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Building U-Boot
The ATUM8548 code is known to build using ELDK 4.1.
$ make ATUM8548_config
Configuring for ATUM8548 board...
$ make
Using Flash
The ATUM8548 board has one flash bank, of 128MB in size (2^23 = 0x08000000).
The BDI2000 commands for copying u-boot into flash are
as follows:
erase 0xFFF80000 0x4000 0x20
prog 0xfff80000 uboot.bin bin
Booting Linux
U-boot/kermit commands for booting linux via NFS - assumming the proper
bootargs are set - are as follows:
tftp 1000000 uImage.atum
tftp c00000 mpc8548atum.dtb
bootm 1000000 - c00000