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U-Boot for Artis SBC-A3000
Artis SBC-A3000 has one flash socket that the user uses Intel 28F128J3A (16MB)
or 28F064J3A (8MB) chips.
In board's notation, bank 0 is the one at the address of 0xFF000000.
bank 1 is the one at the address of 0xFF800000
On power-up the processor jumps to the address of 0xFFF00100, the last
megabyte of the bank 0 of flash.
Thus, U-Boot is configured to reside in flash starting at the address of
0xFFF00000. The environment space is located in flash separately from
U-Boot, at the address of 0xFFFE0000.
There is a National ns83815 10/100M ethernet controller on-board.