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Changes for U-Boot 1.1.5:
* Cleanup compile warnings. Prepare for release 1.1.5
* Fix compile problem in include/configs/ep82xxm.h
(must have never been tested before!)
* MCC200: Fix uninitialized variable problem in LCD driver
* Add board/cpu specific NAND chip select function to 440 NDFC
Based on idea and implementation from Jeff Mann
Patch by Stefan Roese, 20 Oct 2006
* Make 4xx bootup message shorter on 440EPx/GRx platforms
Patch by Stefan Roese, 18 Oct 2006
* Add (preliminary) support for V38B board
* PPC405EP: Add support for board configuration of CPC0_PCI register
This is needed to be able to configure PerWE*/PCI_INT* pin as PerWE*
Patch by Tolunay Orkun, 07 Apr 2006
* PPC405EP: Add CFG_GPIO0_OR, CFG_GPIO0_ODR to setup GPIO completely.
- Add configuration of Open Drain GPIO Output selection
- Add configuration of initial value of GPIO output pins
Patch by Tolunay Orkun, 07 Apr 2006
* Fix spelling; minor code cleanup.
* Fix JFFS2 compilation problem
Patch by Stefan Roese, 12 Oct 2006
* Cleanup of NAND update patch (remove changelog from cmd_nand.c)
Patch by Guido Classen, 10 Oct 2006
* Several improvements to the new NAND subsystem:
- JFFS2 related commands implemented in mtd-utils style
- Support for bad blocks
- Bad block testing commands
- NAND lock commands
Please take a look at doc/README.nand for more details
Patch by Guido Classen, 10 Oct 2006
* Define IH_CPU_AVR32
Make it possible to generate AVR32 uImage files with mkimage and
make cmd_bootm recognize them.
Patch by Haavard Skinnemoen, 22 Sep 2006
* Fix buffer overflow problem in ft_build.c
Patch by Fredrik Roubert, 09 Oct 2006
* Make bootp implementation RFC3046 compliant
Patch by Joakim Larsson, 27 Jun 2006
* TQM5200: perform POST memory test only on STK52xx carrier board.
(and then only if PSC6_3 is read as "1" when booting).
Patch by Martin Krause, 21 Jun 2006
* Move "ar" flags to to allow for silent "make -s"
Based on patch by Mike Frysinger, 20 Jun 2006
* Coding style cleanup
* Add support for EP82xxM boards
Patch by Aaron Sells, 20 Jun 2006
* Fix comments in include/ppc440.h
Patch by Martin Hicks, 16 Jun 2006
* Update for CAM5200 board:
- Map in a additional chip selects CS4 and CS5.
- Modify the port configration, configure six UARTs and no PCI,
ATA and USB.
- Add custom flash driver to handle specific byte swapping
* Fix TLB setup for Ocotea board
Patch by Stefan Roese, 30 Sep 2006
* Fix reset problem in sequoia sdram init code
Patch by Stefan Roese, 23 Sep 2006
* Disable autoboot abort for FO300 when silent mode is enabled
(according to S1 switch setting).
* Cleanup examples binaries
* Add support for AMCC Rainier PPX440GRx eval board
Patch by Stefan Roese, 13 Sep 2006
* Add NAND environment support for PPC440EPx Sequoia NAND boot config
Patch by Stefan Roese, 12 Sep 2006
* Update NAND boot documentation
Patch by Stefan Roese, 12 Sep 2006
* Fix alignment problem in "mtdparts" command
* Add documentation on the latest build environment extensions to
the README file.
* Remove dead code (i2o and dma) from cpu/mpc824x/drivers/ directory.
* Fix LOG_DIR directory creation error.
Add support for automatic creation of BUILD_DIR directory.
* Fix build problem cpu/ppc4xx/ndfc.c
Patch by Stefan Roese, 07 Sep 2006
* Fix build problem with CPCI440
Patch by Stefan Roese, 07 Sep 2006
* Change Yellowstone to use CFI write buffer
Patch by Stefan Roese, 07 Sep 2006
* Add support for AMCC Sequoia PPC440EPx eval board
- Add support for PPC440EPx & PPC440GRx
- Add support for PPC440EP(x)/GR(x) NAND controller
in cpu/ppc4xx directory
- Add NAND boot functionality for Sequoia board,
please see doc/README.nand-boot-ppc440 for details
- This Sequoia NAND image doesn't support environment
in NAND for now. This will be added in a short while.
Patch by Stefan Roese, 07 Sep 2006
* Fix mkimage -l bug with multifile images on 64bit platforms
Patch by David Updegraff, 06 Sep 2006
* Fix build problems on sorcery board.
* Fix coldfire build problems.
Patch by Marian Balakowicz, 01 Sep 2006
* Add support for a saving build objects in a separate directory.
Modifications are based on the Linux kernel approach and support
two use cases:
1) Add O= to the make command line 'make O=/tmp/build all'
2) Set environement variable BUILD_DIR to point to the desired location
'export BUILD_DIR=/tmp/build'
The second approach can also be used with a MAKEALL script
'export BUILD_DIR=/tmp/build'
Command line 'O=' setting overrides the BUILD_DIR environent variable.
When none of the above methods is used the local build is performed
and the object files are placed in the source directory.
* Remove the board/netstar/crcit binary from git repository.
* Fix tools/updater build error.
* Fix tools/easylogo build error.
* Fixed problems on PRS200 board caused by adding splash screen on MCC200
* Extended README entry on coding style
* Added another example showing simple interrupt interception.
* Added simple_strtoul(), getenv() and setenv() to the exported functions.
Also bumped up ABI version to reflect this change.
* Added interrupt handling capabilities for mpc5xxx processors.
Also added Linux like BUG() macros.
* Coding Style cleanup.
Patch by Stefano Babic, 31 Aug 2006
* Add splashscreen support for MCC200 board.
* Make the serial driver framework work with CONFIG_SERIAL_MULTI
* PCIe endpoint support for AMCC Yucca 440SPe board
Patch by Tirumala R Marri, 26 Aug 2006
* Improve DIMM detection for AMCC Yucca 440SPe board
Improved the memory DIMM detection for the Yucca 440SPe board for
the case where a memory DIMM is falsely detected as present.
This issue is seen on some AMCC Yucca 440SPe validation boards if
only one 512MB memory DIMM is installed, i.e. DIMM slot 0 is
populated and DIMM slot 1 is empty. In this case, U-Boot does
not correctly detect that there is only one DIMM memory module
installed and will falsely detect two DIMM memory modules are
present and therefore U-Boot will not calculate the correct amount
of total memory and u-boot will not booting up.
Patch by Adam Graham, 24 Aug 2006
* Fix typo.
* Code cleanup
* Update for MCC200 / PRS200 boards:
- auto-adjust console device for Linux.
- fix typos.
* Add a fix for a buggy USB device on the FO300 board.
* Updates for MCC200 / PRS200 boards:
- support for configurations with SDRAM or DDR memory,
- support for highboot and lowboot
- adjusting environment definitions
* Add support for WTK FO300 board (TQM5200 based).
* Fix TQM834x hang.
* Update for SC520 board.
Patch by David Updegraff, 02 Dec 2005
* Fixed common.h spelling error.
Patch by Cory Tusar, 30 Nov 2005
* Fix typo.
Patch by Andreas Engel, 28 Nov 2005
* Fix fatload command on FAT32 formatted partitions.
Patch by Joachim Jaeger, 18 Nov 2005
* Fix drivers/dm9000.c when configured in 32 bit mode.
Patch by Eric Benard, 17 Nov 2005
* Cleanup debug code for yucca board.
* MCC200: restrict addressable flash space to 32 MB
* Add debug console on COM12 for MCC200 board
* Fix control-c handing in CONFIG_CMDLINE_EDITING
Properly pass break code back from readline.
Patch by Roger Blofeld, 31 Jul 2006
* Add commandline history support to all AMCC eval boards
Patch by Stefan Roese, 07 Aug 2006
* Add Macronix MXLV320T flash support for AMCC Bamboo
Patch by Stefan Roese, 07 Aug 2006
* Change "mii info" to not print an error upon missing PHY at address
Patch by Stefan Roese, 07 Aug 2006
* Fix PCI-Express on PPC440SPe rev. A.
* Fix preboot message on TQM85xx after switching to hush parser.
* Adapt TQM85xx ramdisk address to Linux kernel memory map
* Add initial support for PCI-Express on PPC440SPe (Yucca board).
* Fix compiler warning for TRAB board.
Patch by Martin Krause, 07 Aug 2006
* Prevent USB commands from working when USB is stopped.
* Add rudimentary handling of alternate settings of USB interfaces.
This is in order to fix issues with some USB sticks timing out
during initialization. Some code readability improvements.
* PPC440 DDR setup: Set SDRAM0_CFG0[PMU]=0 for best performance
AMCC suggested to set the PMU bit to 0 for best performace on
the PPC440 DDR controller.
Please see doc/README.440-DDR-performance for details.
Patch by Stefan Roese, 28 Jul 2006
* AMCC bamboo (440EP) U-Boot image reduced to 384kbyte
Please see doc/README.bamboo for details.
Patch by Stefan Roese, 27 Jul 2006
* Fix CONFIG_CMDLINE_EDITING implementation
Patch by Stefan Roese, 27 Jul 2006
* Fix preboot message on TQM5200 after switching to hush parser.
* MCC200: set default configuration to low_boot DDR,
and support for configurable options high_boot and/or SDRAM.
* Add support for 256 MB SDRAM on CPU87
Patch by Josef Wagner, 25 Nov 2005
* Add configuration for cam5200 board (based on TQM5200S).
* More code cleanup
* Disabled kvme080 board in MAKEALL because of build problems.
* Code cleanup
* Update NetStar board
Patch by Ladislav Michl, 03 Nov 2005
* Make code better readable.
Patch by Ladislav Michl, 14 Sep 2005
* Enable initrd ATAG for xm250 board.
Patch by Josef Wagner, 05 Sep 2005
* Add readline cmdline-editing extension
Patch by JinHua Luo, 01 Sep 2005
* Add support for friendly-arm SBC-2410X board
Patch by JinHua Luo, 01 Sep 2005
* Fix multi-part image support on i386 platform.
Patch by David Updegraff, 19 Aug 2005
* Add support for KVME080 board
Patch by Sangmoon Kim, 18 Aug 2005
* Fix MIPS LE build problem
Patch by Matej Kupljen, 10 Aug 2005
* Check argument count in "mii" command.
Problem pointed out by Andrew Dyer, 13 Jun 2005
* Cleanup TQM5200 board configurations:
- make highboot configurations use environment at high end, too,
to avoid flash fragmentation
- always use redundand environment
- don't enable video code for modules without graphics controller
- provide useful (though different) mtdparts settings
- get rid of CONFIG_CS_AUTOCONF which was always set anyway
* Extend mkconfig tool to print more useful target name
* Add support for high-boot on TQM5200 and TQM5200S boards.
Hint: the CPLD on the TQM5200 must be programmed with a software
version supporting the high boot option! The new TQM5200S is
already supporting this option. On the TQM5200 this option will be
supported in configurations with MPC5200 rev B processors.
To actually "high boot", set jumper X30 on the STK52xx.
Patch by Martin Krause, 12 Jul 2006
* Add support for new TQM5200 revisions
- Support for TQM5200S (short version without graphic controller)
- Support for modules with 'N' type S29GL128N Spansion flashes
(requires changes to flash layout)
- Support for MPC5200B cpu (mostly support for second SDRAM bank)
Patch by Martin Krause, 07 Jul 2006
* Fix support for PS/2 keyboard on TQM85xx boards
The PS/2 keyobard driver for the TQM85xx modules only supports the
internal DUART of the MPC85xx CPU. Since the MPC8560 doesn't
include a DUART, the TQM8560 modules can't be used with the PS/2
keyboard controller on the STK85xx board.
The PS/2 keyboard driver should work with the modules TQM8540,
TQM8541 and TQM8555, but it only has been tested on a TQM8540, yet.
Make sure the PS/2 controller on the STK85xx is programmed. Jumper
settings: X66 1-2, 9-10; X61 2-3
Patch by Martin Krause, 21 Jun 2006
* Adjust RTC century handling on STK52xx board to match Linux driver.
Patch by Martin Krause, 12 Jun 2006
* Adjust filenames for USB update images on TRAB board.
During an automatic update via USB stick, U-Boot searches for
images with the name "firmware.img" and "kernel.img". This names
are now changed to "firmw_01.img" and "kernl_01.img". This is done,
to prevent updates of new boards (with the new macronics "c" step
flashes) with old, incompatible firmware or kernel versions.
Patch by Martin Krause, 21 Jun 2006
* Bugfix in VFD routine on TRAB board.
Make sure upper lext pixel can be set to blue, too
(so far only red was possible).
Patch by Martin Krause, 15 Feb 2006
* Enable buffered flash writes for TB5200 board.
* Fix some bugs in TRAB board flash driver.
- increase CFG_FLASH_ERASE_TOUT from 2 to 15 seconds
- use CFG_FLASH_WRITE_TOUT for programming instead of CFG_FLASH_ERASE_TOUT
- remove "Unlock Bypass" mode, because macronix flashes do not support
this mode officially
- fix flash reset command from 0x00FF to 0x00F0. 0x00FF is only specified
for Intel compatible flashes, not for AMD compatible.
Patch by Martin Krause, 15 Feb 2006
* Add additional error messages to flash driver on TRAB board
(for erase errors and timeout errors)
Patch by Martin Krause, 14 Feb 2006
* Add support for TB5200 board
The TB5200 ("Tinybox") is a small baseboard for the TQM5200 module
integrated in a little aluminium case.
Patch by Martin Krause, 8 Jun 2006
* Enable buffered flash writes for TQM5200 board.
* Fix problems with SanDisk Corporation Cruzer Micro USB memory stick.
* Add support for TQM885D board.
Patch by Martin Krause, 20 Mar 2006
* Fix FEC initialisation: All MII configuration is done via FEC1
registers, but MII_SPEED was configured according to FEC used. So
if only FEC2 was used, this caused the real MII_SPEED register in
FEC1 to stay uninitalised, leqading to "mii_send STUCK!" messages.
Fix: always configure MII_SPEED on FEC1 only.
Patch by Markus Klotzbuecher, 12 Jul 2006
* Add support for SPC1920 board.
Patch by Markus Klotzbuecher, 12 Jul 2006
* MCC200 board: support console on any one of the Quad UART ports.
* Fix error in flash protection calculation on MCC200 board.
* Major PCMCIA Cleanup to make code better readable and maintainable.
- Board-dependend code for RPXLITE and RPXCLASSIC-based boards
placed to the drivers/rpx_pmcia.c file to avoid duplication.
Same for TQM8xx-based boards (drivers/tqm8xx_pmcia.c).
- drivers/i82365.c has been split into two parts located at
board/atc/ti113x.c and board/cpc45/pd67290.c (ATC and CPC45 are
the only boards using CONFIG_82365).
- Changes were tested for clean build and *very* *few* boards.
* Fix timer problems on AMCC yucca board.
Set Timer Clock Select to use CPU clock as a timer input source.
* Bring yucca config more in line with other AMCC boards.
* Add AMCC bamboo board to MAKEALL build script.
* Fix AMCC bamboo eval board compilation errors.
* Add system memory to the PCI region list for AMCC PPC44x CPUs.
Enabled it for Yucca board.
* Cleanup config file and bootup output for Yucca board.
* Fix CONFIG_440_GX define usage.
* Remove autogenerated bmp_logo.h file.
* Add support for AMCC 440SPe CPU based eval board (Yucca).
* Call serial_initialize() before first debug() is used.
* Code cleanup
* Various USB related patches
- Add support for mpc8xx USB device.
- Add support for Common Device Class - Abstract Control Model USB console.
- Add support for flow control in USB slave devices.
- Add support for switching between gserial and cdc_acm using environment.
- Minor changes to usbdcore_omap1510.c usbdcore_omap1510.h
- Update usbcore slightly to ease host enumeration.
- Fix non-portable endian problems in usbdcore and usbdcore_ep0.
- Add AdderUSB_config as a defconfig to enable usage of the USB console
by default with the Adder87x U-Boot port.
Patch by Bryan O'Donoghue <>, 29 May 2006
* Cleanup trab board for GCC-4.x
* VoiceBlue update: use new MTD flash partitioning methods, use more
reasonable TEXT_BASE, update default environment and enable keyed
Patch by Ladislav Michl, 16. Aug 2005
* Add forgotten changes for the PLEB 2 Board.
Patch by David Snowdon, 13. Aug 2005
* Add support for wrPPMC7xx/74xx boards
Patch by Richard Danter, 12 Aug 2005
* Add support for gth2 board
Patch by Thomas Lange, Aug 11 2005
* Add support for CONFIG_SERIAL_MULTI on MPC5xxx
Patch by Martin Krause, 8 Jun 2006
This patch supports two serial consoles on boards with
a MPC5xxx CPU. The console can be switched at runtime
by setting stdin, stdout and stderr to the desired serial
interface (serial0 or serial1). The PSCs to be used as
console port are definded by CONFIG_PSC_CONSOLE
See README.serial_multi for details.
* Bugfix in I2C initialisation on S3C2400.
If the bus is blocked because of a previously interrupted
transfer, up to eleven clocks are generated on the I2CSCL
line to complete the transfer and to free the bus.
With this fix pin I2CSCL (PG6) is really configured as GPIO
so the clock pulses are really generated.
Patch by Martin Krause, 04 Apr 2006
* Fix DDR6 errata on TQM834x boards
Patch by Thomas Waehner, 07 Mar 2006
* Remove obsolete flash driver board/tqm5200/flash.c
Patch by Martin Krause, 11 Jan 2006
* Update configuration for CMC-PU2 board
Patch by Martin Krause, 17 Nov 2005
* Add support for PS/2 keyboard on TQM85xx board
Patch by Martin Krause, 07 Nov 2005
Tested on a STK85XX baseboard. Make sure the PS/2 controller
has been programmed. Jumper Settings: X66 1-2, 9-10; X61 2-3
* Fix TRAB channel switching delay for trab_fkt.bin standalone applikation
In tsc2000_read_channel() the delay after setting the multiplexer
to a temperature channel is increased from 1,5 ms to 10 ms. This
is to allow the multiplexer inputs to stabilize after huge steps
of the input signal level.
Patch by Martin Krause, 08 Nov 2005
* Adjust TQM5200 make targets
Make the automatic CS configuration the default.
The dedicated configurations CONFIG_TQM5200_AA, CONFIG_TQM5200_AB
and CONFIG_TQM5200_AC are removed.
"TQM5200_config" is now the default for STK52XX.200 base boards.
On a STK52XX.100 base board "TQM5200_STK100_config" must be used.
Patch by Martin Krause, 07 Nov 2005
* Fix setting of environment variable "ver" on trab board
The environment variable "ver" is now set before
do_auto_update() is called, so that "ver" can be used
in USB update scripts.
Patch by Martin Krause, 27 Oct 2005
* Fix wrong usage of udelay() in led_blink() on trab board
Patch by Martin Krause, 27 Oct 2005
* Fix udelay bug in vfd.c for trab board
Patch by Martin Krause, 27 Oct 2005
* Disable JFFS2 support for trab board
Patch by Martin Krause, 27 Oct 2005
* Change mtdparts definition on trab board to match current flash map
Patch by Martin Krause, 27 Oct 2005
* Fix memory init problems on MCC200 board
* Fix IxEthDB.h to compile again
Patch by Stefan Roese, 14 Jun 2006
* Minor cleanup for PCS440EP board
Patch by Stefan Roese, 13 Jun 2006
* Add MCF5282 support (without preloader)
relocate ichache_State to ram
u-boot can run from internal flash
Add EB+MCF-EV123 board support.
Add m68k Boards to MAKEALL
Patch from Jens Scharsig, 08 Aug 2005
* Nios II - Add Altera EP1C20, EP1S10 and EP1S40 boards
Patch by Scott McNutt, 08 Jun 2006
* Nios II - Add EPCS Controller bootrom work-around
-When booting from an epcs controller, the epcs bootrom may leave the
slave select in an asserted state causing soft reset hang. This
patch ensures slave select is negated at reset.
Patch by Scott McNutt, 08 Jun 2006
* Update PK1C20 board
-Update base addresses for standard configuration
-Eliminate use of CACHE_BYPASS in board code
Patch by Scott McNutt, 08 Jun 2006
* Nios II - Fix I/O Macros and mini-app stubs
-Fix asm/io.h macros
-Eliminate use of CACHE_BYPASS in cpu code
-Eliminate assembler warnings
-Fix mini-app stubs and force no small data
Patch by Scott McNutt, 08 Jun 2006
* Fix U-Boot environment sector protection on MCC200 board
* Minor cleanup for PCS440EP board
* Update PCS440EP port to fit into one flash device (incl. environment)
Patch by Stefan Roese, 06 Jun 2006
* Add support for PCS440EP board
Patch by Stefan Roese, 02 Jun 2006
* Fix examples/Makefile; some build targets were lost
* Fix watchdog handling in CFI flash driver
Just use udelay() when waiting for status changes which will
implicitely trigger the watchdog.
* Fix PCI to memory window size problems on PM82x boards
We use the "automatic" mode that was used for the MPC8266ADS and
MPC8272 boards. Eventually this should be used on all boards?]
Patch by Wolfgang Grandegger, 17 Jan 2006
* Correct GPIO setup (UART1/IRQ's) on yosemite & yellowstone
Patch by Stefan Roese, 29 May 2006
* Update Intel IXP4xx support
- Add IXP4xx NPE ethernet MAC support
- Add support for Intel IXDPG425 board
- Add support for Prodrive PDNB3 board
- Add IRQ support
Patch by Stefan Roese, 23 May 2006
* Fix problem in PVR detection for 440GR
Patch by Stefan Roese, 18 May 2006
* Fix gcc 3.4.x AFLAGS setting for m68k platform.
* Enable autoboot for M5271EVB board.
* Changed default ramdisk addr in yosemite/yellowstone ports
Patch by Stefan Roese, 15 May 2006
* Fix PCMCIA support on virtlab2
* Add support for VirtLab2 board
(needed because of differences in the PCMCIA hardware).
* Minor cleanup.
* Update yosemite configuration to enable flash write buffer support
Patch by Stefan Roese, 10 May 2006
* Fix compile warnings in common/xyzModem.c
Patch by Stefan Roese, 10 May 2006
* Add support for AMCC 440EP Rev C and 440GR Rev B
Patch by John Otken, 08 May 2006
* OMAP 5912/OSK: update EMIFS CS1 timings:
Problems have been seen in the linux kernel's smc91x network driver
due to improper bus timings. The latest 2.6 OMAP kernels currently
have a workaround, but this fix belongs in u-boot.
Patch by Kevin Hilman, 13 Oct 2005
* Fix REG_MPU_LOAD_TIMER definition in multiple OMAP ports
Patch by Hiroki Kaminaga, 11 Mar 2006
* Update omap5912osk board support
- Fix OMAP support that omap5912osk compiles in current source tree
- Update with code from ""
to fix problems with DDR initialization
- Fix timer setup
- Use CFI flash driver and support complete 32MB of onboard flash
- Add "print_cpuinfo()" and "checkboard()" functions to display
CPU (with frequency) and Board infos
Patch by Stefan Roese, 10 May 2006
* Fix watchdog issues for ColdFire boards.
* Add M5271EVB board support.
* Make R5200 specific low level initialization board conditional.
* Update CPU target identification strings for ColdFire family.
* Update register definitions for MCF5271.
* Fix serial console support for MCF5271.
* Fixes for gcc 3.4 based m68k toolchain,
based on patch by Jate Sujjavanich.
* Fix lowboot support on MCC200 board
* Merged MPC8349ADS and MPC8349EMDS ports into MPC8349EMDS port:
- Removed MPC8349ADS port
- Added PCI support to MPC8349ADS
- reworked memory map to allow mapping of all regions with BATs
Patch by Kumar Gala, 20 Apr 2006
* Coding Style cleanup
* Write RTC seconds first to maintain settings integrity per
Maxim/Dallas DS1306 data sheet.
Patch by Alan J. Luse, 02 May 2006
* Scheduled for removal: strnicmp() which is unused
* Update for Intel Monahans boards:
- support for magic key detection and handling on delta board
- NAND support for zylonite board + some minor cleanup
* Declare load_serial_ymodem() when using CFG_CMD_LOADB.
Patch by Jon Loeliger, 01 May 2006
* Fixed handling of bad checksums with "mkimage -l"
* Added support for BC3450 board
Patch by Stefan Strobl, 21 Oct 2005
* Update for NC650 board:
- Support rev1 and rev2 hardware
- adapt to new NAND layer
- add CP850 configuration based on NC650
* MPC5200: enable snooping of DMA transactions on XLB even if no PCI
is configured; othrwise DMA accesses aren't cache coherent which
causes for example USB to fail.
* Some code cleanup
* Fix dbau1x00 boards broken by dbau1550 patch
PLL:s were not set for boards other than 1550.
Flash CFI caused card to hang due to undefined CFG_FLASH_BANKS_LIST.
Default boot is now bootp for cards other than 1550.
Patch by Thomas Lange, 10 Aug 2005
* Fixes common/cmd_flash.c:
- fix some compiler/parser error, if using m68k tool chain
- optical fix for protect on/off all messages, if using more
then one bank
Patch by Jens Scharsig, 28 Jul 2005
* Fix Quad UART mapping on MCC200 board due to new HW revision
* Fix JFFS2 support for legacy NAND driver.
* Remove dependencies between DoC code and old legacy NAND driver.
* Fix PM828_PCI target, for which PCI was *not* configured in.
* Fix Lite5200B support: initialize SDelay register
See Freescale's AN3221 "MPC5200B SDRAM Initialization and
Configuration", 3.3.1 SDelay--MBAR + 0x0190
* Changes/fixes for drivers/cfi_flash.c:
- Add Intel legacy lock/unlock support to common CFI driver
On some Intel flash's (e.g. Intel J3) legacy unlocking is
supported, meaning that unlocking of one sector will unlock
all sectors of this bank. Using this feature, unlocking
of all sectors upon startup (via env var "unlock=yes") will
get much faster.
- Fixed problem with multiple reads of envronment variable
"unlock" as pointed out by Reinhard Arlt & Anders Larsen.
- Removed unwanted linefeeds from "protect" command when
- Changed p3p400 board to use CFG_FLASH_PROTECTION
Patch by Stefan Roese, 01 Apr 2006
* Changes/fixes for drivers/cfi_flash.c:
- Correctly handle the cases where CFG_HZ != 1000 (several
XScale-based boards)
- Fix the timeout calculation of buffered writes (off by a
factor of 1000)
Patch by Anders Larsen, 31 Mar 2006
* Updates to common PPC4xx onboard (DDR)SDRAM init code (405 and 440)
405 SDRAM: - The SDRAM parameters can now be defined in the board
config file and the 405 SDRAM controller values will
be calculated upon bootup (see PPChameleonEVB).
When those settings are not defined in the board
config file, the register setup will be as it is now,
so this implementation should not break any current
design using this code.
Thanks to Andrea Marson from DAVE for this patch.
440 DDR: - Added function sdram_tr1_set to auto calculate the
TR1 value for the DDR.
- Added ECC support (see p3p440).
Patch by Stefan Roese, 17 Mar 2006
* Fix CONFIG_SKIP_LOWLEVEL_INIT dependency in cpu/arm920t/start.S
Patch by Peter Menzebach, 13 Oct 2005 [DNX#2006040142000473]
* Add support for ymodem protocol download
Patch by Stefano Babic, 29 Mar 2006
* Memory Map Update for Delta board: U-Boot is at 0x80000000-0x84000000
Merge from Markus Klotzbücher's repo, 01 Apr 2006
* GCC-4.x fixes: clean up global data pointer initialization for all
* Update for Delta board:
- redundant NAND environment
- misc Monahans cleanups (remove dead code etc.)
- DA9030 Initialization; some minimal changes to PXA I2C driver to
make it work with the Monahans.
- Make Monahans clock frequency configurable using
Merge from Markus Klotzbücher's repo, 25 Mar 2006
* Enable Quad UART om MCC200 board.
* Cleanup MCC200 board configuration; omit non-existent stuff.
* Add support for MPC859/866 Rev. A.0
* Add command for handling DDR ECC registers on MPC8349EE MDS board.
* Fix DDR ECC bit definitions for MPC83xx.
* Add initial support for MPC8349E MDS board.
* Add support for ECC DDR initialization on MPC83xx.
* Add DMA support for MPC83xx.
* Add sync in do_reset() routine for MPC83xx after RPR register
was written to. It is need on some targets when BAT translation
is enabled.
* Add bit definitions for MPC83xx DDR controller registers.
* Add Dcbz(), Dcbi() and Dcbf() routines for MPC83xx.
* Correct shift offsets in icache_status and dcache_status for MPC83xx.
* Add support for DS1374 RTC chip.
* Add support for Lite5200B board.
Patch by Patch by Jose Maria (Txema) Lopez, 16 Jan 2006
* Apply SoC concept to arm926ejs CPUs, i.e. move the SoC specific
timer and cpu_reset code from cpu/$(CPU) into the new
cpu/$(CPU)/$(SOC) directories
Patch by Andreas Engel, 13 Mar 2006
* Change max size of uncompressed uImage's to 8MByte and add
CFG_BOOTM_LEN to adjust this setting.
As mentioned by Robin Getz on 2005-05-24 the size of uncompressed
uImages was restricted to 4MBytes. This default size is now
increased to 8Mbytes and can be overrided by setting CFG_BOOTM_LEN
in the board config file.
Patch by Stefan Roese, 13 Mar 2006
* Fix problem with updated PCI code in cpu/ppc4xx/405gp_pci.c
Patch by Stefan Roese, 13 Mar 2006
* cpu/ppc4xx/start.S : exceptions are enabled after relocation
Patch by Cedric Vincent, 06 Jul 2005
* au1x00_eth.c: check malloc return value and abort if it failed
Patch by Andrew Dyer, 26 Jul 2005
* Change the sequence of events in soft_i2c.c:send_ack() to keep from
incorrectly generating start/stop conditions on the bus.
Patch by Andrew Dyer, 26 Jul 2005
* Fix bug in [id]cache_status commands for MPC85xx processors;
should look at LSB of L1CSRn registers to determine if L1 cache is
enabled, not the MSB.
Patch by Murray Jensen, 19 Jul 2005
* Fix array overflow with fw_setenv on uninitialised environment
Patch by Murray Jensen, 15 Jul 2005
* Add support for EmbeddedPlanet EP88x boards
Patch by Yuli Barcohen, 13 Jul 2005
* Remove board specific configuration includes from the common xilinx
ethernet and iic adapter code.
Patch by Michael Libeskind, 12 Jul 2005
* Add Nat Semi DP83865 PHY support to MPC85xx TSEC driver
Patch by Murray Jensen, 08 Jul 2005
* Add (some) definitions for the MPC85xx local bus controller
Patch by Murray Jensen, 08 Jul 2005
* Add CPM2 I/O pin functions for MPC85xx processors
Patch by Murray Jensen, 08 Jul 2005
* Fix compile problem
* Added PCI support for MPC8349ADS board
Patch by Kumar Gala 11 Jan 2006
* Enable address translation on MPC83xx
Patch by Kumar Gala, 10 Feb 2006
* Decopuled setting of OR/BR and LBLAWBAR/LBLAWAR on MPC83xx
Patch by Kumar Gala, 25 Jan 2006
* Fixed defines for MPC83xx SICRL register to match current specs
Patch by Kumar Gala, 23 Jan 2006
* Only disable the MPC83xx watchdog if its enabled out of reset.
If its disabled out of reset SW can later enable it if so desired
Patch by Kumar Gala, 11 Jan 2006
* Allow config of GPIO direction & data registers at boot on 83xx
Patch by Kumar Gala, 11 Jan 2006
* Enable time handling on 83xx
Patch by Kumar Gala, 11 Jan 2006
* Make System IO Config Registers board configurable on MPC83xx
Patch by Kumar Gala, 11 Jan 2006
* Fixed PCI indirect config ops to handle multiple PCI controllers
We need to adjust the bus number we are trying to access based
on which PCI controller its on
Patch by Kumar Gala, 12 Jan 2006
* Report back PCI bus when doing table based device config
Patch by Kumar Gala, 11 Jan 2006
* Added support for PCI prefetchable region and BARs
If a host controller sets up a region as prefetchable and
a device's BAR denotes it as prefetchable, allocate the
BAR into the prefetch region.
If a BAR is prefetchable and no prefetchable region has
been setup by the controller we fall back to allocating
the BAR into the normally memory region.
Patch by Kumar Gala, 11 Jan 2006
* Add helper function for generic flat device tree fixups for mpc83xx
Patch by Kumar Gala, 11 Jan 2006
* Add support for passing initrd information via flat device tree
Patch by Kumar Gala, 11 Jan 2006
OF_STDOUT_PATH specifies the path to the device the kernel can use
for console output
OF_SOC specifies the proper name of the SOC node if one exists.
Patch by Kumar Gala, 11 Jan 2006
* Allow board code to fixup the flat device tree before booting a kernel
Patch by Kumar Gala, 11 Jan 2006
* Added CONFIG_ options for bd_t and env in flat dev tree
CONFIG_OF_HAS_BD_T will put a copy of the bd_t
into the resulting flat device tree.
CONFIG_OF_HAS_UBOOT_ENV will copy the environment
variables from u-boot into the flat device tree
Patch by Kumar Gala, 11 Jan 2006
* Add support for the DHCP vendor optional bootfile (#67).
Ignores the vendor TFTP server name option (#66).
Patch by Murray Jensen, 30 Jun 2005
* Fix a HW timing issue on 8548 CDS for eTSEC 3 in RGMII mode
Patch by Andy Fleming, 14 Jun 2005
* Fix bad register definitions for LTX971 PHY on MPC85xx boards.
Patch by Gerhard Jaeger, 21 Jun 2005
* Add netconsole and some more commands to RPXlite_DW board
Patch by Sam Song, 19 Jun 2005
* Fix bad declaration on pci_cfgfunc_nothing
Patch by Sam Song, 19 Jun 2005
* Adjust "echo" as a default command
Patch by Sam Song, 19 Jun 2005
* Fix PCIDF calculation in cpu/mpc8260/speed.c for MPC8280EC
Patch by KokHow Teh, 16 Jun 2005
* Add crc of data to jffs2 (in jffs2_1pass_build_lists()).
Patch by Rick Bronson, 15 Jun 2005
* Coding Style cleanup
* Avoid dereferencing NULL in find_cmd() if no valid commands were found
Patch by Andrew Dyer, 13 Jun 2005
* Add ADI Blackfin support
- add support for Analog Devices Blackfin BF533 CPU
- add support for the ADI BF533 Stamp uClinux board
- add support for the ADI BF533 EZKit board
Patches by Richard Klingler, 11 Jun 2005
* Add loads of ntohl() in image header handling
Patch by Steven Scholz, 10 Jun 2005
* Switch MPC86xADS and MPC885ADS boards to use cpuclk environment
variable to set clock
Patch by Yuli Barcohen, 05 Jun 2005
* RPXlite configuration fixes
- Use correct flash sector size
- Use correct memory test end address
- Add support for bzip2 compression
- Various small fixes
Patch by Yuli Barcohen, 05 Jun 2005
* Memory configuration changes for ZPC.1900 board
- Fix SDRAM timing on both local bus and 60x bus
- Add support for second flash bank (SIMM)
- Change boot flash base
Patch by Yuli Barcohen, 05 Jun 2005
* Add support for Adder boards with 16MB SDRAM;
add support for second FEC on Adder87x board.
Patch by Yuli Barcohen, 05 Jun 2005
* Fix conditional for including ks8695eth driver
Patch by Greg Ungerer, 04 Jun 2005
* Fix Makefile: include only after CROSS_COMPILE is defined
Patch by Friedrich Lobenstock, 02 Jun 2005
* Fix comment in common/soft_i2c.c
Patches by Peter Korsgaard/Tolunay Orkun, 26 May 2005
* Cleanup compiler warnings.
Patch by Greg Ungerer, 21 May 2005
* Word alignment fixes for word aligned NS16550 UART
Patch by Jean-Paul Saman, 01 Mar 2005
Fixes bug with UART that only supports word aligned access: removed
"__attribute__ ((packed));" for "(CFG_NS16550_REG_SIZE == 4)" some
(broken!) versions of GCC generate byte accesses when encountering
the packed attribute regardless if the struct is already correctly
aligned for a platform. Peripherals that can only handle word
aligned access won't work properly when accessed with byte access.
The struct NS16550 is already word aligned for REG_SIZE = 4, so
there is no need to packed the struct in that case.
* Fix behaviour if gatewayip is not set
Patch by Robin Gilks, 23 Dec 2004
* Fix cleanup for netstart board.
Remove build results from repository
* Some code cleanup for GCC 4.x
* Fixes to support environment in NAND flash;
enable NAND flash based environment for delta board.
* Add support for Intel Monahans CPU on Zylonite and Delta boards
(This is Work in Progress!)
* Add support for TQM8260-AI boards.
* Minor code cleanup
* Merge the new NAND code (testing-NAND brach); see doc/README.nand
Rewrite of NAND code based on what is in 2.6.12 Linux kernel
Patch by Ladislav Michl, 29 Jun 2005
* Add lowboot target to mcc200 board
Patch by Stefan Roese, 4 Mar 2006
* Fix problem with flash_get_size() from CFI driver update
Patch by Stefan Roese, 1 Mar 2006
* Make CFG_NO_FLASH work on ARM systems
Patch by Markus Klotzbuecher, 27 Feb 2006
* Update mcc200 config: Disable PCI and DoC, use 133 MHz IPB clock,
use hush shell.
* Convert mcc200 to use common CFI flash driver
Patch by Stefan Roese, 28 Feb 2006
* Add env-variable "unlock" to handle initial state of sectors
Only the U-Boot image and it's environment is protected,
all other sectors are unprotected (unlocked) if flash
hardware protection is used (CFG_FLASH_PROTECTION) and
the environment variable "unlock" is set to "yes".
Patch by Stefan Roese, 28 Feb 2006
* Update drivers/cfi_flash.c:
- find_sector() called in both versions of flash_write_cfiword()
Patch by Peter Pearse, 27th Feb 2006
* CFI support for a x8/x16 AMD/Spansion flash configured in x8 mode
Patch by Jose Maria Lopez, 16 Jan 2006
* Add support for AMD/Spansion Flashes in flash_write_cfibuffer
Patch by Alex Bastos and Thomas Schaefer, 2005-08-29
* Changes/fixes for drivers/cfi_flash.c:
We *should* check if there are any error bits if the previous call
returned ERR_OK (Otherwise we will have output an error message in
flash_status_check() already.) The original code would only check for
error bits if flash_status_check() returns ERR_TIMEOUT.
Patch by Marcus Hall, 23 Aug 2005
* Changes/fixes for drivers/cfi_flash.c:
- Add CFG_FLASH_PROTECT_CLEAR on drivers/cfi_flash.c
- Prohibit buffer write when buffer_size is 1 on drivers/cfi_flash.c
Patch by Sangmoon Kim, 19 Aug 2005
* Fixes for drivers/cfi_flash.c:
- Fix wrong timeout value usage in flash_status_check()
- Round write_tout up when converting to msec in flash_get_size()
- Remove clearing flash status at the end of flash_write_cfibuffer()
which sets Intel 28F640J3 flash back to command mode on CSB472
Patch by Tolunay Orkun, 02 July 2005
* Add basic support for the SMMACO4 Board from PanDaCom.
Patch by Heiko Schocher, 20 Feb 2006
* Add GIT version information (commid ID) to untagged U-Boot versions
As done in the linux kernel, the U-Boot version (U_BOOT_VERSION)
of all unreleased (untagged) U-Boot images will be automatically
extended upon compiletime with a part of the GIT commit ID and
possibly with "dirty" if uncommited changes are detected.
Here an example for the resulting version:
"U-Boot 1.1.4-g3457ac18-dirty"
The version is now maintained in the toplevel Makefile and the
version headers are autogenerated.
Patch by Stefan Roese, 9 Feb 2006
* Update default environment for INKA4x00 board.
* Convert CPCI750 to use common CFI flash driver
Patch by Reinhard Arlt, 8 Feb 2006
* Various changes to esd HH405 board specific files
Patch by Matthias Fuchs, 07 Feb 2006
* Cleanup U-Boot boot messages on ARM.
To match the U-Boot user interface on ARM platforms to the U-Boot
standard (as on PPC platforms), some messages with debug character
are removed from the default U-Boot build.
Enable DEBUG for lib_arm/board.c to enable debug messages.
Patch by Stefan Roese, 24 Jan 2006
* Fix various compiler warnings on ppc4xx builds (ELDK 4.0)
Patch by Stefan Roese, 18 Jan 2006
* Add VGA support (CT69000) to CPCI750 board.
Insert missing __le32_to_cpu() for filesize in ext2fs_read_file().
Patch by Reinhard Arlt, 30 Dec 2005
* PMC405 and CPCI405: Moved configuration of pci resources
into config file.
PMC405 and CPCI2DP: Added firmware download and booting via pci.
Patch by Matthias Fuchs, 20 Dec 2005
* Add ColdFire targets to MAKEALL script
Patch by Zachary Landau, 26 Jan 2006
* Add support for r5200 board
Patch by Zachary Landau, 26 Jan 2006
* Add support for Freescale M5271 processor
Patch by Zachary Landau, 26 Jan 2006
* Fix 28F256J3A support on PM520 board
(without bank-switching only 32 MB can be accessed)
* Fix mkimage bug with multifile images created on 64 bit systems.
* Add support for 28F256J3A flash (=> 64 MB) on PM520 board
* Fix compiler problem with at91rm9200dk board.
Patch by Eugen Bigz, 19 Dec 2005
Changes for U-Boot 1.1.4:
* Changes to Yellowstone & Yosemite 440EP/GR eval boards:
- Changed GPIO setup to enable another address line in order to
address 64M of FLASH.
- Added function sdram_tr1_set to auto calculate the tr1 value for
the DDR.
Patch by Steven Blakeslee, 12 Dec 2005
* MPC5200: Set PCI retry counter to 0 = infinite retry;
The default of 255 is too short for slow devices.
Patch by Martin Nykodym, 12 Dec 2005
* Change port configuration for O2DNT (CODEC1 on PSC1).
* Fix register for PCI async mode on PPC440EP
Patch by Youngchul Bang, 08 Dec 2005
* Fix U-Boot linking problems (add .eh_frame segment to linker script)
This segment may be required by some libgcc.a functions
(like _udivdi3).
* Fix DPRAM offset/size for MPC8541/8555.
Simplify TQM85xx Makefile handling.
* Fix data overflow (typo?) in rtc/ds1302.c
* Fix U-Boot compilation for MIPS boards using ELDK 4.0
* Add support for TQM8541/8555 boards, TQM85xx support reworked:
- Support for TQM8541/8555 boards added.
- Complete rework of TQM8540/8560 support.
- Common TQM85xx code now supports all current TQM85xx platforms
- DDR SDRAM size detection added.
- CAS latency default values can be overwritten by setting "serial#"
to e.g. "ABC0001 casl=25" -> CAS latency 2.5 will be used.
If problems are detected with this non default CAS latency,
the default values will be used instead.
- Flash size detection added.
- Moved FCC ethernet driver initialization behind TSEC driver init
-> TSEC is first device.
Patch by Stefan Roese, 30 Nov 2005
* Add support for AMCC 440SP, add support for AMCC Luan 440SP eval board.
Patch by John Otken, 23 Nov 2005
* Changed PPC44x startup message (cpu info, speed...) to common style:
On PPC44x platforms, the startup message generated in "cpu.c" only
comprised the ppc type and revision but not additional information
like speed etc. Those speed infos where printed in the board specific
code. This new implementation now prints all CPU infos in the common
cpu specific code. No board specific code is needed anymore and
therefore removed from all current 44x implementations.
Patch by Stefan Roese, 27 Nov 2005
* Adjust TQM834x PHY addresses for latest hardware revision.
* Increase malloc arena on TQM5200 board to 256 kB.
With 64 kb uniform flash sector size the old value of 128 kB was
too small.
* Fix miiphy global data initialization (problem on 4xx boards when
no ethaddr is assigned). Initialization moved from
miiphy_register() to eth_initialize().
Based on initial patch for 4xx platform by Matthias Fuchs.
* Remove unnnecessary #include <linux/types.h> from include/asm-*/u-boot.h
* Allow use of include/image.h and include/asm-*/u-boot.h in proprietary code.
The COPYING file was extended to make clear that these files can be
used in non-GPL code, too.
Also, a corresponding note was placed in the headers of the affected files.
* Add support for Prodrive P3P440 board:
- Added onboard PPC440 DDR autodetection in cpu/ppc/sdram.c
- CFG_FLASH_QUIET_TEST added to use the common CFI driver
for bank autodetection
Patch by Stefan Roese, 22 Nov 2005
* Change all '$(...)' variable references into '${...}'
which makes the environment compatible with the hush shell.
WARNING: Support for the old '$(...)' syntax will be
discontinued in a later version.
* Minor changes to init flags in TQM834x PCI.
* Fix Bamboo DDR SDRAM initialization (problem with onboard SDRAM)
Patch by Stefan Roese, 15 Nov 2005
* New PPC 405EP board added: CMS700
Added CONFIG_NET_MULTI for VOM405 board.
Added reset_phy() for VOM405 board.
Patch by Matthias Fuchs, 09 Nov 2005
* Updated PCI mapping for esd CPCI2DP board.
Add support for error LED.
Patch by Matthias Fuchs, 07 Nov 2005
* Fix MPC85xx PCI support (pci_register_hose() before pci config access)
Patch by Stefan Roese, 07 Nov 2005
* Correct PPC Timebase register definitions (SPRN_TBRL...)
Patch by Stefan Roese, 07 Nov 2005
* Adjust bd->bi_flashstart on Yellowstone & Yosemite to correct size
Patch by Stefan Roese, 05 Nov 2005
* Additional fix for external IRQ config on Yellowstone & Yosemite
Patch by Stefan Roese, 03 Nov 2005
* Add support for Ocotea pass 3 with 440GX Rev. F
Patch by Stefan Roese, 01 Nov 2005
* Fix external IRQ configuration on Yellowstone & Yosemite
Patch by Stefan Roese, 28 Oct 2005
* Add support for multiple PHYs.
Tested on the following boards:
cmcpu2 (at91rm9200/ether.c)
PPChameleon (ppc4xx/4xx_enet.c)
yukon (mpc8220/fec.c)
uc100 (mpc8xx/fec.c)
tqm834x (mpc834x/tsec.c) with EEPRO100
lite5200 (mpc5xxx/fec.c) with EEPRO100 card (drivers/eepro100.c)
Main changes include:
- miiphy_register routine was added to allow multiple PHYs to be registered
- miiphy_read and miiphy_write are now defined in this file, and
require additional argument (char *devname)
- other miiphy_* routines also require additional device name argument
Calling reset_phy() was moved to be executed *after* eth_initialize().
This is necessary as now some of the implementations of reset_phy()
may need to use miiphy_reset() which is not allowed before eth_initialize()
as eth_initialize registers all required miiphy_* routines.
Tested on IP860 and PHY initializes properly after this change.
* Correct includes for flat tree builder.
* Fix conflicting types (flash_write()) in trab auto_update.c.
* Add PCI support for the TQM834x board.
* Add missing 4xx board to MAKEALL
Patch by Stefan Roese, 20 Oct 2005
* Fix conflicting types (flash_write()) in esd auto_update.c
Patch by Stefan Roese, 20 Oct 2005
* Fix problem with sleep in NetConsole (use get_timer())
Patch by Stefan Roese, 20 Oct 2005
* Add NetConsole Support for AMCC eval boards
Patch by Stefan Roese, 20 Oct 2005
* Fix NetConsole support on 4xx (only print eth link on 1st transfer)
Patch by Stefan Roese, 18 Oct 2005
* Add fat & ext2 support to AMCC 440EP boards Yosemite & Bamboo.
Fix identation on ext2ls help entry.
Patch by Stefan Roese, 14 Oct 2005
* Add support for TQM834x boards.
* Cleanup for GCC-4.x
* Add documentation for Open Firmware Flat Tree and usage.
Patch by Pantelis Antoniou, 13 Oct 2005
* Add missing files for Pantelis Antoniou's patch
Patch by Pantelis Antoniou, 04 Sep 2005
* Fix problem in ppc4xx eth-driver without ethaddr (only without
Patch by Stefan Roese, 10 Oct 2005
* Fix gzip bmp support (test if malloc fails, warning when truncated).
Increase CFG_VIDEO_LOGO_MAX_SIZE on HH405 board.
Patch by Stefan Roese, 07 Oct 2005
* Add support for OF flat tree for the STXtc board.
Patch by Pantelis Antoniou, 04 Sep 2005
* Support passing of OF flat trees to the kernel.
Patch by Pantelis Antoniou, 04 Sep 2005
* Cleanup
* Add support for NetSilicon NS7520 processor.
Patch by Art Shipkowski, 12 May 2005
* Add support for AP1000 board.
Patch by James MacAulay, 07 Oct 2005
* Eliminate hard-coded address of Ethernet transfer buffer on at91rm9200
Patch by Anders Larsen, 07 Oct 2005
The Atmel errata #11 states that the transfer buffer descriptor
table must be aligned on a 16-word boundary. As it turned out, this
is insufficient - it seems the table must be aligned on a boundary
at least as large as the table itself (in Linux this is not an
issue - the table is aligned on a PAGE_SIZE (4096) boundary).
* Fixed compilation for ARM when using a (standard) hard-FP toolchain
Patch by Anders Larsen, 07 Oct 2005
* Cleanup warnings for cpu/arm720t & cpu/arm1136 files.
sed the linker scripts, rather than pre-process them.
Patch by Peter Pearse, 07 Oct 2005
* Update make target for ARM supported boards.
Use lowlevel_init() instead of platformsetup() [rename].
Patch by Peter Pearse, 06 Oct 2005
* Fix booting from serial dataflash on AT91RM9200
Patch by Peter Menzebach, 29 Aug 2005
* Add JFFS2 support for TRAB board
Patch by Martin Krause, 25 Aug 2005
* Remove unnecessary dependency of netconsole on CONFIG_NET_MULTI
Patch by Marcus Hall, 24 Aug 2005
* Fix the machine-id of the Cogent csb637 board
Patch by Anders Larsen, 05 Oct 2005
* Complete support for the KwikByte KB920x boards
Patch by Anders Larsen, 05 Oct 2005
* Set the AT91RM9200 clock to asynchronous mode
Patch by Anders Larsen, 03 May 2005
* Set the AT91RM9200 clock to synchronous mode
Patch by Anders Larsen, 29 Apr 2005
* Add support for Cogent csb637
Patch by Anders Larsen, 29 Apr 2005
* Fix dm9161.c initialization
Patch by Anders Larsen, 29 Apr 2005
* Fix problems introduced by Patch by Steven Scholz, 02 Mar 2005
* Move dm9161.c and lxt972.c into cpu/arm920t/at91rm9200
Patch by Anders Larsen, 29 Apr 2005
* Fix device partition intialization for SystemACE disks.
Patch by Stephen Williams, 28 Apr 2005
* Added support for KwikByte KB920x boards (based on AT91RM9200)
Patch by Matt ?? <>, 27 Apr 2005
* Add support for S29GL064M-R3 flash chip on xsengine board
Patch by Kurt Stremerch, 18 Apr 2005
* E500 update: repoint IVPR to RAM when code is relocated
Patch by Kylo Ginsberg, 13 Apr 2005
* Fix loop end test in lib_generic/string.c:strswab()
Patch by Andrew Dyer, October 10, 2005
Signed-off-by: Andrew Dyer <>
* Cleanup
* Update ARM Integrator boards:
Correct addessing errors in platform files.
Split off common core module data from Integrator header files to
Patch by Peter Pearse, 04 Oct 2005
* Make sure only supported compiler options are used
Import "cc-option" shell function from kernel and
use it to get the correct ARM GCC options for individual CPUs
Patch by Peter Pearse, 30 Jun 2005
* Fix 440GR to print correct cpu revision
Patch by Stefan Roese, 04 Oct 2005
* Change board message on AMCC Yosemite & Yellowstone to common style
Patch by Stefan Roese, 03 Oct 2005
* Fix compiler warning
* Fix FEC PHY addresses for TQM85xx boards
* Fix uninitialized variable problem in hush shell
Patch by Lars Rostock, 26 Sep 2005
* Undo change of f6e20fc6ca... to include/configs/trab.h
(Must have been an accident?)
* Add support for AT91RM9200 OHCI Controller.
Patch by Eric Benard, 07 Apr 2005
* Update ARM mach-types.h
Patch by Eric Benard, 07 Apr 2005
* Add support for MP2USB board.
Patch by Eric Benard, 07 Apr 2005
* Add board support for armadillo HT1070
Patch by Rowel Atienza, 06 Apr 2005
* Second Ethernet address enabled for MPC885ADS and MPC8272ADS.
Patch by Vitaly Bordug, 30 Mar 2005
* Add iopset command on mpc8xx
Patch by Daniel Eisenhut, 25 Mar 2005
* Add support for MII in eepro100 driver.
Patch by Gleb Natapov, 21 Mar 2005
* Fixes to the Lubbock (PXA 25x) support:
- Resolve the FIXME with respect to saving the u-boot environment.
- Make the default load address land in real memory.
- Fix lan91c96 SMC_{in,out}{b,w,l}() macros
Patch by David Brownell, 10 Mar 2005
* Add Barco Streaming Video Card (SVC) and Sample Compress Network (SCN) board
Patch by Marc Leeman, 04 Mar 2005
* OMAP242x H4 board update
- fix for ES2 differences.
- switch to using the cfi_flash driver.
- fix SRAM build address.
- fix for GP device operation.
- unlock SRAM for GP devices.
- display more device information.
- fix potential deadlock in omap24xx_i2c driver.
- fix DLL load values to match dpllout*1 operation.
- fix 2nd chip select init for combo DDR device.
- add support for CFI Intel 28F256L18 on H4 board.
Patch by Richard Woodruff, 03 Mar 2005
* Fix formating in include/asm-arm/arch-at91rm9200/AT91RM9200.h
Patch by Steven Scholz, 02 Mar 2005
* Fix typo in eth.c
Patch by Ara Avanesyan, 24 Feb 2005
* Remove unneeded #include <malloc.h>
Patch by Ladislav Michl, 22 Feb 2005
* Add cramfs support for m68k
Patch by Zachary Landau, 21 Feb 2005
* Update ep8260: Fix flash timeouts; improve clock resolution for faster UARTs
Patch by Jeff Angielski, 21 Feb 2005
* Fix au1x00_serial baud rate calculation:
remove hardcoded cpu clock divisor and use register instead;
round up instead of truncate
Patch by Andrew Dyer, 15 Feb 2005
* Add Xilinx Spartan3 family FPGA support
Patch by Kurt Stremerch, 14 Feb 2005
* Fix drivers/cfi_flash.c: use info->reset_cmd instead of FLASH_CMD_RESET
Patch by Zachary Landau, 11 Feb 2005
* Fix VOH405 Support
Patch by Matthias Fuchs, 25 Sep 2005
* Added support for PCI bridge on MPC8272ADS
Patch by Vitaly Bordug, Feb 09 2005
* Update multicore CM9XX support for Integrator AP to allow booting from flash
Patch by Jean-Paul Saman, 8 Feb 2005
* Fix strswab() to reliably find end of string
Patch by Andrew Dyer, 08 Feb 2005
* Fix typos in include/ppc440.h
Patch by Andrew E Mileski, 04 Feb 2005
* Add Vibren (was Accelent) PXA255 IDP Support
Patch by Cliff Brake, 04 Feb 2005
* Fix tools/bmp_logo.c using incorrect offset to pixel data
Patch by Andrew Dyer, 31 Jan 2005
* Add ARM946E cpu and core module targets; remap memory to 0x00000000
Patch by Peter Pearse, 2 Feb 2005
* Fix error handling in tools/env/fw_env.c
Patch by Ara Avanesyan, 01 Feb 2005
* Fix MGT5100 PSC baudrate calculation
Patch by Sebastian Schau, 27 Jan 2005
* OMAP242x fix for GP device booting
- Add SRAM unlock for GP devices.
- Change DDR DLL unlock value to allow DPLLout*1 operation.
Patches by Richard Woodruff, 21 Jan 2005:
* Add support for AMD's Pb1x00 eval board;
add MII routines to the au1x00 ethernet driver;
add USB ohci driver (work in progress)
Patch by Thomas Sailer, 20 Jan 2005
* Update omap5912osk board
Use drivers/cfi_flash.c instead of private flash driver;
Remove hardcoded personalized settings from omap5912osk.h;
Fix spacing with (RO) marks in 'flinfo' output.
Patch by Michael Bendzick, 14 Jan 2005
* Fix warnings for PCI code on ixp
Patch by Joe <>, 13 Jan 2005
* virtex2 fix for bogus download error messages
The virtex2 FPGA download code watches for init going active during
a download of config data as an error condition. init also goes
active after a configuration is finished in concert with the done
signal. So far, the code does not check for done active until all
of the configuration data is sent. If configuration data has a few
extra pad bytes at the end, this would cause an error message even
though the download had suceeded.
NOTE: virtex2 slave serial and spartan2 versions may still have the
same problem.
Patch by Andrew Dyer, 12 Jan 2005
* Optimize flash_make_cmd in drivers/cfi_flash.c for little endian
Fix "WARNING: flash_make_cmd: unsuppported LittleEndian mode"
message when probing for nonexistent flash in little endian mode.
As a side effect more efficient and smaller code is generated,
which is always a Good Thing (TM).
Patch by Ladislav Michl, 24 Sep 2005
* Update for TFTP using a fixed UDP port
Use the approved environment variable names. Added "tftpdstp" to
allow ports other than 69 per Tolunay Orkun's recommendation.
Patch by Jerry Van Baren, 12 Jan 2005
* Allow to force TFTP to use a fixed UDP port
(Add a configuration option CONFIG_TFTP_PORT and optional env
variable tftpport)
Patch by Jerry Van Baren, 10 Jan 2005
* Fix ethernet timeouts on dbau1550 and other au1x00 systems
Patch by Leif Lindholm, 29 Dec 2004
* Cleanup: fix broken builds
* Fix PHY address argument passing with mii info command
Patch by Andrew Dyer, 28 Dec 2004
* Cleanup (PPC4xx is AMCC now)
* esd CPCI2DP board added
Patch by Matthias Fuchs, 22 Sep 2005
* esd PMC405 board updated
Patch by Matthias Fuchs, 22 Sep 2005
* Add SM501 support to HH405 board.
Add support for gzip compressed bmp's (CONFIG_VIDEO_BMP_GZIP).
Add support for eeprom write-enable (CFG_EEPROM_WREN).
Patch by Stefan Roese, 22 Sep 2005
* Fix autonegotiation in tsec ethernet driver
Patch by Stefan Roese, 21 Sep 2005
* Fix bug in auto_update (trab board)
Patch by Martin Krause, 16 Sep 2005
* Fix computation of framebuffer palette for 8bpp LCD bitmaps
Patch by Francesco Mandracci, 16 Sep 2005
* Update configuration for INKA4x0 board
* Update configuration for PM854 board
Based on patch by R. Loeffl, 20 Jul 2005
* Add PCI support to TQM8540 and TQM8560 boards
Patch by Stefan Roese, 15 Sep 2005
* Update AMCC Yosemite to get a consistent setup for all AMCC eval
boards (baudrate, environment...). Flash driver fixed.
Patch by Stefan Roese, 15 Sep 2005
* Fix problem in 440GP ethernet driver (ebony). Add support for 2nd
ethernet port on ebony.
Patch by Stefan Roese, 7 Sep 2005
* Added support for mtddevnum and mtddevname variables (mtdparts command)
* Change default console baud rate for stxxtc board
* Add I2C support to TQM8540 and TQM8560 boards (EEPROM, RTC, LM75-DTT).
Patch by Stefan Roese, 31 Aug 2005
* Fix default command set (don't include CFG_CMD_DISPLAY command)
Patch by Pantelis Antoniou, 02 Sep 2005
* Cleanup
* Enable SM712 driver support for HMI1001 board.
* Fix problems with ld version 2.16 (dot outside sections problem)
Pointed out by Gerhard Jaeger, 31 Aug 2005;
* Prepare U-Boot for gcc-4.x: fix global data pointer initialization
* Adjust CS3 timings on HMI1001 board for dot matrix display under Linux
* Add keyboard and dot matrix display support for HMI1001 board.
* Prepare U-Boot for gcc-4.x
* Fixed Bamboo port to enable running without DDR-DIMM
(Bamboo has also 64MB onboard DDR)
Patch by Stefan Roese, 24 Aug 2005
* Merged 405gp_enet.c and 440gx_enet.c to generic 4xx_enet.c
now handling all 4xx cpu's
Patch by Stefan Roese, 16 Aug 2005
* Fix make dependencies for at91rm9200 and ks8695 cpus
Patch by Steven Scholz, 23 Aug 2005
* Add JFFS2 support for TQM5200 board
* Add esd cpci5200 and pf5200 boards
Patch by Reinhard Arlt, 22 Aug 2005
* Fix sysclock for TQM8540 and TQM8560 boards
Patch by Martin Krause, 25 Jul 2005
* Initialize serial# and ethaddr from manufacturer data in EEPROM on CMC-PU2
Patch by Martin Krause, 08 Jun 2005
* Add new board specific commands for TQM5200/STK52XX
- Sound commands (beep, wav, sound)
- Test commands (led, can, backlight, rs232)
Patch by Martin Krause, 02 May 2005
* Change main clock on CMC-PU2 board from 207 MHz to 179 MHz
because of a bug in the AT91RM9200 CPU PLL
Patch by Martin Krause, 22 Apr 2005
* Add automatic HW detection for another CMC_PU2 variant
Patch by Martin Krause, 20 Apr 2005
* Remove CONFIG_AT91RM9200DK in CMC-PU2 configuration
Patch by Martin Krause, 19 Apr 2005
* Fix initialization problem on TQM5200 without SM501
Patch by Martin Krause, 08 Apr 2005
* Add RTC support for STK52XX.200
Patch by Martin Krause, 07 Apr 2005
* Add support for IFM o2dnt board
* Enable PCI on hmi1001 board
* Fix return values of the jffs2 commands ls/fsload/fsinfo,
so we can use them to, e.g., check the existence of a file with
"if ls foo; then this; else that; fi" in the hush shell
Patch by Andreas Engel, 16 August 2005
* Coding style cleanup
* Add support for Silicon Turnkey eXpress XTc (mpc87x/88x) board.
Patch by Dan Malek and Pantelis Antoniou, 15 Aug 2005
* Check return value of malloc in 440gx_enet.c
Patch by Travis B. Sawyer, 18 Jul 2005
* Add Sandburst Metrobox and Sandburst Karef board support packages.
Second serial port on 440GX now defined as a system device.
Add 'Short Etch' code for Cicada PHY within 440gx_enet.c
Patch by Travis B. Sawyer, 12 Jul 2005
Changes for U-Boot 1.1.3:
* Minor code cleanup
* Add forgotten new fils from latest VoiceBlue update
* Make bootretry feature work with hush shell.
Caveat: this currently *requires* CONFIG_RESET_TO_RETRY to be set, too.
Patch by Andreas Engel, 19 Jul 2005
* Update Hymod Board Database PHP code in "tools" directory
Patch by Murray Jensen, 01 Jul 2005
* Make "tr" command use POSIX compliant; export HOSTOS make variable
Patch by Murray Jensen, 30 Jun 2005
* Fix Murray Jensen's mail address.
Patch by Murray Jensen, 30 Jun 2005
* Preserve PHY_BMCR during a soft reset.
Patch by Carl Riechers, 24 Jun 2005
* VoiceBlue update: eeprom tool can also store firmware version now.
eeprom.bin is runable by jumping at load address.
Patch by Ladislav Michl, 23 May 2005
* Move the AT91RM9200DK to the ARM Systems list.
Patch by Anders Larsen, 26 Apr 2005
* Eliminate calls of ARM libgcc.a helper functions _divsi3 and _modsi3
Patch by Anders Larsen, 26 Apr 2005
* measure_gclk() is needed when DEBUG is enabled
Patch by Bryan O'Donoghue, 25 Apr 2005
* Add UPD-Checksum code, fix problem in net.c (return instead of break)
Patch by Reinhard Arlt, 12 Aug 2005
* esd PCI405 board updated
Patch by Matthias Fuchs, 28 Jul 2005
* esd WUH405 and DU405 board updated
Patch by Matthias Fuchs, 27 Jul 2005
* Fix problem in cmd_nand.c (only when defined CFG_NAND_SKIP_BAD_DOT_I)
Patch by Matthias Fuchs, 4 May 2005
* Update AMCC Yosemite to get a consistent setup for all AMCC eval
boards (baudrate, environment...). Flash driver fixed.
Patch by Stefan Roese, 11 Aug 2005
* Changed AMCC Bubinga (405EP) configuration to support 2nd eth port
Patch by Stefan Roese, 11 Aug 2005
* Add NAND FLASH support for AMCC Bamboo 440EP eval board
Patch by Stefan Roese, 11 Aug 2005
* Add configuration for IFM AEV FIFO board.
Minor coding style cleanup.
* Add configuration for IFM SPI eval board
* Fix CompactFlash problem on HMI1001 board
* Make new "mtdparts" code build with older compilers
Patch by Andrea Scian, 09 Aug 2005
* Changed CONFIG_440_GX, CONFIG_440_EP and CONFIG_440_GR options to
CONFIG_44GX, CONFIG_440EP and CONFIG_440GR for a consistent design
with the 405 defines and the linux kernel defines.
Patch by Stefan Roese, 08 Aug 2005
* Fix compiler warnings with older GCC versions
* Add common (with Linux) MTD partition scheme and "mtdparts" command
Old, obsolete and duplicated code was cleaned up and replace by the
new partitioning method. There are two possible approaches now:
The first one is to define a single, static partition:
#define CONFIG_JFFS2_DEV "nor0"
#define CONFIG_JFFS2_PART_SIZE 0xFFFFFFFF /* use whole device */
#define CONFIG_JFFS2_PART_SIZE 0x00100000 /* use 1MB */
#define CONFIG_JFFS2_PART_OFFSET 0x00000000
The second method uses the mtdparts command line option and dynamic
/* mtdparts command line support */
#define MTDIDS_DEFAULT "nor1=zuma-1,nor2=zuma-2"
#define MTDPARTS_DEFAULT "mtdparts=zuma-1:-(jffs2),zuma-2:-(user)"
Command line of course produces bigger images, and may be inappropriate
for some targets, so by default it's off.
* Fix build problems for PM856 Board
* Fix sign extension bug in 'fpga loadb' command;
make 'fpga loadb' always print the file header info
Patch by Andrew Dyer, 11 Jan 2005
* Fix errors that occur when accessing SystemACE CF
Patch by Jeff Angielski, 09 Jan 2005
* Document switching between U-Boot and PlanetCore on RPXlite
by Sam Song, 24 Dec 2004
* Fix PowerQUICC II mask detection.
Patch by Eugene Surovegin, 20 Dec 2004
* Add support for Altera NIOS DK1C20 board
Patch by Shlomo Kut, 13 Dec 2004
* Add support for ep8248 board
Patch by Yuli Barcohen, 12 Dec 2004
Minor code cleanup.
* Fix baudrate setting for KGDB on MPC8260
Patch by HoJin, 11 Dec 2004
* Fix 'mii help' text formatting
Patch by Cory Tusar, 10 Dec 2004
* Fix return code of NFS command
Patch by Hiroshi Ito, 11 Dec 2004
* Fix typo
* Fix compiler warnings in cpu/ppc4xx/usbdev.c
Patch by Steven Blakeslee, 04 Aug 2005
* Add support for AMCC Bamboo PPC440EP eval board
Patch by Stefan Roese, 04 Aug 2005
* Patch by Jon Loeliger
Fix style issues primarily in 85xx and 83xx boards.
- C++ comments
- Trailing white space
- Indentation not by TAB
- Excessive amount of empty lines
- Trailing empty lines
* Patch by Ron Alder, 11 Jul 2005
Add Xianghua Xiao and Lunsheng Wang's support for the
GDA MPC8540 EVAL board.
* Patch by Eran Liberty
Add support for the Freescale MPC8349ADS board.
* Patch by Jon Loeliger, 25 Jul 2005
Move the TSEC driver out of cpu/mpc85xx as it will be shared
by the upcoming mpc83xx family as well.
* Patch by Jon Loeliger, 05 May 2005
Implemented support for MPC8548CDS board.
Added DDR II support based on SPD values for MPC85xx boards.
This roll-up patch also includes bugfies for the previously
published patches:
DDRII CPO, pre eTSEC, 8548 LBIU, Andy's TSEC, eTSEC 3&4 I/O
* Patch by Jon Loeliger, 10 Feb 2005
Add config option CONFIG_HAS_FEC calling out 8540 FEC features.
* Patch by Jon Loeliger, Kumar Gala, 08 Feb 2005
For MPC85xxCDS:
Adds Relaxed Timing TRLX bit to FLASH ORx regs to allow
for faster flash parts.
Add documentation for BR/OR for FLASH.
* Patch by Jon Loeliger 08 Feb 2005
Determine L2 Cache size dynamically on 85XX boards.
* Patch by Jon Loeliger, Kumar Gala 08 Feb 2005
- Convert the CPM2 based functionality to use new CONFIG_CPM2
option rather than a myriad of CONFIG_MPC8560-like variants.
Applies to MPC85xx and MPC8260 boards, includes stxgp3 and sbc8560.
Eliminates the CONFIG_MPC8560 option entirely. Distributes the
new CONFIG_CPM2 option to each 8260 board.
* Add support for MicroSys PM856 board
Patch by Josef Wagner, 03 Aug 2005
* Minor fixes to PM854 board
Patch by Josef Wagner, 03 Aug 2005
* Adjust configuration of XENIAX board
(chip select and GPIO required for USB operation)
* Fix typos in cpu/85xx/start.S which caused DataTLB exception to be
routed to the Watchdog handler
Patch by Eugene Surovegin, 18 Jun 2005
* (re)enabled scsi commands do_scsi() and do_scsiboot()
Patch by Denis Peter, 06 Dec 2004
* Fix endianess problem in TFTP / NFS default filenames
Patch by Hiroshi Ito, 06 Dec 2004
* Ignore broadcast status bit in received frames in 8260 FCC ethernet
loopback test code
Patch by Murray Jensen, 18 Jul 2005
* Fix typo in mkconfig script (used == instead of =)
Patch by Murray Jensen, 18 Jul 2005
* Cleanup build problems on 64 bit build hosts
* Update MAINTAINERS file
* Patch by Stefan Roese, 01 Aug 2005:
- Major cleanup for AMCC eval boards Walnut, Bubinga, Ebony, Ocotea
(former IBM eval board). Please see "doc/README.AMCC-eval-boards-cleanup"
for details.
- Sycamore (PPC405GPr) eval board added (Walnut port is extended
to run on both 405GP and 405GPr eval boards).
* Patch by Steven Blakeslee, 27 Jul 2005:
- Add support for AMCC PPC440EP/GR.
- Add support for AMCC Yosemite PPC440EP eval board.
- Add support for AMCC Yellowstone PPC440GR eval board.
* Minor fixes for PPChameleon Board:
- fix alignment of NAND size
- make code do what the comment says
* Implement h/w sector protection status synchronization at boot.
The code is provided for, and was tested on, the Yukon/Alaska
and PM520 boards only.
A bug in flash_real_protect() for the Yukon board was fixed by
adding a function that tells if two banks are on one flash chip.
* Fix sysmon POST problem: check I2C error codes
This fixes a problem of displaying bogus voltages when the voltages
are so low that the I2C devices start failing while the rest of the
system keeps running.
* Patch by Cedric Vincent, 6 Jul 2005:
Fix CFG_CMD_SETGETDCR handling in "common/cmd_dcr.c"
* Patch by Jon Loeliger, 20 Jul 2005:
Add missing PCI IO port definitions.
* Add CompactFlash support for HMI1001 board.
* Adjust printed board ID for LWMON board.
* Fix low-level OHCI transfers for ARM920t and MPC5xxx
* Add new argument format for flash commands to allow for usage like
"erase $(addr) +$(filesize)", i. e. a size argument can be used and
U-Boot will automaticially find the end of the corresponding sector.
* Patch by Stefan Roese, 5 Jul 2005:
Update uc100 board PHY setup
* Patch by Stefan Roese, 1 Jul 2005:
Fix PHY address for CATcenter board (now correct!)
* Patch by Stefan Roese, 30 Jun 2005:
Fix PHY addresses for PPChameleon and CATcenter boards
Change MAINTAINER for most esd boards
* Patch by Detlev Zundel, 30 Jun 2005:
Fix LCD logo for lwmon board which got lost in the merge of 8xx and PXA LCD code
* Fix baudrate calculation problem on MPC5200 systems
* Add EEPROM and RTC support for HMI1001 board
* Patch by Detlev Zundel, 20 Jun 2005:
Fix initialization of low active GPIO pins on inka4x0 board
* Enable redundant environment, disable HW flash protection of
HMI1001 board
* Patch by Travis Sawyer, 10 Jun 2005:
Initialize allocated dev and private hw structures
after their respective allocation in 440gx_enet.c
* Patch by Steven Scholz, 10 Jun 2005:
Fix byteorder problems with second argument of "bootm" with
standalone images;
* Add support for HMI1001 board
* Disable "date" and "sntp" commands on TQM866M
* Fix watchdog reset problems on LWMON board
* Patch by Juergen Selent, 17 May 2005:
Add support for Funkwerk VoVPN gateway module.
* Cleanup debug code for MPC8220 FEC driver
* Extend burst mode RAM test program to take a loop count
(0 = infinite)
* Use CONFIG_DRIVER_KS8695ETH to enable KS8695 ethernet driver on
those boards that use it.
* Patches by Greg Ungerer, 19 May 2005:
- add support for the KS8695P (ARM 922 based) CPU
- add support for the OpenGear CM4008, CM4116 and CM4148 boards
* Patch by Steven Scholz, 19 May 2005:
Add support for CONFIG_SERIAL_TAG on ARM boards
* Add PCI support for Sorcery board.
Code cleanup (especially Sorcery / Alaska / Yukon serial driver).
* Fix compile problems caused by new burst mode SDRAM test;
make port pins to trigger logic analyzer configurable
* Fix timer handling on MPC85xx systems
* Fix debug code in omap5912osk flash driver
* Add support for MPC8247 based "IDS8247" board.
* Add support for 2 x TSEC interfaces on the TQM8540 board.
* On LWMON we must use the watchdog to reset the board as the CPU
genereated HRESET pulse is too short to reset the external
* Add test tool to exercise SDRAM accesses in burst mode
(as standalone program, MPC8xx/PowerPC only)
* Increase CFG_MONITOR_LEN for Rattler board to match actual code
* Major upate of JFFS2 code; now in sync with snapshot of MTD CVS of
March 13, 2005); new configuration option CONFIG_JFFS2_LZO_LZARI
added to support LZO and LZARI compression modes (undefined by
* Fix problem with symbolic links in JFFS2 code.
* Use linker ASSERT statement to prevent undetected overlapping of
sections on PPChameleon board; other boards might use this, too.
* Patch by Stefan Roese, 03 May 2005:
Update for P3G4
Fix problems in cmd_universe.c
* Patch by Matthias Fuchs, 03 May 2005:
Added missing variable declaration in cmd_nand.c
Modified CFG_PCI_PTM1MS in configs/PLU405.h to map 128MB ram
* Fix INKA4x0: use CS1 as gpio_wkup_6 output
* Fix bug in the SDRAM initialization code for canmb, IceCube and
PM520 boards.
Fix PHY address for canmb board.
* Cleanup serial console baudrate calculation on AT91RM9200;
get rid of obsolete CFG_AT91C_BRGR_DIVISOR definition
* Patch by Matthias Fuchs, 18 Apr 2005:
Make PCI target address spaces on PMC405 and CPCI405 boards
configurable via environment variables
* Auto-size RAM on canmb board.
* Add support for canmb board
* Patch by Stefan Roese, 13 Apr 2005:
Update for esd apc405
* Fixes for TQM8560 board:
- fix clock rates
- remove debug messages
- fix flash sector protection
* Patch by Steven Scholz, 07 Apr 2005:
Add i2c_reg_write() and i2c_reg_write() for at91rm9200 I2C
* Patches by Steven Scholz, 07 Apr 2005:
Fix compiler warning in altera.c
Fix warning in cpu/arm920t/at91rm9200/i2c.c
* Patch by Ladislav Michl, 06 Apr 2005:
Fix voiceblue configuration.
* Patch by Stefan Roese, 06 Apr 2005:
Updates for OCOTEA board:
- Changed U-Boot size from 512kByte to 256kByte
- Fixed flash driver to support boot from soldered user flash
- Added README for switch from PIBS firmware to U-Boot
* Patch by Travis Sawyer, 05 Apr 2005:
- Change timer frequency for ppc 440 from 10 ms to 1 ms.
Problem found by Andrew Wozniak.
* Patch by Steven Scholz, 06 Apr 2005:
- creating SoC subdir for Atmel AT91RM9200 cpu/arm920t/at91rm9200
- moving code out of cpu/at91rm9200 into cpu/arm920t/at91rm9200
* Patches by Robert Whaley, 29 Nov 2004:
- update the pxa-regs.h file for PXA27x chips
- add PXA27x based ADSVIX board
- add support for MMC on PXA27x processors
* Patch by Andrew E. Mileski, 28 Nov 2004:
Fix PPC4xx SPD SDRAM detection bug
* Patch by Hiroshi Ito, 26 Nov 2004:
Fix logic of "test -z" and "test -n" commands
* Patch by Ladislav Michl, 05 Apr 2005:
Add support for VoiceBlue board.
* Patch by Ladislav Michl, 05 Apr 2005:
Fix netboot_common() prototypes.
* Patch by Steven Scholz, 05 Apr 2005:
Use i.MX watchdog timer for reset_cpu()
* Patch by Steven Scholz, 05 Apr 2005:
Move reset_cpu() out of cpu/arm920t/start.S into the SoC specific
subdirectories cpu/arm920t/imx/ and cpu/arm920t/s3c24x0/
(now in interupts.c)
* Add support for MPC8220 based "sorcery" board.
* Add support for TQM8560 board.
* Add FEC support for TQM8540 board.
Interfaces are named as follows: "ENET1" - TSEC2, "ENET2" - FEC
* Patch by Martin Krause, 04 Apr 2005:
Update default configuration for CMC_PU2 board.
* Patch by Steven Scholz, 04 Apr 2005:
- remove all references to CONFIG_INIT_CRITICAL for ARM based boards
- introduce two new configuration options instead:
* Patch by Steven Scholz, 04 Apr 2005:
Make sure that MDIO clock does not exceed 2.5 MHz on AT91
* Fix timer code for ARM systems: make sure that udelay() does not
reset timers so it's save to use udelay() in timeout code.
* Patch by Mathias Küster, 23 Nov 2004:
add udelay support for the mcf5282 cpu
* Patch by Tolunay Orkun, 16 November 2004:
fix incorrect onboard Xilinx CPLD base address
* Patch by Jerry Van Baren, 08 Nov 2004:
- Add low-boot option for MPC8260ADS board (if lowboot is selected,
the jumper for the HRCW source should select flash. If lowboot is
not selected, the jumper for the HRCW source should select the
- change default load base address to 0x00400000
* Patch by Yuli Barcohen, 08 Nov 2004:
Add support for Analogue & Micro Rattler boards.
Tested on Rattler8248.
* Patch by Andre Renaud, 08 Nov 2004:
Fix watchdog support in common/lcd.c
* Patch by Marc Leeman, 05 Nov 2003:
Enable all 4 PCMBRW buffers for the MPC8245 processor since the CPU
bug only affects the XPC8245 processors
* Patches by Josef Wagner, 29 Oct 2004:
- Add support for MicroSys CPU87 board
- Add support for MicroSys PM854 board
* Patch by Jian Zhang, 02 Nov 2004:
Add 16-bit NAND support
* Patch by Scott McNutt, 01 Nov 2004:
Add missing NIOS/NIOS2 support for "iminfo" command
* Patch by Detlev Zundel, 29 Oct 2004:
Add missing NIOS/NIOS2 support for "mkimage" tool.
* Patch by David Adair, 27 Oct 2004:
Add missing 440GX SDRAM Controller reset
* Patch by Steven Scholz, 25 Oct 2004:
Declare reset_cpu() in include/common.h instead locally
* Patch by Yusdi Santoso, 22 Oct 2004:
- Add support for HIDDEN_DRAGON board
- fix endianess problem in driver/rtl1839.c
* Patch by Allen Curtis, 21 Oct 2004:
support multiple serial ports
* Patch by Richard Klingler, 03 Apr 2005:
Add call to eth_halt() in net/net.c when called functions fail
after eth_init() has been called.
* Patch by Sam Song, 3 April 2005:
- Update README.Netconsole
- Update README
* Prepare for SoC rework of ARM code:
- rename memsetup into lowlevel_init (function name and source files)
Patch by Steven Scholz, 03 Apr 2005:
- create SoC specific directories include/asm-arm/arch-imx and
* Fix problems with SNTP support;
enable SNTP support in some boards.
* Patches by Martin Krause, 01 Apr 2005:
- Fix flash erase timeout on CMC_PU2
- Add automatic HW detection for CMC_PU2 and CMC_BASIC
* Patch by Steven Scholz, 13 March 2005:
fix cache enabling for AT91RM9200
* Patch by Masami Komiya, 30 Mar 2005:
add SNTP support and expand time server and time offset fields of
DHCP support. See doc/README.SNTP
* Patch by Steven Scholz, 13 Dec 2004:
Fix bug in at91rm920 ethernet driver
* Patch by Steven Scholz, 13 Dec 2004:
Remove duplicated code by merging memsetup.S files for
at91rm9200 boards into one cpu/at91rm9200/lowlevel.S
* Patch by Detlev Zundel, 31 Mar 2005:
Cleanup duplicate definition of overwrite_console()
* Update TQM5200 configuration;
prepare for Rev. 200 starter kit boards
* Patch by Scott McNutt, 21 Oct 2004:
Add support for Nios-II EPCS Controller core.
* Patch by Scott McNutt, 20 Oct 2004:
Nios-II cleanups:
- Add sysid command (Nios-II only).
- Locate default exception trampoline at proper offset.
- Implement I/O routines (readb, writeb, etc)
- Implement do_bootm_linux
* Patches by Martin Krause, 22 Mar 2005:
- use TQM5200_auto as MAKEALL target for TQM5200 systems
- add support for SM501 graphics controller
- add support for graphic console on TQM5200
- add support for TQM5200 Rev 200
- cleanup, fix typo in include/configs/TQM5200.h
* Patch by Manfred Baral, 17 Mar 2005:
Fix typo
* Fix RTC configuration for PPChameleon board
* Cleanup, fix typo in include/configs/TQM5200.h
* Patch by Stefan Roese, 16 Mar 2005:
Update for esd auto_update and hh405 board
* Adapt for U-Boot image size (new features enabled) on TQM5200
* Update code for TQM8540 board (and 85xx in general):
- Change the name of the Ethernet driver: MOTO ENET -> ENET
- Reformat boot messages
- Enable redundant environment
- Replace the -O2 optimization flag with -mno-string
* Patch by David Brownell, 10 Mar 2005:
Restore copyright statements in OHCI drivers.
* Add support for TQM8540 board
* Patch by Detlev Zundel, 14 Mar 2005:
NC650: changed NAND flash addressing to using UPMB
* Patch by Stefan Roese, 14 Mar 2005:
Update for esd voh405 fpga image
* INKA4x0: Allow initialization of LCD backlight dimming from
"brightness" environment variable.
* Add port initialization for digital I/O on INKA4x0
* Patch by Stefan Roese, 01 Mar 2005:
Update for esd boards dp405 and hub405
* Fix get_partition_info() parameter error in all other calls
(common/cmd_ide.c, common/cmd_reiser.c, common/cmd_scsi.c).
* Enable USB and IDE support for INKA4x0 board
* Patch by Andrew Dyer, 28 Feb 2005:
fix ext2load passing an incorrect pointer to get_partition_info()
resulting in load failure for devices other than 0
* Add support for SRAM and 2 x Quad UARTs on INKA4x0 board
* Cleanup USB and partition defines
* Add support for ext2 filesystems and image timestamps to TQM5200 board
* Add reset code for Coral-P on INKA4x0 board
* Patch by Martin Krause, 28 Jun 2004:
Update for TRAB board.
* Fix some missing "volatile"s in MPC5xxx FEC driver
* Fix cirrus voltage detection (for CPC45)
* Fix byteorder problem in usbboot and scsiboot commands.
* Patch by Cajus Hahn, 04 Feb 2005:
- don't insist on leading '/' for filename in ext2load
- set default partition to useful value (1) in ext2load
* Patch by Andrew Dyer, 08 Jan 2005:
fix wrong return codes in ext2 code
* Removed '--no-warn-mismatch' option from Makefile. This option
makes 'ld' to overlook binary objects compatibility.
* Moved $(PLATFORM_LIBS) from the library group (--start-group ...
--end-group) outside of the group. This will make 'ld' to do
_multiple_ search in the library group when resolving symbol
references and do only a _single_ seach in libgcc.a after the group
* Fix stability problems on CPC45 board again.
* Make image detection for diskboot / usbboot / scsiboot more robust
(also check header checksum)
* Update CPC45 board configuration.
* Add USB and PCI support for INKA4x0 board
* Fix IDE stability problems on CPC45 board (needs 2 x EIEIO).
* Code cleanup
* Patch by Robin Getz, 13 Oct 2004:
Add standalone application to change SMC91C111 MAC addresses,
see examples/README.smc91111_eeprom
* Patch by Xiaogeng (Shawn) Jin, 12 Oct 2004:
Fix Flash support for ARM Integrator CP.
* Patch by Richard Woodruff, 10 Jan 2005:
Update support for OMAP2420 (ARM11) and H4 board:
o clean up and add new types to H4 memory probe code.
o fix to work with internal boot.
o added PRCM config III operation.
o fix marginal flash timings.
o add revison ATAG usage.
o enable voltage scaling at power chip.
o fix compile error for i2c.
* Fix network problem (error when receiving multiple ARP packets)
* Patch by Daniel Poirot, 12 Oct 2004:
Add support for Wind River sbc405 board
* Patch by Rainer Brestan, 12 Oct 2004:
Make examples/Makefile more robust
* Patch by Sam Song, 11 October 2004:
- Add RESET/PREBOOT/AUTOBOOT support for RPXlite_DW board
- Adjust CPU:BUS frequency ratio 1:1 when core frequency
less than 50MHz
* Patch by Sam Song, 10 Oct 2004:
Fix a parameter error in run_command() in main.c
* Patch by Richard Woodruff, 01 Oct 2004:
add support for the TI OMAP2420 processor and its H4 reference
* Patch by Christian Pellegrin, 24 Sep 2004:
Added support for NE2000 compatible (DP8390, DP83902) NICs.
* Patch by Leif Lindholm, 23 Sep 2004:
add support for the AMD db1550 board
* Patch by Travis Sawyer, 15 Sep 2004:
Add CONFIG_SERIAL_MULTI support for ppc4xx,
update README.serial_multi
* Patches by David Snowdon, 07 Sep 2004:
- add u-boot.hex target in the top level Makefile
- add support for the UNSW/NICTA PLEB 2 board (pleb2)
- use -mtune=xscale and -march=armv5 options for PXA
* Patch by Florian Schlote, 08 Sep 2004:
Add support for SenTec-COBRA5272-board (ColdFire).
* Patch by Gleb Natapov, 07 Sep 2004:
mpc824x: set PCI latency timer to a sane value
(is 0 after reset).
* Patch by Kurt Stremerch, 03 Sep 2004:
Add bitstream configuration option for fpga command (Xilinx only).
* Patch by Kurt Stremerch, 03 Sep 2004:
Add Xilinx Spartan2E family FPGA support
* Patch by Jeff Angielski, 02 Sep 2004:
Add Added support for H2 revision of the EP8260 board.
Fixed formatting for some of the EP8260 related source files.
* Patch by Jon Loeliger, 02 Sep 2004:
Reset monitor size back to 256 so environment can be written
to flash on MPC85xx ADS and CDS releases.
* Patch by Paolo Broggini, 02 Sep 2004:
Make BSS clearing on ARM systems more robust
* Patch by Yue Hu and Joe, 01 Sep 2004:
- add PCI support for ixp425;
- add EEPRO100 suppor tfor ixdp425 board.
* Fix problem with protected sector detection in driver/cfi_flash.c
Changes for U-Boot 1.1.2:
* Code cleanup, mostly for GCC-3.3.x
* Cleanup confusing use of CONFIG_ETH*ADDR - ust his only to
pre-define a MAC address; use CONFIG_HAS_ETH* to enable support for
additional ethernet addresses.
* Cleanup drivers/i82365.c - avoid duplication of code
* Fix bogus "cannot span across banks" flash error message
* Code cleanup
* Add support for CompactFlash for the CPC45 Board.
* Fix problems with CMC_PU2 flash driver.
* Cleanup:
- avoid trigraph warning in fs/ext2/ext2fs.c
- rename UC100 -> uc100
* Add support for UC100 board
* Patch by Stefan Roese, 16 Dez 2004:
- ext2fs support added
- Tundra universe support added
- ColdFire MCF5249 support added (no preloader needed!)
- MCF5249 board TASREG added
- PPC boards added: APC405, CPCI405DT, CPCI750, G2000, HH405,
VOM405, WUH405
- some esd boards updated
- memory commands "mdc" and "mwc" added for cyclic read/write
(CONFIG_MX_CYCLIC, see README for further description)
* Add support for INKA4X0 board
* Patch by Steven Scholz, 12 Dec 2004:
Fix typo in AT91 memory setup.
* Patch by Martin Krause, 27 Oct 2004:
- add support for "STK52xx" board (including PS/2 multiplexer)
- add hardware detection for TQM5200
* Clean up CMC PU2 flash driver
* Update MAINTAINERS file
* Fix bug in MPC823 LCD driver
* Fix udelay() on AT91RM9200 for delays < 1 ms.
* Enable long help on CMC PU2 board;
fix reset issue;
increase CPU speed from 179 to 207 MHz.
* Fix smc91111 ethernet driver for Xaeniax board (need to handle
unaligned tail part specially).
* Update for AT91RM9200DK and CMC_PU2 boards:
- Enable booting directly from flash
- fix CMC_PU2 flash driver
* Fix mkimage usage message
* Map SRAM on NC650 board
* Work around for Ethernet problems on Xaeniax board
* Patch by TsiChung Liew, 23 Sep 2004:
- add support for MPC8220 CPU
- Add support for Alaska and Yukon boards
* Fix configuration for ERIC board (needs more room)
* Adjust MIPS compiler options at run-time depending on tools version
("-march=4kc -mtune=4kc -Wa,-mips_allow_branch_to_undefined" for new,
"-mcpu=4kc" for old tools)
* Add passing of the command line and memory size information to the
kernel on xaeniax board.
* Enable NAND flash support for NC650 board.
* Patch by Thomas Lange 07 Oct 2004:
Updated README for DBAu1x00 boards to match current status
* Patch by Philippe Robin, 28 Sept 2004:
Fix Flash support for Versatile.
* Patch by Roger Blofeld, 16 Sep 2004:
Fix timeout for DHCP command retry
* Patch by Pantelis Antoniou, 14 Sep 2004:
Fix early serial hang when CONFIG_SERIAL_MULTI is defined.
* Patch by Pantelis Antoniou, 14 Sep 2004:
Kick watchdog when bz-decompressing
* Fix CFG_HZ problems on AT91RM9200 systems
[Remember: CFG_HZ should be 1000 on ALL systems!]
* Patch by Gridish Shlomi, 30 Aug 2004:
- Add support to revA version of PQ27 and PQ27E.
- Reverted MPC8260ADS baudrate back to original 115200
* Patch by Hojin, 17 Sep 2004:
Fix typo in cfi_flash.c
* Patch by Mark Jonas, 09 September 2004:
mtest's data line test (with CFG_ALT_MEMTEST set) returned a wrong
error message
* Patch by Mark Jonas, 31 August 2004:
Added option CFG_XLB_PIPELINING to enable XLB pipelining. This
improves FTP performance for MPC5200 systems. Enabled for IceCube
by default.
* Patch by Michael Bendzick, 30 Aug 2004:
- Improve platform.S code for omap1510inn that detects whether code
is running from SDRAM or not. Patch allows SDRAM to be configured
if code is running out of SRAM at 0x20000000.
* Patch by Frederick Klatt, 30 Aug 2004:
Add support for the Wind River SBC8540/SBC8560 boards
* Configure SX1 board to use drivers/cfi_flash.c
* Patches by Michael Bendzick, 30 Aug 2004:
- Configure omap1510inn board to use drivers/cfi_flash.c
- Make drivers/cfi_flash.c protect environment and redundant
* Patch by Steven Scholz, 23 Jun 2004:
- Add script (tools/ to programm U-Boot into
(Synch)Flash using the Bootstrap Mode of the MC9328MX1/L
* Patches by Scott McNutt, 24 Aug 2004:
- Add support for Altera Nios-II processors.
- Add support for Psyent PCI-5441 board.
- Add support for Psyent PK1C20 board.
* Patches by Jon Loeliger, 24 Aug 2004:
- Add support for the MPC8541 and MPC8555 CDS boards
- Cleanup eth?addr handling: make dependent on CONFIG_ETH?ADDR
- Convert MPC85xxADS to use common CFI flash driver
- Fix PCI window on MPC85xx; remove unneeded PCI initialization
from board_early_init_f()
- Provide SW workaround for PCI initialization on 85xx CDS
* Patches by George G. Davis, 24 Aug 2004:
- Enable ramdisk/initrd tagged param support for omap1610h2_config
- Remove static network setup defaults from mx1ads_config
- update ARM boards to use constants from mach-types.h
* Patch by Gary Jennejohn, 04 Oct 2004:
- fix I2C on at91rm9200
- add support for Ricoh RS5C372A RTC
* Patch by Gary Jennejohn, 01 Oct 2004:
- add support for CMC PU2 board
- add support for I2C on at91rm9200
* Patch by Gary Jennejohn, 28 Sep 2004:
fix baudrate handling on at91rm9200
* Patch by Yuli Barcohen, 22 Aug 2004:
- remove ZPC.1900 board-specific flash driver;
switch the port to generic CFI driver;
- port clean-up
* Patch by Hinko Kocevar, 21 Aug 2004:
Add calc_fbsize() function used with VIDEOLFB_TAG on TRAB
* Clean up tools/bmp_logo.c to not add trailing white space
* Patch by Hinko Kocevar, 21 Aug 2004:
- Group common framebuffer functions in common/lcd.c
- Group common framebuffer macros and #defines in include/lcd.h
- Provide calc_fbsize() for video ATAG
* Patch by Sam Song, 21 August 2004:
- Fix a typo in README
- Align "(RO)" output for "flinfo" after "protect on"
- Add RESET support for RPXlite_DW board; adjust CPU:BUS frequency
ratio 1:1 when core frequency less than 50MHz
* Patches by Hinko Kocevar, 21 Aug 2004:
- fix some "use of label at end of compound statement" warnings
- Define type of LCD panel on lubbock board if CONFIG_LCD is used
* Patch by Steven Scholz, 16 Aug 2004:
- Introducing the concept of SoCs "./cpu/$(CPU)/$(SOC)"
- creating subdirs for SoCs ./cpu/arm920t/imx and ./cpu/arm920t/s3c24x0
- moving SoC specific code out of cpu/arm920t/ into cpu/arm920t/$(SOC)/
- moving drivers/s3c24x0_i2c.c and drivers/serial_imx.c out of drivers/
into cpu/arm920t/$(SOC)/
* Patches by Sean Chang, 09 Aug 2004:
- Added support for both 8 and 16 bit mode access to System ACE CF
through MPU.
- Fixed missing System ACE CF device during get FAT partition info
in fat_register_device function.
- Enabled System ACE CF support on ML300.
* Patch by Sean Chang, 09 Aug 2004:
Synch defines for saveenv and do_saveenv functions so they get
compiled under the same statement.
* Patch by Sean Chang, 09 Aug 2004:
- Added I2C support for ML300.
- Added support for ML300 to read out its environment information
stored on the EEPROM.
- Added support to use board specific parameters as part of
U-Boot's environment information.
- Updated MLD files to support configuration for new features
* Patches by Travis Sawyer, 05 Aug 2004:
- Remove incorrect bridge settings for eth group 6
- Add call to setup bridge in ppc_440x_eth_initialize
- Fix ppc_440x_eth_init to reset the phy only if its the
first time through, otherwise, just check the phy for the
autonegotiated speed/duplex. This allows the use of netconsole
- only print the speed/duplex the first time the phy is reset.
* Patch by Shlomo Kut, 29 Mar 2004:
Add support for MKS Instruments "Quantum" board
* Fix build problem with Cogent boards;
avoid using <asm/byteorder.h> when using the host compiler
* Patch by Ganapathi C, 04 Aug 2004:
Fix NFS timeout issue
* Patch by Yuli Barcohen, 19 Jul 2004:
- Fix host tools building in Cygwin environment
- Fix header files search order for host tools
* Patch by Tom Armistead, 19 Jul 2004:
Fix kgdb.S support for 74xx_75x cpu
* Patch by Jon Loeliger, 15 Jul 2004:
Fix MPC85xx I2C driver
* Fix problems with CDROM drive as slave device on Lite5200 IDE bus.
* Patch by Stephen Williams, 15 July 2004
Set the PCI class code for JSE board as part of PCI interface setup
* Patch by Michael Bendzick, 15 Jul 2004:
Fix problem with writes with odd sizes in drivers/cfi_flash.c when
* Patch by Yuli Barcohen, 13 Jul 2004:
Allow clock setting on MPC866/MPC885 series chips according to
environment variable `cpuclk'
* Patch by Yuli Barcohen, 20 Apr 2004:
Remove unnecessary redefine of CPM_DATAONLY_SIZE for MPC826x
* Patch by Vincent Dubey, 24 Sep 2004:
Add support for xaeniax board
* Add comment about non-GPL character of standalone applications to
* Fix FEC ethernet problem on NSCU board.
* Patch by Gary Jennejohn, 09 Sep 2004:
allow to use USART1 as console port on at91rm9200dk boards
* Patch by Stefan Roese, 16 Sep 2004:
Update AR405 board.
* Fix SysClk handling for PPChameleon and CATcenter boards
* Patch by Detlev Zundel, 08 Sep 2004:
Update etags build target
* Improve NetConsole support: add support for broadcast destination
address and buffered input.
* Cleanup compiler warnings for GCC 3.3.x and later
* Fix problem in cmd_jffs2.c introduced by CFG_JFFS_SINGLE_PART patch
* Add support for IDS "NC650" board
* Add automatic update support for LWMON board
* Clear Block Lock-Bits when erasing flash on LWMON board.
* Fix return code of "fatload" command
* Enable MSDOS/VFAT filesystem support for LWMON board
* Patch by Martin Krause, 03 Aug 2004:
change timing for SM501 graphics controller on TQM5200 module
* Patch by Mark Jonas, 13 July 2004:
- Total5200 LCD now run in little endian mode. Endianess conversion
is done in hardware.
- Removed last reference to "console" environment variable.
* Patches by Lars Munch, 12 Jul 2004:
- move at45.c to board/at91rm9200dk/ since this is at91rm9200dk
board specific
- split out the LXT971A PHY from ns_9750_eth.h
- split the dm9161 phy part out of at91rm9200_ether.c
* Patch by Andreas Engel, 12 Jul 2004:
Replaced hardcoded PL011 clock frequency with config variable.
Fixed wrong CONFIG_CMD_DFL doc.
* Patch by Thomas Viehweger, 09 Jun 2004:
make it possible to remove chpart when there is only one partition
* Add support for console over UDP (compatible to Ingo Molnar's
netconsole patch under Linux)
* Patch by Jon Loeliger, 16 Jul 2004:
- support larger DDR memories up to 2G on the PC8540/8560ADS and
STXGP3 boards
- Made MPC8540/8560ADS be 33Mhz PCI by default.
and CONFIG_L2_INIT_RAM options.
- Refactor Local Bus initialization out of SDRAM setup.
- Re-implement new version of LBC11/DDR11 errata workarounds.
- Moved board specific PCI init parts out of CPU directory.
- Added TLB entry for PCI-1 IO Memory
- Updated README.mpc85xxads
* Patch by Sascha Hauer, 28 Jun:
- add generic support for Motorola i.MX architecture
- add support for mx1ads, mx1fs2 and scb9328 boards
* Patches by Marc Leeman, 23 Jul 2004:
- Add define for the PCI/Memory Buffer Configuration Register
- corrected comments in cpu/mpc824x/cpu_init.c
* Add support for multiple serial interfaces
(for example to allow modem dial-in / dial-out)
* Patch by Stefan Roese, 15 Jul 2004:
cpu/ppc4xx/sdram.c rewritten now using get_ram_size()
* Fix NSCU config; add ethernet wakeup code.
* Add link for preloader for Motorola ColdFire to README.m68k
* Patch by Michael Bendzick, 12 Jul 2004:
fix output formatting in drivers/cfi_flash.c
* Patch by Mark Jonas, 02 Jul 2004:
Fix lowboot (again) on MPC5xxx
* Patch by Curt Brune, 07 Jul 2004:
relocate exception vectors on arm720t if needed
* Patch by George G. Davis, 06 Jul 2004:
- update mach-types.h to latest master list
- Set correct OMAP1610 bi_arch_number for build target
* Patch by Curt Brune, 06 Jul 2004:
evb4510: add support for timer interrupt; cleanup
* Patch by Dan Poirot, 06 Jul 2004:
Fix sbc8260 environment variables
* Cleanup redundand "console" environment variable
* Patch by Mark Jonas, 05 Jul 2004:
add support for the Total5100's and Total5200's LCD screen
* Patches by Dan Eisenhut, 01 Jul 2004:
- README fixes.
- Move doc2000.h include to prevent compiler warning on some boards
* Patch by Mark Jonas, 01 Jul 2004:
Added support for Total5100 and Total5200 (Rev.1 and Rev.2)
MGT5100 and MPC5200 based Freescale platforms.
* Patch by Philippe Robin, 01 Jul 2004:
Add initialization for Integrator and versatile board files.
* Patch by Hinko Kocevar, 01 Jun 2004:
Fix VFD FB allocation, add LCD FB allocation on ARM
* Patch by Martin Krause, 30 Jun 2004:
Add support for TQM5200 board
* Patch by Martin Krause, 29 Jun 2004:
Add loopw command: infinite write loop on address range
* Patches by Yasushi Shoji, 29 Jun 2004:
- add empty include/asm-microblaze/processor.h
- add gd initialization
- add MicroBlaze and SUZAKU board to MAKEALL script
- add reset support for SUZAKU
- add flush_cache() for MicroBlaze
- add CFG_FLASH_SIZE to include/configs/suzaku.h since we have fixed
size flash memory on SUZAKU
* Patch by Prakash Kumar, 27 Jun 2004:
Add support for the PXA250 based Intrinsyc Cerf board.
* Patch by Yasushi Shoji, 27 Jun 2004:
fix comment in include/common.h
* Rename SBC8560 into sbc8560 for consistency
* Patch by Daniel Poirot, 24 Jun 2004:
Add support for Wind River's sbc8240 board
* Patches by Yasushi Shoji, 26 Jun 2004:
- drivers/serial_xuartlite.c: fix "return 0" in void function
- add microblaze support to mkimage tool
* Patch by Fred Klatt, 25 Jun 2004:
Add support for WindRiver's sbc8560 board
* Patch by Nicolas Lacressonniere, 24 Jun 2004
Small Bugs fixes for "at91rm9200dk" board:
- Timing modifications for SPI DataFlash access
- Fix NAND flash detection bug
* Patch by Nicolas Lacressonniere, 24 Jun 2004:
Add Support for Flash AT49BV6416 for AT91RM9200DK board
* Patch by Jon Loeliger, 17 June 2004:
Completion of the 8540ADS/8560ADS updates:
Fix some PCI and Rapid I/O memory maps,
Initialize both TSEC 1 and 2,
Initialize SDRAM
Update MAINTAINER for 85xx boards and README.mpc85xxads
* Patch by Yuli Barcohen, 16 Jun 2004:
Remove obsolete AdderII port which was superseded by unified
AdderII/Adder87x port
* Patch by Ladislav Michl, 16 Jun 2004:
Fix gcc-3.3.3 warnings for smc91111.c
* Patch by Stefan Roese, 02 Jul 2004:
- Fix bug in 405 ethernet driver; allocated data not cleared!
- Fix problem in 405 i2c driver; don't try to print without console!
* Patch by Paul Ruhland, 11 Jun 2004:
Remove debug code from 'board/lpd7a40x/flash.c'
* Patch by Andrea Marson, 11 Jun 2004:
Update for PPChameleon board:
- support for SysClk @ 25MHz
- support for Silicon Motion SM712 VGA controller
- some clean ups
* Patches by Richard Woodruff, 10 Jun 2004:
- fix problems with examples/stubs.c for GCC >= 3.4
- fix problems with gd initialization
* Patch by Curt Brune, 17 May 2004:
- Add support for Samsung S3C4510B CPU (ARM7tdmi based SoC)
- Add support for ESPD-Inc. EVB4510 Board
* Patch by Marc Leeman, 11 May 2004:
Fix for MPC8245 - reading PPC Memory from another device with the
PPC as PCI target device corrupts data due to interenal hardware
* Fix "cls" command when used with splash screen
* Increase NFS download timeout (now 1 min - 10 sec is to short for a
slow download of a big image)
* Add "cls" function to MPC823 LCD driver so we can reinitialize the
display even after showing a bitmap
* Patch by Josef Wagner, 04 Jun 2004:
- DDR Ram support for PM520 (MPC5200)
- support for different flash types (PM520)
- USB / IDE / CF-Card / DiskOnChip support for PM520
- 8 bit boot rom support for PM520/CE520
- Add auto SDRAM module detection for MicroSys CPC45 board (MPC8245)
- I2C and RTC support for CPC45
- support of new flash type (28F160C3T) for CPC45
* Fix flash parameters passed to Linux for PPChameleon board
* Remove eth_init() from lib_arm/board.c; it's done in
* Patch by Paul Ruhland, 10 Jun 2004:
fix support for Logic SDK-LH7A404 board and clean up the
LH7A404 register macros.
* Patch by Matthew McClintock, 10 Jun 2004:
Modify code to select correct serial clock on Sandpoint8245
* Patch by Robert Schwebel, 10 Jun 2004:
Add support for Intel K3 strata flash.
* Patch by Thomas Brand, 10 Jun 2004:
Fix "loads" command on DK1S10 board
* Patch by Yuli Barcohen, 09 Jun 2004:
Add support for 8MB flash SIMM and JFFS2 file system on
Motorola FADS board and its derivatives (MPC86xADS, MPC885ADS).
* Patch by Yuli Barcohen, 09 Jun 2004:
Add support for Analogue&Micro Adder87x and the older AdderII board.
* Patch by Ming-Len Wu, 09 Jun 2004:
Add suppport for MC9328 (Dargonball) CPU and Motorola MX1ADS board
* Patch by Sam Song, 09 Jun 2004:
- Add support for RPXlite_DW board
- Update FLASH driver for 4*AM29DL323DB90VI
- Add option configuration of CFG_ENV_IS_IN_NVRAM on RPXlite_DW board
* Patch by Mark Jonas, 08 June 2004:
- Make MPC5200 boards evaluate the SVR to print processor name and
version in checkcpu() (cpu/mpc5xxx/cpu.c).
* Patch by Kai-Uwe Bloem, 06 May 2004:
Fix endianess problem in cramfs code
* Patch by Tom Armistead, 04 Jun 2004:
Add support for MAX6900 RTC
* Patches by Ladislav Michl, 03 Jun 2004:
- fix cfi_flash.c on LE systems
- let 'make mrproper' delete u-boot.img as well
- turn printf into debug in cfi_flash.c
* Patch by Kurt Stremerch, 28 May 2004:
Add support for Exys XSEngine board
* Patch by Martin Krause, 27 May 2004:
Fix a MPC5xxx I2C timing issue in i2c_probe().
* Patch by Leif Lindholm, 27 May 2004:
Fix board_init_f() for dbau1x00 board.
* Patch by Imre Deak, 26 May 2004:
On OMAP1610 platforms check if booting from RAM(CS0) or flash(CS3).
Set flash base accordingly, and decide whether to do or skip board
specific setup steps.
* Patch by Josef Baumgartner, 26 May 2004:
Add missing define in include/asm-m68k/global_data.h
* Patch by Josef Baumgartner, 25 May 2004:
Add missing functions get_ticks() and get_tbclk() in lib_m68k/time.c
* Patch by Paul Ruhland, 24 May 2004:
fix SDRAM initialization for LPD7A400 board.
* Patch by Jian Zhang, 20 May 2004:
add support for environment in NAND flash
* Patch by Yuli Barcohen, 20 May 2004:
Add support for Interphase iSPAN boards.
* Patches by Paul Ruhland, 17 May 2004:
- Add I/O functions to the smc91111 ethernet driver to support the
Logic LPD7A40x boards.
- Add support for the Logic Zoom LH7A40x based SDK board(s),
specifically the LPD7A400.
* Patches by Robert Schwebel, 15 May 2004:
- call MAC address reading code also for SMSC91C111;
- make SMSC91C111 timeout configurable, remove duplicate code
- fix get_timer() for PXA
- update doc/README.JFFS2
- use "bootfile" env variable also for jffs2
* Patch by Tolunay Orkun, 14 May 2004:
Add support for Cogent CSB472 board (8MB Flash Rev)
* Patch by Thomas Viehweger, 14 May 2004:
- flash.h: more flash types added
- immap_8260.h: some bits added (useful for RMII)
- cmd_coninfo.c: typo corrected, printf -> puts
- reduced size by replacing spaces with tab
* Patch by Robert Schwebel, 13 May 2004:
Add 'imgextract' command: extract one part of a multi file image.
* Patches by Jon Loeliger, 11 May 2004:
Dynamically handle REV1 and REV2 MPC85xx parts.
(Jon Loeliger, 10-May-2004).
New consistent memory map and Local Access Window across MPC85xx line.
New CCSRBAR at 0xE000_0000 now.
Add RAPID I/O memory map.
New memory map in README.MPC85xxads
(Kumar Gala, 10-May-2004)
Better board and CPU identification on MPC85xx boards at boot.
(Jon Loeliger, 10-May-2004)
SDRAM clock control fixes on MPC8540ADS & MPC8560 boards.
Some configuration options for MPC8540ADS & MPC8560ADS cleaned up.
(Jim Robertson, 10-May-2004)
Rewrite of the MPC85xx Three Speed Ethernet Controller (TSEC) driver.
Supports multiple PHYs.
(Andy Fleming, 10-May-2004)
Some README.MPC85xxads updates.
(Kumar Gala, 10-May-2004)
Copyright updates for "Freescale"
(Andy Fleming, 10-May-2004)
* Patch by Stephen Williams, 11 May 2004:
Add flash support for ST M29W040B
Reduce JSE specific flash.c to remove dead code.
* Patch by Markus Pietrek, 04 May 2004:
Fix clear_bss code for ARM systems (all except s3c44b0 which
doesn't clear BSS at all?)
* Fix "ping" problem on INC-IP board. Strange problem:
Sometimes the store word instruction hangs while writing to one of
the Switch registers, but only if the next instruction is 16-byte
aligned. Moving the instruction into a separate function somehow
makes the problem go away.
* Patch by Rishi Bhattacharya, 08 May 2004:
Add support for TI OMAP5912 OSK Board
* Patch by Sam Song May, 07 May 2004:
Fix typo of UPM table for rmu board
* Patch by Pantelis Antoniou, 05 May 2004:
- Intracom board update.
- Add Codec POST.
* Add support for the second Ethernet interface for the 'PPChameleon'
* Patch by Dave Peverley, 30 Apr 2004:
Add support for OMAP730 Perseus2 Development board
* Patch by Alan J. Luse, 29 Apr 2004:
Fix flash chip-select (OR0) option register setting on FADS boards.
* Patch by Alan J. Luse, 29 Apr 2004:
Report MII network speed and duplex setting properly when
auto-negotiate is not enabled.
* Patch by Jarrett Redd, 29 Apr 2004:
Fix hang on reset on Ocotea board due to flash in wrong mode.
* Patch by Dave Peverley, 29 Apr 2004:
add MAC address detection to smc91111 driver
* Patch by David Müller, 28 Apr 2004:
fix typo in lib_arm/board.c
* Patch by Tolunay Orkun, 20 Apr 2004:
- README update: add CONFIG_CSB272 and csb272_config
- add descriptions for some MII/PHY options, CONFIG_I2CFAST, and
i2cfast environment variable
* Patch by Yuli Barcohen, 19 Apr 2004:
- Rename DUET_ADS to MPC885ADS
- Rename CONFIG_866_et_al to CONFIG_MPC866_FAMILY
- Clean up FADS family port to use the new defines
* Fix PCI support on CPC45 board
* Patch by Scott McNutt, 25 Apr 2004:
Add Nios GDB/JTAG Console support:
- Add stubs to support gdb via JTAG.
- Add support for console over JTAG.
- Minor cleanup.
* Add support for CATcenter board (based on PPChameleon ME module)
* Patch by Klaus Heydeck, 12 May 2004:
Using external watchdog for KUP4 boards in mpc8xx/cpu.c;
load_sernum_ethaddr() for KUP4 boards in lib_ppc/board.c;
various changes to KUP4 board specific files
* Fix minor network problem on MPC5200: need some delay between
resetting the PHY and sending the first packet. Implemented in a
"natural" way by invoking the PHY reset and initialization code
only once after power on vs. each time the interface is brought up.
* Add some limited support for low-speed devices to SL811 USB controller
(at least "usb reset" now passes successfully and "usb info" displays
correct information)
* Change init sequence for multiple network interfaces: initialize
on-chip interfaces before external cards.
* Fix memory leak in the NAND-specific JFFS2 code
* Fix SL811 USB controller when attached to a USB hub
* Fix config option spelling in PM520 config file
* Fix PHY discovery problem in cpu/mpc8xx/fec.c (introduced by
patches by Pantelis Antoniou, 30 Mar 2004)
* Fix minor NAND JFFS2 related issue
* Fixes for SL811 USB controller:
- implement workaround for broken memory stick
- improve error handling
* Increase packet send timeout to 1 ms in cpu/mpc8xx/scc.c to better
cope with congested networks.
Changes for U-Boot 1.1.1:
* Patch by Travis Sawyer, 23 Apr 2004:
Fix VSC/CIS 8201 phy descrambler interoperability timing due to
errata from Vitesse Semiconductor.
* Patch by Philippe Robin, 22 Apr 2004:
Fix ethernet configuration for "versatile" board
* Patch by Kshitij Gupta, 21 Apr 2004:
Remove busy loop and use MPU timer fr usleep() on OMAP1510/1610 boards
* Patch by Steven Scholz, 24 Feb 2004:
Fix a bug in AT91RM9200 ethernet driver:
The MII interface is now initialized before accessing the PHY.
* Patch by John Kerl, 19 Apr 2004:
Use U-boot's miiphy.h for PHY register names, rather than
introducing a new header file.
* Update pci_ids.h from linux-2.4.26
* Patch by Masami Komiya, 19 Apr 2004:
Fix problem cause by VLAN function on little endian architecture
without VLAN environment
* Clean up the TQM8xx_YYMHz configurations; allow to use the same
binary image for all clock frequencies. Implement run-time
optimization of flash access timing based on the actual bus
* Modify KUP4X board configuration to use SL811 driver for USB memory
sticks (including FAT / VFAT filesystem support)
* Add SL811 Host Controller Interface driver for USB
* Patch by Pantelis Antoniou, 19 Apr 2004:
Allow to use shell style syntax (i. e. ${var} ) with standard parser.
Minor patches for Intracom boards.
* Patch by Christian Pell, 19 Apr 2004:
cleanup support for CF/IDE on PCMCIA for PXA25X
* Temporarily disabled John Kerl's extended MII command code because
"miivals.h" is missing
* Patches by Mark Jonas, 13 Apr 2004:
- Remove CS0 chip select timing setting from cpu/mpc5xxx/start.S
- Add sync instructions to IceCube SDRAM init code
- Move SDRAM chip constants into seperate include files
- Unify DDR and SDR initialization code
- Unify all IceCube (Lite5xxx) target names
* Patch by John Kerl, 16 Apr 2004:
Enable ranges in mii command, e.g. mii read 0-1f 0 or
mii read 4-7 18-1a. Also add mii dump subcommand for
pretty-printing standard regs 0-5.
* Patch by Stephen Williams, 16 April 2004:
fix typo in JSE.h; update MAINTAINERS
* Patch by Matthew S. McClintock, 14 Apr 2004:
fix initdram function for utx8245 board
* Patch by Markus Pietrek, 14 Apr 2004:
use ATAG_INITRD2 instead of deprecated ATAG_INITRD tag
* Patch by Reinhard Meyer, 18 Apr 2004:
provide the IDE Reset Function for EMK 5200 boards
* Patch by Masami Komiya, 12 Apr 2004:
fix pci_hose_write_config_{byte,word}_via_dword problems
* Patch by Sangmoon Kim, 12 Apr 2004:
Update max RAM size for debris board
* Patch by Travis Sawyer, 08 Apr 2004:
Add TLB entry for second DIMM slot on ocotea
* Patch by Masami Komiya, 08 Apr 2004:
add RTL8169 network driver
* Patch by Dan Malek, 07 Apr 2004:
- Add support for RPC/STx GP3, Motorola 8560 board
- Update 85xx TSEC driver so it searches MII for first available PHY
and uses that one.
- Add functions to support console MII commands.
* Patch by Tolunay Orkun, 07 Apr 2004:
Move initialization of bi_iic_fast[]
from board_init_f() to board_init_r()
* Patch by Yasushi Shoji, 07 Apr 2004:
Cleanup microblaze port
* Patch by Sangmoon Kim, 07 Apr 2004:
Add auto SDRAM module detection for Debris board
* Patch by Rune Torgersen, 06 Apr 2004:
- Fix some PCI problems on the MPC8266ADS board
- Fix the location of some PCI entries in the immap structure
* Patch by Yasushi Shoji, 07 Apr 2004:
- add support for microblaze processors
- add support for AtmarkTechno "suzaku" board
* Configure PPChameleon board to use redundand environment in flash
* Configure PPChameleon board to use JFFS2 NAND support.
* Added support for JFFS2 filesystem (read-only) on top of NAND flash
* Patch by Rune Torgersen, 16 Apr 2004:
LBA48 fixes
* Patches by Pantelis Antoniou, 16 Apr 2004:
- add support for a new version of an Intracom board and fix
various other things on others.
- add verify support to the crc32 command (define
CONFIG_CRC32_VERIFY to enable it)
- fix FEC driver for MPC8xx systems:
1. fix compilation problems for boards that use dynamic
allocation of DPRAM
2. shut down FEC after network transfers
- HUSH parser fixes:
1. A new test command was added. This is a simplified version of
the one in the bourne shell.
2. A new exit command was added which terminates the current
executing script.
3. Fixed handing of $? (exit code of last executed command)
- Fix some compile problems;
add "once" functionality for the netretry variable
* Patch by George G. Davis, 02 Apr 2004:
add support for Intel Assabet board
* Patch by Stephen Williams, 01 Apr 2004:
Add support for Picture Elements JSE board
* Patch by Christian Pell, 01 Apr 2004:
Add CompactFlash support for PXA systems.
* Patches by Pantelis Antoniou, 30 Mar 2004:
- add auto-complete support to the U-Boot CLI
- add support for NETTA and NETPHONE boards; fix NETVIA board
- add support for the Epson 156x series of graphical displays
(These displays are serial and not suitable for using a normal
framebuffer console on them)
- add infrastructure needed in order to POST any DSPs in a board
- improve and fix various things in the MPC8xx FEC driver:
1. The new 87x and 88x series of processors have two FECs,
and the new driver supports them both.
2. Another change in the 87x/88x series is support for
the RMII (Reduced MII) interface. However numerous
changes are needed to make it work since the PHYs
are connected to the same lines. That means that
you have to address them correctly over the MII
3. We now correctly match the MII/RMII interface
configuration to what the PHY reports.
- Fix problem when readingthe MII status register. Due to the
internal design of many PHYs you have to read the register
twice. The problem is more apparent in 10Mbit mode.
- add new mode ".jffs2s" for reading from a NAND device: it just
skips over bad blocks.
- add networking support for VLANs (802.1q), and CDP (Cisco
Discovery Protocol)
- some minor patches / cleanup
* Patch by Yuli Barcohen, 28 Mar 2004:
- Add support for MPC8272 family including MPC8247/8248/8271/8272
- Add support for MPC8272ADS evaluation board (another flavour of MPC8260ADS)
- Change configuration method for MPC8260ADS family
* add startup code to clear the BSS of standalone applications
* Fix if / elif handling bug in HUSH shell
Changes for U-Boot 1.1.0:
* Patch by Mark Jonas: Remove config.tmp files only when
unconfiguring the board
* Adapt RMU board for bigger flash memory
* Patch by Klaus Heydeck, 13 Mar 2003:
Add support for KUP4X Board
* Patch by Pavel Bartusek, 21 Mar 2004
Add Reiserfs support
* Patch by Hinko Kocevar, 20 Mar 2004
- Add auto-release for SMSC LAN91c111 driver
- Add save/restore of PTR and PNR regs as suggested in datasheet
* Patch by Stephen Williams, 19 March 2004
Increase speed of sector reads from SystemACE,
shorten poll timeout and remove a useless reset
* Patch by Tolunay Orkun, 19 Mar 2004:
Make GigE PHY 1000Mbps Speed/Duplex detection conditional
* Patch by Brad Kemp, 18 Mar 2004:
prevent machine checks during a PCI scan
* Patch by Pierre Aubert, 18 Mar 2004:
Fix string cleaning in IDE identification
* Patch by Pierre Aubert, 18 Mar 2004:
- Unify video mode handling for Chips & Technologies 69000 Video
chip and Silicon Motion SMI 712/710/810 Video chip
- Add selection of the video output (CRT or LCD) via 'videoout'
environment variable for the Silicon Motion
- README update
* Patch by Pierre Aubert, 18 Mar 2004:
include/common.h typo fix
* Patches by Tolunay Orkun, 17 Mar 2004:
- Add support for bd->bi_iic_fast[] initialization via environment
variable "i2cfast" (CONFIG_I2CFAST)
- Add "i2cfast" u-boot environment variable support for csb272
* Patch by Carl Riechers, 17 Mar 2004:
Ignore '\0' characters in console input for use with telnet and
telco pads.
* Patch by Leon Kukovec, 17 Mar 2004:
typo fix for strswab prototype #ifdef
* Patches by Thomas Viehweger, 16 Mar 2004:
- show PCI clock frequency on MPC8260 systems
- add FCC_PSMR_RMII flag for HiP7 processors
- in do_jffs2_fsload(), take load address from load_addr if not set
explicit, update load_addr otherwise
- replaced printf by putc/puts when no formatting is needed
(smaller code size, faster execution)
* Patch by Phillippe Robin, 16 Mar 2004:
avoid dereferencing NULL pointer in lib_arm/armlinux.c
* Patch by Stephen Williams, 15 Mar 2004:
* Patch by Tolunay Orkun, 15 Mar 2004:
Initialize bi_opbfreq to real OPB frequency via get_OPB_freq()
* Patch by Travis Sawyer, 15 Mar 2004:
Update CREDITS & MAINTAINERS files for PPC440GX & Ocotea port
* Add start-up delay to make sure power has stabilized before
attempting to switch on USB on SX1 board.
* Patch by Josef Wagner, 18 Mar 2004:
- Add support for MicroSys XM250 board (PXA255)
- Add support for MicroSys PM828 board (MPC8280)
- Add support for 32 MB Flash on PM825/826
- new SDRAM refresh rate for PM825/PM826
- added support for MicroSys PM520 (MPC5200)
- replaced Query by Identify command in CPU86/flash.c
to support 28F160F3B
* Fix wrap around problem with udelay() on ARM920T
* Add support for Macronix flash on TRAB board
* Patch by Pierre Aubert, 15 Mar 2004:
Fix buffer overflow in IDE identification
* Fix power-off of LCD for out-of-band temperatures on LWMON board
* Remove redundand #define in IceCube.h
* Patch by Steven Scholz, 27 Feb 2004:
- Adding get_ticks() and get_tbclk() for AT91RM9200
- Many white space fixes in cpu/at91rm9200/interrupts.c
* Patches by Steven Scholz, 20 Feb 2004:
some cleanup in AT91RM9200 related code
* Patches by Travis Sawyer, 12 Mar 2004:
- Fix Gigabit Ethernet support for 440GX
- Add Gigabit Ethernet Support to MII PHY utilities
* Patch by Brad Kemp, 12 Mar 2004:
Fixes for drivers/cfi_flash.c:
- Better support for x8/x16 implementations
- Added failure for AMD chips attempting to use CFG_FLASH_USE_BUFFER_WRITE
- Added defines for AMD command and address constants
* Patch by Leon Kukovec, 12 Mar 2004:
Fix get_dentfromdir() to correctly handle deleted dentries
* Patch by George G. Davis, 11 Mar 2004:
Remove hard coded network settings in TI OMAP1610 H2
default board config
* Patch by George G. Davis, 11 Mar 2004:
add support for ADS GraphicsClient+ board.
* Patch by Pierre Aubert, 11 Mar 2004:
- add bitmap command and splash screen support in cfb console
- add [optional] origin in the bitmap display command
* Patch by Travis Sawyer, 11 Mar 2004:
Fix ocotea board early init interrupt setup.
* Patch by Thomas Viehweger, 11 Mar 2004:
Remove redundand code; add PCI-specific bits to include/mpc8260.h
* Patch by Stephan Linz, 09 Mar 2004
- Add support for the SSV ADNP/ESC1 (Nios Softcore)
* Patch by George G. Davis, 9 Mar 2004:
fix recent build failure for SA1100 target
* Patch by Travis Sawyer, 09 Mar 2004:
Support native interrupt mode for the IBM440GX.
Previously it was running in 440GP compatibility mode.
* Patch by Philippe Robin, 09 Mar 2004:
Added ARM Integrator AP, CP and Versatile PB926EJ-S Reference
Platform support.
* Patch by Masami Komiya, 08 Mar 2004:
Don't overwrite server IP address or boot file name
when the boot server does not return values
* Patch by Tolunay Orkun, 5 Mar 2004:
Removed compile time restriction on CFG_I2C_SPEED for DS1338 RTC
* Patch by Tolunay Orkun, 5 Mar 2004:
Fix early board initialization for Cogent CSB272 board
* Patch by Ed Okerson, 3 Mar 2004:
fix CFI flash writes for little endian systems
* Patch by Reinhard Meyer, 01 Mar 2004:
generalize USB and IDE support for MPC5200 with according
changes to IceCube.h and TOP5200.h
add Am29LV256 256 MBit FLASH support for TOP5200 boards
add info about USB and IDE to README
* Patch by Yuli Barcohen, 4 Mar 2004:
Fix problems with GCC 3.3.x which changed handling of global
variables explicitly initialized to zero (now in .bss instead of
.data as before).
* Patch by Leon Kukovec, 02 Mar 2004:
add strswab() to fix IDE LBA capacity, firmware and model numbers
on little endian machines
* Patch by Masami Komiya, 02 Mar 2004:
- Remove get_ticks() from NFS code
- Add verification of RPC transaction ID
* Patch by Pierre Aubert, 02 Mar 2004:
cleanup for IDE and USB drivers for MPC5200
* Patch by Travis Sawyer, 01 Mar 2004:
- Add IBM PPC440GX Ref Platform support (Ocotea)
Original code by Paul Reynolds <>
Adapted to U-Boot and 440GX port
- Add gracious handling of all Ethernet Pin Selections for 440GX
- Add RGMII selection for Cicada CIS8201 Gigabit PHY
- Add needed bit definitions
- Fix formatting
* Patch by Carl Riechers, 1 Mar 2004:
Add PPC440GX prbdv0 divider to fix memory clock calculation.
* Patch by Stephan Linz, 27 Feb 2004
- avoid problems for targets without NFS download support
* Patch by Rune Torgersen, 27 Feb 2004:
- Added LBA48 support (CONFIG_LBA48 & CFG_64BIT_LBA)
- Added support for 64bit printing in vsprintf (CFG_64BIT_VSPRINTF)
- Added support for 64bit strtoul (CFG_64BIT_STRTOUL)
* Patch by Masami Komiya, 27 Feb 2004:
Fix rarpboot: add autoload by NFS
* Patch by Dan Eisenhut, 26 Feb 2004:
fix flash_write return value in saveenv
* Patch by Stephan Linz, 11 Dec 2003
expand to avoid trigraph warnings on NIOS
* Rename "BMS2003" board into "HMI10"
* SX1 patches: use "serial#" for USB serial #; use redundand environment
storage; auto-set console on USB port (using preboot command)
* Add support for SX1 mobile phone; add support for USB-based console
(enable with "setenv stdout usbtty; setenv stdin usbtty")
* Fix LOWBOOT configuration for MPC5200 with DDR memory
* Fix SDRAM timings for LITE5200 / IceCube board
* Handle Auti-MDIX / connection status for INCA-IP
* Fix USB problems when attempting to read 0 bytes
* Patch by Travis Sawyer, 26 Feb 2004:
Fix broken compile for XPEDITE1K target.
* Patch by Stephan Linz, 26 Feb 2004:
Bug fix for NFS code on NIOS targets
* Patch by Stephen Williams, 26 Feb 2004:
Break up SystemACE reads of large block counts
* Patch by Pierre Aubert, 26 Feb 2004
add IDE support for MPC5200
* Patch by Masami Komiya, 26 Feb 2004:
add autoload via NFS
* Patch by Stephen Williams
Use of CONFIG_SERIAL_SOFTWARE_FIFO in board.c consistent with uses
elsewhere in the source.
* Patch by Steven Scholz, 25 Feb 2004:
- Timeouts in FPGA code should be based on CFG_HZ
- Minor cleanup in code for Altera FPGA ACEX1K
* Patch by Steven Scholz, 25 Feb 2004:
Changed "Directory Hierarchy" section in README
* Patch by Masami Komiya, 25 Feb 2004:
Reduce copy count in nfs_read_reply() of NFS code
* Patch by Markus Pietrek, 24 Feb 2004:
NS9750 DevBoard added
* Patch by Pierre Aubert, 24 Feb 2004
add USB support for MPC5200
* Patch by Steven Scholz, 24 Feb 2004:
- fix MII commands to use values from last command
* Patch by Torsten Demke, 24 Feb 2004:
Add support for the eXalion platform (SPSW-8240, F-30, F-300)
* Patch by Rahul Shanbhag, 19 Feb 2004:
Fixes for for OMAP1610 board:
- shift some IRQ specific code to platform.S file
- remove duplicatewatchdog reset code from start.S
* Make Auto-MDIX Support configurable on INCA-IP board
* Fix license for mkimage tool
* Patch by Masami Komiya, 24 Feb 2004:
Update NetBootFileXferSize in NFS code
* Patch by Scott McNutt, 24 Feb 2004:
fix packet length in NFS code
* Patch by Masami Komiy, 22 Feb 2004:
Add support for NFS for file download
* Patch by Andrea Scian, 17 Feb 2004:
Add support for S3C44B0 processor and DAVE B2 board
* Patch by Steven Scholz, 20 Feb 2004:
- Add support for MII commands on AT91RM9200 boards
- some cleanup in AT91RM9200 ethernet code
* Patch by Peter Ryser, 20 Feb 2004:
Add support for the Xilinx ML300 platform
* Patch by Stephan Linz, 17 Feb 2004:
Fix watchdog support for NIOS
* Patch by Josh Fryman, 16 Feb 2004:
Fix byte-swapping for cfi_flash.c for different bus widths
* Patch by Jon Diekema, 14 Jeb 2004:
Remove duplicate "FPGA Support" notes from the README file
* Patches by Reinhard Meyer, 14 Feb 2004:
- update board/emk tree; use common flash driver
- Corrected tested bits in machine check exception in cpu/mpc5xxx/traps.c
[adapted for other PPC CPUs -- wd]
- Added support for the M48T08 on the EVAL5200 board in rtc/mk48t59.c
* Patch by Jon Diekema, 13 Feb 2004:
Call show_boot_progress() whenever POST "FAILED" is printed.
* Patch by Nishant Kamat, 13 Feb 2004:
Add support for TI OMAP1610 H2 Board
Fixes for cpu/arm926ejs/interrupt.c
(based on Richard Woodruff's patch for arm925, 16 Oct 03)
Fix for a timer bug in OMAP1610 Innovator
Add support for CS0 (ROM)/CS3 (Flash) boot in OMAP1610 Innovator and H2
* Patches by Stephan Linz, 12 Feb 2004:
- add support for NIOS timer with variable period preload counter value
- prepare POST framework support for NIOS targets
* Patch by Denis Peter, 11 Feb 2004:
add POST support for the MIP405 board
* Patch by Laurent Mohin, 10 Feb 2004:
Fix buffer overflow in common/usb.c
* Patch by Tolunay Orkun, 10 Feb 2004:
Add support for Cogent CSB272 board
* Patch by Thomas Elste, 10 Feb 2004:
Add support for NET+50 CPU and ModNET50 board
* Patch by Sam Song, 10 Feb 2004:
Fix typos in cfi_flash.c
* Patch by Leon Kukovec, 10 Feb 2004
Fixed long dir entry slot id calculation in get_vfatname
* Patch by Robin Gilks, 10 Feb 2004:
add "itest" command (operators: -eq, -ne, -lt, -gt, -le, -ge, ==,
!=, <>, <, >, <=, >=)
* Fix problem with side effects in macros in include/usb.h
* Patch by David Benson, 13 Nov 2003:
bug 841358 - fix TFTP download size limit
* Fixing bug 850768:
improper flush_cache() in load_serial()
* Fixing bug 834943:
MPC8540 - missing volatile declarations
* Patch by Stephen Williams, 09 Feb 2004:
Add support for Xilinx SystemACE chip:
- New files common/cmd_ace.c and include/systemace.h
- Hook systemace support into cmd_fat and the partition manager
* Patch by Travis Sawyer, 09 Feb 2004:
Add bi_opbfreq & bi_iic_fast to 440GX bd_info as needed for Linux
* Patch by Travis Sawyer, 09 Feb 2004:
o 440GX:
- Fix PCI Indirect access for type 1 config cycles with ppc440.
- Add phymode for 440 enet
- fix pci pre init