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* (C) Copyright 2005
* 2N Telekomunikace, Ladislav Michl <>
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
* modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
* version 2.
* Image layout looks like following:
* u32 - size
* u32 - version
* ... - data
* u32 - crc32
#include <config.h>
#include "crcek.h"
* do_crc32 - calculate CRC32 of given buffer
* r0 - crc
* r1 - pointer to buffer
* r2 - buffer len
.macro do_crc32
ldr r5, FFFFFFFF
eor r0, r0, r5
adr r3, CRC32_TABLE
ldrb r4, [r1], #1
eor r4, r4, r0
and r4, r4, #0xff
ldr r4, [r3, r4, lsl#2]
eor r0, r4, r0, lsr#8
subs r2, r2, #0x1
bne 1b
eor r0, r0, r5
.macro crcuj, offset, size
mov r0, #0
ldr r1, \offset
ldr r2, [r1], #4
cmp r2, r0 @ no data, no problem
beq 2f
tst r2, #3 @ unaligned size
bne 2f
ldr r3, \size
cmp r2, r3 @ bogus size
bhi 2f
ldr r1, [r1]
cmp r0, r1
.macro wait, reg
mov \reg, #0x100000
subs \reg, \reg, #0x1
bne 3b
.globl crcek
/* Enable I-cache */
mrc p15, 0, r1, c0, c0, 0 @ read C15 ID register
mrc p15, 0, r1, c0, c0, 1 @ read C15 Cache information register
mrc p15, 0, r1, c1, c0, 0 @ read C15 Control register
orr r1, r1, #0x1000 @ enable I-cache, map interrupt vector 0xffff0000
mcr p15, 0, r1, c1, c0, 0 @ write C15 Control register
mov r1, #0x00
mcr p15, 0, r1, c7, c5, 0 @ Flush I-cache
/* Setup clocking mode */
ldr r0, MPU_CLKM_BASE @ base of CLOCK unit
ldrh r1, [r0, #0x18] @ ARM_SYST - get reset status
bic r1, r1, #(7 << 11) @ clear clock select
orr r1, r1, #(2 << 11) @ set synchronous scalable
mov r2, #0
cmp r2, #1 @ this loop will wait for at least 100 cycles
streqh r1, [r0, #0x18] @ before issuing next request from MPU
add r2, r2, #1 @ on the 1st run code is loaded into I-cache
cmp r2, #16 @ and second run will set clocking mode
bne loop
/* Setup clock dividers */
ldr r1, CKCTL_VAL
orr r1, r1, #0x2000 @ enable DSP clock
strh r1, [r0] @ setup clock divisors
/* Setup DPLL to generate requested freq */
ldr r0, DPLL1_BASE @ base of DPLL1 register
mov r1, #0x0010 @ set PLL_ENABLE
orr r1, r1, #0x2000 @ set IOB to new locking
orr r1, r1, #(OMAP5910_DPLL_MUL << 7) @ setup multiplier CLKREF
orr r1, r1, #(OMAP5910_DPLL_DIV << 5) @ setup divider CLKREF
strh r1, [r0] @ write
ldrh r1, [r0] @ get DPLL value
tst r1, #0x01
beq locking @ while LOCK not set
/* Enable clock */
ldr r0, MPU_CLKM_BASE @ base of CLOCK unit
mov r1, #(1 << 10) @ disable idle mode do not check
@ nWAKEUP pin, other remain active
strh r1, [r0, #0x04]
ldr r1, EN_CLK_VAL
strh r1, [r0, #0x08]
mov r1, #0x003f @ FLASH.RP not enabled in idle and
strh r1, [r0, #0x0c] @ max delayed ( 32 x CLKIN )
mov r6, #0
bne crc1_bad
orr r6, r6, #1
bne crc2_bad
orr r6, r6, #2
teq r6, #3
bne one_is_bad @ one of them (or both) has bad crc
ldr r1, [r3, #4]
ldr r2, [r4, #4]
cmp r1, r2 @ boot 2nd loader if versions differ
beq boot_1st
b boot_2nd
tst r6, #1
bne boot_1st
tst r6, #2
bne boot_2nd
@ We are doomed, so let user know.
ldr r0, GPIO_BASE @ configure GPIO pins
strh r1, [r0, #0x08]
mov r1, #0x08
strh r1, [r0, #0x04]
wait r3
mov r1, #0x10
strh r1, [r0, #0x04]
wait r3
b blink_loop
add pc, r3, #8
add pc, r4, #8
.word LOADER_SIZE - 8 @ minus size and crc32
.word 0xffffffff
.word 0x00000000, 0x77073096, 0xee0e612c, 0x990951ba, 0x076dc419
.word 0x706af48f, 0xe963a535, 0x9e6495a3, 0x0edb8832, 0x79dcb8a4
.word 0xe0d5e91e, 0x97d2d988, 0x09b64c2b, 0x7eb17cbd, 0xe7b82d07
.word 0x90bf1d91, 0x1db71064, 0x6ab020f2, 0xf3b97148, 0x84be41de
.word 0x1adad47d, 0x6ddde4eb, 0xf4d4b551, 0x83d385c7, 0x136c9856
.word 0x646ba8c0, 0xfd62f97a, 0x8a65c9ec, 0x14015c4f, 0x63066cd9
.word 0xfa0f3d63, 0x8d080df5, 0x3b6e20c8, 0x4c69105e, 0xd56041e4
.word 0xa2677172, 0x3c03e4d1, 0x4b04d447, 0xd20d85fd, 0xa50ab56b
.word 0x35b5a8fa, 0x42b2986c, 0xdbbbc9d6, 0xacbcf940, 0x32d86ce3
.word 0x45df5c75, 0xdcd60dcf, 0xabd13d59, 0x26d930ac, 0x51de003a
.word 0xc8d75180, 0xbfd06116, 0x21b4f4b5, 0x56b3c423, 0xcfba9599
.word 0xb8bda50f, 0x2802b89e, 0x5f058808, 0xc60cd9b2, 0xb10be924
.word 0x2f6f7c87, 0x58684c11, 0xc1611dab, 0xb6662d3d, 0x76dc4190
.word 0x01db7106, 0x98d220bc, 0xefd5102a, 0x71b18589, 0x06b6b51f
.word 0x9fbfe4a5, 0xe8b8d433, 0x7807c9a2, 0x0f00f934, 0x9609a88e
.word 0xe10e9818, 0x7f6a0dbb, 0x086d3d2d, 0x91646c97, 0xe6635c01
.word 0x6b6b51f4, 0x1c6c6162, 0x856530d8, 0xf262004e, 0x6c0695ed
.word 0x1b01a57b, 0x8208f4c1, 0xf50fc457, 0x65b0d9c6, 0x12b7e950
.word 0x8bbeb8ea, 0xfcb9887c, 0x62dd1ddf, 0x15da2d49, 0x8cd37cf3
.word 0xfbd44c65, 0x4db26158, 0x3ab551ce, 0xa3bc0074, 0xd4bb30e2
.word 0x4adfa541, 0x3dd895d7, 0xa4d1c46d, 0xd3d6f4fb, 0x4369e96a
.word 0x346ed9fc, 0xad678846, 0xda60b8d0, 0x44042d73, 0x33031de5
.word 0xaa0a4c5f, 0xdd0d7cc9, 0x5005713c, 0x270241aa, 0xbe0b1010
.word 0xc90c2086, 0x5768b525, 0x206f85b3, 0xb966d409, 0xce61e49f
.word 0x5edef90e, 0x29d9c998, 0xb0d09822, 0xc7d7a8b4, 0x59b33d17
.word 0x2eb40d81, 0xb7bd5c3b, 0xc0ba6cad, 0xedb88320, 0x9abfb3b6
.word 0x03b6e20c, 0x74b1d29a, 0xead54739, 0x9dd277af, 0x04db2615
.word 0x73dc1683, 0xe3630b12, 0x94643b84, 0x0d6d6a3e, 0x7a6a5aa8
.word 0xe40ecf0b, 0x9309ff9d, 0x0a00ae27, 0x7d079eb1, 0xf00f9344
.word 0x8708a3d2, 0x1e01f268, 0x6906c2fe, 0xf762575d, 0x806567cb
.word 0x196c3671, 0x6e6b06e7, 0xfed41b76, 0x89d32be0, 0x10da7a5a
.word 0x67dd4acc, 0xf9b9df6f, 0x8ebeeff9, 0x17b7be43, 0x60b08ed5
.word 0xd6d6a3e8, 0xa1d1937e, 0x38d8c2c4, 0x4fdff252, 0xd1bb67f1
.word 0xa6bc5767, 0x3fb506dd, 0x48b2364b, 0xd80d2bda, 0xaf0a1b4c
.word 0x36034af6, 0x41047a60, 0xdf60efc3, 0xa867df55, 0x316e8eef
.word 0x4669be79, 0xcb61b38c, 0xbc66831a, 0x256fd2a0, 0x5268e236
.word 0xcc0c7795, 0xbb0b4703, 0x220216b9, 0x5505262f, 0xc5ba3bbe
.word 0xb2bd0b28, 0x2bb45a92, 0x5cb36a04, 0xc2d7ffa7, 0xb5d0cf31
.word 0x2cd99e8b, 0x5bdeae1d, 0x9b64c2b0, 0xec63f226, 0x756aa39c
.word 0x026d930a, 0x9c0906a9, 0xeb0e363f, 0x72076785, 0x05005713
.word 0x95bf4a82, 0xe2b87a14, 0x7bb12bae, 0x0cb61b38, 0x92d28e9b
.word 0xe5d5be0d, 0x7cdcefb7, 0x0bdbdf21, 0x86d3d2d4, 0xf1d4e242
.word 0x68ddb3f8, 0x1fda836e, 0x81be16cd, 0xf6b9265b, 0x6fb077e1
.word 0x18b74777, 0x88085ae6, 0xff0f6a70, 0x66063bca, 0x11010b5c
.word 0x8f659eff, 0xf862ae69, 0x616bffd3, 0x166ccf45, 0xa00ae278
.word 0xd70dd2ee, 0x4e048354, 0x3903b3c2, 0xa7672661, 0xd06016f7
.word 0x4969474d, 0x3e6e77db, 0xaed16a4a, 0xd9d65adc, 0x40df0b66
.word 0x37d83bf0, 0xa9bcae53, 0xdebb9ec5, 0x47b2cf7f, 0x30b5ffe9
.word 0xbdbdf21c, 0xcabac28a, 0x53b39330, 0x24b4a3a6, 0xbad03605
.word 0xcdd70693, 0x54de5729, 0x23d967bf, 0xb3667a2e, 0xc4614ab8
.word 0x5d681b02, 0x2a6f2b94, 0xb40bbe37, 0xc30c8ea1, 0x5a05df1b
.word 0x2d02ef8d
.word 0xfffce000
.word 0xfffece00
.word 0xfffecf00
.word OMAP5910_ARM_CKCTL
.word OMAP5910_ARM_EN_CLK
.word 0x0000ffe7