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* Copyright (C) 2004-2007 Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.
* See file CREDITS for list of people who contributed to this
* project.
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
* modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as
* published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of
* the License, or (at your option) any later version.
* This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* GNU General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
* along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
* Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston,
* MA 02111-1307 USA
#ifndef _MCD_API_H
#define _MCD_API_H
/* Turn Execution Unit tasks ON (#define) or OFF (#undef) */
/* Number of DMA channels */
#define NCHANNELS 16
/* Total number of variants */
/* Define sizes of the various tables */
#define VAR_TAB_SIZE (128)
#define CONTEXT_SAVE_SIZE (128)
#define FUNCDESC_TAB_SIZE (256)
/* Portability typedefs */
#if 1
#include "common.h"
#ifndef s32
typedef int s32;
#ifndef u32
typedef unsigned int u32;
#ifndef s16
typedef short s16;
#ifndef u16
typedef unsigned short u16;
#ifndef s8
typedef char s8;
#ifndef u8
typedef unsigned char u8;
* These structures represent the internal registers of the
* multi-channel DMA
struct dmaRegs_s {
u32 taskbar; /* task table base address */
u32 currPtr;
u32 endPtr;
u32 varTablePtr;
u16 dma_rsvd0;
u16 ptdControl; /* ptd control */
u32 intPending; /* interrupt pending */
u32 intMask; /* interrupt mask */
u16 taskControl[16]; /* task control */
u8 priority[32]; /* priority */
u32 initiatorMux; /* initiator mux control */
u32 taskSize0; /* task size control 0. */
u32 taskSize1; /* task size control 1. */
u32 dma_rsvd1; /* reserved */
u32 dma_rsvd2; /* reserved */
u32 debugComp1; /* debug comparator 1 */
u32 debugComp2; /* debug comparator 2 */
u32 debugControl; /* debug control */
u32 debugStatus; /* debug status */
u32 ptdDebug; /* priority task decode debug */
u32 dma_rsvd3[31]; /* reserved */
typedef volatile struct dmaRegs_s dmaRegs;
/* PTD contrl reg bits */
#define PTD_CTL_TSK_PRI 0x8000
#define PTD_CTL_COMM_PREFETCH 0x0001
/* Task Control reg bits and field masks */
#define TASK_CTL_EN 0x8000
#define TASK_CTL_VALID 0x4000
#define TASK_CTL_ALWAYS 0x2000
#define TASK_CTL_INIT_MASK 0x1f00
#define TASK_CTL_ASTRT 0x0080
#define TASK_CTL_HIPRITSKEN 0x0040
#define TASK_CTL_HLDINITNUM 0x0020
/* Priority reg bits and field masks */
#define PRIORITY_HLD 0x80
#define PRIORITY_PRI_MASK 0x07
/* Debug Control reg bits and field masks */
#define DBG_CTL_BLOCK_TASKS_MASK 0xffff0000
#define DBG_CTL_AUTO_ARM 0x00008000
#define DBG_CTL_BREAK 0x00004000
#define DBG_CTL_COMP1_TYP_MASK 0x00003800
#define DBG_CTL_COMP2_TYP_MASK 0x00000070
#define DBG_CTL_EXT_BREAK 0x00000004
#define DBG_CTL_INT_BREAK 0x00000002
* PTD Debug reg selector addresses
* This reg must be written with a value to show the contents of
* one of the desired internal register.
#define PTD_DBG_REQ 0x00 /* shows the state of 31 initiators */
#define PTD_DBG_TSK_VLD_INIT 0x01 /* shows which 16 tasks are valid and
have initiators asserted */
/* General return values */
#define MCD_OK 0
#define MCD_ERROR -1
/* MCD_initDma input flags */
#define MCD_RELOC_TASKS 0x00000001
#define MCD_NO_RELOC_TASKS 0x00000000
#define MCD_COMM_PREFETCH_EN 0x00000002 /* MCF547x/548x ONLY */
* MCD_dmaStatus Status Values for each channel:
* MCD_NO_DMA - No DMA has been requested since reset
* MCD_IDLE - DMA active, but the initiator is currently inactive
* MCD_RUNNING - DMA active, and the initiator is currently active
* MCD_PAUSED - DMA active but it is currently paused
* MCD_HALTED - the most recent DMA has been killed with MCD_killTask()
* MCD_DONE - the most recent DMA has completed
#define MCD_NO_DMA 1
#define MCD_IDLE 2
#define MCD_RUNNING 3
#define MCD_PAUSED 4
#define MCD_HALTED 5
#define MCD_DONE 6
/* MCD_startDma parameter defines */
/* Constants for the funcDesc parameter */
* MCD_NO_BYTE_SWAP - to disable byte swapping
* MCD_BYTE_REVERSE - to reverse the bytes of each u32 of the DMAed data
* MCD_U16_REVERSE - to reverse the 16-bit halves of each 32-bit data
* value being DMAed
* MCD_U16_BYTE_REVERSE - to reverse the byte halves of each 16-bit half of
* each 32-bit data value DMAed
* MCD_NO_BIT_REV - do not reverse the bits of each byte DMAed
* MCD_BIT_REV - reverse the bits of each byte DMAed
* MCD_CRC16 - to perform CRC-16 on DMAed data
* MCD_CRCCCITT - to perform CRC-CCITT on DMAed data
* MCD_CRC32 - to perform CRC-32 on DMAed data
* MCD_CSUMINET - to perform internet checksums on DMAed data
* MCD_NO_CSUM - to perform no checksumming
#define MCD_NO_BYTE_SWAP 0x00045670
#define MCD_BYTE_REVERSE 0x00076540
#define MCD_U16_REVERSE 0x00067450
#define MCD_U16_BYTE_REVERSE 0x00054760
#define MCD_NO_BIT_REV 0x00000000
#define MCD_BIT_REV 0x00088880
/* CRCing: */
#define MCD_CRC16 0xc0100000
#define MCD_CRCCCITT 0xc0200000
#define MCD_CRC32 0xc0300000
#define MCD_CSUMINET 0xc0400000
#define MCD_NO_CSUM 0xa0000000
/* Constants for the flags parameter */
#define MCD_TT_FLAGS_RL 0x00000001 /* Read line */
#define MCD_TT_FLAGS_CW 0x00000002 /* Combine Writes */
#define MCD_TT_FLAGS_SP 0x00000004 /* MCF547x/548x ONLY */
#define MCD_TT_FLAGS_MASK 0x000000ff
#define MCD_SINGLE_DMA 0x00000100 /* Unchained DMA */
#define MCD_CHAIN_DMA /* TBD */
#define MCD_EU_DMA /* TBD */
#define MCD_FECTX_DMA 0x00001000 /* FEC TX ring DMA */
#define MCD_FECRX_DMA 0x00002000 /* FEC RX ring DMA */
/* these flags are valid for MCD_startDma and the chained buffer descriptors */
* MCD_BUF_READY - indicates that this buf is now under the DMA's ctrl
* MCD_WRAP - to tell the FEC Dmas to wrap to the first BD
* MCD_INTERRUPT - to generate an interrupt after completion of the DMA
* MCD_END_FRAME - tell the DMA to end the frame when transferring
* last byte of data in buffer
* MCD_CRC_RESTART - to empty out the accumulated checksum prior to
* performing the DMA
#define MCD_BUF_READY 0x80000000
#define MCD_WRAP 0x20000000
#define MCD_INTERRUPT 0x10000000
#define MCD_END_FRAME 0x08000000
#define MCD_CRC_RESTART 0x40000000
/* Defines for the FEC buffer descriptor control/status word*/
#define MCD_FEC_BUF_READY 0x8000
#define MCD_FEC_WRAP 0x2000
#define MCD_FEC_INTERRUPT 0x1000
#define MCD_FEC_END_FRAME 0x0800
/* Defines for general intuitiveness */
#define MCD_TRUE 1
#define MCD_FALSE 0
/* Three different cases for destination and source. */
#define MINUS1 -1
#define ZERO 0
#define PLUS1 1
/* Task Table Entry struct*/
typedef struct {
u32 TDTstart; /* task descriptor table start */
u32 TDTend; /* task descriptor table end */
u32 varTab; /* variable table start */
u32 FDTandFlags; /* function descriptor table start & flags */
volatile u32 descAddrAndStatus;
volatile u32 modifiedVarTab;
u32 contextSaveSpace; /* context save space start */
u32 literalBases;
} TaskTableEntry;
/* Chained buffer descriptor:
* flags - flags describing the DMA
* csumResult - checksum performed since last checksum reset
* srcAddr - the address to move data from
* destAddr - the address to move data to
* lastDestAddr - the last address written to
* dmaSize - the no of bytes to xfer independent of the xfer sz
* next - next buffer descriptor in chain
* info - private info about this descriptor; DMA does not affect it
typedef volatile struct MCD_bufDesc_struct MCD_bufDesc;
struct MCD_bufDesc_struct {
u32 flags;
u32 csumResult;
s8 *srcAddr;
s8 *destAddr;
s8 *lastDestAddr;
u32 dmaSize;
MCD_bufDesc *next;
u32 info;
/* Progress Query struct:
* lastSrcAddr - the most-recent or last, post-increment source address
* lastDestAddr - the most-recent or last, post-increment destination address
* dmaSize - the amount of data transferred for the current buffer
* currBufDesc - pointer to the current buffer descriptor being DMAed
typedef volatile struct MCD_XferProg_struct {
s8 *lastSrcAddr;
s8 *lastDestAddr;
u32 dmaSize;
MCD_bufDesc *currBufDesc;
} MCD_XferProg;
/* FEC buffer descriptor */
typedef volatile struct MCD_bufDescFec_struct {
u16 statCtrl;
u16 length;
u32 dataPointer;
} MCD_bufDescFec;
/* API function Prototypes - see MCD_dmaApi.c for further notes */
/* MCD_startDma starts a particular kind of DMA:
* srcAddr - the channel on which to run the DMA
* srcIncr - the address to move data from, or buffer-descriptor address
* destAddr - the amount to increment the source address per transfer
* destIncr - the address to move data to
* dmaSize - the amount to increment the destination address per transfer
* xferSize - the number bytes in of each data movement (1, 2, or 4)
* initiator - what device initiates the DMA
* priority - priority of the DMA
* flags - flags describing the DMA
* funcDesc - description of byte swapping, bit swapping, and CRC actions
int MCD_startDma(int channel, s8 * srcAddr, s16 srcIncr, s8 * destAddr,
s16 destIncr, u32 dmaSize, u32 xferSize, u32 initiator,
int priority, u32 flags, u32 funcDesc);
* MCD_initDma() initializes the DMA API by setting up a pointer to the DMA
* registers, relocating and creating the appropriate task structures, and
* setting up some global settings
int MCD_initDma(dmaRegs * sDmaBarAddr, void *taskTableDest, u32 flags);
/* MCD_dmaStatus() returns the status of the DMA on the requested channel. */
int MCD_dmaStatus(int channel);
/* MCD_XferProgrQuery() returns progress of DMA on requested channel */
int MCD_XferProgrQuery(int channel, MCD_XferProg * progRep);
* MCD_killDma() halts the DMA on the requested channel, without any
* intention of resuming the DMA.
int MCD_killDma(int channel);
* MCD_continDma() continues a DMA which as stopped due to encountering an
* unready buffer descriptor.
int MCD_continDma(int channel);
* MCD_pauseDma() pauses the DMA on the given channel ( if any DMA is
* running on that channel).
int MCD_pauseDma(int channel);
* MCD_resumeDma() resumes the DMA on a given channel (if any DMA is
* running on that channel).
int MCD_resumeDma(int channel);
/* MCD_csumQuery provides the checksum/CRC after performing a non-chained DMA */
int MCD_csumQuery(int channel, u32 * csum);
* MCD_getCodeSize provides the packed size required by the microcoded task
* and structures.
int MCD_getCodeSize(void);
* MCD_getVersion provides a pointer to a version string and returns a
* version number.
int MCD_getVersion(char **longVersion);
/* macro for setting a location in the variable table */
#define MCD_SET_VAR(taskTab,idx,value) ((u32 *)(taskTab)->varTab)[idx] = value
/* Note that MCD_SET_VAR() is invoked many times in firing up a DMA function,
so I'm avoiding surrounding it with "do {} while(0)" */
#endif /* DEFINESONLY */
#endif /* _MCD_API_H */