fix: svc: a38x: enable AVS selection from EFUSE for all A38x Customer and Marvell boards

	- Before, AVS selection from eFuse was disabled for DB-AMC and ClearFog
	  boards, due to bad values burnt to eFuse. that had version(revision)
	  value that is not equal to 0x0, Therefore the flow assumed that the AVS
	  values are burnt are okay, and wrote bad value to the AVS register.
	- After the change to the new mapping of the AVS values in  the EFUSE,
	  it is assured that chips with no burnt values will have 0x0 in the version
	  field, Thus the flow will skip the AVS selection from EFUSE.

Change-Id: Ic4b58eb200d5087f3d9f2a55dc98422543453fb0
Signed-off-by: Bassel Saba <>
Tested-by: Star_New_DDR <>
Tested-by: Star_Automation <>
Reviewed-by: Omri Itach <>
diff --git a/tools/marvell/bin_hdr/inc/ddr3_soc/a38x/ddr3_a38x.h b/tools/marvell/bin_hdr/inc/ddr3_soc/a38x/ddr3_a38x.h
index 99bdace..904a2de 100755
--- a/tools/marvell/bin_hdr/inc/ddr3_soc/a38x/ddr3_a38x.h
+++ b/tools/marvell/bin_hdr/inc/ddr3_soc/a38x/ddr3_a38x.h
@@ -76,9 +76,7 @@
-#ifndef CONFIG_CLEARFOG_BOARD /* clear fog board has no pre-burnt AVS values on EFUSE */
-	#define CONFIG_AVS_FROM_EFUSE /* Read pre-burnt EFUSE values, to derive requested AVS value for current chip */
+#define CONFIG_AVS_FROM_EFUSE /* Read pre-burnt EFUSE values, to derive requested AVS value for current chip */
 #define ECC_SUPPORT
 /*Controler bus divider 1 for 32 bit, 2 for 64 bit*/
diff --git a/tools/marvell/bin_hdr/src_init/a38x/generalInit.c b/tools/marvell/bin_hdr/src_init/a38x/generalInit.c
index c6d3e00..f0889d1 100644
--- a/tools/marvell/bin_hdr/src_init/a38x/generalInit.c
+++ b/tools/marvell/bin_hdr/src_init/a38x/generalInit.c
@@ -213,14 +213,10 @@
 	mvPrintf("AVS selection from EFUSE disabled (Skip reading EFUSE values)\n");
-		return MV_FALSE;
+	return MV_FALSE;
-	if (mvBoardIdGet() == DB_AMC_6820_ID) {
-		mvPrintf("Skipping AVS selection from EFUSE when run on AMC card\n");
-		return MV_FALSE;
-	}
 	/* For Marvell boards only:
 	 * AVS configuration from EFUSE can be skipped for Marvell boards, for:
 		- Already existing SoCs which EFUSE was not pre-burnt with AVS values