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Native Execution of U-Boot
The 'sandbox' architecture is designed to allow U-Boot to run under Linux on
almost any hardware. To achieve this it builds U-Boot (so far as possible)
as a normal C application with a main() and normal C libraries.
All of U-Boot's architecture-specific code therefore cannot be built as part
of the sandbox U-Boot. The purpose of running U-Boot under Linux is to test
all the generic code, not specific to any one architecture. The idea is to
create unit tests which we can run to test this upper level code.
CONFIG_SANDBOX is defined when building a native board.
The chosen vendor and board names are also 'sandbox', so there is a single
board in board/sandbox/sandbox.
CONFIG_SANDBOX_BIG_ENDIAN should be defined when running on big-endian
Note that standalone/API support is not available at present.
The serial driver is a very simple implementation which reads and writes to
the console. It does not set the terminal into raw mode, so cursor keys and
history will not work yet.
So far we have no tests, but when we do these will be documented here.