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#ifndef __COMCERTO_GEM_H__
#define __COMCERTO_GEM_H__
/* An enumerated type for loopback values. This can be one of three values, no
* loopback -normal operation, local loopback with internal loopback module of
* MAC or PHY loopback which is through the external PHY.
#ifndef __MAC_LOOP_ENUM__
#define __MAC_LOOP_ENUM__
typedef enum { LB_NONE, LB_EXT, LB_LOCAL } MAC_LOOP;
/* The possible operating speeds of the MAC, currently supporting 10, 100 and
* 1000Mb modes.
#ifndef __MAC_SPEED_ENUM__
#define __MAC_SPEED_ENUM__
typedef enum { SPEED_10M, SPEED_100M, SPEED_1000M, SPEED_1000M_PCS } MAC_SPEED;
/* The possible AMBA AHB bus width of the MAC, currently supporting 32, 64 and
* 128 bits.
#ifndef __MAC_AHB_ENUM__
#define __MAC_AHB_ENUM__
typedef enum { AMBA_AHB_32, AMBA_AHB_64, AMBA_AHB_128 } MAC_AHB_WIDTH;
/* The possible MDC clock division of the MAC, currently supporting 8, 16 , 32,
* 48, 64, 96, 128, 224.
#ifndef __MAC_DMCDIV_ENUM__
#define __MAC_DMCDIV_ENUM__
typedef enum { MDC_DIV_8, MDC_DIV_16, MDC_DIV_32, MDC_DIV_48, MDC_DIV_64,
MDC_DIV_96, MDC_DIV_128, MDC_DIV_224
#define MDIO_TIMEOUT 5000 /* instruction cycles? */
/* Specify whether the MDIO should be available, this is set so that for reset
* function, appropriate options are setup. To disable, use 0.
/* Specify the default AMBA AHB bus width. This simply defines
* which of the bus width control bits are active. By default, the bus
* width is 32.
/* Specify default duplex mode, for half duplex - specify 0. */
/* Allow the value to be specified as compiler option
0 - half-duplex,
GEM_FULL_DUPLEX - full-duplex
/* Specify default operating speed, 1 for 100Mb. Note that this is left
* shifted. Also note that this simply asserts a signal to the PHY and has no
* effect on the operation of the MAC.
* For 10Mb/s mode, specify SPEED_10M
* For 100Mb/s mode, specify SPEED_100M
* For 1Gb/s mode, specify SPEED_1000M
* For 1Gb/s with PCS mode, specify SPEED_1000M_PCS
/* Allow the value to be specified as compiler option */
#define GEM_DEF_SPEED (SPEED_1000M)
/* Specify default loopback mode. LB_NONE for no loopback, other values are LB_MAC
* and LB_PHY
/* Define some types for using with the HAL. These types correspond to the
* memory map and programming structure of the MAC device.
* All structures are 'volatile' to indicate they can be changed by some non-
* programming means - i.e. by the hardware itself. This prevents the compiler
* from making false assumptions on how to optimise the code. Some elements
* are also defined as 'const' to enforce some checks on the programmer. These
* are only for register fields that can only be changed by the hardware and are
* not writable.
/* The Address organisation for the MAC device. All addresses are split into
* two 32-bit register fields. The first one (bottom) is the lower 32-bits of
* the address and the other field are the high order bits - this may be 16-bits
* in the case of MAC addresses, or 32-bits for the hash address.
* In terms of memory storage, the first item (bottom) is assumed to be at a
* lower address location than 'top'. i.e. top should be at address location of
* 'bottom' + 4 bytes.
#ifndef __MAC_ADDR_DEF__
#define __MAC_ADDR_DEF__
typedef struct {
u32 bottom; /* Lower 32-bits of address. */
u32 top; /* Upper 32-bits of address. */
} volatile MAC_ADDR;
/* The following is the organisation of the address filters section of the MAC
* registers. The Cadence MAC contains four possible specific address match
* addresses, if an incoming frame corresponds to any one of these four
* addresses then the frame will be copied to memory.
* It is not necessary for all four of the address match registers to be
* programmed, this is application dependant.
#ifndef __SPEC_ADDR_DEF__
#define __SPEC_ADDR_DEF__
typedef struct {
MAC_ADDR one; /* Specific address register 1. */
MAC_ADDR two; /* Specific address register 2. */
MAC_ADDR three; /* Specific address register 3. */
MAC_ADDR four; /* Specific address register 4. */
} volatile SPEC_ADDR;
/* The set of statistics registers implemented in the Cadence MAC.
* The statistics registers implemented are a subset of all the statistics
* available, but contains all the compulsory ones.
* For full descriptions on the registers, refer to the Cadence MAC programmers
* guide or the IEEE 802.3 specifications.
typedef struct {
u32 octets_tx_bot; /* Lower 32-bits for number of octets tx'd */
u32 octets_tx_top; /* Upper 16-bits for number of octets tx'd */
u32 frames_tx; /* Number of frames transmitted OK */
u32 broadcast_tx; /* Number of broadcast frames transmitted */
u32 multicast_tx; /* Number of multicast frames transmitted */
u32 pause_tx; /* Number of pause frames transmitted. */
u32 frame64_tx; /* Number of 64byte frames transmitted */
u32 frame65_127_tx; /* Number of 65-127 byte frames transmitted */
u32 frame128_255_tx; /* Number of 128-255 byte frames transmitted */
u32 frame256_511_tx; /* Number of 256-511 byte frames transmitted */
u32 frame512_1023_tx; /* Number of 512-1023 byte frames transmitted */
u32 frame1024_1518_tx; /* Number of 1024-1518 byte frames transmitted */
u32 frame1519_tx; /* Number of frames greater than 1518 bytes tx */
u32 tx_urun; /* Transmit underrun errors due to DMA */
u32 single_col; /* Number of single collision frames */
u32 multi_col; /* Number of multi collision frames */
u32 excess_col; /* Number of excessive collision frames. */
u32 late_col; /* Collisions occuring after slot time */
u32 def_tx; /* Frames deferred due to crs */
u32 crs_errors; /* Errors caused by crs not being asserted. */
u32 octets_rx_bot; /* Lower 32-bits for number of octets rx'd */
u32 octets_rx_top; /* Upper 16-bits for number of octets rx'd */
u32 frames_rx; /* Number of frames received OK */
u32 broadcast_rx; /* Number of broadcast frames received */
u32 multicast_rx; /* Number of multicast frames received */
u32 pause_rx; /* Number of pause frames received. */
u32 frame64_rx; /* Number of 64byte frames received */
u32 frame65_127_rx; /* Number of 65-127 byte frames received */
u32 frame128_255_rx; /* Number of 128-255 byte frames received */
u32 frame256_511_rx; /* Number of 256-511 byte frames received */
u32 frame512_1023_rx; /* Number of 512-1023 byte frames received */
u32 frame1024_1518_rx; /* Number of 1024-1518 byte frames received */
u32 frame1519_rx; /* Number of frames greater than 1518 bytes rx */
u32 usize_frames; /* Frames received less than min of 64 bytes */
u32 excess_length; /* Number of excessive length frames rx */
u32 jabbers; /* Excessive length + crc or align errors. */
u32 fcs_errors; /* Number of frames received with crc errors */
u32 length_check_errors; /* Number of frames with incorrect length */
u32 rx_symbol_errors; /* Number of times rx_er asserted during rx */
u32 align_errors; /* Frames received without integer no. bytes */
u32 rx_res_errors; /* Number of times buffers ran out during rx */
u32 rx_orun; /* Receive overrun errors due to DMA */
} volatile GEM_STATS;
#if 0
/* This is the memory map for the Cadence Enhanced MAC device.
* For full descriptions on the registers, refer to the Cadence MAC programmers
* guide or the IEEE 802.3 specifications.
typedef struct {
u32 net_control; /* Network control 0x00 */
u32 net_config; /* Network config 0x04 */
const volatile u32 net_status; /* Network status, RO, 0x08 */
volatile u32 user_io; /* User IO 0x0C */
volatile u32 dma; /* DMA interface 0x10 */
u32 tx_status; /* Transmit status 0x14 */
u32 rx_qptr; /* Receive queue pointer 0x18 */
u32 tx_qptr; /* Transmit queue pointer 0x1C */
u32 rx_status; /* Receive status 0x20 */
u32 irq_status; /* Interrupt status 0x24 */
u32 irq_enable; /* Interrupt enable 0x28 */
u32 irq_disable; /* Interrupt disable 0x2C */
const volatile u32 irq_mask; /* Interrupt mask, RO, 0x30 */
u32 phy_man; /* PHY management 0x34 */
const volatile u32 pause_time; /* Pause time register 0x38 */
u32 tx_pause_quant; /* Transmit pause quantum 0x3C */
u32 reserved[16]; /* Reserved */
MAC_ADDR hash_addr; /* Hash address 0x80 - 0x84 */
SPEC_ADDR address; /* Specific addresses 0x88 - 0xA4 */
u32 id_check1; /* Type ID check1 0xA8 */
u32 id_check2; /* Type ID check2 0xAC */
u32 id_check3; /* Type ID check3 0xB0 */
u32 id_check4; /* Type ID check4 0xB4 */
u32 rsvd2[17]; /* Reserved */
u32 rev_id; /* Device Revision ID 0xFC */
GEM_STATS stats; /* MAC statistics 0x100 - 0x1A4 */
} volatile GEM_REG;
#define GEMAC_SW_CONF (1 << 8) | (1 << 11) // GEMAC configured by SW
#define GEMAC_PHY_CONF 0 // GEMAC configured by phy lines (not for MII/GMII)
#define GEMAC_SW_FULL_DUPLEX (1 << 9)
#define GEMAC_SW_SPEED_10M (0 << 12)
#define GEMAC_SW_SPEED_100M (1 << 12)
#define GEMAC_SW_SPEED_1G (2 << 12)
#define CONFIG_COMCERTO_USE_MII (1 << 0)
// flags to be used for phy config
#define GEMAC_NO_PHY (1 << 0) /* GEMAC is not connected to PHY */
#define GEMAC_PHY_AUTONEG (1 << 1) /* Enable PHY autonegotiation */
#define GEMAC_GEM_DELAY_DISABLE (1 << 2) /* Disable delay on GEM Tx/Rx clocks */
#define GEMAC_M88E1111_PHY_RGMII_ADD_DELAY (1 << 3) /* Enable delay on Marvel 88E1111 PHY Tx/Rx clocks */
#if defined(CONFIG_COMCERTO_100)
#include "comcerto100_gem.h"
#include "comcerto1000_gem.h"
* Prototypes for functions of HAL
/* Re-initialise device and check reset values. */
int gem_reset(struct gemac_dev *gemac);
/* Device setup. */
void gem_set_loop(struct gemac_dev *gemac, MAC_LOOP gem_loop);
MAC_LOOP gem_get_loop(struct gemac_dev *gemac);
void gem_enable_eam(struct gemac_dev *gemac);
void gem_disable_eam(struct gemac_dev *gemac);
void gem_enable_fcs_rx(struct gemac_dev *gemac);
void gem_disable_fcs_rx(struct gemac_dev *gemac);
void gem_enable_1536_rx(struct gemac_dev *gemac);
void gem_disable_1536_rx(struct gemac_dev *gemac);
void gem_full_duplex(struct gemac_dev *gemac);
void gem_half_duplex(struct gemac_dev *gemac);
void gem_set_speed(struct gemac_dev *gemac, MAC_SPEED gem_speed);
MAC_SPEED gem_get_speed(struct gemac_dev *gemac);
void gem_set_ahb_width(struct gemac_dev *gemac, MAC_AHB_WIDTH gem_buswidth);
MAC_AHB_WIDTH gem_get_ahb_width(struct gemac_dev *gemac);
void gem_set_mdc_div(struct gemac_dev *gemac, MAC_MDC_DIV gem_mdcdiv);
MAC_MDC_DIV gem_get_mdc_div(struct gemac_dev *gemac);
/* Pause control. */
void gem_enable_pause_rx(struct gemac_dev *gemac);
void gem_disable_pause_rx(struct gemac_dev *gemac);
u32 gem_pause_time(struct gemac_dev *gemac);
void gem_enable_pause_cpy(struct gemac_dev *gemac);
void gem_disable_pause_cpy(struct gemac_dev *gemac);
void gem_send_0q_pause(struct gemac_dev *gemac);
void gem_send_pause(struct gemac_dev *gemac);
void gem_set_tx_pause_q(struct gemac_dev *gemac, u32 gem_pause);
u32 gem_get_tx_pause_q(struct gemac_dev *gemac);
/* PHY management control. */
void gem_enable_MDIO(struct gemac_dev *gemac);
void gem_disable_MDIO(struct gemac_dev *gemac);
int gem_phy_man_wr(struct gemac_dev *gemac, u8 phy_addr, u8 reg_addr, u32 data);
int gem_phy_man_rd(struct gemac_dev *gemac, u8 phy_addr, u8 reg_addr);
u32 gem_phy_man_data(struct gemac_dev *gemac);
int gem_phy_man_idle(struct gemac_dev *gemac);
int gem_link_status(struct gemac_dev *gemac);
/* Address setup and control. */
void gem_enable_unicast(struct gemac_dev *gemac);
void gem_disable_unicast(struct gemac_dev *gemac);
void gem_enable_multicast(struct gemac_dev *gemac);
void gem_disable_multicast(struct gemac_dev *gemac);
void gem_allow_broadcast(struct gemac_dev *gemac);
void gem_no_broadcast(struct gemac_dev *gemac);
void gem_enable_copy_all(struct gemac_dev *gemac);
void gem_disable_copy_all(struct gemac_dev *gemac);
void gem_set_hash(struct gemac_dev *gemac, MAC_ADDR *hash_addr);
MAC_ADDR gem_get_hash(struct gemac_dev *gemac);
void gem_set_address(struct gemac_dev *gemac, SPEC_ADDR *spec_addr);
SPEC_ADDR gem_get_address(struct gemac_dev *gemac);
/* Functions to convert between address formats. */
int gem_enet_addr_byte_mac(u8 *enet_byte_addr, MAC_ADDR *enet_addr);
int gem_enet_addr_mac_byte(u8 *enet_byte_addr, MAC_ADDR *enet_addr);
void gem_set_laddr1(struct gemac_dev *gemac, MAC_ADDR *address);
void gem_set_laddr2(struct gemac_dev *gemac, MAC_ADDR *address);
void gem_set_laddr3(struct gemac_dev *gemac, MAC_ADDR *address);
void gem_set_laddr4(struct gemac_dev *gemac, MAC_ADDR *address);
MAC_ADDR gem_get_laddr1(struct gemac_dev *gemac);
MAC_ADDR gem_get_laddr2(struct gemac_dev *gemac);
MAC_ADDR gem_get_laddr3(struct gemac_dev *gemac);
MAC_ADDR gem_get_laddr4(struct gemac_dev *gemac);
void gem_set_id_check1(struct gemac_dev *gemac, u32 id_check);
void gem_set_id_check2(struct gemac_dev *gemac, u32 id_check);
void gem_set_id_check3(struct gemac_dev *gemac, u32 id_check);
void gem_set_id_check4(struct gemac_dev *gemac, u32 id_check);
u32 gem_get_id_check1(struct gemac_dev *gemac);
u32 gem_get_id_check2(struct gemac_dev *gemac);
u32 gem_get_id_check3(struct gemac_dev *gemac);
u32 gem_get_id_check4(struct gemac_dev *gemac);
void gem_enable_len_check(struct gemac_dev *gemac);
void gem_disable_len_check(struct gemac_dev *gemac);
/* Interrupt handling and masking. */
void gem_set_irq_stat(struct gemac_dev *gemac, u32 irq_status);
u32 gem_get_irq_stat(struct gemac_dev *gemac);
void gem_enable_irq(struct gemac_dev *gemac, u32 irq_en);
void gem_mask_irq(struct gemac_dev *gemac, u32 irq_mask);
u32 gem_get_irq_mask(struct gemac_dev *gemac);
/* Transmit control. */
int gem_start_tx(struct gemac_dev *gemac);
void gem_stop_tx(struct gemac_dev *gemac);
void gem_abort_tx(struct gemac_dev *gemac);
int gem_restart_tx(struct gemac_dev *gemac);
int gem_transmitting(struct gemac_dev *gemac);
u32 gem_get_tx_stat(struct gemac_dev *gemac);
void gem_reset_tx_stat(struct gemac_dev *gemac, u32 rst_status);
void gem_reset_tx_q(struct gemac_dev *gemac);
/* Receive control. */
int gem_enable_rx(struct gemac_dev *gemac);
void gem_disable_rx(struct gemac_dev *gemac);
void gem_reset_rx_q(struct gemac_dev *gemac);
int gem_receive_on(struct gemac_dev *gemac);
u32 gem_get_rx_stat(struct gemac_dev *gemac);
void gem_reset_rx_stat(struct gemac_dev *gemac, u32 rst_status);
void gem_enable_rx_jmb(struct gemac_dev *gemac);
void gem_disable_rx_jmb(struct gemac_dev *gemac);
void gem_enable_vlan_only(struct gemac_dev *gemac);
void gem_disable_vlan_only(struct gemac_dev *gemac);
/* Snapshot of statistic registers */
void gem_enable_rd_snap(struct gemac_dev *gemac);
void gem_disable_rd_snap(struct gemac_dev *gemac);
void gem_take_snap(struct gemac_dev *gemac);
/* Debug options. */
void gem_stats_wr_en(struct gemac_dev *gemac);
void gem_stats_wr_off(struct gemac_dev *gemac);
void gem_stats_inc(struct gemac_dev *gemac);
void gem_stats_clr(struct gemac_dev *gemac);
void gem_enable_bp(struct gemac_dev *gemac);
void gem_disable_bp(struct gemac_dev *gemac);
void gem_en_retry_test(struct gemac_dev *gemac);
void gem_dis_retry_test(struct gemac_dev *gemac);
GEM_STATS gem_get_stats(struct gemac_dev *gemac);
void gem_set_stats(struct gemac_dev *gemac, GEM_STATS *stats);
/* Generic register access interface. */
u32 gem_register_rd(struct gemac_dev *gemac, u32 reg_addr);
int gem_register_wr(struct gemac_dev *gemac, u32 reg_addr, u32 data);