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This is a preliminary version of a VGA softbooter for LINUX.
It makes use of the of the vm86() call and is therefore only
usable on ix86 systems.
There are plans to port this program to use a x86 emulator
like x86emu. Also it may be ported to other operating systems.
So far it has been tested on a small number of cards. It might
well be that it will fail on your card.
If you need to make modifications to the programs to be able
to boot your card please let the author know.
So far there is no command line interface. All options need
to be hardcoded. You can do this by editing debug.h. You can
turn on a bunch of debug output. Other options allow you to
boot the primary card (CONFIG_ACTIVE_DEVICE), save the bios
to a file (SAVE_BIOS), and map the original system bios
The author wants to thank
Hans Lermen (dosemu)
Kendall Bennett (x86emu)
for their support.
Parts of the code - especially in v86.c and io.c - are based on code
taken from dosemu. Parts of the code in int.c are based on code taken
from x86emu
Egbert Eich. <Egbert.Eich@Physik.TU-Darmstadt.DE>