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The lib_lzma functionality was written by Igor Pavlov.
The original source cames from the LZMA SDK web page:
Author: Igor Pavlov
The import is made using the script that:
* untars the lzmaXYY.tar.bz2 file (from the download web page)
* copies the files LzmaDec.h, Types.h, LzmaDec.c, history.txt,
and lzma.txt from source archive into the lib_lzma directory (pwd).
. ~/lzma465.tar.bz2
Notice: The files from lzma sdk are _not modified_ by this script!
The files LzmaTools.{c,h} are provided to export the lzmaBuffToBuffDecompress()
function that wraps the complex LzmaDecode() function from the LZMA SDK. The
do_bootm() function uses the lzmaBuffToBuffDecopress() function to expand the
compressed image.
The directory U-BOOT/include/lzma contains stubs files that permit to use the
library directly from U-BOOT code without touching the original LZMA SDK's
Luigi 'Comio' Mantellini <>