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This is a demo implementation of a Linux command line tool to access
the U-Boot's environment variables.
For the run-time utiltity configuration uncomment the line
#define CONFIG_FILE "/etc/fw_env.config"
in fw_env.h.
See comments in the fw_env.config file for definitions for the
particular board.
Configuration can also be done via #defines in the fw_env.h file. The
following lines are relevant:
#define HAVE_REDUND /* For systems with 2 env sectors */
#define DEVICE1_NAME "/dev/mtd1"
#define DEVICE2_NAME "/dev/mtd2"
#define DEVICE1_OFFSET 0x0000
#define ENV1_SIZE 0x4000
#define DEVICE1_ESIZE 0x4000
#define DEVICE2_OFFSET 0x0000
#define ENV2_SIZE 0x4000
#define DEVICE2_ESIZE 0x4000
Current configuration matches the environment layout of the TRAB
Un-define HAVE_REDUND, if you want to use the utlities on a system
that does not have support for redundant environment enabled.
If HAVE_REDUND is undefined, DEVICE2_NAME is ignored,
The DEVICEx_NAME constants define which MTD character devices are to
be used to access the environment.
The DEVICEx_OFFSET constants define the environment offset within the
MTD character device.
ENVx_SIZE defines the size in bytes taken by the environment, which
may be less then flash sector size, if the environment takes less
then 1 sector.
DEVICEx_ESIZE defines the size of the first sector in the flash
partition where the environment resides.