CFG_ATA_IDE0_OFFSET 0x0000
#define CFG_ATA_BASE_ADDR 0x20000000
/* Offset for data I/O */
#define CFG_ATA_DATA_OFFSET 0x1f0
/* Offset for normal register accesses */
#define CFG_ATA_REG_OFFSET 0x1f0
/* Offset for alternate registers */
#define CFG_ATA_ALT_OFFSET 0x3f0
Another important point is that maybe you have to power the pcmcia
subsystem. This is very board specific, for an example on how to
do it please search for CONFIG_EXADRON1 in cmd_pcmcia.c