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* Copyright (C) 2009 Renesas Solutions Corp.
* Copyright (C) 2009 Nobuhiro Iwamatsu <>
* board/espt/lowlevel_init.S
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
* modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as
* published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of
* the License, or (at your option) any later version.
* This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* GNU General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
* along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
* Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston,
* MA 02111-1307 USA
#include <config.h>
#include <version.h>
#include <asm/processor.h>
#include <asm/macro.h>
.global lowlevel_init
.align 2
write32 WDTST_A, WDTST_D
write32 MSTPCR0_A, MSTPCR0_D
write32 MSTPCR1_A, MSTPCR1_D
write32 RAMCR_A, RAMCR_D
* Setting infomation from
* original ESPT-GIGA bootloader register
write32 MMSEL_A, MMSEL_D
/* dummy */
mov.l @r1, r2
mov.l @r1, r2
write32 BCR_A, BCR_D
write32 CS0BCR_A, CS0BCR_D
write32 CS0WCR_A, CS0WCR_D
* DDR-SDRAM setting
/* set DDR-SDRAM dummy read */
write32 MMSEL_A, MMSEL_D
write32 MMSEL_A, CS0_A
/* set DDR-SDRAM bus/endian etc */
write32 MIM_U_A, MIM_U_D
write32 MIM_L_A, MIM_L_D0
write32 SDR_L_A, SDR_L_A_D0
write32 STR_L_A, STR_L_A_D0
/* DDR-SDRAM access control */
write32 MIM_L_A, MIM_L_D1
write32 SCR_L_A, SCR_L_A_D0
write32 SCR_L_A, SCR_L_A_D1
write32 EMRS_A, EMRS_D
write32 MRS1_A, MRS1_D
write32 MIM_U_A, MIM_U_D
write32 MIM_L_A, MIM_L_A_D2
write32 SCR_L_A, SCR_L_A_D2
write32 SCR_L_A, SCR_L_A_D2
write32 MRS2_A, MRS2_D
/* wait 200us */
wait_timer REPEAT_R3
/* GPIO setting */
write16 PSEL0_A, PSEL0_D
write16 PSEL1_A, PSEL1_D
write16 PSEL2_A, PSEL2_D
write16 PSEL3_A, PSEL3_D
write16 PSEL4_A, PSEL4_D
write8 PADR_A, PADR_D
write16 PACR_A, PACR_D
write8 PBDR_A, PBDR_D
write16 PBCR_A, PBCR_D
write8 PCDR_A, PCDR_D
write16 PCCR_A, PCCR_D
write8 PDDR_A, PDDR_D
write16 PDCR_A, PDCR_D
write16 PECR_A, PECR_D
write16 PFCR_A, PFCR_D
write16 PGCR_A, PGCR_D
write16 PHCR_A, PHCR_D
write16 PICR_A, PICR_D
write8 PJDR_A, PJDR_D
write16 PJCR_A, PJCR_D
/* wait 50us */
wait_timer REPEAT_R3
write8 PKDR_A, PKDR_D
write16 PKCR_A, PKCR_D
write16 PLCR_A, PLCR_D
write16 PMCR_A, PMCR_D
write16 PNCR_A, PNCR_D
write16 POCR_A, POCR_D
/* ICR0 ,ICR1 */
write32 ICR0_A, ICR0_D
write32 ICR1_A, ICR1_D
/* USB Host */
write32 CCR_A, CCR_CACHE_D_2
.align 2
/* GPIO Crontrol Register */
PACR_A: .long 0xFFEF0000
PBCR_A: .long 0xFFEF0002
PCCR_A: .long 0xFFEF0004
PDCR_A: .long 0xFFEF0006
PECR_A: .long 0xFFEF0008
PFCR_A: .long 0xFFEF000A
PGCR_A: .long 0xFFEF000C
PHCR_A: .long 0xFFEF000E
PICR_A: .long 0xFFEF0010
PJCR_A: .long 0xFFEF0012
PKCR_A: .long 0xFFEF0014
PLCR_A: .long 0xFFEF0016
PMCR_A: .long 0xFFEF0018
PNCR_A: .long 0xFFEF001A
POCR_A: .long 0xFFEF001C
/* GPIO Data Register */
PADR_A: .long 0xFFEF0020
PBDR_A: .long 0xFFEF0022
PCDR_A: .long 0xFFEF0024
PDDR_A: .long 0xFFEF0026
PJDR_A: .long 0xFFEF0032
PKDR_A: .long 0xFFEF0034
/* GPIO Set data */
PADR_D: .long 0x00000000
PACR_D: .word 0x1400
.align 2
PBDR_D: .long 0x00000000
PBCR_D: .word 0x555A
.align 2
PCDR_D: .long 0x00000000
PCCR_D: .word 0x5555
.align 2
PDDR_D: .long 0x00000000
PDCR_D: .word 0x0155
PECR_D: .word 0x0000
PFCR_D: .word 0x0000
PGCR_D: .word 0x0000
PHCR_D: .word 0x0000
PICR_D: .word 0x0800
PJDR_D: .long 0x00000006
PJCR_D: .word 0x5A57
.align 2
PKDR_D: .long 0x00000000
PKCR_D: .word 0xFFF9
.align 2
PLCR_D: .word 0xC330
PMCR_D: .word 0xFFFF
PNCR_D: .word 0x0242
POCR_D: .word 0x0000
/* Pin Select */
PSEL0_A: .long 0xFFEF0070
PSEL1_A: .long 0xFFEF0072
PSEL2_A: .long 0xFFEF0074
PSEL3_A: .long 0xFFEF0076
PSEL4_A: .long 0xFFEF0078
PSEL0_D: .word 0x0001
PSEL1_D: .word 0x2400
PSEL2_D: .word 0x0000
PSEL3_D: .word 0x2421
PSEL4_D: .word 0x0000
.align 2
MMSEL_A: .long 0xFE600020
BCR_A: .long 0xFF801000
CS0BCR_A: .long 0xFF802000
CS0WCR_A: .long 0xFF802008
ICR0_A: .long 0xFFD00000
ICR1_A: .long 0xFFD0001C
MMSEL_D: .long 0xA5A50000
BCR_D: .long 0x05000000
CS0BCR_D: .long 0x232306F0
CS0WCR_D: .long 0x00011104
ICR0_D: .long 0x80C00000
ICR1_D: .long 0x00020000
/* RWBT Address */
WDTST_A: .long 0xFFCC0000
WDTCSR_A: .long 0xFFCC0004
WDTBST_A: .long 0xFFCC0008
/* RWBT Data */
WDTST_D: .long 0x5A000FFF
WDTCSR_D: .long 0xA5000000
WDTBST_D: .long 0x55000000
/* Cache Address */
CCR_A: .long 0xFF00001C
MMUCR_A: .long 0xFF000010
RAMCR_A: .long 0xFF000074
/* Cache Data */
CCR_CACHE_ICI_D:.long 0x00000800
CCR_CACHE_D_2: .long 0x00000103
MMU_CONTROL_TI_D:.long 0x00000004
RAMCR_D: .long 0x00000200
/* Low power mode control Address */
MSTPCR0_A: .long 0xFFC80030
MSTPCR1_A: .long 0xFFC80038
/* Low power mode control Data */
MSTPCR0_D: .long 0x00000000
MSTPCR1_D: .long 0x00000000
REPEAT0_R3: .long 0x00002000
REPEAT_R3: .long 0x00000200
CS0_A: .long 0xA8000000
MIM_U_A: .long 0xFE800008
MIM_L_A: .long 0xFE80000C
SCR_U_A: .long 0xFE800010
SCR_L_A: .long 0xFE800014
STR_U_A: .long 0xFE800018
STR_L_A: .long 0xFE80001C
SDR_U_A: .long 0xFE800030
SDR_L_A: .long 0xFE800034
EMRS_A: .long 0xFE902000
MRS1_A: .long 0xFE900B08
MRS2_A: .long 0xFE900308
MIM_U_D: .long 0x00000000
MIM_L_D0: .long 0x04100008
MIM_L_D1: .long 0x02EE0009
MIM_L_D2: .long 0x02EE0209
SDR_L_A_D0: .long 0x00000300
STR_L_A_D0: .long 0x00010040
MIM_L_A_D1: .long 0x04100009
SCR_L_A_D0: .long 0x00000003
SCR_L_A_D1: .long 0x00000002
MIM_L_A_D2: .long 0x04100209
SCR_L_A_D2: .long 0x00000004
SCR_L_NORMAL: .long 0x00000000
SCR_L_NOP: .long 0x00000001
SCR_L_PALL: .long 0x00000002
SCR_L_CKE_EN: .long 0x00000003
SCR_L_CBR: .long 0x00000004
STR_L_D: .long 0x000F3980
SDR_L_D: .long 0x00000400
EMRS_D: .long 0x00000000
MRS1_D: .long 0x00000000
MRS2_D: .long 0x00000000
/* USB */
USB_USBHSC_A: .long 0xFFEC80F0
USB_USBHSC_D: .long 0x00000000