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Matrix Vision mvBlueCOUGAR-P (mvBC-P)
1. Board Description
The mvBC-P is a 70x40x40mm multi board gigabit ethernet network camera
with main focus on GigEVision protocol in combination with local image
Power Supply is either VDC 48V or Pover over Ethernet (PoE).
2 System Components
2.1 CPU
Freescale MPC5200B CPU running at 400MHz core and 133MHz XLB/IPB.
64MB SDRAM @ 133MHz.
8 MByte Nor Flash on local bus.
1 serial ports. Console running on ttyS0 @ 115200 8N1.
2.2 PCI
PCI clock fixed at 66MHz. Arbitration inside FPGA.
Intel GD82541ER network MAC/PHY and FPGA connected.
2.3 FPGA
Altera Cyclone-II EP2C8 with PCI DMA engine.
Connects to Matrix Vision specific CCD/CMOS sensor interface.
Utilizes 64MB Nand Flash.
2.3.1 I/O @ FPGA
2 Outputs : photo coupler
2 Inputs : photo coupler
2.4 I2C
LM75 @ 0x90 for temperature monitoring.
EEPROM @ 0xA0 for vendor specifics.
image sensor interface (slave adresses depend on sensor)
3 Flash layout.
reset vector is 0x00000100, i.e. "LOWBOOT".
FF800000 u-boot
FF840000 u-boot script image
FF850000 redundant u-boot script image
FF860000 FPGA raw bit file
FF8A0000 tbd.
FF900000 root FS
FFC00000 kernel
FFFC0000 device tree blob
FFFD0000 redundant device tree blob
FFFE0000 environment
FFFF0000 redundant environment
mtd partitions are propagated to linux kernel via device tree blob.
4 Booting
On startup the bootscript @ FF840000 is executed. This script can be
exchanged easily. Default boot mode is "boot from flash", i.e. system
works stand-alone.
This behaviour depends on some environment variables :
"netboot" : yes ->try dhcp/bootp and boot from network.
A "dhcp_client_id" and "dhcp_vendor-class-identifier" can be used for
DHCP server configuration, e.g. to provide different images to
different devices.
During netboot the system tries to get 3 image files:
1. Kernel - name + data is given during BOOTP.
2. Initrd - name is stored in "initrd_name"
3. device tree blob - name is stored in "dtb_name"
Fallback files are the flash versions.