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Freescale MPC8315ERDB Board
1. Board Switches and Jumpers
S3 is used to set CONFIG_SYS_RESET_SOURCE.
To boot the image at 0xFE000000 in NOR flash, use these DIP
switch settings for S3 S4:
+------+ +------+
| | | **** |
| **** | | |
+------+ ON +------+ ON
4321 4321
(where the '*' indicates the position of the tab of the switch.)
2. Memory Map
The memory map looks like this:
0x0000_0000 0x07ff_ffff DDR 128M
0x8000_0000 0x8fff_ffff PCI MEM 256M
0x9000_0000 0x9fff_ffff PCI_MMIO 256M
0xe000_0000 0xe00f_ffff IMMR 1M
0xe030_0000 0xe03f_ffff PCI IO 1M
0xe060_0000 0xe060_7fff NAND FLASH (CS1) 32K
0xfe00_0000 0xfe7f_ffff NOR FLASH (CS0) 8M
3. Definitions
3.1 Explanation of NEW definitions in:
CONFIG_MPC83xx MPC83xx family
CONFIG_MPC831x MPC831x specific
CONFIG_MPC8315 MPC8315 specific
CONFIG_MPC8315ERDB MPC8315ERDB board specific
4. Compilation
Assuming you're using BASH (or similar) as your shell:
export CROSS_COMPILE=your-cross-compiler-prefix-
make distclean
make MPC8315ERDB_config
make all
5. Downloading and Flashing Images
5.1 Reflash U-boot Image using U-boot
tftp 40000 u-boot.bin
protect off all
erase fe000000 fe1fffff
cp.b 40000 fe000000 xxxx
protect on all
You have to supply the correct byte count with 'xxxx'
from the TFTP result log.
5.2 Downloading and Booting Linux Kernel
Ensure that all networking-related environment variables are set
properly (including ipaddr, serverip, gatewayip (if needed),
netmask, ethaddr, eth1addr, rootpath (if using NFS root),
fdtfile, and bootfile).
Then, do one of the following, depending on whether you
want an NFS root or a ramdisk root:
=>run nfsboot
=>run ramboot
6 Notes
Booting from NAND flash is not yet supported.
The console baudrate for MPC8315ERDB is 115200bps.