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! dram init
!Data.Set 0xD0001400 %LONG 0x73014A28 ; DDR SDRAM Configuration Register
SET VAL /SIZE=LONG 0xD0001400 = 0x73014A28
!Data.Set 0xD0001404 %LONG 0x3630B800 ; Dunit Control Low Register - kw40 bit11 high
SET VAL /SIZE=LONG 0xD0001404 = 0x3630B800
!Data.Set 0xD0001408 %LONG 0x44149887 ; DDR SDRAM Timing (Low) Register
SET VAL /SIZE=LONG 0xD0001408 = 0x44149887
!Data.Set 0xD000140C %LONG 0x38000C6A ; DDR SDRAM Timing (High) Register
SET VAL /SIZE=LONG 0xD000140C = 0x38000C6A
!Data.Set 0xD0001410 %LONG 0x04000000 ; DDR SDRAM Address Control Register
SET VAL /SIZE=LONG 0xD0001410 = 0x04000000
!Data.Set 0xD0001414 %LONG 0x00000000 ; DDR SDRAM Open Pages Control Register
SET VAL /SIZE=LONG 0xD0001414 = 0x00000000
!Data.Set 0xD0001418 %LONG 0x00000E00 ; DDR SDRAM Operation Register
SET VAL /SIZE=LONG 0xD0001418 = 0x00000E00
!Data.Set 0xD000141C %LONG 0x00000672 ; DDR SDRAM Mode Register
SET VAL /SIZE=LONG 0xD000141C = 0x00000672
!Data.Set 0xD0001420 %LONG 0x00000004 ; DDR SDRAM Extended Mode Register
SET VAL /SIZE=LONG 0xD0001420 = 0x00000004
!Data.Set 0xD0001424 %LONG 0x0100D1FF ; Dunit Control High Register ( 2 :1 - bits 15:12 = 0xD )
SET VAL /SIZE=LONG 0xD0001424 = 0x0100D1FF
!Data.Set 0xD0001428 %LONG 0x000F8830 ; Dunit Control High Register
SET VAL /SIZE=LONG 0xD0001428 = 0x000F8830
!Data.Set 0xD000142C %LONG 0x214C2F38 ; Dunit Control High Register ( 2:1 - bit 29 = '1' )
SET VAL /SIZE=LONG 0xD000142C = 0x214C2F38
!Data.Set 0xD000147C %LONG 0x0000C671 ;
SET VAL /SIZE=LONG 0xD000147C = 0x0000C671
! 2:1
!Data.Set 0xD00014A8 %LONG 0x00000100 ; DSMP "101"
SET VAL /SIZE=LONG 0xD00014A8 = 0x00000100
!Data.Set 0xD0020220 %LONG 0x00000006 ; DSMP 7
SET VAL /SIZE=LONG 0xD0020220 = 0x00000006
!Data.Set 0xD0001494 %LONG 0x00010000 ; DDR SDRAM ODT Control (Low) Register
SET VAL /SIZE=LONG 0xD0001494 = 0x00010000
!Data.Set 0xD0001498 %LONG 0x00000000 ; DDR SDRAM ODT Control (High) Register
SET VAL /SIZE=LONG 0xD0001498 = 0x00000000
!Data.Set 0xD000149C %LONG 0x00000001 ; DDR Dunit ODT Control Register
SET VAL /SIZE=LONG 0xD000149C = 0x00000001
! First work with Mbus DRAM window at DRAM Init - 256MB in default
!Data.Set 0xD00200EC %LONG 0x00000000
SET VAL /SIZE=LONG 0xD00200EC = 0x00000000
!Data.Set 0xD00200E8 %LONG 0x1FFF0E00
SET VAL /SIZE=LONG 0xD00200E8 = 0x1FFF0E00
!Data.Set 0xD0020184 %LONG 0x1FFFFFE1
SET VAL /SIZE=LONG 0xD0020184 = 0x1FFFFFE1
! Those registers should not be connected in this device, so just to be sure we will Zero them
!Data.Set 0xD0001504 %LONG 0x1FFFFFF1 ;
SET VAL /SIZE=LONG 0xD0001504 = 0x1FFFFFF1
!Data.Set 0xD000150C %LONG 0x00000000 ; CS[1]n Size Register
SET VAL /SIZE=LONG 0xD000150C = 0x00000000
!Data.Set 0xD0001514 %LONG 0x00000000 ; CS[2]n Size Register
SET VAL /SIZE=LONG 0xD0001514 = 0x00000000
!Data.Set 0xD000151C %LONG 0x00000000 ; CS[3]n Size Register
SET VAL /SIZE=LONG 0xD000151C = 0x00000000
!Data.Set 0xD0001524 %LONG 0x0000C800 ; DDR I/O register
SET VAL /SIZE=LONG 0xD0001524 = 0x0000C800
!Data.Set 0xD0001538 %LONG 0x0000000B ; Read Data Sample Delays Register
SET VAL /SIZE=LONG 0xD0001538 = 0x0000000B
!Data.Set 0xD000153C %LONG 0x0000000D ; Read Data Ready Delay Register
SET VAL /SIZE=LONG 0xD000153C = 0x0000000D
!Data.Set 0xD00015D0 %LONG 0x00000650 ; MR0
SET VAL /SIZE=LONG 0xD00015D0 = 0x00000650
!Data.Set 0xD00015D4 %LONG 0x00000046 ; MR1
SET VAL /SIZE=LONG 0xD00015D4 = 0x00000046
!Data.Set 0xD00015D8 %LONG 0x00000010 ; MR2
SET VAL /SIZE=LONG 0xD00015D8 = 0x00000010
!Data.Set 0xD00015DC %LONG 0x00000000 ; MR3
SET VAL /SIZE=LONG 0xD00015DC = 0x00000000
!Data.Set 0xD00015E4 %LONG 0x00203C18; ZQC Configuration Register
SET VAL /SIZE=LONG 0xD00015E4 = 0x00203C18
!Data.Set 0xD00015EC %LONG 0xDE000025; DDR PHY
SET VAL /SIZE=LONG 0xD00015EC = 0xDE000025
DEFINE SYMBOL /TYPE="unsigned int" /ADDRESS=0xD00016A0 PrfaReq
!;read leveling values
!;PUP RdSampleDly (+CL) Phase RL ADLL value
!;0 1 1 25
!Data.Set 0xD00016A0 %LONG 0xC0020014
SET VAL /SIZE=LONG 0xD00016A0 = 0xC0020014
!WHILE (&status>0)
! &status=Data.Long(SD:0xD00016A0)
! &status=&status&(1<<31)
WHILE PrfaReq & 0x80000000 THEN
!;1 1 1 30
!Data.Set 0xD00016A0 %LONG 0xC0420019
SET VAL /SIZE=LONG 0xD00016A0 = 0xC0420019
WHILE PrfaReq & 0x80000000 THEN
!;write leveling values
!Data.Set 0xD00016A0 %LONG 0xC0008414
SET VAL /SIZE=LONG 0xD00016A0 = 0xC0008414
WHILE PrfaReq & 0x80000000 THEN
!Data.Set 0xD00016A0 %LONG 0xC0404905
SET VAL /SIZE=LONG 0xD00016A0 = 0xC0404905
WHILE PrfaReq & 0x80000000 THEN
!; center DQS on read cycle
!Data.Set 0xD00016A0 %LONG 0xC803000F
SET VAL /SIZE=LONG 0xD00016A0 = 0xC803000F
WHILE PrfaReq & 0x80000000 THEN
!Data.Set 0xD0001480 %LONG 0x00000001 ; DDR SDRAM Initialization Control Register
SET VAL /SIZE=LONG 0xD0001480 = 0x00000001
!WAIT 1.s
PRINT "DDR3 Init Done!\n"