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This is my attempt to port U-Boot to the i386 platform. This
work was sponsored by my emplyer, Omicron Ceti AB.
It is currently capable of booting a linux bzImage from flash on
the AMD SC520 CDP platform.
It was originally based on PPCBoot taken from the CVS October 28 2002.
To compile:
1) Unpack the source tree, either from the complete tarball or
from the virgin snapshot + the patch
2) Configure the source
$ make sc520_cdp_comfig
$ make
To use this code on the CDP:
1) Make a suitable kernel, I used 2.4.19 with the mtd-support updated
from the MTD CVS and a patch to allow root=/dev/mtdblock1 which I
included at the end of this file.
The following options in the MTD section might be useful:
2) Program it in to the CDP flashbank with remon
u-boot.bin should be programmed att offset 0x7e000 and the kernel at
offset 0. If you want to use a jffs2 root file system (not included here),
it should be programmed to offset 0x100000.
remon> z
remon> yi
remon> ns u-boot.bin 7e0000
remon> ns bzImage 0
remon> ns image.jffs2 100000
3) Connect a terminal to the 25pin serial port at 9600bps, and start the CDP.
remon> z
remon> g
4) U-Boot should output some message and a prompt on the terminal, to
start the kernel issue the following command:
BOOT> bootm
5) The kernel should boot, and mount the root filesystem if present.
We hope you find this stuff useful
Daniel Engstrรถm, Omicron Ceti AB,
--- linux-2.4.19-orig/init/do_mounts.c Sat Aug 3 02:39:46 2002
+++ linux-2.4.19/init/do_mounts.c Mon Sep 23 16:21:33 2002
@@ -224,6 +224,14 @@
{ "ftlc", 0x2c10 },
{ "ftld", 0x2c18 },
{ "mtdblock", 0x1f00 },
+ { "mtdblock0", 0x1f00 },
+ { "mtdblock1", 0x1f01 },
+ { "mtdblock2", 0x1f02 },
+ { "mtdblock3", 0x1f03 },
+ { "mtdblock4", 0x1f04 },
+ { "mtdblock5", 0x1f05 },
+ { "mtdblock6", 0x1f06 },
+ { "mtdblock7", 0x1f07 },
{ NULL, 0 }