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On the enbw_cmc board is a KSZ8864RMN switch which needs
configured through spi before working. This is done on
startup from u-boot through a config file stored at an
address specified in the "hwconfig" environment variable,
subcommand "config".
For example on the enbw_cmc board:
The file has the following structure:
- a comment starts with a '#' or a ';' and ends with a newline
- The switch needs for its config a reg/value pair, so we
have two columns in the file:
reg : contains the register address
value: contains a 8 bit register value
This 2 columns are seperated through space or tab.
example (minimal configuration on the enbw_cmc board):
;reg value comment
0x01 0x00
0x01 0x01 ; Start Switch with this configuration