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* Copyright (c) International Business Machines Corp., 2006
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
* the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
* (at your option) any later version.
* This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* the GNU General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
* along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
* Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307 USA
* Author: Artem Bityutskiy (Битюцкий Артём)
* Here we keep all the UBI debugging stuff which should normally be disabled
* and compiled-out, but it is extremely helpful when hunting bugs or doing big
* changes.
#include <ubi_uboot.h>
#include "ubi.h"
* ubi_dbg_dump_ec_hdr - dump an erase counter header.
* @ec_hdr: the erase counter header to dump
void ubi_dbg_dump_ec_hdr(const struct ubi_ec_hdr *ec_hdr)
dbg_msg("erase counter header dump:");
dbg_msg("magic %#08x", be32_to_cpu(ec_hdr->magic));
dbg_msg("version %d", (int)ec_hdr->version);
dbg_msg("ec %llu", (long long)be64_to_cpu(ec_hdr->ec));
dbg_msg("vid_hdr_offset %d", be32_to_cpu(ec_hdr->vid_hdr_offset));
dbg_msg("data_offset %d", be32_to_cpu(ec_hdr->data_offset));
dbg_msg("hdr_crc %#08x", be32_to_cpu(ec_hdr->hdr_crc));
dbg_msg("erase counter header hexdump:");
print_hex_dump(KERN_DEBUG, "", DUMP_PREFIX_OFFSET, 32, 1,
ec_hdr, UBI_EC_HDR_SIZE, 1);
* ubi_dbg_dump_vid_hdr - dump a volume identifier header.
* @vid_hdr: the volume identifier header to dump
void ubi_dbg_dump_vid_hdr(const struct ubi_vid_hdr *vid_hdr)
dbg_msg("volume identifier header dump:");
dbg_msg("magic %08x", be32_to_cpu(vid_hdr->magic));
dbg_msg("version %d", (int)vid_hdr->version);
dbg_msg("vol_type %d", (int)vid_hdr->vol_type);
dbg_msg("copy_flag %d", (int)vid_hdr->copy_flag);
dbg_msg("compat %d", (int)vid_hdr->compat);
dbg_msg("vol_id %d", be32_to_cpu(vid_hdr->vol_id));
dbg_msg("lnum %d", be32_to_cpu(vid_hdr->lnum));
dbg_msg("leb_ver %u", be32_to_cpu(vid_hdr->leb_ver));
dbg_msg("data_size %d", be32_to_cpu(vid_hdr->data_size));
dbg_msg("used_ebs %d", be32_to_cpu(vid_hdr->used_ebs));
dbg_msg("data_pad %d", be32_to_cpu(vid_hdr->data_pad));
dbg_msg("sqnum %llu",
(unsigned long long)be64_to_cpu(vid_hdr->sqnum));
dbg_msg("hdr_crc %08x", be32_to_cpu(vid_hdr->hdr_crc));
dbg_msg("volume identifier header hexdump:");
* ubi_dbg_dump_vol_info- dump volume information.
* @vol: UBI volume description object
void ubi_dbg_dump_vol_info(const struct ubi_volume *vol)
dbg_msg("volume information dump:");
dbg_msg("vol_id %d", vol->vol_id);
dbg_msg("reserved_pebs %d", vol->reserved_pebs);
dbg_msg("alignment %d", vol->alignment);
dbg_msg("data_pad %d", vol->data_pad);
dbg_msg("vol_type %d", vol->vol_type);
dbg_msg("name_len %d", vol->name_len);
dbg_msg("usable_leb_size %d", vol->usable_leb_size);
dbg_msg("used_ebs %d", vol->used_ebs);
dbg_msg("used_bytes %lld", vol->used_bytes);
dbg_msg("last_eb_bytes %d", vol->last_eb_bytes);
dbg_msg("corrupted %d", vol->corrupted);
dbg_msg("upd_marker %d", vol->upd_marker);
if (vol->name_len <= UBI_VOL_NAME_MAX &&
strnlen(vol->name, vol->name_len + 1) == vol->name_len) {
dbg_msg("name %s", vol->name);
} else {
dbg_msg("the 1st 5 characters of the name: %c%c%c%c%c",
vol->name[0], vol->name[1], vol->name[2],
vol->name[3], vol->name[4]);
* ubi_dbg_dump_vtbl_record - dump a &struct ubi_vtbl_record object.
* @r: the object to dump
* @idx: volume table index
void ubi_dbg_dump_vtbl_record(const struct ubi_vtbl_record *r, int idx)
int name_len = be16_to_cpu(r->name_len);
dbg_msg("volume table record %d dump:", idx);
dbg_msg("reserved_pebs %d", be32_to_cpu(r->reserved_pebs));
dbg_msg("alignment %d", be32_to_cpu(r->alignment));
dbg_msg("data_pad %d", be32_to_cpu(r->data_pad));
dbg_msg("vol_type %d", (int)r->vol_type);
dbg_msg("upd_marker %d", (int)r->upd_marker);
dbg_msg("name_len %d", name_len);
if (r->name[0] == '\0') {
dbg_msg("name NULL");
if (name_len <= UBI_VOL_NAME_MAX &&
strnlen(&r->name[0], name_len + 1) == name_len) {
dbg_msg("name %s", &r->name[0]);
} else {
dbg_msg("1st 5 characters of the name: %c%c%c%c%c",
r->name[0], r->name[1], r->name[2], r->name[3],
dbg_msg("crc %#08x", be32_to_cpu(r->crc));
* ubi_dbg_dump_sv - dump a &struct ubi_scan_volume object.
* @sv: the object to dump
void ubi_dbg_dump_sv(const struct ubi_scan_volume *sv)
dbg_msg("volume scanning information dump:");
dbg_msg("vol_id %d", sv->vol_id);
dbg_msg("highest_lnum %d", sv->highest_lnum);
dbg_msg("leb_count %d", sv->leb_count);
dbg_msg("compat %d", sv->compat);
dbg_msg("vol_type %d", sv->vol_type);
dbg_msg("used_ebs %d", sv->used_ebs);
dbg_msg("last_data_size %d", sv->last_data_size);
dbg_msg("data_pad %d", sv->data_pad);
* ubi_dbg_dump_seb - dump a &struct ubi_scan_leb object.
* @seb: the object to dump
* @type: object type: 0 - not corrupted, 1 - corrupted
void ubi_dbg_dump_seb(const struct ubi_scan_leb *seb, int type)
dbg_msg("eraseblock scanning information dump:");
dbg_msg("ec %d", seb->ec);
dbg_msg("pnum %d", seb->pnum);
if (type == 0) {
dbg_msg("lnum %d", seb->lnum);
dbg_msg("scrub %d", seb->scrub);
dbg_msg("sqnum %llu", seb->sqnum);
dbg_msg("leb_ver %u", seb->leb_ver);
* ubi_dbg_dump_mkvol_req - dump a &struct ubi_mkvol_req object.
* @req: the object to dump
void ubi_dbg_dump_mkvol_req(const struct ubi_mkvol_req *req)
char nm[17];
dbg_msg("volume creation request dump:");
dbg_msg("vol_id %d", req->vol_id);
dbg_msg("alignment %d", req->alignment);
dbg_msg("bytes %lld", (long long)req->bytes);
dbg_msg("vol_type %d", req->vol_type);
dbg_msg("name_len %d", req->name_len);
memcpy(nm, req->name, 16);
nm[16] = 0;
dbg_msg("the 1st 16 characters of the name: %s", nm);