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This is
produced by makeinfo version 4.13 from libc.texinfo.
INFO-DIR-SECTION Software libraries
* Libc: (libc). C library.
INFO-DIR-SECTION GNU C library functions and macros
* ALTWERASE: (libc)Local Modes.
* ARGP_ERR_UNKNOWN: (libc)Argp Parser Functions.
* ARG_MAX: (libc)General Limits.
* BC_BASE_MAX: (libc)Utility Limits.
* BC_DIM_MAX: (libc)Utility Limits.
* BC_SCALE_MAX: (libc)Utility Limits.
* BC_STRING_MAX: (libc)Utility Limits.
* BRKINT: (libc)Input Modes.
* BUFSIZ: (libc)Controlling Buffering.
* CCTS_OFLOW: (libc)Control Modes.
* CHILD_MAX: (libc)General Limits.
* CIGNORE: (libc)Control Modes.
* CLK_TCK: (libc)Processor Time.
* CLOCAL: (libc)Control Modes.
* CLOCKS_PER_SEC: (libc)CPU Time.
* COLL_WEIGHTS_MAX: (libc)Utility Limits.
* CPU_CLR: (libc)CPU Affinity.
* CPU_ISSET: (libc)CPU Affinity.
* CPU_SET: (libc)CPU Affinity.
* CPU_SETSIZE: (libc)CPU Affinity.
* CPU_ZERO: (libc)CPU Affinity.
* CREAD: (libc)Control Modes.
* CRTS_IFLOW: (libc)Control Modes.
* CS5: (libc)Control Modes.
* CS6: (libc)Control Modes.
* CS7: (libc)Control Modes.
* CS8: (libc)Control Modes.
* CSIZE: (libc)Control Modes.
* CSTOPB: (libc)Control Modes.
* DES_FAILED: (libc)DES Encryption.
* DTTOIF: (libc)Directory Entries.
* E2BIG: (libc)Error Codes.
* EACCES: (libc)Error Codes.
* EADDRINUSE: (libc)Error Codes.
* EADDRNOTAVAIL: (libc)Error Codes.
* EADV: (libc)Error Codes.
* EAFNOSUPPORT: (libc)Error Codes.
* EAGAIN: (libc)Error Codes.
* EALREADY: (libc)Error Codes.
* EAUTH: (libc)Error Codes.
* EBACKGROUND: (libc)Error Codes.
* EBADE: (libc)Error Codes.
* EBADF: (libc)Error Codes.
* EBADFD: (libc)Error Codes.
* EBADMSG: (libc)Error Codes.
* EBADR: (libc)Error Codes.
* EBADRPC: (libc)Error Codes.
* EBADRQC: (libc)Error Codes.
* EBADSLT: (libc)Error Codes.
* EBFONT: (libc)Error Codes.
* EBUSY: (libc)Error Codes.
* ECANCELED: (libc)Error Codes.
* ECHILD: (libc)Error Codes.
* ECHO: (libc)Local Modes.
* ECHOCTL: (libc)Local Modes.
* ECHOE: (libc)Local Modes.
* ECHOK: (libc)Local Modes.
* ECHOKE: (libc)Local Modes.
* ECHONL: (libc)Local Modes.
* ECHOPRT: (libc)Local Modes.
* ECHRNG: (libc)Error Codes.
* ECOMM: (libc)Error Codes.
* ECONNABORTED: (libc)Error Codes.
* ECONNREFUSED: (libc)Error Codes.
* ECONNRESET: (libc)Error Codes.
* ED: (libc)Error Codes.
* EDEADLK: (libc)Error Codes.
* EDEADLOCK: (libc)Error Codes.
* EDESTADDRREQ: (libc)Error Codes.
* EDIED: (libc)Error Codes.
* EDOM: (libc)Error Codes.
* EDOTDOT: (libc)Error Codes.
* EDQUOT: (libc)Error Codes.
* EEXIST: (libc)Error Codes.
* EFAULT: (libc)Error Codes.
* EFBIG: (libc)Error Codes.
* EFTYPE: (libc)Error Codes.
* EGRATUITOUS: (libc)Error Codes.
* EGREGIOUS: (libc)Error Codes.
* EHOSTDOWN: (libc)Error Codes.
* EHOSTUNREACH: (libc)Error Codes.
* EHWPOISON: (libc)Error Codes.
* EIDRM: (libc)Error Codes.
* EIEIO: (libc)Error Codes.
* EILSEQ: (libc)Error Codes.
* EINPROGRESS: (libc)Error Codes.
* EINTR: (libc)Error Codes.
* EINVAL: (libc)Error Codes.
* EIO: (libc)Error Codes.
* EISCONN: (libc)Error Codes.
* EISDIR: (libc)Error Codes.
* EISNAM: (libc)Error Codes.
* EKEYEXPIRED: (libc)Error Codes.
* EKEYREJECTED: (libc)Error Codes.
* EKEYREVOKED: (libc)Error Codes.
* EL2HLT: (libc)Error Codes.
* EL2NSYNC: (libc)Error Codes.
* EL3HLT: (libc)Error Codes.
* EL3RST: (libc)Error Codes.
* ELIBACC: (libc)Error Codes.
* ELIBBAD: (libc)Error Codes.
* ELIBEXEC: (libc)Error Codes.
* ELIBMAX: (libc)Error Codes.
* ELIBSCN: (libc)Error Codes.
* ELNRNG: (libc)Error Codes.
* ELOOP: (libc)Error Codes.
* EMEDIUMTYPE: (libc)Error Codes.
* EMFILE: (libc)Error Codes.
* EMLINK: (libc)Error Codes.
* EMSGSIZE: (libc)Error Codes.
* EMULTIHOP: (libc)Error Codes.
* ENAMETOOLONG: (libc)Error Codes.
* ENAVAIL: (libc)Error Codes.
* ENEEDAUTH: (libc)Error Codes.
* ENETDOWN: (libc)Error Codes.
* ENETRESET: (libc)Error Codes.
* ENETUNREACH: (libc)Error Codes.
* ENFILE: (libc)Error Codes.
* ENOANO: (libc)Error Codes.
* ENOBUFS: (libc)Error Codes.
* ENOCSI: (libc)Error Codes.
* ENODATA: (libc)Error Codes.
* ENODEV: (libc)Error Codes.
* ENOENT: (libc)Error Codes.
* ENOEXEC: (libc)Error Codes.
* ENOKEY: (libc)Error Codes.
* ENOLCK: (libc)Error Codes.
* ENOLINK: (libc)Error Codes.
* ENOMEDIUM: (libc)Error Codes.
* ENOMEM: (libc)Error Codes.
* ENOMSG: (libc)Error Codes.
* ENONET: (libc)Error Codes.
* ENOPKG: (libc)Error Codes.
* ENOPROTOOPT: (libc)Error Codes.
* ENOSPC: (libc)Error Codes.
* ENOSR: (libc)Error Codes.
* ENOSTR: (libc)Error Codes.
* ENOSYS: (libc)Error Codes.
* ENOTBLK: (libc)Error Codes.
* ENOTCONN: (libc)Error Codes.
* ENOTDIR: (libc)Error Codes.
* ENOTEMPTY: (libc)Error Codes.
* ENOTNAM: (libc)Error Codes.
* ENOTRECOVERABLE: (libc)Error Codes.
* ENOTSOCK: (libc)Error Codes.
* ENOTSUP: (libc)Error Codes.
* ENOTTY: (libc)Error Codes.
* ENOTUNIQ: (libc)Error Codes.
* ENXIO: (libc)Error Codes.
* EOF: (libc)EOF and Errors.
* EOPNOTSUPP: (libc)Error Codes.
* EOVERFLOW: (libc)Error Codes.
* EOWNERDEAD: (libc)Error Codes.
* EPERM: (libc)Error Codes.
* EPFNOSUPPORT: (libc)Error Codes.
* EPIPE: (libc)Error Codes.
* EPROCLIM: (libc)Error Codes.
* EPROCUNAVAIL: (libc)Error Codes.
* EPROGMISMATCH: (libc)Error Codes.
* EPROGUNAVAIL: (libc)Error Codes.
* EPROTO: (libc)Error Codes.
* EPROTONOSUPPORT: (libc)Error Codes.
* EPROTOTYPE: (libc)Error Codes.
* EQUIV_CLASS_MAX: (libc)Utility Limits.
* ERANGE: (libc)Error Codes.
* EREMCHG: (libc)Error Codes.
* EREMOTE: (libc)Error Codes.
* EREMOTEIO: (libc)Error Codes.
* ERESTART: (libc)Error Codes.
* ERFKILL: (libc)Error Codes.
* EROFS: (libc)Error Codes.
* ERPCMISMATCH: (libc)Error Codes.
* ESHUTDOWN: (libc)Error Codes.
* ESOCKTNOSUPPORT: (libc)Error Codes.
* ESPIPE: (libc)Error Codes.
* ESRCH: (libc)Error Codes.
* ESRMNT: (libc)Error Codes.
* ESTALE: (libc)Error Codes.
* ESTRPIPE: (libc)Error Codes.
* ETIME: (libc)Error Codes.
* ETIMEDOUT: (libc)Error Codes.
* ETOOMANYREFS: (libc)Error Codes.
* ETXTBSY: (libc)Error Codes.
* EUCLEAN: (libc)Error Codes.
* EUNATCH: (libc)Error Codes.
* EUSERS: (libc)Error Codes.
* EWOULDBLOCK: (libc)Error Codes.
* EXDEV: (libc)Error Codes.
* EXFULL: (libc)Error Codes.
* EXIT_FAILURE: (libc)Exit Status.
* EXIT_SUCCESS: (libc)Exit Status.
* EXPR_NEST_MAX: (libc)Utility Limits.
* FD_CLOEXEC: (libc)Descriptor Flags.
* FD_CLR: (libc)Waiting for I/O.
* FD_ISSET: (libc)Waiting for I/O.
* FD_SET: (libc)Waiting for I/O.
* FD_SETSIZE: (libc)Waiting for I/O.
* FD_ZERO: (libc)Waiting for I/O.
* FILENAME_MAX: (libc)Limits for Files.
* FLUSHO: (libc)Local Modes.
* FOPEN_MAX: (libc)Opening Streams.
* FP_ILOGB0: (libc)Exponents and Logarithms.
* FP_ILOGBNAN: (libc)Exponents and Logarithms.
* F_DUPFD: (libc)Duplicating Descriptors.
* F_GETFD: (libc)Descriptor Flags.
* F_GETFL: (libc)Getting File Status Flags.
* F_GETLK: (libc)File Locks.
* F_GETOWN: (libc)Interrupt Input.
* F_OK: (libc)Testing File Access.
* F_SETFD: (libc)Descriptor Flags.
* F_SETFL: (libc)Getting File Status Flags.
* F_SETLK: (libc)File Locks.
* F_SETLKW: (libc)File Locks.
* F_SETOWN: (libc)Interrupt Input.
* HUGE_VAL: (libc)Math Error Reporting.
* HUGE_VALF: (libc)Math Error Reporting.
* HUGE_VALL: (libc)Math Error Reporting.
* HUPCL: (libc)Control Modes.
* I: (libc)Complex Numbers.
* ICANON: (libc)Local Modes.
* ICRNL: (libc)Input Modes.
* IEXTEN: (libc)Local Modes.
* IFNAMSIZ: (libc)Interface Naming.
* IFTODT: (libc)Directory Entries.
* IGNBRK: (libc)Input Modes.
* IGNCR: (libc)Input Modes.
* IGNPAR: (libc)Input Modes.
* IMAXBEL: (libc)Input Modes.
* INADDR_ANY: (libc)Host Address Data Type.
* INADDR_BROADCAST: (libc)Host Address Data Type.
* INADDR_LOOPBACK: (libc)Host Address Data Type.
* INADDR_NONE: (libc)Host Address Data Type.
* INFINITY: (libc)Infinity and NaN.
* INLCR: (libc)Input Modes.
* INPCK: (libc)Input Modes.
* IPPORT_RESERVED: (libc)Ports.
* ISIG: (libc)Local Modes.
* ISTRIP: (libc)Input Modes.
* IXANY: (libc)Input Modes.
* IXOFF: (libc)Input Modes.
* IXON: (libc)Input Modes.
* LINE_MAX: (libc)Utility Limits.
* LINK_MAX: (libc)Limits for Files.
* L_ctermid: (libc)Identifying the Terminal.
* L_cuserid: (libc)Who Logged In.
* L_tmpnam: (libc)Temporary Files.
* MAXNAMLEN: (libc)Limits for Files.
* MAXSYMLINKS: (libc)Symbolic Links.
* MAX_CANON: (libc)Limits for Files.
* MAX_INPUT: (libc)Limits for Files.
* MB_CUR_MAX: (libc)Selecting the Conversion.
* MB_LEN_MAX: (libc)Selecting the Conversion.
* MDMBUF: (libc)Control Modes.
* MSG_DONTROUTE: (libc)Socket Data Options.
* MSG_OOB: (libc)Socket Data Options.
* MSG_PEEK: (libc)Socket Data Options.
* NAME_MAX: (libc)Limits for Files.
* NAN: (libc)Infinity and NaN.
* NCCS: (libc)Mode Data Types.
* NGROUPS_MAX: (libc)General Limits.
* NOFLSH: (libc)Local Modes.
* NOKERNINFO: (libc)Local Modes.
* NSIG: (libc)Standard Signals.
* NULL: (libc)Null Pointer Constant.
* ONLCR: (libc)Output Modes.
* ONOEOT: (libc)Output Modes.
* OPEN_MAX: (libc)General Limits.
* OPOST: (libc)Output Modes.
* OXTABS: (libc)Output Modes.
* O_ACCMODE: (libc)Access Modes.
* O_APPEND: (libc)Operating Modes.
* O_ASYNC: (libc)Operating Modes.
* O_CREAT: (libc)Open-time Flags.
* O_EXCL: (libc)Open-time Flags.
* O_EXEC: (libc)Access Modes.
* O_EXLOCK: (libc)Open-time Flags.
* O_FSYNC: (libc)Operating Modes.
* O_IGNORE_CTTY: (libc)Open-time Flags.
* O_NDELAY: (libc)Operating Modes.
* O_NOATIME: (libc)Operating Modes.
* O_NOCTTY: (libc)Open-time Flags.
* O_NOLINK: (libc)Open-time Flags.
* O_NONBLOCK: (libc)Open-time Flags.
* O_NONBLOCK: (libc)Operating Modes.
* O_NOTRANS: (libc)Open-time Flags.
* O_RDONLY: (libc)Access Modes.
* O_RDWR: (libc)Access Modes.
* O_READ: (libc)Access Modes.
* O_SHLOCK: (libc)Open-time Flags.
* O_SYNC: (libc)Operating Modes.
* O_TRUNC: (libc)Open-time Flags.
* O_WRITE: (libc)Access Modes.
* O_WRONLY: (libc)Access Modes.
* PARENB: (libc)Control Modes.
* PARMRK: (libc)Input Modes.
* PARODD: (libc)Control Modes.
* PATH_MAX: (libc)Limits for Files.
* PA_FLAG_MASK: (libc)Parsing a Template String.
* PENDIN: (libc)Local Modes.
* PF_FILE: (libc)Local Namespace Details.
* PF_INET6: (libc)Internet Namespace.
* PF_INET: (libc)Internet Namespace.
* PF_LOCAL: (libc)Local Namespace Details.
* PF_UNIX: (libc)Local Namespace Details.
* PIPE_BUF: (libc)Limits for Files.
* P_tmpdir: (libc)Temporary Files.
* RAND_MAX: (libc)ISO Random.
* RE_DUP_MAX: (libc)General Limits.
* RLIM_INFINITY: (libc)Limits on Resources.
* R_OK: (libc)Testing File Access.
* SA_NOCLDSTOP: (libc)Flags for Sigaction.
* SA_ONSTACK: (libc)Flags for Sigaction.
* SA_RESTART: (libc)Flags for Sigaction.
* SEEK_CUR: (libc)File Positioning.
* SEEK_END: (libc)File Positioning.
* SEEK_SET: (libc)File Positioning.
* SIGABRT: (libc)Program Error Signals.
* SIGALRM: (libc)Alarm Signals.
* SIGBUS: (libc)Program Error Signals.
* SIGCHLD: (libc)Job Control Signals.
* SIGCLD: (libc)Job Control Signals.
* SIGCONT: (libc)Job Control Signals.
* SIGEMT: (libc)Program Error Signals.
* SIGFPE: (libc)Program Error Signals.
* SIGHUP: (libc)Termination Signals.
* SIGILL: (libc)Program Error Signals.
* SIGINFO: (libc)Miscellaneous Signals.
* SIGINT: (libc)Termination Signals.
* SIGIO: (libc)Asynchronous I/O Signals.
* SIGIOT: (libc)Program Error Signals.
* SIGKILL: (libc)Termination Signals.
* SIGLOST: (libc)Operation Error Signals.
* SIGPIPE: (libc)Operation Error Signals.
* SIGPOLL: (libc)Asynchronous I/O Signals.
* SIGPROF: (libc)Alarm Signals.
* SIGQUIT: (libc)Termination Signals.
* SIGSEGV: (libc)Program Error Signals.
* SIGSTOP: (libc)Job Control Signals.
* SIGSYS: (libc)Program Error Signals.
* SIGTERM: (libc)Termination Signals.
* SIGTRAP: (libc)Program Error Signals.
* SIGTSTP: (libc)Job Control Signals.
* SIGTTIN: (libc)Job Control Signals.
* SIGTTOU: (libc)Job Control Signals.
* SIGURG: (libc)Asynchronous I/O Signals.
* SIGUSR1: (libc)Miscellaneous Signals.
* SIGUSR2: (libc)Miscellaneous Signals.
* SIGVTALRM: (libc)Alarm Signals.
* SIGWINCH: (libc)Miscellaneous Signals.
* SIGXCPU: (libc)Operation Error Signals.
* SIGXFSZ: (libc)Operation Error Signals.
* SIG_ERR: (libc)Basic Signal Handling.
* SOCK_DGRAM: (libc)Communication Styles.
* SOCK_RAW: (libc)Communication Styles.
* SOCK_RDM: (libc)Communication Styles.
* SOCK_SEQPACKET: (libc)Communication Styles.
* SOCK_STREAM: (libc)Communication Styles.
* SOL_SOCKET: (libc)Socket-Level Options.
* SSIZE_MAX: (libc)General Limits.
* STREAM_MAX: (libc)General Limits.
* SUN_LEN: (libc)Local Namespace Details.
* SV_INTERRUPT: (libc)BSD Handler.
* SV_ONSTACK: (libc)BSD Handler.
* SV_RESETHAND: (libc)BSD Handler.
* S_IFMT: (libc)Testing File Type.
* S_ISBLK: (libc)Testing File Type.
* S_ISCHR: (libc)Testing File Type.
* S_ISDIR: (libc)Testing File Type.
* S_ISFIFO: (libc)Testing File Type.
* S_ISLNK: (libc)Testing File Type.
* S_ISREG: (libc)Testing File Type.
* S_ISSOCK: (libc)Testing File Type.
* S_TYPEISMQ: (libc)Testing File Type.
* S_TYPEISSEM: (libc)Testing File Type.
* S_TYPEISSHM: (libc)Testing File Type.
* TMP_MAX: (libc)Temporary Files.
* TOSTOP: (libc)Local Modes.
* TZNAME_MAX: (libc)General Limits.
* VDISCARD: (libc)Other Special.
* VDSUSP: (libc)Signal Characters.
* VEOF: (libc)Editing Characters.
* VEOL2: (libc)Editing Characters.
* VEOL: (libc)Editing Characters.
* VERASE: (libc)Editing Characters.
* VINTR: (libc)Signal Characters.
* VKILL: (libc)Editing Characters.
* VLNEXT: (libc)Other Special.
* VMIN: (libc)Noncanonical Input.
* VQUIT: (libc)Signal Characters.
* VREPRINT: (libc)Editing Characters.
* VSTART: (libc)Start/Stop Characters.
* VSTATUS: (libc)Other Special.
* VSTOP: (libc)Start/Stop Characters.
* VSUSP: (libc)Signal Characters.
* VTIME: (libc)Noncanonical Input.
* VWERASE: (libc)Editing Characters.
* WCHAR_MAX: (libc)Extended Char Intro.
* WCHAR_MIN: (libc)Extended Char Intro.
* WCOREDUMP: (libc)Process Completion Status.
* WEOF: (libc)EOF and Errors.
* WEOF: (libc)Extended Char Intro.
* WEXITSTATUS: (libc)Process Completion Status.
* WIFEXITED: (libc)Process Completion Status.
* WIFSIGNALED: (libc)Process Completion Status.
* WIFSTOPPED: (libc)Process Completion Status.
* WSTOPSIG: (libc)Process Completion Status.
* WTERMSIG: (libc)Process Completion Status.
* W_OK: (libc)Testing File Access.
* X_OK: (libc)Testing File Access.
* _Complex_I: (libc)Complex Numbers.
* _Exit: (libc)Termination Internals.
* _IOFBF: (libc)Controlling Buffering.
* _IOLBF: (libc)Controlling Buffering.
* _IONBF: (libc)Controlling Buffering.
* _Imaginary_I: (libc)Complex Numbers.
* _PATH_UTMP: (libc)Manipulating the Database.
* _PATH_WTMP: (libc)Manipulating the Database.
* _POSIX2_C_DEV: (libc)System Options.
* _POSIX2_C_VERSION: (libc)Version Supported.
* _POSIX2_FORT_DEV: (libc)System Options.
* _POSIX2_FORT_RUN: (libc)System Options.
* _POSIX2_LOCALEDEF: (libc)System Options.
* _POSIX2_SW_DEV: (libc)System Options.
* _POSIX_CHOWN_RESTRICTED: (libc)Options for Files.
* _POSIX_JOB_CONTROL: (libc)System Options.
* _POSIX_NO_TRUNC: (libc)Options for Files.
* _POSIX_SAVED_IDS: (libc)System Options.
* _POSIX_VDISABLE: (libc)Options for Files.
* _POSIX_VERSION: (libc)Version Supported.
* __fbufsize: (libc)Controlling Buffering.
* __flbf: (libc)Controlling Buffering.
* __fpending: (libc)Controlling Buffering.
* __fpurge: (libc)Flushing Buffers.
* __freadable: (libc)Opening Streams.
* __freading: (libc)Opening Streams.
* __fsetlocking: (libc)Streams and Threads.
* __fwritable: (libc)Opening Streams.
* __fwriting: (libc)Opening Streams.
* __gconv_end_fct: (libc)glibc iconv Implementation.
* __gconv_fct: (libc)glibc iconv Implementation.
* __gconv_init_fct: (libc)glibc iconv Implementation.
* __ppc_get_timebase: (libc)PowerPC.
* __ppc_get_timebase_freq: (libc)PowerPC.
* __ppc_mdoio: (libc)PowerPC.
* __ppc_mdoom: (libc)PowerPC.
* __ppc_set_ppr_low: (libc)PowerPC.
* __ppc_set_ppr_med: (libc)PowerPC.
* __ppc_set_ppr_med_low: (libc)PowerPC.
* __ppc_yield: (libc)PowerPC.
* __va_copy: (libc)Argument Macros.
* _exit: (libc)Termination Internals.
* _flushlbf: (libc)Flushing Buffers.
* _tolower: (libc)Case Conversion.
* _toupper: (libc)Case Conversion.
* a64l: (libc)Encode Binary Data.
* abort: (libc)Aborting a Program.
* abs: (libc)Absolute Value.
* accept: (libc)Accepting Connections.
* access: (libc)Testing File Access.
* acos: (libc)Inverse Trig Functions.
* acosf: (libc)Inverse Trig Functions.
* acosh: (libc)Hyperbolic Functions.
* acoshf: (libc)Hyperbolic Functions.
* acoshl: (libc)Hyperbolic Functions.
* acosl: (libc)Inverse Trig Functions.
* addmntent: (libc)mtab.
* addseverity: (libc)Adding Severity Classes.
* adjtime: (libc)High-Resolution Calendar.
* adjtimex: (libc)High-Resolution Calendar.
* aio_cancel64: (libc)Cancel AIO Operations.
* aio_cancel: (libc)Cancel AIO Operations.
* aio_error64: (libc)Status of AIO Operations.
* aio_error: (libc)Status of AIO Operations.
* aio_fsync64: (libc)Synchronizing AIO Operations.
* aio_fsync: (libc)Synchronizing AIO Operations.
* aio_init: (libc)Configuration of AIO.
* aio_read64: (libc)Asynchronous Reads/Writes.
* aio_read: (libc)Asynchronous Reads/Writes.
* aio_return64: (libc)Status of AIO Operations.
* aio_return: (libc)Status of AIO Operations.
* aio_suspend64: (libc)Synchronizing AIO Operations.
* aio_suspend: (libc)Synchronizing AIO Operations.
* aio_write64: (libc)Asynchronous Reads/Writes.
* aio_write: (libc)Asynchronous Reads/Writes.
* alarm: (libc)Setting an Alarm.
* aligned_alloc: (libc)Aligned Memory Blocks.
* alloca: (libc)Variable Size Automatic.
* alphasort64: (libc)Scanning Directory Content.
* alphasort: (libc)Scanning Directory Content.
* argp_error: (libc)Argp Helper Functions.
* argp_failure: (libc)Argp Helper Functions.
* argp_help: (libc)Argp Help.
* argp_parse: (libc)Argp.
* argp_state_help: (libc)Argp Helper Functions.
* argp_usage: (libc)Argp Helper Functions.
* argz_add: (libc)Argz Functions.
* argz_add_sep: (libc)Argz Functions.
* argz_append: (libc)Argz Functions.
* argz_count: (libc)Argz Functions.
* argz_create: (libc)Argz Functions.
* argz_create_sep: (libc)Argz Functions.
* argz_delete: (libc)Argz Functions.
* argz_extract: (libc)Argz Functions.
* argz_insert: (libc)Argz Functions.
* argz_next: (libc)Argz Functions.
* argz_replace: (libc)Argz Functions.
* argz_stringify: (libc)Argz Functions.
* asctime: (libc)Formatting Calendar Time.
* asctime_r: (libc)Formatting Calendar Time.
* asin: (libc)Inverse Trig Functions.
* asinf: (libc)Inverse Trig Functions.
* asinh: (libc)Hyperbolic Functions.
* asinhf: (libc)Hyperbolic Functions.
* asinhl: (libc)Hyperbolic Functions.
* asinl: (libc)Inverse Trig Functions.
* asprintf: (libc)Dynamic Output.
* assert: (libc)Consistency Checking.
* assert_perror: (libc)Consistency Checking.
* atan2: (libc)Inverse Trig Functions.
* atan2f: (libc)Inverse Trig Functions.
* atan2l: (libc)Inverse Trig Functions.
* atan: (libc)Inverse Trig Functions.
* atanf: (libc)Inverse Trig Functions.
* atanh: (libc)Hyperbolic Functions.
* atanhf: (libc)Hyperbolic Functions.
* atanhl: (libc)Hyperbolic Functions.
* atanl: (libc)Inverse Trig Functions.
* atexit: (libc)Cleanups on Exit.
* atof: (libc)Parsing of Floats.
* atoi: (libc)Parsing of Integers.
* atol: (libc)Parsing of Integers.
* atoll: (libc)Parsing of Integers.
* backtrace: (libc)Backtraces.
* backtrace_symbols: (libc)Backtraces.
* backtrace_symbols_fd: (libc)Backtraces.
* basename: (libc)Finding Tokens in a String.
* basename: (libc)Finding Tokens in a String.
* bcmp: (libc)String/Array Comparison.
* bcopy: (libc)Copying and Concatenation.
* bind: (libc)Setting Address.
* bind_textdomain_codeset: (libc)Charset conversion in gettext.
* bindtextdomain: (libc)Locating gettext catalog.
* brk: (libc)Resizing the Data Segment.
* bsearch: (libc)Array Search Function.
* btowc: (libc)Converting a Character.
* bzero: (libc)Copying and Concatenation.
* cabs: (libc)Absolute Value.
* cabsf: (libc)Absolute Value.
* cabsl: (libc)Absolute Value.
* cacos: (libc)Inverse Trig Functions.
* cacosf: (libc)Inverse Trig Functions.
* cacosh: (libc)Hyperbolic Functions.
* cacoshf: (libc)Hyperbolic Functions.
* cacoshl: (libc)Hyperbolic Functions.
* cacosl: (libc)Inverse Trig Functions.
* calloc: (libc)Allocating Cleared Space.
* canonicalize_file_name: (libc)Symbolic Links.
* carg: (libc)Operations on Complex.
* cargf: (libc)Operations on Complex.
* cargl: (libc)Operations on Complex.
* casin: (libc)Inverse Trig Functions.
* casinf: (libc)Inverse Trig Functions.
* casinh: (libc)Hyperbolic Functions.
* casinhf: (libc)Hyperbolic Functions.
* casinhl: (libc)Hyperbolic Functions.
* casinl: (libc)Inverse Trig Functions.
* catan: (libc)Inverse Trig Functions.
* catanf: (libc)Inverse Trig Functions.
* catanh: (libc)Hyperbolic Functions.
* catanhf: (libc)Hyperbolic Functions.
* catanhl: (libc)Hyperbolic Functions.
* catanl: (libc)Inverse Trig Functions.
* catclose: (libc)The catgets Functions.
* catgets: (libc)The catgets Functions.
* catopen: (libc)The catgets Functions.
* cbc_crypt: (libc)DES Encryption.
* cbrt: (libc)Exponents and Logarithms.
* cbrtf: (libc)Exponents and Logarithms.
* cbrtl: (libc)Exponents and Logarithms.
* ccos: (libc)Trig Functions.
* ccosf: (libc)Trig Functions.
* ccosh: (libc)Hyperbolic Functions.
* ccoshf: (libc)Hyperbolic Functions.
* ccoshl: (libc)Hyperbolic Functions.
* ccosl: (libc)Trig Functions.
* ceil: (libc)Rounding Functions.
* ceilf: (libc)Rounding Functions.
* ceill: (libc)Rounding Functions.
* cexp: (libc)Exponents and Logarithms.
* cexpf: (libc)Exponents and Logarithms.
* cexpl: (libc)Exponents and Logarithms.
* cfgetispeed: (libc)Line Speed.
* cfgetospeed: (libc)Line Speed.
* cfmakeraw: (libc)Noncanonical Input.
* cfree: (libc)Freeing after Malloc.
* cfsetispeed: (libc)Line Speed.
* cfsetospeed: (libc)Line Speed.
* cfsetspeed: (libc)Line Speed.
* chdir: (libc)Working Directory.
* chmod: (libc)Setting Permissions.
* chown: (libc)File Owner.
* cimag: (libc)Operations on Complex.
* cimagf: (libc)Operations on Complex.
* cimagl: (libc)Operations on Complex.
* clearenv: (libc)Environment Access.
* clearerr: (libc)Error Recovery.
* clearerr_unlocked: (libc)Error Recovery.
* clock: (libc)CPU Time.
* clog10: (libc)Exponents and Logarithms.
* clog10f: (libc)Exponents and Logarithms.
* clog10l: (libc)Exponents and Logarithms.
* clog: (libc)Exponents and Logarithms.
* clogf: (libc)Exponents and Logarithms.
* clogl: (libc)Exponents and Logarithms.
* close: (libc)Opening and Closing Files.
* closedir: (libc)Reading/Closing Directory.
* closelog: (libc)closelog.
* confstr: (libc)String Parameters.
* conj: (libc)Operations on Complex.
* conjf: (libc)Operations on Complex.
* conjl: (libc)Operations on Complex.
* connect: (libc)Connecting.
* copysign: (libc)FP Bit Twiddling.
* copysignf: (libc)FP Bit Twiddling.
* copysignl: (libc)FP Bit Twiddling.
* cos: (libc)Trig Functions.
* cosf: (libc)Trig Functions.
* cosh: (libc)Hyperbolic Functions.
* coshf: (libc)Hyperbolic Functions.
* coshl: (libc)Hyperbolic Functions.
* cosl: (libc)Trig Functions.
* cpow: (libc)Exponents and Logarithms.
* cpowf: (libc)Exponents and Logarithms.
* cpowl: (libc)Exponents and Logarithms.
* cproj: (libc)Operations on Complex.
* cprojf: (libc)Operations on Complex.
* cprojl: (libc)Operations on Complex.
* creal: (libc)Operations on Complex.
* crealf: (libc)Operations on Complex.
* creall: (libc)Operations on Complex.
* creat64: (libc)Opening and Closing Files.
* creat: (libc)Opening and Closing Files.
* crypt: (libc)crypt.
* crypt_r: (libc)crypt.
* csin: (libc)Trig Functions.
* csinf: (libc)Trig Functions.
* csinh: (libc)Hyperbolic Functions.
* csinhf: (libc)Hyperbolic Functions.
* csinhl: (libc)Hyperbolic Functions.
* csinl: (libc)Trig Functions.
* csqrt: (libc)Exponents and Logarithms.
* csqrtf: (libc)Exponents and Logarithms.
* csqrtl: (libc)Exponents and Logarithms.
* ctan: (libc)Trig Functions.
* ctanf: (libc)Trig Functions.
* ctanh: (libc)Hyperbolic Functions.
* ctanhf: (libc)Hyperbolic Functions.
* ctanhl: (libc)Hyperbolic Functions.
* ctanl: (libc)Trig Functions.
* ctermid: (libc)Identifying the Terminal.
* ctime: (libc)Formatting Calendar Time.
* ctime_r: (libc)Formatting Calendar Time.
* cuserid: (libc)Who Logged In.
* dcgettext: (libc)Translation with gettext.
* dcngettext: (libc)Advanced gettext functions.
* des_setparity: (libc)DES Encryption.
* dgettext: (libc)Translation with gettext.
* difftime: (libc)Elapsed Time.
* dirfd: (libc)Opening a Directory.
* dirname: (libc)Finding Tokens in a String.
* div: (libc)Integer Division.
* dngettext: (libc)Advanced gettext functions.
* drand48: (libc)SVID Random.
* drand48_r: (libc)SVID Random.
* drem: (libc)Remainder Functions.
* dremf: (libc)Remainder Functions.
* dreml: (libc)Remainder Functions.
* dup2: (libc)Duplicating Descriptors.
* dup: (libc)Duplicating Descriptors.
* ecb_crypt: (libc)DES Encryption.
* ecvt: (libc)System V Number Conversion.
* ecvt_r: (libc)System V Number Conversion.
* encrypt: (libc)DES Encryption.
* encrypt_r: (libc)DES Encryption.
* endfsent: (libc)fstab.
* endgrent: (libc)Scanning All Groups.
* endhostent: (libc)Host Names.
* endmntent: (libc)mtab.
* endnetent: (libc)Networks Database.
* endnetgrent: (libc)Lookup Netgroup.
* endprotoent: (libc)Protocols Database.
* endpwent: (libc)Scanning All Users.
* endservent: (libc)Services Database.
* endutent: (libc)Manipulating the Database.
* endutxent: (libc)XPG Functions.
* envz_add: (libc)Envz Functions.
* envz_entry: (libc)Envz Functions.
* envz_get: (libc)Envz Functions.
* envz_merge: (libc)Envz Functions.
* envz_strip: (libc)Envz Functions.
* erand48: (libc)SVID Random.
* erand48_r: (libc)SVID Random.
* erf: (libc)Special Functions.
* erfc: (libc)Special Functions.
* erfcf: (libc)Special Functions.
* erfcl: (libc)Special Functions.
* erff: (libc)Special Functions.
* erfl: (libc)Special Functions.
* err: (libc)Error Messages.
* errno: (libc)Checking for Errors.
* error: (libc)Error Messages.
* error_at_line: (libc)Error Messages.
* errx: (libc)Error Messages.
* execl: (libc)Executing a File.
* execle: (libc)Executing a File.
* execlp: (libc)Executing a File.
* execv: (libc)Executing a File.
* execve: (libc)Executing a File.
* execvp: (libc)Executing a File.
* exit: (libc)Normal Termination.
* exp10: (libc)Exponents and Logarithms.
* exp10f: (libc)Exponents and Logarithms.
* exp10l: (libc)Exponents and Logarithms.
* exp2: (libc)Exponents and Logarithms.
* exp2f: (libc)Exponents and Logarithms.
* exp2l: (libc)Exponents and Logarithms.
* exp: (libc)Exponents and Logarithms.
* expf: (libc)Exponents and Logarithms.
* expl: (libc)Exponents and Logarithms.
* expm1: (libc)Exponents and Logarithms.
* expm1f: (libc)Exponents and Logarithms.
* expm1l: (libc)Exponents and Logarithms.
* fabs: (libc)Absolute Value.
* fabsf: (libc)Absolute Value.
* fabsl: (libc)Absolute Value.
* fchdir: (libc)Working Directory.
* fchmod: (libc)Setting Permissions.
* fchown: (libc)File Owner.
* fclose: (libc)Closing Streams.
* fcloseall: (libc)Closing Streams.
* fcntl: (libc)Control Operations.
* fcvt: (libc)System V Number Conversion.
* fcvt_r: (libc)System V Number Conversion.
* fdatasync: (libc)Synchronizing I/O.
* fdim: (libc)Misc FP Arithmetic.
* fdimf: (libc)Misc FP Arithmetic.
* fdiml: (libc)Misc FP Arithmetic.
* fdopen: (libc)Descriptors and Streams.
* fdopendir: (libc)Opening a Directory.
* feclearexcept: (libc)Status bit operations.
* fedisableexcept: (libc)Control Functions.
* feenableexcept: (libc)Control Functions.
* fegetenv: (libc)Control Functions.
* fegetexcept: (libc)Control Functions.
* fegetexceptflag: (libc)Status bit operations.
* fegetround: (libc)Rounding.
* feholdexcept: (libc)Control Functions.
* feof: (libc)EOF and Errors.
* feof_unlocked: (libc)EOF and Errors.
* feraiseexcept: (libc)Status bit operations.
* ferror: (libc)EOF and Errors.
* ferror_unlocked: (libc)EOF and Errors.
* fesetenv: (libc)Control Functions.
* fesetexceptflag: (libc)Status bit operations.
* fesetround: (libc)Rounding.
* fetestexcept: (libc)Status bit operations.
* feupdateenv: (libc)Control Functions.
* fflush: (libc)Flushing Buffers.
* fflush_unlocked: (libc)Flushing Buffers.
* fgetc: (libc)Character Input.
* fgetc_unlocked: (libc)Character Input.
* fgetgrent: (libc)Scanning All Groups.
* fgetgrent_r: (libc)Scanning All Groups.
* fgetpos64: (libc)Portable Positioning.
* fgetpos: (libc)Portable Positioning.
* fgetpwent: (libc)Scanning All Users.
* fgetpwent_r: (libc)Scanning All Users.
* fgets: (libc)Line Input.
* fgets_unlocked: (libc)Line Input.
* fgetwc: (libc)Character Input.
* fgetwc_unlocked: (libc)Character Input.
* fgetws: (libc)Line Input.
* fgetws_unlocked: (libc)Line Input.
* fileno: (libc)Descriptors and Streams.
* fileno_unlocked: (libc)Descriptors and Streams.
* finite: (libc)Floating Point Classes.
* finitef: (libc)Floating Point Classes.
* finitel: (libc)Floating Point Classes.
* flockfile: (libc)Streams and Threads.
* floor: (libc)Rounding Functions.
* floorf: (libc)Rounding Functions.
* floorl: (libc)Rounding Functions.
* fma: (libc)Misc FP Arithmetic.
* fmaf: (libc)Misc FP Arithmetic.
* fmal: (libc)Misc FP Arithmetic.
* fmax: (libc)Misc FP Arithmetic.
* fmaxf: (libc)Misc FP Arithmetic.
* fmaxl: (libc)Misc FP Arithmetic.
* fmemopen: (libc)String Streams.
* fmin: (libc)Misc FP Arithmetic.
* fminf: (libc)Misc FP Arithmetic.
* fminl: (libc)Misc FP Arithmetic.
* fmod: (libc)Remainder Functions.
* fmodf: (libc)Remainder Functions.
* fmodl: (libc)Remainder Functions.
* fmtmsg: (libc)Printing Formatted Messages.
* fnmatch: (libc)Wildcard Matching.
* fopen64: (libc)Opening Streams.
* fopen: (libc)Opening Streams.
* fopencookie: (libc)Streams and Cookies.
* fork: (libc)Creating a Process.
* forkpty: (libc)Pseudo-Terminal Pairs.
* fpathconf: (libc)Pathconf.
* fpclassify: (libc)Floating Point Classes.
* fprintf: (libc)Formatted Output Functions.
* fputc: (libc)Simple Output.
* fputc_unlocked: (libc)Simple Output.
* fputs: (libc)Simple Output.
* fputs_unlocked: (libc)Simple Output.
* fputwc: (libc)Simple Output.
* fputwc_unlocked: (libc)Simple Output.
* fputws: (libc)Simple Output.
* fputws_unlocked: (libc)Simple Output.
* fread: (libc)Block Input/Output.
* fread_unlocked: (libc)Block Input/Output.
* free: (libc)Freeing after Malloc.
* freopen64: (libc)Opening Streams.
* freopen: (libc)Opening Streams.
* frexp: (libc)Normalization Functions.
* frexpf: (libc)Normalization Functions.
* frexpl: (libc)Normalization Functions.
* fscanf: (libc)Formatted Input Functions.
* fseek: (libc)File Positioning.
* fseeko64: (libc)File Positioning.
* fseeko: (libc)File Positioning.
* fsetpos64: (libc)Portable Positioning.
* fsetpos: (libc)Portable Positioning.
* fstat64: (libc)Reading Attributes.
* fstat: (libc)Reading Attributes.
* fsync: (libc)Synchronizing I/O.
* ftell: (libc)File Positioning.
* ftello64: (libc)File Positioning.
* ftello: (libc)File Positioning.
* ftruncate64: (libc)File Size.
* ftruncate: (libc)File Size.
* ftrylockfile: (libc)Streams and Threads.
* ftw64: (libc)Working with Directory Trees.
* ftw: (libc)Working with Directory Trees.
* funlockfile: (libc)Streams and Threads.
* futimes: (libc)File Times.
* fwide: (libc)Streams and I18N.
* fwprintf: (libc)Formatted Output Functions.
* fwrite: (libc)Block Input/Output.
* fwrite_unlocked: (libc)Block Input/Output.
* fwscanf: (libc)Formatted Input Functions.
* gamma: (libc)Special Functions.
* gammaf: (libc)Special Functions.
* gammal: (libc)Special Functions.
* gcvt: (libc)System V Number Conversion.
* get_avphys_pages: (libc)Query Memory Parameters.
* get_current_dir_name: (libc)Working Directory.
* get_nprocs: (libc)Processor Resources.
* get_nprocs_conf: (libc)Processor Resources.
* get_phys_pages: (libc)Query Memory Parameters.
* getauxval: (libc)Auxiliary Vector.
* getc: (libc)Character Input.
* getc_unlocked: (libc)Character Input.
* getchar: (libc)Character Input.
* getchar_unlocked: (libc)Character Input.
* getcontext: (libc)System V contexts.
* getcwd: (libc)Working Directory.
* getdate: (libc)General Time String Parsing.
* getdate_r: (libc)General Time String Parsing.
* getdelim: (libc)Line Input.
* getdomainnname: (libc)Host Identification.
* getegid: (libc)Reading Persona.
* getenv: (libc)Environment Access.
* geteuid: (libc)Reading Persona.
* getfsent: (libc)fstab.
* getfsfile: (libc)fstab.
* getfsspec: (libc)fstab.
* getgid: (libc)Reading Persona.
* getgrent: (libc)Scanning All Groups.
* getgrent_r: (libc)Scanning All Groups.
* getgrgid: (libc)Lookup Group.
* getgrgid_r: (libc)Lookup Group.
* getgrnam: (libc)Lookup Group.
* getgrnam_r: (libc)Lookup Group.
* getgrouplist: (libc)Setting Groups.
* getgroups: (libc)Reading Persona.
* gethostbyaddr: (libc)Host Names.
* gethostbyaddr_r: (libc)Host Names.
* gethostbyname2: (libc)Host Names.
* gethostbyname2_r: (libc)Host Names.
* gethostbyname: (libc)Host Names.
* gethostbyname_r: (libc)Host Names.
* gethostent: (libc)Host Names.
* gethostid: (libc)Host Identification.
* gethostname: (libc)Host Identification.
* getitimer: (libc)Setting an Alarm.
* getline: (libc)Line Input.
* getloadavg: (libc)Processor Resources.
* getlogin: (libc)Who Logged In.
* getmntent: (libc)mtab.
* getmntent_r: (libc)mtab.
* getnetbyaddr: (libc)Networks Database.
* getnetbyname: (libc)Networks Database.
* getnetent: (libc)Networks Database.
* getnetgrent: (libc)Lookup Netgroup.
* getnetgrent_r: (libc)Lookup Netgroup.
* getopt: (libc)Using Getopt.
* getopt_long: (libc)Getopt Long Options.
* getopt_long_only: (libc)Getopt Long Options.
* getpagesize: (libc)Query Memory Parameters.
* getpass: (libc)getpass.
* getpeername: (libc)Who is Connected.
* getpgid: (libc)Process Group Functions.
* getpgrp: (libc)Process Group Functions.
* getpid: (libc)Process Identification.
* getppid: (libc)Process Identification.
* getpriority: (libc)Traditional Scheduling Functions.
* getprotobyname: (libc)Protocols Database.
* getprotobynumber: (libc)Protocols Database.
* getprotoent: (libc)Protocols Database.
* getpt: (libc)Allocation.
* getpwent: (libc)Scanning All Users.
* getpwent_r: (libc)Scanning All Users.
* getpwnam: (libc)Lookup User.
* getpwnam_r: (libc)Lookup User.
* getpwuid: (libc)Lookup User.
* getpwuid_r: (libc)Lookup User.
* getrlimit64: (libc)Limits on Resources.
* getrlimit: (libc)Limits on Resources.
* getrusage: (libc)Resource Usage.
* gets: (libc)Line Input.
* getservbyname: (libc)Services Database.
* getservbyport: (libc)Services Database.
* getservent: (libc)Services Database.
* getsid: (libc)Process Group Functions.
* getsockname: (libc)Reading Address.
* getsockopt: (libc)Socket Option Functions.
* getsubopt: (libc)Suboptions.
* gettext: (libc)Translation with gettext.
* gettimeofday: (libc)High-Resolution Calendar.
* getuid: (libc)Reading Persona.
* getumask: (libc)Setting Permissions.
* getutent: (libc)Manipulating the Database.
* getutent_r: (libc)Manipulating the Database.
* getutid: (libc)Manipulating the Database.
* getutid_r: (libc)Manipulating the Database.
* getutline: (libc)Manipulating the Database.
* getutline_r: (libc)Manipulating the Database.
* getutmp: (libc)XPG Functions.
* getutmpx: (libc)XPG Functions.
* getutxent: (libc)XPG Functions.
* getutxid: (libc)XPG Functions.
* getutxline: (libc)XPG Functions.
* getw: (libc)Character Input.
* getwc: (libc)Character Input.
* getwc_unlocked: (libc)Character Input.
* getwchar: (libc)Character Input.
* getwchar_unlocked: (libc)Character Input.
* getwd: (libc)Working Directory.
* glob64: (libc)Calling Glob.
* glob: (libc)Calling Glob.
* globfree64: (libc)More Flags for Globbing.
* globfree: (libc)More Flags for Globbing.
* gmtime: (libc)Broken-down Time.
* gmtime_r: (libc)Broken-down Time.
* grantpt: (libc)Allocation.
* gsignal: (libc)Signaling Yourself.
* gtty: (libc)BSD Terminal Modes.
* hasmntopt: (libc)mtab.
* hcreate: (libc)Hash Search Function.
* hcreate_r: (libc)Hash Search Function.
* hdestroy: (libc)Hash Search Function.
* hdestroy_r: (libc)Hash Search Function.
* hsearch: (libc)Hash Search Function.
* hsearch_r: (libc)Hash Search Function.
* htonl: (libc)Byte Order.
* htons: (libc)Byte Order.
* hypot: (libc)Exponents and Logarithms.
* hypotf: (libc)Exponents and Logarithms.
* hypotl: (libc)Exponents and Logarithms.
* iconv: (libc)Generic Conversion Interface.
* iconv_close: (libc)Generic Conversion Interface.
* iconv_open: (libc)Generic Conversion Interface.
* if_freenameindex: (libc)Interface Naming.
* if_indextoname: (libc)Interface Naming.
* if_nameindex: (libc)Interface Naming.
* if_nametoindex: (libc)Interface Naming.
* ilogb: (libc)Exponents and Logarithms.
* ilogbf: (libc)Exponents and Logarithms.
* ilogbl: (libc)Exponents and Logarithms.
* imaxabs: (libc)Absolute Value.
* imaxdiv: (libc)Integer Division.
* in6addr_any: (libc)Host Address Data Type.
* in6addr_loopback: (libc)Host Address Data Type.
* index: (libc)Search Functions.
* inet_addr: (libc)Host Address Functions.
* inet_aton: (libc)Host Address Functions.
* inet_lnaof: (libc)Host Address Functions.
* inet_makeaddr: (libc)Host Address Functions.
* inet_netof: (libc)Host Address Functions.
* inet_network: (libc)Host Address Functions.
* inet_ntoa: (libc)Host Address Functions.
* inet_ntop: (libc)Host Address Functions.
* inet_pton: (libc)Host Address Functions.
* initgroups: (libc)Setting Groups.
* initstate: (libc)BSD Random.
* initstate_r: (libc)BSD Random.
* innetgr: (libc)Netgroup Membership.
* ioctl: (libc)IOCTLs.
* isalnum: (libc)Classification of Characters.
* isalpha: (libc)Classification of Characters.
* isascii: (libc)Classification of Characters.
* isatty: (libc)Is It a Terminal.
* isblank: (libc)Classification of Characters.
* iscntrl: (libc)Classification of Characters.
* isdigit: (libc)Classification of Characters.
* isfinite: (libc)Floating Point Classes.
* isgraph: (libc)Classification of Characters.
* isgreater: (libc)FP Comparison Functions.
* isgreaterequal: (libc)FP Comparison Functions.
* isinf: (libc)Floating Point Classes.
* isinff: (libc)Floating Point Classes.
* isinfl: (libc)Floating Point Classes.
* isless: (libc)FP Comparison Functions.
* islessequal: (libc)FP Comparison Functions.
* islessgreater: (libc)FP Comparison Functions.
* islower: (libc)Classification of Characters.
* isnan: (libc)Floating Point Classes.
* isnan: (libc)Floating Point Classes.
* isnanf: (libc)Floating Point Classes.
* isnanl: (libc)Floating Point Classes.
* isnormal: (libc)Floating Point Classes.
* isprint: (libc)Classification of Characters.
* ispunct: (libc)Classification of Characters.
* issignaling: (libc)Floating Point Classes.
* isspace: (libc)Classification of Characters.
* isunordered: (libc)FP Comparison Functions.
* isupper: (libc)Classification of Characters.
* iswalnum: (libc)Classification of Wide Characters.
* iswalpha: (libc)Classification of Wide Characters.
* iswblank: (libc)Classification of Wide Characters.
* iswcntrl: (libc)Classification of Wide Characters.
* iswctype: (libc)Classification of Wide Characters.
* iswdigit: (libc)Classification of Wide Characters.
* iswgraph: (libc)Classification of Wide Characters.
* iswlower: (libc)Classification of Wide Characters.
* iswprint: (libc)Classification of Wide Characters.
* iswpunct: (libc)Classification of Wide Characters.
* iswspace: (libc)Classification of Wide Characters.
* iswupper: (libc)Classification of Wide Characters.
* iswxdigit: (libc)Classification of Wide Characters.
* isxdigit: (libc)Classification of Characters.
* j0: (libc)Special Functions.
* j0f: (libc)Special Functions.
* j0l: (libc)Special Functions.
* j1: (libc)Special Functions.
* j1f: (libc)Special Functions.
* j1l: (libc)Special Functions.
* jn: (libc)Special Functions.
* jnf: (libc)Special Functions.
* jnl: (libc)Special Functions.
* jrand48: (libc)SVID Random.
* jrand48_r: (libc)SVID Random.
* kill: (libc)Signaling Another Process.
* killpg: (libc)Signaling Another Process.
* l64a: (libc)Encode Binary Data.
* labs: (libc)Absolute Value.
* lcong48: (libc)SVID Random.
* lcong48_r: (libc)SVID Random.
* ldexp: (libc)Normalization Functions.
* ldexpf: (libc)Normalization Functions.
* ldexpl: (libc)Normalization Functions.
* ldiv: (libc)Integer Division.
* lfind: (libc)Array Search Function.
* lgamma: (libc)Special Functions.
* lgamma_r: (libc)Special Functions.
* lgammaf: (libc)Special Functions.
* lgammaf_r: (libc)Special Functions.
* lgammal: (libc)Special Functions.
* lgammal_r: (libc)Special Functions.
* link: (libc)Hard Links.
* lio_listio64: (libc)Asynchronous Reads/Writes.
* lio_listio: (libc)Asynchronous Reads/Writes.
* listen: (libc)Listening.
* llabs: (libc)Absolute Value.
* lldiv: (libc)Integer Division.
* llrint: (libc)Rounding Functions.
* llrintf: (libc)Rounding Functions.
* llrintl: (libc)Rounding Functions.
* llround: (libc)Rounding Functions.
* llroundf: (libc)Rounding Functions.
* llroundl: (libc)Rounding Functions.
* localeconv: (libc)The Lame Way to Locale Data.
* localtime: (libc)Broken-down Time.
* localtime_r: (libc)Broken-down Time.
* log10: (libc)Exponents and Logarithms.
* log10f: (libc)Exponents and Logarithms.
* log10l: (libc)Exponents and Logarithms.
* log1p: (libc)Exponents and Logarithms.
* log1pf: (libc)Exponents and Logarithms.
* log1pl: (libc)Exponents and Logarithms.
* log2: (libc)Exponents and Logarithms.
* log2f: (libc)Exponents and Logarithms.
* log2l: (libc)Exponents and Logarithms.
* log: (libc)Exponents and Logarithms.
* logb: (libc)Exponents and Logarithms.
* logbf: (libc)Exponents and Logarithms.
* logbl: (libc)Exponents and Logarithms.
* logf: (libc)Exponents and Logarithms.
* login: (libc)Logging In and Out.
* login_tty: (libc)Logging In and Out.
* logl: (libc)Exponents and Logarithms.
* logout: (libc)Logging In and Out.
* logwtmp: (libc)Logging In and Out.
* longjmp: (libc)Non-Local Details.
* lrand48: (libc)SVID Random.
* lrand48_r: (libc)SVID Random.
* lrint: (libc)Rounding Functions.
* lrintf: (libc)Rounding Functions.
* lrintl: (libc)Rounding Functions.
* lround: (libc)Rounding Functions.
* lroundf: (libc)Rounding Functions.
* lroundl: (libc)Rounding Functions.
* lsearch: (libc)Array Search Function.
* lseek64: (libc)File Position Primitive.
* lseek: (libc)File Position Primitive.
* lstat64: (libc)Reading Attributes.
* lstat: (libc)Reading Attributes.
* lutimes: (libc)File Times.
* madvise: (libc)Memory-mapped I/O.
* makecontext: (libc)System V contexts.
* mallinfo: (libc)Statistics of Malloc.
* malloc: (libc)Basic Allocation.
* mallopt: (libc)Malloc Tunable Parameters.
* mblen: (libc)Non-reentrant Character Conversion.
* mbrlen: (libc)Converting a Character.
* mbrtowc: (libc)Converting a Character.
* mbsinit: (libc)Keeping the state.
* mbsnrtowcs: (libc)Converting Strings.
* mbsrtowcs: (libc)Converting Strings.
* mbstowcs: (libc)Non-reentrant String Conversion.
* mbtowc: (libc)Non-reentrant Character Conversion.
* mcheck: (libc)Heap Consistency Checking.
* memalign: (libc)Aligned Memory Blocks.
* memccpy: (libc)Copying and Concatenation.
* memchr: (libc)Search Functions.
* memcmp: (libc)String/Array Comparison.
* memcpy: (libc)Copying and Concatenation.
* memfrob: (libc)Trivial Encryption.
* memmem: (libc)Search Functions.
* memmove: (libc)Copying and Concatenation.
* mempcpy: (libc)Copying and Concatenation.
* memrchr: (libc)Search Functions.
* memset: (libc)Copying and Concatenation.
* mkdir: (libc)Creating Directories.
* mkdtemp: (libc)Temporary Files.
* mkfifo: (libc)FIFO Special Files.
* mknod: (libc)Making Special Files.
* mkstemp: (libc)Temporary Files.
* mktemp: (libc)Temporary Files.
* mktime: (libc)Broken-down Time.
* mlock: (libc)Page Lock Functions.
* mlockall: (libc)Page Lock Functions.
* mmap64: (libc)Memory-mapped I/O.
* mmap: (libc)Memory-mapped I/O.
* modf: (libc)Rounding Functions.
* modff: (libc)Rounding Functions.
* modfl: (libc)Rounding Functions.
* mount: (libc)Mount-Unmount-Remount.
* mprobe: (libc)Heap Consistency Checking.
* mrand48: (libc)SVID Random.
* mrand48_r: (libc)SVID Random.
* mremap: (libc)Memory-mapped I/O.
* msync: (libc)Memory-mapped I/O.
* mtrace: (libc)Tracing malloc.
* munlock: (libc)Page Lock Functions.
* munlockall: (libc)Page Lock Functions.
* munmap: (libc)Memory-mapped I/O.
* muntrace: (libc)Tracing malloc.
* nan: (libc)FP Bit Twiddling.
* nanf: (libc)FP Bit Twiddling.
* nanl: (libc)FP Bit Twiddling.
* nanosleep: (libc)Sleeping.
* nearbyint: (libc)Rounding Functions.
* nearbyintf: (libc)Rounding Functions.
* nearbyintl: (libc)Rounding Functions.
* nextafter: (libc)FP Bit Twiddling.
* nextafterf: (libc)FP Bit Twiddling.
* nextafterl: (libc)FP Bit Twiddling.
* nexttoward: (libc)FP Bit Twiddling.
* nexttowardf: (libc)FP Bit Twiddling.
* nexttowardl: (libc)FP Bit Twiddling.
* nftw64: (libc)Working with Directory Trees.
* nftw: (libc)Working with Directory Trees.
* ngettext: (libc)Advanced gettext functions.
* nice: (libc)Traditional Scheduling Functions.
* nl_langinfo: (libc)The Elegant and Fast Way.
* nrand48: (libc)SVID Random.
* nrand48_r: (libc)SVID Random.
* ntohl: (libc)Byte Order.
* ntohs: (libc)Byte Order.
* ntp_adjtime: (libc)High Accuracy Clock.
* ntp_gettime: (libc)High Accuracy Clock.
* obstack_1grow: (libc)Growing Objects.
* obstack_1grow_fast: (libc)Extra Fast Growing.
* obstack_alignment_mask: (libc)Obstacks Data Alignment.
* obstack_alloc: (libc)Allocation in an Obstack.
* obstack_base: (libc)Status of an Obstack.
* obstack_blank: (libc)Growing Objects.
* obstack_blank_fast: (libc)Extra Fast Growing.
* obstack_chunk_size: (libc)Obstack Chunks.
* obstack_copy0: (libc)Allocation in an Obstack.
* obstack_copy: (libc)Allocation in an Obstack.
* obstack_finish: (libc)Growing Objects.
* obstack_free: (libc)Freeing Obstack Objects.
* obstack_grow0: (libc)Growing Objects.
* obstack_grow: (libc)Growing Objects.
* obstack_init: (libc)Preparing for Obstacks.
* obstack_int_grow: (libc)Growing Objects.
* obstack_int_grow_fast: (libc)Extra Fast Growing.
* obstack_next_free: (libc)Status of an Obstack.
* obstack_object_size: (libc)Growing Objects.
* obstack_object_size: (libc)Status of an Obstack.
* obstack_printf: (libc)Dynamic Output.
* obstack_ptr_grow: (libc)Growing Objects.
* obstack_ptr_grow_fast: (libc)Extra Fast Growing.
* obstack_room: (libc)Extra Fast Growing.
* obstack_vprintf: (libc)Variable Arguments Output.
* offsetof: (libc)Structure Measurement.
* on_exit: (libc)Cleanups on Exit.
* open64: (libc)Opening and Closing Files.
* open: (libc)Opening and Closing Files.
* open_memstream: (libc)String Streams.
* opendir: (libc)Opening a Directory.
* openlog: (libc)openlog.
* openpty: (libc)Pseudo-Terminal Pairs.
* parse_printf_format: (libc)Parsing a Template String.
* pathconf: (libc)Pathconf.
* pause: (libc)Using Pause.
* pclose: (libc)Pipe to a Subprocess.
* perror: (libc)Error Messages.
* pipe: (libc)Creating a Pipe.
* popen: (libc)Pipe to a Subprocess.
* posix_memalign: (libc)Aligned Memory Blocks.
* pow10: (libc)Exponents and Logarithms.
* pow10f: (libc)Exponents and Logarithms.
* pow10l: (libc)Exponents and Logarithms.
* pow: (libc)Exponents and Logarithms.
* powf: (libc)Exponents and Logarithms.
* powl: (libc)Exponents and Logarithms.
* pread64: (libc)I/O Primitives.
* pread: (libc)I/O Primitives.
* printf: (libc)Formatted Output Functions.
* printf_size: (libc)Predefined Printf Handlers.
* printf_size_info: (libc)Predefined Printf Handlers.
* psignal: (libc)Signal Messages.
* pthread_getattr_default_np: (libc)Default Thread Attributes.
* pthread_getspecific: (libc)Thread-specific Data.
* pthread_key_create: (libc)Thread-specific Data.
* pthread_key_delete: (libc)Thread-specific Data.
* pthread_setattr_default_np: (libc)Default Thread Attributes.
* pthread_setspecific: (libc)Thread-specific Data.
* ptsname: (libc)Allocation.
* ptsname_r: (libc)Allocation.
* putc: (libc)Simple Output.
* putc_unlocked: (libc)Simple Output.
* putchar: (libc)Simple Output.
* putchar_unlocked: (libc)Simple Output.
* putenv: (libc)Environment Access.
* putpwent: (libc)Writing a User Entry.
* puts: (libc)Simple Output.
* pututline: (libc)Manipulating the Database.
* pututxline: (libc)XPG Functions.
* putw: (libc)Simple Output.
* putwc: (libc)Simple Output.
* putwc_unlocked: (libc)Simple Output.
* putwchar: (libc)Simple Output.
* putwchar_unlocked: (libc)Simple Output.
* pwrite64: (libc)I/O Primitives.
* pwrite: (libc)I/O Primitives.
* qecvt: (libc)System V Number Conversion.
* qecvt_r: (libc)System V Number Conversion.
* qfcvt: (libc)System V Number Conversion.
* qfcvt_r: (libc)System V Number Conversion.
* qgcvt: (libc)System V Number Conversion.
* qsort: (libc)Array Sort Function.
* raise: (libc)Signaling Yourself.
* rand: (libc)ISO Random.
* rand_r: (libc)ISO Random.
* random: (libc)BSD Random.
* random_r: (libc)BSD Random.
* rawmemchr: (libc)Search Functions.
* read: (libc)I/O Primitives.
* readdir64: (libc)Reading/Closing Directory.
* readdir64_r: (libc)Reading/Closing Directory.
* readdir: (libc)Reading/Closing Directory.
* readdir_r: (libc)Reading/Closing Directory.
* readlink: (libc)Symbolic Links.
* readv: (libc)Scatter-Gather.
* realloc: (libc)Changing Block Size.
* realpath: (libc)Symbolic Links.
* recv: (libc)Receiving Data.
* recvfrom: (libc)Receiving Datagrams.
* recvmsg: (libc)Receiving Datagrams.
* regcomp: (libc)POSIX Regexp Compilation.
* regerror: (libc)Regexp Cleanup.
* regexec: (libc)Matching POSIX Regexps.
* regfree: (libc)Regexp Cleanup.
* register_printf_function: (libc)Registering New Conversions.
* remainder: (libc)Remainder Functions.
* remainderf: (libc)Remainder Functions.
* remainderl: (libc)Remainder Functions.
* remove: (libc)Deleting Files.
* rename: (libc)Renaming Files.
* rewind: (libc)File Positioning.
* rewinddir: (libc)Random Access Directory.
* rindex: (libc)Search Functions.
* rint: (libc)Rounding Functions.
* rintf: (libc)Rounding Functions.
* rintl: (libc)Rounding Functions.
* rmdir: (libc)Deleting Files.
* round: (libc)Rounding Functions.
* roundf: (libc)Rounding Functions.
* roundl: (libc)Rounding Functions.
* rpmatch: (libc)Yes-or-No Questions.
* sbrk: (libc)Resizing the Data Segment.
* scalb: (libc)Normalization Functions.
* scalbf: (libc)Normalization Functions.
* scalbl: (libc)Normalization Functions.
* scalbln: (libc)Normalization Functions.
* scalblnf: (libc)Normalization Functions.
* scalblnl: (libc)Normalization Functions.
* scalbn: (libc)Normalization Functions.
* scalbnf: (libc)Normalization Functions.
* scalbnl: (libc)Normalization Functions.
* scandir64: (libc)Scanning Directory Content.
* scandir: (libc)Scanning Directory Content.
* scanf: (libc)Formatted Input Functions.
* sched_get_priority_max: (libc)Basic Scheduling Functions.
* sched_get_priority_min: (libc)Basic Scheduling Functions.
* sched_getaffinity: (libc)CPU Affinity.
* sched_getparam: (libc)Basic Scheduling Functions.
* sched_getscheduler: (libc)Basic Scheduling Functions.
* sched_rr_get_interval: (libc)Basic Scheduling Functions.
* sched_setaffinity: (libc)CPU Affinity.
* sched_setparam: (libc)Basic Scheduling Functions.
* sched_setscheduler: (libc)Basic Scheduling Functions.
* sched_yield: (libc)Basic Scheduling Functions.
* secure_getenv: (libc)Environment Access.
* seed48: (libc)SVID Random.
* seed48_r: (libc)SVID Random.
* seekdir: (libc)Random Access Directory.
* select: (libc)Waiting for I/O.
* send: (libc)Sending Data.
* sendmsg: (libc)Receiving Datagrams.
* sendto: (libc)Sending Datagrams.
* setbuf: (libc)Controlling Buffering.
* setbuffer: (libc)Controlling Buffering.
* setcontext: (libc)System V contexts.
* setdomainname: (libc)Host Identification.
* setegid: (libc)Setting Groups.
* setenv: (libc)Environment Access.
* seteuid: (libc)Setting User ID.
* setfsent: (libc)fstab.
* setgid: (libc)Setting Groups.
* setgrent: (libc)Scanning All Groups.
* setgroups: (libc)Setting Groups.
* sethostent: (libc)Host Names.
* sethostid: (libc)Host Identification.
* sethostname: (libc)Host Identification.
* setitimer: (libc)Setting an Alarm.
* setjmp: (libc)Non-Local Details.
* setkey: (libc)DES Encryption.
* setkey_r: (libc)DES Encryption.
* setlinebuf: (libc)Controlling Buffering.
* setlocale: (libc)Setting the Locale.
* setlogmask: (libc)setlogmask.
* setmntent: (libc)mtab.
* setnetent: (libc)Networks Database.
* setnetgrent: (libc)Lookup Netgroup.
* setpgid: (libc)Process Group Functions.
* setpgrp: (libc)Process Group Functions.
* setpriority: (libc)Traditional Scheduling Functions.
* setprotoent: (libc)Protocols Database.
* setpwent: (libc)Scanning All Users.
* setregid: (libc)Setting Groups.
* setreuid: (libc)Setting User ID.
* setrlimit64: (libc)Limits on Resources.
* setrlimit: (libc)Limits on Resources.
* setservent: (libc)Services Database.
* setsid: (libc)Process Group Functions.
* setsockopt: (libc)Socket Option Functions.
* setstate: (libc)BSD Random.
* setstate_r: (libc)BSD Random.
* settimeofday: (libc)High-Resolution Calendar.
* setuid: (libc)Setting User ID.
* setutent: (libc)Manipulating the Database.
* setutxent: (libc)XPG Functions.
* setvbuf: (libc)Controlling Buffering.
* shm_open: (libc)Memory-mapped I/O.
* shm_unlink: (libc)Memory-mapped I/O.
* shutdown: (libc)Closing a Socket.
* sigaction: (libc)Advanced Signal Handling.
* sigaddset: (libc)Signal Sets.
* sigaltstack: (libc)Signal Stack.
* sigblock: (libc)Blocking in BSD.
* sigdelset: (libc)Signal Sets.
* sigemptyset: (libc)Signal Sets.
* sigfillset: (libc)Signal Sets.
* siginterrupt: (libc)BSD Handler.
* sigismember: (libc)Signal Sets.
* siglongjmp: (libc)Non-Local Exits and Signals.
* sigmask: (libc)Blocking in BSD.
* signal: (libc)Basic Signal Handling.
* signbit: (libc)FP Bit Twiddling.
* significand: (libc)Normalization Functions.
* significandf: (libc)Normalization Functions.
* significandl: (libc)Normalization Functions.
* sigpause: (libc)Blocking in BSD.
* sigpending: (libc)Checking for Pending Signals.
* sigprocmask: (libc)Process Signal Mask.
* sigsetjmp: (libc)Non-Local Exits and Signals.
* sigsetmask: (libc)Blocking in BSD.
* sigstack: (libc)Signal Stack.
* sigsuspend: (libc)Sigsuspend.
* sigvec: (libc)BSD Handler.
* sin: (libc)Trig Functions.
* sincos: (libc)Trig Functions.
* sincosf: (libc)Trig Functions.
* sincosl: (libc)Trig Functions.
* sinf: (libc)Trig Functions.
* sinh: (libc)Hyperbolic Functions.
* sinhf: (libc)Hyperbolic Functions.
* sinhl: (libc)Hyperbolic Functions.
* sinl: (libc)Trig Functions.
* sleep: (libc)Sleeping.
* snprintf: (libc)Formatted Output Functions.
* socket: (libc)Creating a Socket.
* socketpair: (libc)Socket Pairs.
* sprintf: (libc)Formatted Output Functions.
* sqrt: (libc)Exponents and Logarithms.
* sqrtf: (libc)Exponents and Logarithms.
* sqrtl: (libc)Exponents and Logarithms.
* srand48: (libc)SVID Random.
* srand48_r: (libc)SVID Random.
* srand: (libc)ISO Random.
* srandom: (libc)BSD Random.
* srandom_r: (libc)BSD Random.
* sscanf: (libc)Formatted Input Functions.
* ssignal: (libc)Basic Signal Handling.
* stat64: (libc)Reading Attributes.
* stat: (libc)Reading Attributes.
* stime: (libc)Simple Calendar Time.
* stpcpy: (libc)Copying and Concatenation.
* stpncpy: (libc)Copying and Concatenation.
* strcasecmp: (libc)String/Array Comparison.
* strcasestr: (libc)Search Functions.
* strcat: (libc)Copying and Concatenation.
* strchr: (libc)Search Functions.
* strchrnul: (libc)Search Functions.
* strcmp: (libc)String/Array Comparison.
* strcoll: (libc)Collation Functions.
* strcpy: (libc)Copying and Concatenation.
* strcspn: (libc)Search Functions.
* strdup: (libc)Copying and Concatenation.
* strdupa: (libc)Copying and Concatenation.
* strerror: (libc)Error Messages.
* strerror_r: (libc)Error Messages.
* strfmon: (libc)Formatting Numbers.
* strfry: (libc)strfry.
* strftime: (libc)Formatting Calendar Time.
* strlen: (libc)String Length.
* strncasecmp: (libc)String/Array Comparison.
* strncat: (libc)Copying and Concatenation.
* strncmp: (libc)String/Array Comparison.
* strncpy: (libc)Copying and Concatenation.
* strndup: (libc)Copying and Concatenation.
* strndupa: (libc)Copying and Concatenation.
* strnlen: (libc)String Length.
* strpbrk: (libc)Search Functions.
* strptime: (libc)Low-Level Time String Parsing.
* strrchr: (libc)Search Functions.
* strsep: (libc)Finding Tokens in a String.
* strsignal: (libc)Signal Messages.
* strspn: (libc)Search Functions.
* strstr: (libc)Search Functions.
* strtod: (libc)Parsing of Floats.
* strtof: (libc)Parsing of Floats.
* strtoimax: (libc)Parsing of Integers.
* strtok: (libc)Finding Tokens in a String.
* strtok_r: (libc)Finding Tokens in a String.
* strtol: (libc)Parsing of Integers.
* strtold: (libc)Parsing of Floats.
* strtoll: (libc)Parsing of Integers.
* strtoq: (libc)Parsing of Integers.
* strtoul: (libc)Parsing of Integers.
* strtoull: (libc)Parsing of Integers.
* strtoumax: (libc)Parsing of Integers.
* strtouq: (libc)Parsing of Integers.
* strverscmp: (libc)String/Array Comparison.
* strxfrm: (libc)Collation Functions.
* stty: (libc)BSD Terminal Modes.
* swapcontext: (libc)System V contexts.
* swprintf: (libc)Formatted Output Functions.
* swscanf: (libc)Formatted Input Functions.
* symlink: (libc)Symbolic Links.
* sync: (libc)Synchronizing I/O.
* syscall: (libc)System Calls.
* sysconf: (libc)Sysconf Definition.
* sysctl: (libc)System Parameters.
* syslog: (libc)syslog; vsyslog.
* system: (libc)Running a Command.
* sysv_signal: (libc)Basic Signal Handling.
* tan: (libc)Trig Functions.
* tanf: (libc)Trig Functions.
* tanh: (libc)Hyperbolic Functions.
* tanhf: (libc)Hyperbolic Functions.
* tanhl: (libc)Hyperbolic Functions.
* tanl: (libc)Trig Functions.
* tcdrain: (libc)Line Control.
* tcflow: (libc)Line Control.
* tcflush: (libc)Line Control.
* tcgetattr: (libc)Mode Functions.
* tcgetpgrp: (libc)Terminal Access Functions.
* tcgetsid: (libc)Terminal Access Functions.
* tcsendbreak: (libc)Line Control.
* tcsetattr: (libc)Mode Functions.
* tcsetpgrp: (libc)Terminal Access Functions.
* tdelete: (libc)Tree Search Function.
* tdestroy: (libc)Tree Search Function.
* telldir: (libc)Random Access Directory.
* tempnam: (libc)Temporary Files.
* textdomain: (libc)Locating gettext catalog.
* tfind: (libc)Tree Search Function.
* tgamma: (libc)Special Functions.
* tgammaf: (libc)Special Functions.
* tgammal: (libc)Special Functions.
* time: (libc)Simple Calendar Time.
* timegm: (libc)Broken-down Time.
* timelocal: (libc)Broken-down Time.
* times: (libc)Processor Time.
* tmpfile64: (libc)Temporary Files.
* tmpfile: (libc)Temporary Files.
* tmpnam: (libc)Temporary Files.
* tmpnam_r: (libc)Temporary Files.
* toascii: (libc)Case Conversion.
* tolower: (libc)Case Conversion.
* toupper: (libc)Case Conversion.
* towctrans: (libc)Wide Character Case Conversion.
* towlower: (libc)Wide Character Case Conversion.
* towupper: (libc)Wide Character Case Conversion.
* trunc: (libc)Rounding Functions.
* truncate64: (libc)File Size.
* truncate: (libc)File Size.
* truncf: (libc)Rounding Functions.
* truncl: (libc)Rounding Functions.
* tsearch: (libc)Tree Search Function.
* ttyname: (libc)Is It a Terminal.
* ttyname_r: (libc)Is It a Terminal.
* twalk: (libc)Tree Search Function.
* tzset: (libc)Time Zone Functions.
* ulimit: (libc)Limits on Resources.
* umask: (libc)Setting Permissions.
* umount2: (libc)Mount-Unmount-Remount.
* umount: (libc)Mount-Unmount-Remount.
* uname: (libc)Platform Type.
* ungetc: (libc)How Unread.
* ungetwc: (libc)How Unread.
* unlink: (libc)Deleting Files.
* unlockpt: (libc)Allocation.
* unsetenv: (libc)Environment Access.
* updwtmp: (libc)Manipulating the Database.
* utime: (libc)File Times.
* utimes: (libc)File Times.
* utmpname: (libc)Manipulating the Database.
* utmpxname: (libc)XPG Functions.
* va_arg: (libc)Argument Macros.
* va_copy: (libc)Argument Macros.
* va_end: (libc)Argument Macros.
* va_start: (libc)Argument Macros.
* valloc: (libc)Aligned Memory Blocks.
* vasprintf: (libc)Variable Arguments Output.
* verr: (libc)Error Messages.
* verrx: (libc)Error Messages.
* versionsort64: (libc)Scanning Directory Content.
* versionsort: (libc)Scanning Directory Content.
* vfork: (libc)Creating a Process.
* vfprintf: (libc)Variable Arguments Output.
* vfscanf: (libc)Variable Arguments Input.
* vfwprintf: (libc)Variable Arguments Output.
* vfwscanf: (libc)Variable Arguments Input.
* vlimit: (libc)Limits on Resources.
* vprintf: (libc)Variable Arguments Output.
* vscanf: (libc)Variable Arguments Input.
* vsnprintf: (libc)Variable Arguments Output.
* vsprintf: (libc)Variable Arguments Output.
* vsscanf: (libc)Variable Arguments Input.
* vswprintf: (libc)Variable Arguments Output.
* vswscanf: (libc)Variable Arguments Input.
* vsyslog: (libc)syslog; vsyslog.
* vtimes: (libc)Resource Usage.
* vwarn: (libc)Error Messages.
* vwarnx: (libc)Error Messages.
* vwprintf: (libc)Variable Arguments Output.
* vwscanf: (libc)Variable Arguments Input.
* wait3: (libc)BSD Wait Functions.
* wait4: (libc)Process Completion.
* wait: (libc)Process Completion.
* waitpid: (libc)Process Completion.
* warn: (libc)Error Messages.
* warnx: (libc)Error Messages.
* wcpcpy: (libc)Copying and Concatenation.
* wcpncpy: (libc)Copying and Concatenation.
* wcrtomb: (libc)Converting a Character.
* wcscasecmp: (libc)String/Array Comparison.
* wcscat: (libc)Copying and Concatenation.
* wcschr: (libc)Search Functions.
* wcschrnul: (libc)Search Functions.
* wcscmp: (libc)String/Array Comparison.
* wcscoll: (libc)Collation Functions.
* wcscpy: (libc)Copying and Concatenation.
* wcscspn: (libc)Search Functions.
* wcsdup: (libc)Copying and Concatenation.
* wcsftime: (libc)Formatting Calendar Time.
* wcslen: (libc)String Length.
* wcsncasecmp: (libc)String/Array Comparison.
* wcsncat: (libc)Copying and Concatenation.
* wcsncmp: (libc)String/Array Comparison.
* wcsncpy: (libc)Copying and Concatenation.
* wcsnlen: (libc)String Length.
* wcsnrtombs: (libc)Converting Strings.
* wcspbrk: (libc)Search Functions.
* wcsrchr: (libc)Search Functions.
* wcsrtombs: (libc)Converting Strings.
* wcsspn: (libc)Search Functions.
* wcsstr: (libc)Search Functions.
* wcstod: (libc)Parsing of Floats.
* wcstof: (libc)Parsing of Floats.
* wcstoimax: (libc)Parsing of Integers.
* wcstok: (libc)Finding Tokens in a String.
* wcstol: (libc)Parsing of Integers.
* wcstold: (libc)Parsing of Floats.
* wcstoll: (libc)Parsing of Integers.
* wcstombs: (libc)Non-reentrant String Conversion.
* wcstoq: (libc)Parsing of Integers.
* wcstoul: (libc)Parsing of Integers.
* wcstoull: (libc)Parsing of Integers.
* wcstoumax: (libc)Parsing of Integers.
* wcstouq: (libc)Parsing of Integers.
* wcswcs: (libc)Search Functions.
* wcsxfrm: (libc)Collation Functions.
* wctob: (libc)Converting a Character.
* wctomb: (libc)Non-reentrant Character Conversion.
* wctrans: (libc)Wide Character Case Conversion.
* wctype: (libc)Classification of Wide Characters.
* wmemchr: (libc)Search Functions.
* wmemcmp: (libc)String/Array Comparison.
* wmemcpy: (libc)Copying and Concatenation.
* wmemmove: (libc)Copying and Concatenation.
* wmempcpy: (libc)Copying and Concatenation.
* wmemset: (libc)Copying and Concatenation.
* wordexp: (libc)Calling Wordexp.
* wordfree: (libc)Calling Wordexp.
* wprintf: (libc)Formatted Output Functions.
* write: (libc)I/O Primitives.
* writev: (libc)Scatter-Gather.
* wscanf: (libc)Formatted Input Functions.
* y0: (libc)Special Functions.
* y0f: (libc)Special Functions.
* y0l: (libc)Special Functions.
* y1: (libc)Special Functions.
* y1f: (libc)Special Functions.
* y1l: (libc)Special Functions.
* yn: (libc)Special Functions.
* ynf: (libc)Special Functions.
* ynl: (libc)Special Functions.
This file documents the GNU C Library.
This is `The GNU C Library Reference Manual', for version 2.19
Copyright (C) 1993-2014 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document
under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version
1.3 or any later version published by the Free Software Foundation;
with the Invariant Sections being "Free Software Needs Free
Documentation" and "GNU Lesser General Public License", the Front-Cover
texts being "A GNU Manual", and with the Back-Cover Texts as in (a)
below. A copy of the license is included in the section entitled "GNU
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(a) The FSF's Back-Cover Text is: "You have the freedom to copy and
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Appendix B Summary of Library Facilities
This appendix is a complete list of the facilities declared within the
header files supplied with the GNU C Library. Each entry also lists the
standard or other source from which each facility is derived, and tells
you where in the manual you can find more information about how to use
`long int a64l (const char *STRING)'
`stdlib.h' (XPG): *note Encode Binary Data::.
`void abort (void)'
`stdlib.h' (ISO): *note Aborting a Program::.
`int abs (int NUMBER)'
`stdlib.h' (ISO): *note Absolute Value::.
`int accept (int SOCKET, struct sockaddr *ADDR, socklen_t *LENGTH_PTR)'
`sys/socket.h' (BSD): *note Accepting Connections::.
`int access (const char *FILENAME, int HOW)'
`unistd.h' (POSIX.1): *note Testing File Access::.
`utmp.h' (SVID): *note Manipulating the Database::.
`double acos (double X)'
`math.h' (ISO): *note Inverse Trig Functions::.
`float acosf (float X)'
`math.h' (ISO): *note Inverse Trig Functions::.
`double acosh (double X)'
`math.h' (ISO): *note Hyperbolic Functions::.
`float acoshf (float X)'
`math.h' (ISO): *note Hyperbolic Functions::.
`long double acoshl (long double X)'
`math.h' (ISO): *note Hyperbolic Functions::.
`long double acosl (long double X)'
`math.h' (ISO): *note Inverse Trig Functions::.
`int addmntent (FILE *STREAM, const struct mntent *MNT)'
`mntent.h' (BSD): *note mtab::.
`int adjtime (const struct timeval *DELTA, struct timeval *OLDDELTA)'
`sys/time.h' (BSD): *note High-Resolution Calendar::.
`int adjtimex (struct timex *TIMEX)'
`sys/timex.h' (GNU): *note High-Resolution Calendar::.
`sys/socket.h' (GNU): *note Address Formats::.
`sys/socket.h' (BSD): *note Address Formats::.
`sys/socket.h' (IPv6 Basic API): *note Address Formats::.
`sys/socket.h' (POSIX): *note Address Formats::.
`sys/socket.h' (BSD, Unix98): *note Address Formats::.
`sys/socket.h' (BSD): *note Address Formats::.
`int aio_cancel (int FILDES, struct aiocb *AIOCBP)'
`aio.h' (POSIX.1b): *note Cancel AIO Operations::.
`int aio_cancel64 (int FILDES, struct aiocb64 *AIOCBP)'
`aio.h' (Unix98): *note Cancel AIO Operations::.
`int aio_error (const struct aiocb *AIOCBP)'
`aio.h' (POSIX.1b): *note Status of AIO Operations::.
`int aio_error64 (const struct aiocb64 *AIOCBP)'
`aio.h' (Unix98): *note Status of AIO Operations::.
`int aio_fsync (int OP, struct aiocb *AIOCBP)'
`aio.h' (POSIX.1b): *note Synchronizing AIO Operations::.
`int aio_fsync64 (int OP, struct aiocb64 *AIOCBP)'
`aio.h' (Unix98): *note Synchronizing AIO Operations::.
`void aio_init (const struct aioinit *INIT)'
`aio.h' (GNU): *note Configuration of AIO::.
`int aio_read (struct aiocb *AIOCBP)'
`aio.h' (POSIX.1b): *note Asynchronous Reads/Writes::.
`int aio_read64 (struct aiocb64 *AIOCBP)'
`aio.h' (Unix98): *note Asynchronous Reads/Writes::.
`ssize_t aio_return (struct aiocb *AIOCBP)'
`aio.h' (POSIX.1b): *note Status of AIO Operations::.
`ssize_t aio_return64 (struct aiocb64 *AIOCBP)'
`aio.h' (Unix98): *note Status of AIO Operations::.
`int aio_suspend (const struct aiocb *const LIST[], int NENT, const struct timespec *TIMEOUT)'
`aio.h' (POSIX.1b): *note Synchronizing AIO Operations::.
`int aio_suspend64 (const struct aiocb64 *const LIST[], int NENT, const struct timespec *TIMEOUT)'
`aio.h' (Unix98): *note Synchronizing AIO Operations::.
`int aio_write (struct aiocb *AIOCBP)'
`aio.h' (POSIX.1b): *note Asynchronous Reads/Writes::.
`int aio_write64 (struct aiocb64 *AIOCBP)'
`aio.h' (Unix98): *note Asynchronous Reads/Writes::.
`unsigned int alarm (unsigned int SECONDS)'
`unistd.h' (POSIX.1): *note Setting an Alarm::.
`void * aligned_alloc (size_t ALIGNMENT, size_t SIZE)'
`stdlib.h' (stdlib.h): *note Aligned Memory Blocks::.
`void * alloca (size_t SIZE)'
`stdlib.h' (GNU, BSD): *note Variable Size Automatic::.
`int alphasort (const void *A, const void *B)'
`dirent.h' (BSD/SVID): *note Scanning Directory Content::.
`int alphasort64 (const void *A, const void *B)'
`dirent.h' (GNU): *note Scanning Directory Content::.
`tcflag_t ALTWERASE'
`termios.h' (BSD): *note Local Modes::.
`int ARG_MAX'
`limits.h' (POSIX.1): *note General Limits::.
`error_t argp_err_exit_status'
`argp.h' (GNU): *note Argp Global Variables::.
`void argp_error (const struct argp_state *STATE, const char *FMT, ...)'
`argp.h' (GNU): *note Argp Helper Functions::.
`argp.h' (GNU): *note Argp Parser Functions::.
`void argp_failure (const struct argp_state *STATE, int STATUS, int ERRNUM, const char *FMT, ...)'
`argp.h' (GNU): *note Argp Helper Functions::.
`void argp_help (const struct argp *ARGP, FILE *STREAM, unsigned FLAGS, char *NAME)'
`argp.h' (GNU): *note Argp Help::.
`argp.h' (GNU): *note Argp Flags::.
`argp.h' (GNU): *note Argp Special Keys::.
`argp.h' (GNU): *note Argp Special Keys::.
`argp.h' (GNU): *note Argp Special Keys::.
`argp.h' (GNU): *note Argp Special Keys::.
`argp.h' (GNU): *note Argp Special Keys::.
`argp.h' (GNU): *note Argp Help Filter Keys::.
`argp.h' (GNU): *note Argp Help Filter Keys::.
`argp.h' (GNU): *note Argp Help Filter Keys::.
`argp.h' (GNU): *note Argp Help Filter Keys::.
`argp.h' (GNU): *note Argp Help Filter Keys::.
`argp.h' (GNU): *note Argp Help Filter Keys::.
`argp.h' (GNU): *note Argp Special Keys::.
`argp.h' (GNU): *note Argp Special Keys::.
`argp.h' (GNU): *note Argp Special Keys::.
`argp.h' (GNU): *note Argp Flags::.
`argp.h' (GNU): *note Argp Flags::.
`argp.h' (GNU): *note Argp Flags::.
`argp.h' (GNU): *note Argp Flags::.
`argp.h' (GNU): *note Argp Flags::.
`error_t argp_parse (const struct argp *ARGP, int ARGC, char **ARGV, unsigned FLAGS, int *ARG_INDEX, void *INPUT)'
`argp.h' (GNU): *note Suboptions: Argp.
`argp.h' (GNU): *note Argp Flags::.
`const char * argp_program_bug_address'
`argp.h' (GNU): *note Argp Global Variables::.
`const char * argp_program_version'
`argp.h' (GNU): *note Argp Global Variables::.
`argp.h' (GNU): *note Argp Global Variables::.
`argp.h' (GNU): *note Argp Flags::.
`void argp_state_help (const struct argp_state *STATE, FILE *STREAM, unsigned FLAGS)'
`argp.h' (GNU): *note Argp Helper Functions::.
`void argp_usage (const struct argp_state *STATE)'
`argp.h' (GNU): *note Argp Helper Functions::.
`error_t argz_add (char **ARGZ, size_t *ARGZ_LEN, const char *STR)'
`argz.h' (GNU): *note Argz Functions::.
`error_t argz_add_sep (char **ARGZ, size_t *ARGZ_LEN, const char *STR, int DELIM)'
`argz.h' (GNU): *note Argz Functions::.
`error_t argz_append (char **ARGZ, size_t *ARGZ_LEN, const char *BUF, size_t BUF_LEN)'
`argz.h' (GNU): *note Argz Functions::.
`size_t argz_count (const char *ARGZ, size_t ARG_LEN)'
`argz.h' (GNU): *note Argz Functions::.
`error_t argz_create (char *const ARGV[], char **ARGZ, size_t *ARGZ_LEN)'
`argz.h' (GNU): *note Argz Functions::.
`error_t argz_create_sep (const char *STRING, int SEP, char **ARGZ, size_t *ARGZ_LEN)'
`argz.h' (GNU): *note Argz Functions::.
`void argz_delete (char **ARGZ, size_t *ARGZ_LEN, char *ENTRY)'
`argz.h' (GNU): *note Argz Functions::.
`void argz_extract (const char *ARGZ, size_t ARGZ_LEN, char **ARGV)'
`argz.h' (GNU): *note Argz Functions::.
`error_t argz_insert (char **ARGZ, size_t *ARGZ_LEN, char *BEFORE, const char *ENTRY)'
`argz.h' (GNU): *note Argz Functions::.
`char * argz_next (const char *ARGZ, size_t ARGZ_LEN, const char *ENTRY)'
`argz.h' (GNU): *note Argz Functions::.
`error_t argz_replace (char **ARGZ, size_t *ARGZ_LEN, const char *STR, const char *WITH, unsigned *REPLACE_COUNT)'
`argz.h' (GNU): *note Argz Functions::.
`void argz_stringify (char *ARGZ, size_t LEN, int SEP)'
`argz.h' (GNU): *note Argz Functions::.
`char * asctime (const struct tm *BROKENTIME)'
`time.h' (ISO): *note Formatting Calendar Time::.
`char * asctime_r (const struct tm *BROKENTIME, char *BUFFER)'
`time.h' (POSIX.1c): *note Formatting Calendar Time::.
`double asin (double X)'
`math.h' (ISO): *note Inverse Trig Functions::.
`float asinf (float X)'
`math.h' (ISO): *note Inverse Trig Functions::.
`double asinh (double X)'
`math.h' (ISO): *note Hyperbolic Functions::.
`float asinhf (float X)'
`math.h' (ISO): *note Hyperbolic Functions::.
`long double asinhl (long double X)'
`math.h' (ISO): *note Hyperbolic Functions::.
`long double asinl (long double X)'
`math.h' (ISO): *note Inverse Trig Functions::.
`int asprintf (char **PTR, const char *TEMPLATE, ...)'
`stdio.h' (GNU): *note Dynamic Output::.
`void assert (int EXPRESSION)'
`assert.h' (ISO): *note Consistency Checking::.
`void assert_perror (int ERRNUM)'
`assert.h' (GNU): *note Consistency Checking::.
`double atan (double X)'
`math.h' (ISO): *note Inverse Trig Functions::.
`double atan2 (double Y, double X)'
`math.h' (ISO): *note Inverse Trig Functions::.
`float atan2f (float Y, float X)'
`math.h' (ISO): *note Inverse Trig Functions::.
`long double atan2l (long double Y, long double X)'
`math.h' (ISO): *note Inverse Trig Functions::.
`float atanf (float X)'
`math.h' (ISO): *note Inverse Trig Functions::.
`double atanh (double X)'
`math.h' (ISO): *note Hyperbolic Functions::.
`float atanhf (float X)'
`math.h' (ISO): *note Hyperbolic Functions::.
`long double atanhl (long double X)'
`math.h' (ISO): *note Hyperbolic Functions::.
`long double atanl (long double X)'
`math.h' (ISO): *note Inverse Trig Functions::.
`int atexit (void (*FUNCTION) (void))'
`stdlib.h' (ISO): *note Cleanups on Exit::.
`double atof (const char *STRING)'
`stdlib.h' (ISO): *note Parsing of Floats::.
`int atoi (const char *STRING)'
`stdlib.h' (ISO): *note Parsing of Integers::.
`long int atol (const char *STRING)'
`stdlib.h' (ISO): *note Parsing of Integers::.
`long long int atoll (const char *STRING)'
`stdlib.h' (ISO): *note Parsing of Integers::.
`termios.h' (POSIX.1): *note Line Speed::.
`termios.h' (POSIX.1): *note Line Speed::.
`termios.h' (GNU): *note Line Speed::.
`termios.h' (POSIX.1): *note Line Speed::.
`termios.h' (POSIX.1): *note Line Speed::.
`termios.h' (POSIX.1): *note Line Speed::.
`termios.h' (POSIX.1): *note Line Speed::.
`termios.h' (POSIX.1): *note Line Speed::.
`termios.h' (POSIX.1): *note Line Speed::.
`termios.h' (GNU): *note Line Speed::.
`termios.h' (POSIX.1): *note Line Speed::.
`termios.h' (POSIX.1): *note Line Speed::.
`termios.h' (POSIX.1): *note Line Speed::.
`termios.h' (GNU): *note Line Speed::.
`termios.h' (POSIX.1): *note Line Speed::.
`termios.h' (POSIX.1): *note Line Speed::.
`termios.h' (GNU): *note Line Speed::.
`termios.h' (POSIX.1): *note Line Speed::.
`termios.h' (POSIX.1): *note Line Speed::.
`termios.h' (POSIX.1): *note Line Speed::.
`int backtrace (void **BUFFER, int SIZE)'
`execinfo.h' (GNU): *note Backtraces::.
`char ** backtrace_symbols (void *const *BUFFER, int SIZE)'
`execinfo.h' (GNU): *note Backtraces::.
`void backtrace_symbols_fd (void *const *BUFFER, int SIZE, int FD)'
`execinfo.h' (GNU): *note Backtraces::.
`char * basename (const char *FILENAME)'
`string.h' (GNU): *note Finding Tokens in a String::.
`char * basename (const char *PATH)'
`libgen.h' (XPG): *note Finding Tokens in a String::.
`limits.h' (POSIX.2): *note Utility Limits::.
`int BC_DIM_MAX'
`limits.h' (POSIX.2): *note Utility Limits::.
`int bcmp (const void *A1, const void *A2, size_t SIZE)'
`string.h' (BSD): *note String/Array Comparison::.
`void bcopy (const void *FROM, void *TO, size_t SIZE)'
`string.h' (BSD): *note Copying and Concatenation::.
`limits.h' (POSIX.2): *note Utility Limits::.
`limits.h' (POSIX.2): *note Utility Limits::.
`int bind (int SOCKET, struct sockaddr *ADDR, socklen_t LENGTH)'
`sys/socket.h' (BSD): *note Setting Address::.
`char * bindtextdomain (const char *DOMAINNAME, const char *DIRNAME)'
`libintl.h' (GNU): *note Locating gettext catalog::.
`char * bind_textdomain_codeset (const char *DOMAINNAME, const char *CODESET)'
`libintl.h' (GNU): *note Charset conversion in gettext::.
`sys/types.h' (Unix98): *note Attribute Meanings::.
`sys/types.h' (Unix98): *note Attribute Meanings::.
`utmp.h' (SVID): *note Manipulating the Database::.
`utmpx.h' (XPG4.2): *note XPG Functions::.
`int brk (void *ADDR)'
`unistd.h' (BSD): *note Resizing the Data Segment::.
`tcflag_t BRKINT'
`termios.h' (POSIX.1): *note Input Modes::.
(GNU): *note Feature Test Macros::.
`void * bsearch (const void *KEY, const void *ARRAY, size_t COUNT, size_t SIZE, comparison_fn_t COMPARE)'
`stdlib.h' (ISO): *note Array Search Function::.
`wint_t btowc (int C)'
`wchar.h' (ISO): *note Converting a Character::.
`int BUFSIZ'
`stdio.h' (ISO): *note Controlling Buffering::.
`void bzero (void *BLOCK, size_t SIZE)'
`string.h' (BSD): *note Copying and Concatenation::.
`double cabs (complex double Z)'
`complex.h' (ISO): *note Absolute Value::.
`float cabsf (complex float Z)'
`complex.h' (ISO): *note Absolute Value::.
`long double cabsl (complex long double Z)'
`complex.h' (ISO): *note Absolute Value::.
`complex double cacos (complex double Z)'
`complex.h' (ISO): *note Inverse Trig Functions::.
`complex float cacosf (complex float Z)'
`complex.h' (ISO): *note Inverse Trig Functions::.
`complex double cacosh (complex double Z)'
`complex.h' (ISO): *note Hyperbolic Functions::.
`complex float cacoshf (complex float Z)'
`complex.h' (ISO): *note Hyperbolic Functions::.
`complex long double cacoshl (complex long double Z)'
`complex.h' (ISO): *note Hyperbolic Functions::.
`complex long double cacosl (complex long double Z)'
`complex.h' (ISO): *note Inverse Trig Functions::.
`void * calloc (size_t COUNT, size_t ELTSIZE)'
`malloc.h', `stdlib.h' (ISO): *note Allocating Cleared Space::.
`char * canonicalize_file_name (const char *NAME)'
`stdlib.h' (GNU): *note Symbolic Links::.
`double carg (complex double Z)'
`complex.h' (ISO): *note Operations on Complex::.
`float cargf (complex float Z)'
`complex.h' (ISO): *note Operations on Complex::.
`long double cargl (complex long double Z)'
`complex.h' (ISO): *note Operations on Complex::.
`complex double casin (complex double Z)'
`complex.h' (ISO): *note Inverse Trig Functions::.
`complex float casinf (complex float Z)'
`complex.h' (ISO): *note Inverse Trig Functions::.
`complex double casinh (complex double Z)'
`complex.h' (ISO): *note Hyperbolic Functions::.
`complex float casinhf (complex float Z)'
`complex.h' (ISO): *note Hyperbolic Functions::.
`complex long double casinhl (complex long double Z)'
`complex.h' (ISO): *note Hyperbolic Functions::.
`complex long double casinl (complex long double Z)'
`complex.h' (ISO): *note Inverse Trig Functions::.
`complex double catan (complex double Z)'
`complex.h' (ISO): *note Inverse Trig Functions::.
`complex float catanf (complex float Z)'
`complex.h' (ISO): *note Inverse Trig Functions::.
`complex double catanh (complex double Z)'
`complex.h' (ISO): *note Hyperbolic Functions::.
`complex float catanhf (complex float Z)'
`complex.h' (ISO): *note Hyperbolic Functions::.
`complex long double catanhl (complex long double Z)'
`complex.h' (ISO): *note Hyperbolic Functions::.
`complex long double catanl (complex long double Z)'
`complex.h' (ISO): *note Inverse Trig Functions::.
`nl_catd catopen (const char *CAT_NAME, int FLAG)'
`nl_types.h' (X/Open): *note The catgets Functions::.
`int cbc_crypt (char *KEY, char *BLOCKS, unsigned LEN, unsigned MODE, char *IVEC)'
`rpc/des_crypt.h' (SUNRPC): *note DES Encryption::.
`double cbrt (double X)'
`math.h' (BSD): *note Exponents and Logarithms::.
`float cbrtf (float X)'
`math.h' (BSD): *note Exponents and Logarithms::.
`long double cbrtl (long double X)'
`math.h' (BSD): *note Exponents and Logarithms::.
`complex double ccos (complex double Z)'
`complex.h' (ISO): *note Trig Functions::.
`complex float ccosf (complex float Z)'
`complex.h' (ISO): *note Trig Functions::.
`complex double ccosh (complex double Z)'
`complex.h' (ISO): *note Hyperbolic Functions::.
`complex float ccoshf (complex float Z)'
`complex.h' (ISO): *note Hyperbolic Functions::.
`complex long double ccoshl (complex long double Z)'
`complex.h' (ISO): *note Hyperbolic Functions::.
`complex long double ccosl (complex long double Z)'
`complex.h' (ISO): *note Trig Functions::.
`termios.h' (POSIX.1): *note Mode Data Types::.
`tcflag_t CCTS_OFLOW'
`termios.h' (BSD): *note Control Modes::.
`double ceil (double X)'
`math.h' (ISO): *note Rounding Functions::.
`float ceilf (float X)'
`math.h' (ISO): *note Rounding Functions::.
`long double ceill (long double X)'
`math.h' (ISO): *note Rounding Functions::.
`complex double cexp (complex double Z)'
`complex.h' (ISO): *note Exponents and Logarithms::.
`complex float cexpf (complex float Z)'
`complex.h' (ISO): *note Exponents and Logarithms::.
`complex long double cexpl (complex long double Z)'
`complex.h' (ISO): *note Exponents and Logarithms::.
`speed_t cfgetispeed (const struct termios *TERMIOS-P)'
`termios.h' (POSIX.1): *note Line Speed::.
`speed_t cfgetospeed (const struct termios *TERMIOS-P)'
`termios.h' (POSIX.1): *note Line Speed::.
`void cfmakeraw (struct termios *TERMIOS-P)'
`termios.h' (BSD): *note Noncanonical Input::.
`void cfree (void *PTR)'
`stdlib.h' (Sun): *note Freeing after Malloc::.
`int cfsetispeed (struct termios *TERMIOS-P, speed_t SPEED)'
`termios.h' (POSIX.1): *note Line Speed::.
`int cfsetospeed (struct termios *TERMIOS-P, speed_t SPEED)'
`termios.h' (POSIX.1): *note Line Speed::.
`int cfsetspeed (struct termios *TERMIOS-P, speed_t SPEED)'
`termios.h' (BSD): *note Line Speed::.
`limits.h' (ISO): *note Width of Type::.
`limits.h' (ISO): *note Range of Type::.
`limits.h' (ISO): *note Range of Type::.
`int chdir (const char *FILENAME)'
`unistd.h' (POSIX.1): *note Working Directory::.
`limits.h' (POSIX.1): *note General Limits::.
`int chmod (const char *FILENAME, mode_t MODE)'
`sys/stat.h' (POSIX.1): *note Setting Permissions::.
`int chown (const char *FILENAME, uid_t OWNER, gid_t GROUP)'
`unistd.h' (POSIX.1): *note File Owner::.
`tcflag_t CIGNORE'
`termios.h' (BSD): *note Control Modes::.
`double cimag (complex double Z)'
`complex.h' (ISO): *note Operations on Complex::.
`float cimagf (complex float Z)'
`complex.h' (ISO): *note Operations on Complex::.
`long double cimagl (complex long double Z)'
`complex.h' (ISO): *note Operations on Complex::.
`int clearenv (void)'
`stdlib.h' (GNU): *note Environment Access::.
`void clearerr (FILE *STREAM)'
`stdio.h' (ISO): *note Error Recovery::.
`void clearerr_unlocked (FILE *STREAM)'
`stdio.h' (GNU): *note Error Recovery::.
`int CLK_TCK'
`time.h' (POSIX.1): *note Processor Time::.
`tcflag_t CLOCAL'
`termios.h' (POSIX.1): *note Control Modes::.
`clock_t clock (void)'
`time.h' (ISO): *note CPU Time::.
`time.h' (ISO): *note CPU Time::.
`time.h' (ISO): *note CPU Time::.
`complex double clog (complex double Z)'
`complex.h' (ISO): *note Exponents and Logarithms::.
`complex double clog10 (complex double Z)'
`complex.h' (GNU): *note Exponents and Logarithms::.
`complex float clog10f (complex float Z)'
`complex.h' (GNU): *note Exponents and Logarithms::.
`complex long double clog10l (complex long double Z)'
`complex.h' (GNU): *note Exponents and Logarithms::.
`complex float clogf (complex float Z)'
`complex.h' (ISO): *note Exponents and Logarithms::.
`complex long double clogl (complex long double Z)'
`complex.h' (ISO): *note Exponents and Logarithms::.
`int close (int FILEDES)'
`unistd.h' (POSIX.1): *note Opening and Closing Files::.
`int closedir (DIR *DIRSTREAM)'
`dirent.h' (POSIX.1): *note Reading/Closing Directory::.
`void closelog (void)'
`syslog.h' (BSD): *note closelog::.
`limits.h' (POSIX.2): *note Utility Limits::.
`size_t confstr (int PARAMETER, char *BUF, size_t LEN)'
`unistd.h' (POSIX.2): *note String Parameters::.
`complex double conj (complex double Z)'
`complex.h' (ISO): *note Operations on Complex::.
`complex float conjf (complex float Z)'
`complex.h' (ISO): *note Operations on Complex::.
`complex long double conjl (complex long double Z)'
`complex.h' (ISO): *note Operations on Complex::.
`int connect (int SOCKET, struct sockaddr *ADDR, socklen_t LENGTH)'
`sys/socket.h' (BSD): *note Connecting::.
`stdio.h' (GNU): *note Hook Functions::.
`stdio.h' (GNU): *note Streams and Cookies::.
`stdio.h' (GNU): *note Hook Functions::.
`stdio.h' (GNU): *note Hook Functions::.
`stdio.h' (GNU): *note Hook Functions::.
`double copysign (double X, double Y)'
`math.h' (ISO): *note FP Bit Twiddling::.
`float copysignf (float X, float Y)'
`math.h' (ISO): *note FP Bit Twiddling::.
`long double copysignl (long double X, long double Y)'
`math.h' (ISO): *note FP Bit Twiddling::.
`double cos (double X)'
`math.h' (ISO): *note Trig Functions::.
`float cosf (float X)'
`math.h' (ISO): *note Trig Functions::.
`double cosh (double X)'
`math.h' (ISO): *note Hyperbolic Functions::.
`float coshf (float X)'
`math.h' (ISO): *note Hyperbolic Functions::.
`long double coshl (long double X)'
`math.h' (ISO): *note Hyperbolic Functions::.
`long double cosl (long double X)'
`math.h' (ISO): *note Trig Functions::.
`complex double cpow (complex double BASE, complex double POWER)'
`complex.h' (ISO): *note Exponents and Logarithms::.
`complex float cpowf (complex float BASE, complex float POWER)'
`complex.h' (ISO): *note Exponents and Logarithms::.
`complex long double cpowl (complex long double BASE, complex long double POWER)'
`complex.h' (ISO): *note Exponents and Logarithms::.
`complex double cproj (complex double Z)'
`complex.h' (ISO): *note Operations on Complex::.
`complex float cprojf (complex float Z)'
`complex.h' (ISO): *note Operations on Complex::.
`complex long double cprojl (complex long double Z)'
`complex.h' (ISO): *note Operations on Complex::.
`void CPU_CLR (int CPU, cpu_set_t *SET)'
`sched.h' (GNU): *note CPU Affinity::.
`int CPU_ISSET (int CPU, const cpu_set_t *SET)'
`sched.h' (GNU): *note CPU Affinity::.
`void CPU_SET (int CPU, cpu_set_t *SET)'
`sched.h' (GNU): *note CPU Affinity::.
`sched.h' (GNU): *note CPU Affinity::.
`sched.h' (GNU): *note CPU Affinity::.
`void CPU_ZERO (cpu_set_t *SET)'
`sched.h' (GNU): *note CPU Affinity::.
`tcflag_t CREAD'
`termios.h' (POSIX.1): *note Control Modes::.
`double creal (complex double Z)'
`complex.h' (ISO): *note Operations on Complex::.
`float crealf (complex float Z)'
`complex.h' (ISO): *note Operations on Complex::.
`long double creall (complex long double Z)'
`complex.h' (ISO): *note Operations on Complex::.
`int creat (const char *FILENAME, mode_t MODE)'
`fcntl.h' (POSIX.1): *note Opening and Closing Files::.
`int creat64 (const char *FILENAME, mode_t MODE)'
`fcntl.h' (Unix98): *note Opening and Closing Files::.
`tcflag_t CRTS_IFLOW'
`termios.h' (BSD): *note Control Modes::.
`char * crypt (const char *KEY, const char *SALT)'
`crypt.h' (BSD, SVID): *note crypt::.
`char * crypt_r (const char *KEY, const char *SALT, struct crypt_data * DATA)'
`crypt.h' (GNU): *note crypt::.
`tcflag_t CS5'
`termios.h' (POSIX.1): *note Control Modes::.
`tcflag_t CS6'
`termios.h' (POSIX.1): *note Control Modes::.
`tcflag_t CS7'
`termios.h' (POSIX.1): *note Control Modes::.
`tcflag_t CS8'
`termios.h' (POSIX.1): *note Control Modes::.
`complex double csin (complex double Z)'
`complex.h' (ISO): *note Trig Functions::.
`complex float csinf (complex float Z)'
`complex.h' (ISO): *note Trig Functions::.
`complex double csinh (complex double Z)'
`complex.h' (ISO): *note Hyperbolic Functions::.
`complex float csinhf (complex float Z)'
`complex.h' (ISO): *note Hyperbolic Functions::.
`complex long double csinhl (complex long double Z)'
`complex.h' (ISO): *note Hyperbolic Functions::.
`complex long double csinl (complex long double Z)'
`complex.h' (ISO): *note Trig Functions::.
`tcflag_t CSIZE'
`termios.h' (POSIX.1): *note Control Modes::.
`unistd.h' (Unix98): *note String Parameters::.
`unistd.h' (Unix98): *note String Parameters::.
`unistd.h' (Unix98): *note String Parameters::.
`unistd.h' (Unix98): *note String Parameters::.
`unistd.h' (Unix98): *note String Parameters::.
`unistd.h' (Unix98): *note String Parameters::.
`unistd.h' (Unix98): *note String Parameters::.
`unistd.h' (Unix98): *note String Parameters::.
`unistd.h' (POSIX.2): *note String Parameters::.
`complex double csqrt (complex double Z)'
`complex.h' (ISO): *note Exponents and Logarithms::.
`complex float csqrtf (complex float Z)'
`complex.h' (ISO): *note Exponents and Logarithms::.
`complex long double csqrtl (complex long double Z)'
`complex.h' (ISO): *note Exponents and Logarithms::.
`tcflag_t CSTOPB'
`termios.h' (POSIX.1): *note Control Modes::.
`complex double ctan (complex double Z)'
`complex.h' (ISO): *note Trig Functions::.
`complex float ctanf (complex float Z)'
`complex.h' (ISO): *note Trig Functions::.
`complex double ctanh (complex double Z)'
`complex.h' (ISO): *note Hyperbolic Functions::.
`complex float ctanhf (complex float Z)'
`complex.h' (ISO): *note Hyperbolic Functions::.
`complex long double ctanhl (complex long double Z)'
`complex.h' (ISO): *note Hyperbolic Functions::.
`complex long double ctanl (complex long double Z)'
`complex.h' (ISO): *note Trig Functions::.
`char * ctermid (char *STRING)'
`stdio.h' (POSIX.1): *note Identifying the Terminal::.
`char * ctime (const time_t *TIME)'
`time.h' (ISO): *note Formatting Calendar Time::.
`char * ctime_r (const time_t *TIME, char *BUFFER)'
`time.h' (POSIX.1c): *note Formatting Calendar Time::.
`char * cuserid (char *STRING)'
`stdio.h' (POSIX.1): *note Who Logged In::.
`int daylight'
`time.h' (SVID): *note Time Zone Functions::.
`float.h' (ISO): *note Floating Point Parameters::.
`float.h' (ISO): *note Floating Point Parameters::.
`float.h' (ISO): *note Floating Point Parameters::.
`float.h' (ISO): *note Floating Point Parameters::.
`float.h' (ISO): *note Floating Point Parameters::.
`float.h' (ISO): *note Floating Point Parameters::.
`float.h' (ISO): *note Floating Point Parameters::.
`float.h' (ISO): *note Floating Point Parameters::.
`float.h' (ISO): *note Floating Point Parameters::.
`char * dcgettext (const char *DOMAINNAME, const char *MSGID, int CATEGORY)'
`libintl.h' (GNU): *note Translation with gettext::.
`char * dcngettext (const char *DOMAIN, const char *MSGID1, const char *MSGID2, unsigned long int N, int CATEGORY)'
`libintl.h' (GNU): *note Advanced gettext functions::.
`utmp.h' (SVID): *note Manipulating the Database::.
`utmpx.h' (XPG4.2): *note XPG Functions::.
(GNU): *note Feature Test Macros::.
`rpc/des_crypt.h' (SUNRPC): *note DES Encryption::.
`rpc/des_crypt.h' (SUNRPC): *note DES Encryption::.
`rpc/des_crypt.h' (SUNRPC): *note DES Encryption::.
`rpc/des_crypt.h' (SUNRPC): *note DES Encryption::.
`rpc/des_crypt.h' (SUNRPC): *note DES Encryption::.
`rpc/des_crypt.h' (SUNRPC): *note DES Encryption::.
`int DES_FAILED (int ERR)'
`rpc/des_crypt.h' (SUNRPC): *note DES Encryption::.
`rpc/des_crypt.h' (SUNRPC): *note DES Encryption::.
`void des_setparity (char *KEY)'
`rpc/des_crypt.h' (SUNRPC): *note DES Encryption::.
`rpc/des_crypt.h' (SUNRPC): *note DES Encryption::.
`sys/types.h' (POSIX.1): *note Attribute Meanings::.
`char * dgettext (const char *DOMAINNAME, const char *MSGID)'
`libintl.h' (GNU): *note Translation with gettext::.
`double difftime (time_t TIME1, time_t TIME0)'
`time.h' (ISO): *note Elapsed Time::.
`dirent.h' (POSIX.1): *note Opening a Directory::.
`int dirfd (DIR *DIRSTREAM)'
`dirent.h' (GNU): *note Opening a Directory::.
`char * dirname (char *PATH)'
`libgen.h' (XPG): *note Finding Tokens in a String::.
`div_t div (int NUMERATOR, int DENOMINATOR)'
`stdlib.h' (ISO): *note Integer Division::.
`stdlib.h' (ISO): *note Integer Division::.
`char * dngettext (const char *DOMAIN, const char *MSGID1, const char *MSGID2, unsigned long int N)'
`libintl.h' (GNU): *note Advanced gettext functions::.
`double drand48 (void)'
`stdlib.h' (SVID): *note SVID Random::.
`int drand48_r (struct drand48_data *BUFFER, double *RESULT)'
`stdlib.h' (GNU): *note SVID Random::.
`double drem (double NUMERATOR, double DENOMINATOR)'
`math.h' (BSD): *note Remainder Functions::.
`float dremf (float NUMERATOR, float DENOMINATOR)'
`math.h' (BSD): *note Remainder Functions::.
`long double dreml (long double NUMERATOR, long double DENOMINATOR)'
`math.h' (BSD): *note Remainder Functions::.
`mode_t DTTOIF (int DTYPE)'
`dirent.h' (BSD): *note Directory Entries::.
`int dup (int OLD)'
`unistd.h' (POSIX.1): *note Duplicating Descriptors::.
`int dup2 (int OLD, int NEW)'
`unistd.h' (POSIX.1): *note Duplicating Descriptors::.
`int E2BIG'
`errno.h' (POSIX.1: Argument list too long): *note Error Codes::.
`int EACCES'
`errno.h' (POSIX.1: Permission denied): *note Error Codes::.
`errno.h' (BSD: Address already in use): *note Error Codes::.
`errno.h' (BSD: Cannot assign requested address): *note Error
`int EADV'
`errno.h' (Linux???: Advertise error): *note Error Codes::.
`errno.h' (BSD: Address family not supported by protocol): *note
Error Codes::.
`int EAGAIN'
`errno.h' (POSIX.1: Resource temporarily unavailable): *note
Error Codes::.
`errno.h' (BSD: Operation already in progress): *note Error
`int EAUTH'
`errno.h' (BSD: Authentication error): *note Error Codes::.
`errno.h' (GNU: Inappropriate operation for background process):
*note Error Codes::.
`int EBADE'
`errno.h' (Linux???: Invalid exchange): *note Error Codes::.
`int EBADF'
`errno.h' (POSIX.1: Bad file descriptor): *note Error Codes::.
`int EBADFD'
`errno.h' (Linux???: File descriptor in bad state): *note Error
`errno.h' (XOPEN: Bad message): *note Error Codes::.
`int EBADR'
`errno.h' (Linux???: Invalid request descriptor): *note Error
`errno.h' (BSD: RPC struct is bad): *note Error Codes::.
`errno.h' (Linux???: Invalid request code): *note Error Codes::.
`errno.h' (Linux???: Invalid slot): *note Error Codes::.
`int EBFONT'
`errno.h' (Linux???: Bad font file format): *note Error Codes::.
`int EBUSY'
`errno.h' (POSIX.1: Device or resource busy): *note Error Codes::.
`errno.h' (POSIX.1: Operation canceled): *note Error Codes::.
`int ecb_crypt (char *KEY, char *BLOCKS, unsigned LEN, unsigned MODE)'
`rpc/des_crypt.h' (SUNRPC): *note DES Encryption::.
`int ECHILD'
`errno.h' (POSIX.1: No child processes): *note Error Codes::.
`tcflag_t ECHO'
`termios.h' (POSIX.1): *note Local Modes::.
`tcflag_t ECHOCTL'
`termios.h' (BSD): *note Local Modes::.
`tcflag_t ECHOE'
`termios.h' (POSIX.1): *note Local Modes::.
`tcflag_t ECHOK'
`termios.h' (POSIX.1): *note Local Modes::.
`tcflag_t ECHOKE'
`termios.h' (BSD): *note Local Modes::.
`tcflag_t ECHONL'
`termios.h' (POSIX.1): *note Local Modes::.
`tcflag_t ECHOPRT'
`termios.h' (BSD): *note Local Modes::.
`int ECHRNG'
`errno.h' (Linux???: Channel number out of range): *note Error
`int ECOMM'
`errno.h' (Linux???: Communication error on send): *note Error
`errno.h' (BSD: Software caused connection abort): *note Error
`errno.h' (BSD: Connection refused): *note Error Codes::.
`errno.h' (BSD: Connection reset by peer): *note Error Codes::.
`char * ecvt (double VALUE, int NDIGIT, int *DECPT, int *NEG)'
`stdlib.h' (SVID, Unix98): *note System V Number Conversion::.
`int ecvt_r (double VALUE, int NDIGIT, int *DECPT, int *NEG, char *BUF, size_t LEN)'
`stdlib.h' (GNU): *note System V Number Conversion::.
`int ED'
`errno.h' (GNU: ?): *note Error Codes::.
`errno.h' (POSIX.1: Resource deadlock avoided): *note Error
`errno.h' (Linux???: File locking deadlock error): *note Error
`errno.h' (BSD: Destination address required): *note Error
`int EDIED'
`errno.h' (GNU: Translator died): *note Error Codes::.
`int EDOM'
`errno.h' (ISO: Numerical argument out of domain): *note Error
`errno.h' (Linux???: RFS specific error): *note Error Codes::.
`int EDQUOT'
`errno.h' (BSD: Disk quota exceeded): *note Error Codes::.
`int EEXIST'
`errno.h' (POSIX.1: File exists): *note Error Codes::.
`int EFAULT'
`errno.h' (POSIX.1: Bad address): *note Error Codes::.
`int EFBIG'
`errno.h' (POSIX.1: File too large): *note Error Codes::.
`int EFTYPE'
`errno.h' (BSD: Inappropriate file type or format): *note Error
`errno.h' (GNU: Gratuitous error): *note Error Codes::.
`errno.h' (GNU: You really blew it this time): *note Error
`errno.h' (BSD: Host is down): *note Error Codes::.
`errno.h' (BSD: No route to host): *note Error Codes::.
`errno.h' (Linux: Memory page has hardware error): *note Error
`int EIDRM'
`errno.h' (XOPEN: Identifier removed): *note Error Codes::.
`int EIEIO'
`errno.h' (GNU: Computer bought the farm): *note Error Codes::.
`int EILSEQ'
`errno.h' (ISO: Invalid or incomplete multibyte or wide
character): *note Error Codes::.
`errno.h' (BSD: Operation now in progress): *note Error Codes::.
`int EINTR'
`errno.h' (POSIX.1: Interrupted system call): *note Error Codes::.
`int EINVAL'
`errno.h' (POSIX.1: Invalid argument): *note Error Codes::.
`int EIO'
`errno.h' (POSIX.1: Input/output error): *note Error Codes::.
`errno.h' (BSD: Transport endpoint is already connected): *note
Error Codes::.
`int EISDIR'
`errno.h' (POSIX.1: Is a directory): *note Error Codes::.
`int EISNAM'
`errno.h' (Linux???: Is a named type file): *note Error Codes::.
`errno.h' (Linux: Key has expired): *note Error Codes::.
`errno.h' (Linux: Key was rejected by service): *note Error
`errno.h' (Linux: Key has been revoked): *note Error Codes::.
`int EL2HLT'
`errno.h' (Obsolete: Level 2 halted): *note Error Codes::.
`int EL2NSYNC'
`errno.h' (Obsolete: Level 2 not synchronized): *note Error
`int EL3HLT'
`errno.h' (Obsolete: Level 3 halted): *note Error Codes::.
`int EL3RST'
`errno.h' (Obsolete: Level 3 reset): *note Error Codes::.
`errno.h' (Linux???: Can not access a needed shared library):
*note Error Codes::.
`errno.h' (Linux???: Accessing a corrupted shared library): *note
Error Codes::.
`errno.h' (Linux???: Cannot exec a shared library directly):
*note Error Codes::.
`errno.h' (Linux???: Attempting to link in too many shared
libraries): *note Error Codes::.
`errno.h' (Linux???: .lib section in a.out corrupted): *note
Error Codes::.
`int ELNRNG'
`errno.h' (Linux???: Link number out of range): *note Error
`int ELOOP'
`errno.h' (BSD: Too many levels of symbolic links): *note Error
`errno.h' (Linux???: Wrong medium type): *note Error Codes::.
`int EMFILE'
`errno.h' (POSIX.1: Too many open files): *note Error Codes::.
`int EMLINK'
`errno.h' (POSIX.1: Too many links): *note Error Codes::.
`utmp.h' (SVID): *note Manipulating the Database::.
`utmpx.h' (XPG4.2): *note XPG Functions::.
`errno.h' (BSD: Message too long): *note Error Codes::.
`errno.h' (XOPEN: Multihop attempted): *note Error Codes::.
`errno.h' (POSIX.1: File name too long): *note Error Codes::.
`errno.h' (Linux???: No XENIX semaphores available): *note Error
`void encrypt (char *BLOCK, int EDFLAG)'
`crypt.h' (BSD, SVID): *note DES Encryption::.
`void encrypt_r (char *BLOCK, int EDFLAG, struct crypt_data * DATA)'
`crypt.h' (GNU): *note DES Encryption::.
`void endfsent (void)'
`fstab.h' (BSD): *note fstab::.
`void endgrent (void)'
`grp.h' (SVID, BSD): *note Scanning All Groups::.
`void endhostent (void)'
`netdb.h' (BSD): *note Host Names::.
`int endmntent (FILE *STREAM)'
`mntent.h' (BSD): *note mtab::.
`void endnetent (void)'
`netdb.h' (BSD): *note Networks Database::.
`void endnetgrent (void)'
`netdb.h' (BSD): *note Lookup Netgroup::.
`void endprotoent (void)'
`netdb.h' (BSD): *note Protocols Database::.
`void endpwent (void)'
`pwd.h' (SVID, BSD): *note Scanning All Users::.
`void endservent (void)'
`netdb.h' (BSD): *note Services Database::.
`void endutent (void)'
`utmp.h' (SVID): *note Manipulating the Database::.
`void endutxent (void)'
`utmpx.h' (XPG4.2): *note XPG Functions::.
`errno.h' (BSD: Need authenticator): *note Error Codes::.
`errno.h' (BSD: Network is down): *note Error Codes::.
`errno.h' (BSD: Network dropped connection on reset): *note Error
`errno.h' (BSD: Network is unreachable): *note Error Codes::.
`int ENFILE'
`errno.h' (POSIX.1: Too many open files in system): *note Error
`int ENOANO'
`errno.h' (Linux???: No anode): *note Error Codes::.
`errno.h' (BSD: No buffer space available): *note Error Codes::.
`int ENOCSI'
`errno.h' (Linux???: No CSI structure available): *note Error
`errno.h' (XOPEN: No data available): *note Error Codes::.
`int ENODEV'
`errno.h' (POSIX.1: No such device): *note Error Codes::.
`int ENOENT'
`errno.h' (POSIX.1: No such file or directory): *note Error
`errno.h' (POSIX.1: Exec format error): *note Error Codes::.
`int ENOKEY'
`errno.h' (Linux: Required key not available): *note Error
`int ENOLCK'
`errno.h' (POSIX.1: No locks available): *note Error Codes::.
`errno.h' (XOPEN: Link has been severed): *note Error Codes::.
`errno.h' (Linux???: No medium found): *note Error Codes::.
`int ENOMEM'
`errno.h' (POSIX.1: Cannot allocate memory): *note Error Codes::.
`int ENOMSG'
`errno.h' (XOPEN: No message of desired type): *note Error
`int ENONET'
`errno.h' (Linux???: Machine is not on the network): *note Error
`int ENOPKG'
`errno.h' (Linux???: Package not installed): *note Error Codes::.
`errno.h' (BSD: Protocol not available): *note Error Codes::.
`int ENOSPC'
`errno.h' (POSIX.1: No space left on device): *note Error Codes::.
`int ENOSR'
`errno.h' (XOPEN: Out of streams resources): *note Error Codes::.
`int ENOSTR'
`errno.h' (XOPEN: Device not a stream): *note Error Codes::.
`int ENOSYS'
`errno.h' (POSIX.1: Function not implemented): *note Error
`errno.h' (BSD: Block device required): *note Error Codes::.
`errno.h' (BSD: Transport endpoint is not connected): *note Error
`errno.h' (POSIX.1: Not a directory): *note Error Codes::.
`errno.h' (POSIX.1: Directory not empty): *note Error Codes::.
`errno.h' (Linux???: Not a XENIX named type file): *note Error
`errno.h' (Linux: State not recoverable): *note Error Codes::.
`errno.h' (BSD: Socket operation on non-socket): *note Error
`errno.h' (POSIX.1: Not supported): *note Error Codes::.
`int ENOTTY'
`errno.h' (POSIX.1: Inappropriate ioctl for device): *note Error
`errno.h' (Linux???: Name not unique on network): *note Error
`char ** environ'
`unistd.h' (POSIX.1): *note Environment Access::.
`error_t envz_add (char **ENVZ, size_t *ENVZ_LEN, const char *NAME, const char *VALUE)'
`envz.h' (GNU): *note Envz Functions::.
`char * envz_entry (const char *ENVZ, size_t ENVZ_LEN, const char *NAME)'
`envz.h' (GNU): *note Envz Functions::.
`char * envz_get (const char *ENVZ, size_t ENVZ_LEN, const char *NAME)'
`envz.h' (GNU): *note Envz Functions::.
`error_t envz_merge (char **ENVZ, size_t *ENVZ_LEN, const char *ENVZ2, size_t ENVZ2_LEN, int OVERRIDE)'
`envz.h' (GNU): *note Envz Functions::.
`void envz_strip (char **ENVZ, size_t *ENVZ_LEN)'
`envz.h' (GNU): *note Envz Functions::.
`int ENXIO'
`errno.h' (POSIX.1: No such device or address): *note Error
`int EOF'
`stdio.h' (ISO): *note EOF and Errors::.
`errno.h' (BSD: Operation not supported): *note Error Codes::.
`errno.h' (XOPEN: Value too large for defined data type): *note
Error Codes::.
`errno.h' (Linux: Owner died): *note Error Codes::.
`int EPERM'
`errno.h' (POSIX.1: Operation not permitted): *note Error Codes::.
`errno.h' (BSD: Protocol family not supported): *note Error
`int EPIPE'
`errno.h' (POSIX.1: Broken pipe): *note Error Codes::.
`errno.h' (BSD: Too many processes): *note Error Codes::.
`errno.h' (BSD: RPC bad procedure for program): *note Error
`errno.h' (BSD: RPC program version wrong): *note Error Codes::.
`errno.h' (BSD: RPC program not available): *note Error Codes::.
`int EPROTO'
`errno.h' (XOPEN: Protocol error): *note Error Codes::.
`errno.h' (BSD: Protocol not supported): *note Error Codes::.
`errno.h' (BSD: Protocol wrong type for socket): *note Error
`limits.h' (POSIX.2): *note Utility Limits::.
`double erand48 (unsigned short int XSUBI[3])'
`stdlib.h' (SVID): *note SVID Random::.
`int erand48_r (unsigned short int XSUBI[3], struct drand48_data *BUFFER, double *RESULT)'
`stdlib.h' (GNU): *note SVID Random::.
`int ERANGE'
`errno.h' (ISO: Numerical result out of range): *note Error
`errno.h' (Linux???: Remote address changed): *note Error Codes::.
`errno.h' (BSD: Object is remote): *note Error Codes::.
`errno.h' (Linux???: Remote I/O error): *note Error Codes::.
`errno.h' (Linux???: Interrupted system call should be restarted):
*note Error Codes::.
`double erf (double X)'
`math.h' (SVID): *note Special Functions::.
`double erfc (double X)'
`math.h' (SVID): *note Special Functions::.
`float erfcf (float X)'
`math.h' (SVID): *note Special Functions::.
`long double erfcl (long double X)'
`math.h' (SVID): *note Special Functions::.
`float erff (float X)'
`math.h' (SVID): *note Special Functions::.
`errno.h' (Linux: Operation not possible due to RF-kill): *note
Error Codes::.
`long double erfl (long double X)'
`math.h' (SVID): *note Special Functions::.
`int EROFS'
`errno.h' (POSIX.1: Read-only file system): *note Error Codes::.
`errno.h' (BSD: RPC version wrong): *note Error Codes::.
`void err (int STATUS, const char *FORMAT, ...)'
`err.h' (BSD): *note Error Messages::.
`volatile int errno'
`errno.h' (ISO): *note Checking for Errors::.
`void error (int STATUS, int ERRNUM, const char *FORMAT, ...)'
`error.h' (GNU): *note Error Messages::.
`void error_at_line (int STATUS, int ERRNUM, const char *FNAME, unsigned int LINENO, const char *FORMAT, ...)'
`error.h' (GNU): *note Error Messages::.
`unsigned int error_message_count'
`error.h' (GNU): *note Error Messages::.
`int error_one_per_line'
`error.h' (GNU): *note Error Messages::.
`void errx (int STATUS, const char *FORMAT, ...)'
`err.h' (BSD): *note Error Messages::.
`errno.h' (BSD: Cannot send after transport endpoint shutdown):
*note Error Codes::.
`errno.h' (BSD: Socket type not supported): *note Error Codes::.
`int ESPIPE'
`errno.h' (POSIX.1: Illegal seek): *note Error Codes::.
`int ESRCH'
`errno.h' (POSIX.1: No such process): *note Error Codes::.
`int ESRMNT'
`errno.h' (Linux???: Srmount error): *note Error Codes::.
`int ESTALE'
`errno.h' (BSD: Stale file handle): *note Error Codes::.
`errno.h' (Linux???: Streams pipe error): *note Error Codes::.
`int ETIME'
`errno.h' (XOPEN: Timer expired): *note Error Codes::.
`errno.h' (BSD: Connection timed out): *note Error Codes::.
`errno.h' (BSD: Too many references: cannot splice): *note Error
`errno.h' (BSD: Text file busy): *note Error Codes::.
`errno.h' (Linux???: Structure needs cleaning): *note Error
`errno.h' (Linux???: Protocol driver not attached): *note Error
`int EUSERS'
`errno.h' (BSD: Too many users): *note Error Codes::.
`errno.h' (BSD: Operation would block): *note Error Codes::.
`int EXDEV'
`errno.h' (POSIX.1: Invalid cross-device link): *note Error
`int execl (const char *FILENAME, const char *ARG0, ...)'
`unistd.h' (POSIX.1): *note Executing a File::.
`int execle (const char *FILENAME, const char *ARG0, ..., char *const ENV[])'
`unistd.h' (POSIX.1): *note Executing a File::.
`int execlp (const char *FILENAME, const char *ARG0, ...)'
`unistd.h' (POSIX.1): *note Executing a File::.
`int execv (const char *FILENAME, char *const ARGV[])'
`unistd.h' (POSIX.1): *note Executing a File::.
`int execve (const char *FILENAME, char *const ARGV[], char *const ENV[])'
`unistd.h' (POSIX.1): *note Executing a File::.
`int execvp (const char *FILENAME, char *const ARGV[])'
`unistd.h' (POSIX.1): *note Executing a File::.
`int EXFULL'
`errno.h' (Linux???: Exchange full): *note Error Codes::.
`void _Exit (int STATUS)'
`stdlib.h' (ISO): *note Termination Internals::.
`void _exit (int STATUS)'
`unistd.h' (POSIX.1): *note Termination Internals::.
`void exit (int STATUS)'
`stdlib.h' (ISO): *note Normal Termination::.
`stdlib.h' (ISO): *note Exit Status::.
`stdlib.h' (ISO): *note Exit Status::.
`double exp (double X)'
`math.h' (ISO): *note Exponents and Logarithms::.
`double exp10 (double X)'
`math.h' (GNU): *note Exponents and Logarithms::.
`float exp10f (float X)'
`math.h' (GNU): *note Exponents and Logarithms::.
`long double exp10l (long double X)'
`math.h' (GNU): *note Exponents and Logarithms::.
`double exp2 (double X)'
`math.h' (ISO): *note Exponents and Logarithms::.
`float exp2f (float X)'
`math.h' (ISO): *note Exponents and Logarithms::.
`long double exp2l (long double X)'
`math.h' (ISO): *note Exponents and Logarithms::.
`float expf (float X)'
`math.h' (ISO): *note Exponents and Logarithms::.
`long double expl (long double X)'
`math.h' (ISO): *note Exponents and Logarithms::.
`double expm1 (double X)'
`math.h' (ISO): *note Exponents and Logarithms::.
`float expm1f (float X)'
`math.h' (ISO): *note Exponents and Logarithms::.
`long double expm1l (long double X)'
`math.h' (ISO): *note Exponents and Logarithms::.
`limits.h' (POSIX.2): *note Utility Limits::.
`double fabs (double NUMBER)'
`math.h' (ISO): *note Absolute Value::.
`float fabsf (float NUMBER)'
`math.h' (ISO): *note Absolute Value::.
`long double fabsl (long double NUMBER)'
`math.h' (ISO): *note Absolute Value::.
`size_t __fbufsize (FILE *STREAM)'
`stdio_ext.h' (GNU): *note Controlling Buffering::.
`int fchdir (int FILEDES)'
`unistd.h' (XPG): *note Working Directory::.
`int fchmod (int FILEDES, mode_t MODE)'
`sys/stat.h' (BSD): *note Setting Permissions::.
`int fchown (int FILEDES, uid_t OWNER, gid_t GROUP)'
`unistd.h' (BSD): *note File Owner::.
`int fclose (FILE *STREAM)'
`stdio.h' (ISO): *note Closing Streams::.
`int fcloseall (void)'
`stdio.h' (GNU): *note Closing Streams::.
`int fcntl (int FILEDES, int COMMAND, ...)'
`fcntl.h' (POSIX.1): *note Control Operations::.
`char * fcvt (double VALUE, int NDIGIT, int *DECPT, int *NEG)'
`stdlib.h' (SVID, Unix98): *note System V Number Conversion::.
`int fcvt_r (double VALUE, int NDIGIT, int *DECPT, int *NEG, char *BUF, size_t LEN)'
`stdlib.h' (SVID, Unix98): *note System V Number Conversion::.
`int fdatasync (int FILDES)'
`unistd.h' (POSIX): *note Synchronizing I/O::.
`fcntl.h' (POSIX.1): *note Descriptor Flags::.
`void FD_CLR (int FILEDES, fd_set *SET)'
`sys/types.h' (BSD): *note Waiting for I/O::.
`double fdim (double X, double Y)'
`math.h' (ISO): *note Misc FP Arithmetic::.
`float fdimf (float X, float Y)'
`math.h' (ISO): *note Misc FP Arithmetic::.
`long double fdiml (long double X, long double Y)'
`math.h' (ISO): *note Misc FP Arithmetic::.
`int FD_ISSET (int FILEDES, const fd_set *SET)'
`sys/types.h' (BSD): *note Waiting for I/O::.
`FILE * fdopen (int FILEDES, const char *OPENTYPE)'
`stdio.h' (POSIX.1): *note Descriptors and Streams::.
`DIR * fdopendir (int FD)'
`dirent.h' (GNU): *note Opening a Directory::.
`void FD_SET (int FILEDES, fd_set *SET)'
`sys/types.h' (BSD): *note Waiting for I/O::.
`sys/types.h' (BSD): *note Waiting for I/O::.
`sys/types.h' (BSD): *note Waiting for I/O::.
`int F_DUPFD'
`fcntl.h' (POSIX.1): *note Duplicating Descriptors::.
`void FD_ZERO (fd_set *SET)'
`sys/types.h' (BSD): *note Waiting for I/O::.
`int feclearexcept (int EXCEPTS)'
`fenv.h' (ISO): *note Status bit operations::.
`int fedisableexcept (int EXCEPTS)'
`fenv.h' (GNU): *note Control Functions::.
`fenv.h' (ISO): *note Status bit operations::.
`fenv.h' (ISO): *note Rounding::.
`int feenableexcept (int EXCEPTS)'
`fenv.h' (GNU): *note Control Functions::.
`int fegetenv (fenv_t *ENVP)'
`fenv.h' (ISO): *note Control Functions::.
`int fegetexcept (void)'
`fenv.h' (GNU): *note Control Functions::.
`int fegetexceptflag (fexcept_t *FLAGP, int EXCEPTS)'
`fenv.h' (ISO): *note Status bit operations::.
`int fegetround (void)'
`fenv.h' (ISO): *note Rounding::.
`int feholdexcept (fenv_t *ENVP)'
`fenv.h' (ISO): *note Control Functions::.
`fenv.h' (ISO): *note Status bit operations::.
`fenv.h' (ISO): *note Status bit operations::.
`int feof (FILE *STREAM)'
`stdio.h' (ISO): *note EOF and Errors::.
`int feof_unlocked (FILE *STREAM)'
`stdio.h' (GNU): *note EOF and Errors::.
`fenv.h' (ISO): *note Status bit operations::.
`int feraiseexcept (int EXCEPTS)'
`fenv.h' (ISO): *note Status bit operations::.
`int ferror (FILE *STREAM)'
`stdio.h' (ISO): *note EOF and Errors::.
`int ferror_unlocked (FILE *STREAM)'
`stdio.h' (GNU): *note EOF and Errors::.
`int fesetenv (const fenv_t *ENVP)'
`fenv.h' (ISO): *note Control Functions::.
`int fesetexceptflag (const fexcept_t *FLAGP, int EXCEPTS)'
`fenv.h' (ISO): *note Status bit operations::.
`int fesetround (int ROUND)'
`fenv.h' (ISO): *note Rounding::.
`int fetestexcept (int EXCEPTS)'
`fenv.h' (ISO): *note Status bit operations::.
`fenv.h' (ISO): *note Rounding::.
`fenv.h' (ISO): *note Rounding::.
`fenv.h' (ISO): *note Status bit operations::.
`int feupdateenv (const fenv_t *ENVP)'
`fenv.h' (ISO): *note Control Functions::.
`fenv.h' (ISO): *note Rounding::.
`int fflush (FILE *STREAM)'
`stdio.h' (ISO): *note Flushing Buffers::.
`int fflush_unlocked (FILE *STREAM)'
`stdio.h' (POSIX): *note Flushing Buffers::.
`int fgetc (FILE *STREAM)'
`stdio.h' (ISO): *note Character Input::.
`int fgetc_unlocked (FILE *STREAM)'
`stdio.h' (POSIX): *note Character Input::.
`int F_GETFD'
`fcntl.h' (POSIX.1): *note Descriptor Flags::.
`int F_GETFL'
`fcntl.h' (POSIX.1): *note Getting File Status Flags::.
`struct group * fgetgrent (FILE *STREAM)'
`grp.h' (SVID): *note Scanning All Groups::.
`int fgetgrent_r (FILE *STREAM, struct group *RESULT_BUF, char *BUFFER, size_t BUFLEN, struct group **RESULT)'
`grp.h' (GNU): *note Scanning All Groups::.
`int F_GETLK'
`fcntl.h' (POSIX.1): *note File Locks::.
`int F_GETOWN'
`fcntl.h' (BSD): *note Interrupt Input::.
`int fgetpos (FILE *STREAM, fpos_t *POSITION)'
`stdio.h' (ISO): *note Portable Positioning::.
`int fgetpos64 (FILE *STREAM, fpos64_t *POSITION)'
`stdio.h' (Unix98): *note Portable Positioning::.
`struct passwd * fgetpwent (FILE *STREAM)'
`pwd.h' (SVID): *note Scanning All Users::.
`int fgetpwent_r (FILE *STREAM, struct passwd *RESULT_BUF, char *BUFFER, size_t BUFLEN, struct passwd **RESULT)'
`pwd.h' (GNU): *note Scanning All Users::.
`char * fgets (char *S, int COUNT, FILE *STREAM)'
`stdio.h' (ISO): *note Line Input::.
`char * fgets_unlocked (char *S, int COUNT, FILE *STREAM)'
`stdio.h' (GNU): *note Line Input::.
`wint_t fgetwc (FILE *STREAM)'
`wchar.h' (ISO): *note Character Input::.
`wint_t fgetwc_unlocked (FILE *STREAM)'
`wchar.h' (GNU): *note Character Input::.
`wchar_t * fgetws (wchar_t *WS, int COUNT, FILE *STREAM)'
`wchar.h' (ISO): *note Line Input::.
`wchar_t * fgetws_unlocked (wchar_t *WS, int COUNT, FILE *STREAM)'
`wchar.h' (GNU): *note Line Input::.
`stdio.h' (ISO): *note Streams::.
`stdio.h' (ISO): *note Limits for Files::.
`int fileno (FILE *STREAM)'
`stdio.h' (POSIX.1): *note Descriptors and Streams::.
`int fileno_unlocked (FILE *STREAM)'
`stdio.h' (GNU): *note Descriptors and Streams::.
`int finite (double X)'
`math.h' (BSD): *note Floating Point Classes::.
`int finitef (float X)'
`math.h' (BSD): *note Floating Point Classes::.
`int finitel (long double X)'
`math.h' (BSD): *note Floating Point Classes::.
`int __flbf (FILE *STREAM)'
`stdio_ext.h' (GNU): *note Controlling Buffering::.
`void flockfile (FILE *STREAM)'
`stdio.h' (POSIX): *note Streams and Threads::.
`double floor (double X)'
`math.h' (ISO): *note Rounding Functions::.
`float floorf (float X)'
`math.h' (ISO): *note Rounding Functions::.
`long double floorl (long double X)'
`math.h' (ISO): *note Rounding Functions::.
`float.h' (ISO): *note Floating Point Parameters::.
`float.h' (ISO): *note Floating Point Parameters::.
`float.h' (ISO): *note Floating Point Parameters::.
`float.h' (ISO): *note Floating Point Parameters::.
`float.h' (ISO): *note Floating Point Parameters::.
`float.h' (ISO): *note Floating Point Parameters::.
`float.h' (ISO): *note Floating Point Parameters::.
`float.h' (ISO): *note Floating Point Parameters::.
`float.h' (ISO): *note Floating Point Parameters::.
`float.h' (ISO): *note Floating Point Parameters::.
`float.h' (ISO): *note Floating Point Parameters::.
`void _flushlbf (void)'
`stdio_ext.h' (GNU): *note Flushing Buffers::.
`tcflag_t FLUSHO'
`termios.h' (BSD): *note Local Modes::.
`double fma (double X, double Y, double Z)'
`math.h' (ISO): *note Misc FP Arithmetic::.
`float fmaf (float X, float Y, float Z)'
`math.h' (ISO): *note Misc FP Arithmetic::.
`long double fmal (long double X, long double Y, long double Z)'
`math.h' (ISO): *note Misc FP Arithmetic::.
`double fmax (double X, double Y)'
`math.h' (ISO): *note Misc FP Arithmetic::.
`float fmaxf (float X, float Y)'
`math.h' (ISO): *note Misc FP Arithmetic::.
`long double fmaxl (long double X, long double Y)'
`math.h' (ISO): *note Misc FP Arithmetic::.
`FILE * fmemopen (void *BUF, size_t SIZE, const char *OPENTYPE)'
`stdio.h' (GNU): *note String Streams::.
`double fmin (double X, double Y)'
`math.h' (ISO): *note Misc FP Arithmetic::.
`float fminf (float X, float Y)'
`math.h' (ISO): *note Misc FP Arithmetic::.
`long double fminl (long double X, long double Y)'
`math.h' (ISO): *note Misc FP Arithmetic::.
`double fmod (double NUMERATOR, double DENOMINATOR)'
`math.h' (ISO): *note Remainder Functions::.
`float fmodf (float NUMERATOR, float DENOMINATOR)'
`math.h' (ISO): *note Remainder Functions::.
`long double fmodl (long double NUMERATOR, long double DENOMINATOR)'
`math.h' (ISO): *note Remainder Functions::.
`int fmtmsg (long int CLASSIFICATION, const char *LABEL, int SEVERITY, const char *TEXT, const char *ACTION, const char *TAG)'
`fmtmsg.h' (XPG): *note Printing Formatted Messages::.
`int fnmatch (const char *PATTERN, const char *STRING, int FLAGS)'
`fnmatch.h' (POSIX.2): *note Wildcard Matching::.
`fnmatch.h' (GNU): *note Wildcard Matching::.
`fnmatch.h' (GNU): *note Wildcard Matching::.
`fnmatch.h' (GNU): *note Wildcard Matching::.
`fnmatch.h' (GNU): *note Wildcard Matching::.
`fnmatch.h' (POSIX.2): *note Wildcard Matching::.
`fnmatch.h' (POSIX.2): *note Wildcard Matching::.
`fnmatch.h' (POSIX.2): *note Wildcard Matching::.
`int F_OK'
`unistd.h' (POSIX.1): *note Testing File Access::.
`FILE * fopen (const char *FILENAME, const char *OPENTYPE)'
`stdio.h' (ISO): *note Opening Streams::.
`FILE * fopen64 (const char *FILENAME, const char *OPENTYPE)'
`stdio.h' (Unix98): *note Opening Streams::.
`FILE * fopencookie (void *COOKIE, const char *OPENTYPE, cookie_io_functions_t IO-FUNCTIONS)'
`stdio.h' (GNU): *note Streams and Cookies::.
`stdio.h' (ISO): *note Opening Streams::.
`pid_t fork (void)'
`unistd.h' (POSIX.1): *note Creating a Process::.
`int forkpty (int *AMASTER, char *NAME, const struct termios *TERMP, const struct winsize *WINP)'
`pty.h' (BSD): *note Pseudo-Terminal Pairs::.
`long int fpathconf (int FILEDES, int PARAMETER)'
`unistd.h' (POSIX.1): *note Pathconf::.
`int fpclassify (_float-type_ X)'
`math.h' (ISO): *note Floating Point Classes::.
`signal.h' (BSD): *note Program Error Signals::.
`signal.h' (BSD): *note Program Error Signals::.
`signal.h' (BSD): *note Program Error Signals::.
`signal.h' (BSD): *note Program Error Signals::.
`signal.h' (BSD): *note Program Error Signals::.
`signal.h' (BSD): *note Program Error Signals::.
`signal.h' (BSD): *note Program Error Signals::.
`signal.h' (BSD): *note Program Error Signals::.
`signal.h' (BSD): *note Program Error Signals::.
`size_t __fpending (FILE *STREAM)'
`stdio_ext.h' (GNU): *note Controlling Buffering::.
`signal.h' (BSD): *note Program Error Signals::.
`int FP_ILOGB0'
`math.h' (ISO): *note Exponents and Logarithms::.
`math.h' (ISO): *note Exponents and Logarithms::.
`stdio.h' (Unix98): *note Portable Positioning::.
`stdio.h' (ISO): *note Portable Positioning::.
`int fprintf (FILE *STREAM, const char *TEMPLATE, ...)'
`stdio.h' (ISO): *note Formatted Output Functions::.
`void __fpurge (FILE *STREAM)'
`stdio_ext.h' (GNU): *note Flushing Buffers::.
`int fputc (int C, FILE *STREAM)'
`stdio.h' (ISO): *note Simple Output::.
`int fputc_unlocked (int C, FILE *STREAM)'
`stdio.h' (POSIX): *note Simple Output::.
`int fputs (const char *S, FILE *STREAM)'
`stdio.h' (ISO): *note Simple Output::.
`int fputs_unlocked (const char *S, FILE *STREAM)'
`stdio.h' (GNU): *note Simple Output::.
`wint_t fputwc (wchar_t WC, FILE *STREAM)'
`wchar.h' (ISO): *note Simple Output::.
`wint_t fputwc_unlocked (wchar_t WC, FILE *STREAM)'
`wchar.h' (POSIX): *note Simple Output::.
`int fputws (const wchar_t *WS, FILE *STREAM)'
`wchar.h' (ISO): *note Simple Output::.
`int fputws_unlocked (const wchar_t *WS, FILE *STREAM)'
`wchar.h' (GNU): *note Simple Output::.
`fcntl.h' (POSIX.1): *note File Locks::.
`size_t fread (void *DATA, size_t SIZE, size_t COUNT, FILE *STREAM)'
`stdio.h' (ISO): *note Block Input/Output::.
`int __freadable (FILE *STREAM)'
`stdio_ext.h' (GNU): *note Opening Streams::.
`int __freading (FILE *STREAM)'
`stdio_ext.h' (GNU): *note Opening Streams::.
`size_t fread_unlocked (void *DATA, size_t SIZE, size_t COUNT, FILE *STREAM)'
`stdio.h' (GNU): *note Block Input/Output::.
`void free (void *PTR)'
`malloc.h', `stdlib.h' (ISO): *note Freeing after Malloc::.
`malloc.h' (GNU): *note Hooks for Malloc::.
`FILE * freopen (const char *FILENAME, const char *OPENTYPE, FILE *STREAM)'
`stdio.h' (ISO): *note Opening Streams::.
`FILE * freopen64 (const char *FILENAME, const char *OPENTYPE, FILE *STREAM)'
`stdio.h' (Unix98): *note Opening Streams::.
`double frexp (double VALUE, int *EXPONENT)'
`math.h' (ISO): *note Normalization Functions::.
`float frexpf (float VALUE, int *EXPONENT)'
`math.h' (ISO): *note Normalization Functions::.
`long double frexpl (long double VALUE, int *EXPONENT)'
`math.h' (ISO): *note Normalization Functions::.
`int fscanf (FILE *STREAM, const char *TEMPLATE, ...)'
`stdio.h' (ISO): *note Formatted Input Functions::.
`int fseek (FILE *STREAM, long int OFFSET, int WHENCE)'
`stdio.h' (ISO): *note File Positioning::.
`int fseeko (FILE *STREAM, off_t OFFSET, int WHENCE)'
`stdio.h' (Unix98): *note File Positioning::.
`int fseeko64 (FILE *STREAM, off64_t OFFSET, int WHENCE)'
`stdio.h' (Unix98): *note File Positioning::.
`int F_SETFD'
`fcntl.h' (POSIX.1): *note Descriptor Flags::.
`int F_SETFL'
`fcntl.h' (POSIX.1): *note Getting File Status Flags::.
`int F_SETLK'
`fcntl.h' (POSIX.1): *note File Locks::.
`int F_SETLKW'
`fcntl.h' (POSIX.1): *note File Locks::.
`int __fsetlocking (FILE *STREAM, int TYPE)'
`stdio_ext.h' (GNU): *note Streams and Threads::.
`int F_SETOWN'
`fcntl.h' (BSD): *note Interrupt Input::.
`int fsetpos (FILE *STREAM, const fpos_t *POSITION)'
`stdio.h' (ISO): *note Portable Positioning::.
`int fsetpos64 (FILE *STREAM, const fpos64_t *POSITION)'
`stdio.h' (Unix98): *note Portable Positioning::.
`int fstat (int FILEDES, struct stat *BUF)'
`sys/stat.h' (POSIX.1): *note Reading Attributes::.
`int fstat64 (int FILEDES, struct stat64 *BUF)'
`sys/stat.h' (Unix98): *note Reading Attributes::.
`int fsync (int FILDES)'
`unistd.h' (POSIX): *note Synchronizing I/O::.
`long int ftell (FILE *STREAM)'
`stdio.h' (ISO): *note File Positioning::.
`off_t ftello (FILE *STREAM)'
`stdio.h' (Unix98): *note File Positioning::.
`off64_t ftello64 (FILE *STREAM)'
`stdio.h' (Unix98): *note File Positioning::.
`int ftruncate (int FD, off_t LENGTH)'
`unistd.h' (POSIX): *note File Size::.
`int ftruncate64 (int ID, off64_t LENGTH)'
`unistd.h' (Unix98): *note File Size::.
`int ftrylockfile (FILE *STREAM)'
`stdio.h' (POSIX): *note Streams and Threads::.
`int ftw (const char *FILENAME, __ftw_func_t FUNC, int DESCRIPTORS)'
`ftw.h' (SVID): *note Working with Directory Trees::.
`int ftw64 (const char *FILENAME, __ftw64_func_t FUNC, int DESCRIPTORS)'
`ftw.h' (Unix98): *note Working with Directory Trees::.
`ftw.h' (GNU): *note Working with Directory Trees::.
`ftw.h' (GNU): *note Working with Directory Trees::.
`fcntl.h' (POSIX.1): *note File Locks::.
`void funlockfile (FILE *STREAM)'
`stdio.h' (POSIX): *note Streams and Threads::.
`int futimes (int FD, const struct timeval TVP[2])'
`sys/time.h' (BSD): *note File Times::.
`int fwide (FILE *STREAM, int MODE)'
`wchar.h' (ISO): *note Streams and I18N::.
`int fwprintf (FILE *STREAM, const wchar_t *TEMPLATE, ...)'
`wchar.h' (ISO): *note Formatted Output Functions::.
`int __fwritable (FILE *STREAM)'
`stdio_ext.h' (GNU): *note Opening Streams::.
`size_t fwrite (const void *DATA, size_t SIZE, size_t COUNT, FILE *STREAM)'
`stdio.h' (ISO): *note Block Input/Output::.
`size_t fwrite_unlocked (const void *DATA, size_t SIZE, size_t COUNT, FILE *STREAM)'
`stdio.h' (GNU): *note Block Input/Output::.
`int __fwriting (FILE *STREAM)'
`stdio_ext.h' (GNU): *note Opening Streams::.
`fcntl.h' (POSIX.1): *note File Locks::.
`int fwscanf (FILE *STREAM, const wchar_t *TEMPLATE, ...)'
`wchar.h' (ISO): *note Formatted Input Functions::.
`double gamma (double X)'
`math.h' (SVID): *note Special Functions::.
`float gammaf (float X)'
`math.h' (SVID): *note Special Functions::.
`long double gammal (long double X)'
`math.h' (SVID): *note Special Functions::.
`void (*__gconv_end_fct) (struct gconv_step *)'
`gconv.h' (GNU): *note glibc iconv Implementation::.
`int (*__gconv_fct) (struct __gconv_step *, struct __gconv_step_data *, const char **, const char *, size_t *, int)'
`gconv.h' (GNU): *note glibc iconv Implementation::.
`int (*__gconv_init_fct) (struct __gconv_step *)'
`gconv.h' (GNU): *note glibc iconv Implementation::.
`char * gcvt (double VALUE, int NDIGIT, char *BUF)'
`stdlib.h' (SVID, Unix98): *note System V Number Conversion::.
`unsigned long int getauxval (unsigned long int TYPE)'
`sys/auxv.h' (sys/auxv.h): *note Auxiliary Vector::.
`long int get_avphys_pages (void)'
`sys/sysinfo.h' (GNU): *note Query Memory Parameters::.
`int getc (FILE *STREAM)'
`stdio.h' (ISO): *note Character Input::.
`int getchar (void)'
`stdio.h' (ISO): *note Character Input::.
`int getchar_unlocked (void)'
`stdio.h' (POSIX): *note Character Input::.
`int getcontext (ucontext_t *UCP)'
`ucontext.h' (SVID): *note System V contexts::.
`int getc_unlocked (FILE *STREAM)'
`stdio.h' (POSIX): *note Character Input::.
`char * get_current_dir_name (void)'
`unistd.h' (GNU): *note Working Directory::.
`char * getcwd (char *BUFFER, size_t SIZE)'
`unistd.h' (POSIX.1): *note Working Directory::.
`struct tm * getdate (const char *STRING)'
`time.h' (Unix98): *note General Time String Parsing::.
`time.h' (Unix98): *note General Time String Parsing::.
`int getdate_r (const char *STRING, struct tm *TP)'
`time.h' (GNU): *note General Time String Parsing::.
`ssize_t getdelim (char **LINEPTR, size_t *N, int DELIMITER, FILE *STREAM)'
`stdio.h' (GNU): *note Line Input::.
`int getdomainnname (char *NAME, size_t LENGTH)'
`unistd.h' (???): *note Host Identification::.
`gid_t getegid (void)'
`unistd.h' (POSIX.1): *note Reading Persona::.
`char * getenv (const char *NAME)'
`stdlib.h' (ISO): *note Environment Access::.
`uid_t geteuid (void)'
`unistd.h' (POSIX.1): *note Reading Persona::.
`struct fstab * getfsent (void)'
`fstab.h' (BSD): *note fstab::.
`struct fstab * getfsfile (const char *NAME)'
`fstab.h' (BSD): *note fstab::.
`struct fstab * getfsspec (const char *NAME)'
`fstab.h' (BSD): *note fstab::.
`gid_t getgid (void)'
`unistd.h' (POSIX.1): *note Reading Persona::.
`struct group * getgrent (void)'
`grp.h' (SVID, BSD): *note Scanning All Groups::.
`int getgrent_r (struct group *RESULT_BUF, char *BUFFER, size_t BUFLEN, struct group **RESULT)'
`grp.h' (GNU): *note Scanning All Groups::.
`struct group * getgrgid (gid_t GID)'
`grp.h' (POSIX.1): *note Lookup Group::.
`int getgrgid_r (gid_t GID, struct group *RESULT_BUF, char *BUFFER, size_t BUFLEN, struct group **RESULT)'
`grp.h' (POSIX.1c): *note Lookup Group::.
`struct group * getgrnam (const char *NAME)'
`grp.h' (SVID, BSD): *note Lookup Group::.
`int getgrnam_r (const char *NAME, struct group *RESULT_BUF, char *BUFFER, size_t BUFLEN, struct group **RESULT)'
`grp.h' (POSIX.1c): *note Lookup Group::.
`int getgrouplist (const char *USER, gid_t GROUP, gid_t *GROUPS, int *NGROUPS)'
`grp.h' (BSD): *note Setting Groups::.
`int getgroups (int COUNT, gid_t *GROUPS)'
`unistd.h' (POSIX.1): *note Reading Persona::.
`struct hostent * gethostbyaddr (const void *ADDR, socklen_t LENGTH, int FORMAT)'
`netdb.h' (BSD): *note Host Names::.
`int gethostbyaddr_r (const void *ADDR, socklen_t LENGTH, int FORMAT, struct hostent *restrict RESULT_BUF, char *restrict BUF, size_t BUFLEN, struct hostent **restrict RESULT, int *restrict H_ERRNOP)'
`netdb.h' (GNU): *note Host Names::.
`struct hostent * gethostbyname (const char *NAME)'
`netdb.h' (BSD): *note Host Names::.
`struct hostent * gethostbyname2 (const char *NAME, int AF)'
`netdb.h' (IPv6 Basic API): *note Host Names::.
`int gethostbyname2_r (const char *NAME, int AF, struct hostent *restrict RESULT_BUF, char *restrict BUF, size_t BUFLEN, struct hostent **restrict RESULT, int *restrict H_ERRNOP)'
`netdb.h' (GNU): *note Host Names::.
`int gethostbyname_r (const char *restrict NAME, struct hostent *restrict RESULT_BUF, char *restrict BUF, size_t BUFLEN, struct hostent **restrict RESULT, int *restrict H_ERRNOP)'
`netdb.h' (GNU): *note Host Names::.
`struct hostent * gethostent (void)'
`netdb.h' (BSD): *note Host Names::.
`long int gethostid (void)'
`unistd.h' (BSD): *note Host Identification::.
`int gethostname (char *NAME, size_t SIZE)'
`unistd.h' (BSD): *note Host Identification::.
`int getitimer (int WHICH, struct itimerval *OLD)'
`sys/time.h' (BSD): *note Setting an Alarm::.
`ssize_t getline (char **LINEPTR, size_t *N, FILE *STREAM)'
`stdio.h' (GNU): *note Line Input::.
`int getloadavg (double LOADAVG[], int NELEM)'
`stdlib.h' (BSD): *note Processor Resources::.
`char * getlogin (void)'
`unistd.h' (POSIX.1): *note Who Logged In::.
`struct mntent * getmntent (FILE *STREAM)'
`mntent.h' (BSD): *note mtab::.
`struct mntent * getmntent_r (FILE *STREAM, struct mntent *RESULT, char *BUFFER, int BUFSIZE)'
`mntent.h' (BSD): *note mtab::.
`struct netent * getnetbyaddr (uint32_t NET, int TYPE)'
`netdb.h' (BSD): *note Networks Database::.
`struct netent * getnetbyname (const char *NAME)'
`netdb.h' (BSD): *note Networks Database::.
`struct netent * getnetent (void)'
`netdb.h' (BSD): *note Networks Database::.
`int getnetgrent (char **HOSTP, char **USERP, char **DOMAINP)'
`netdb.h' (BSD): *note Lookup Netgroup::.
`int getnetgrent_r (char **HOSTP, char **USERP, char **DOMAINP, char *BUFFER, size_t BUFLEN)'
`netdb.h' (GNU): *note Lookup Netgroup::.
`int get_nprocs (void)'
`sys/sysinfo.h' (GNU): *note Processor Resources::.
`int get_nprocs_conf (void)'
`sys/sysinfo.h' (GNU): *note Processor Resources::.
`int getopt (int ARGC, char *const *ARGV, const char *OPTIONS)'
`unistd.h' (POSIX.2): *note Using Getopt::.
`int getopt_long (int ARGC, char *const *ARGV, const char *SHORTOPTS, const struct option *LONGOPTS, int *INDEXPTR)'
`getopt.h' (GNU): *note Getopt Long Options::.
`int getopt_long_only (int ARGC, char *const *ARGV, const char *SHORTOPTS, const struct option *LONGOPTS, int *INDEXPTR)'
`getopt.h' (GNU): *note Getopt Long Options::.
`int getpagesize (void)'
`unistd.h' (BSD): *note Query Memory Parameters::.
`char * getpass (const char *PROMPT)'
`unistd.h' (BSD): *note getpass::.
`int getpeername (int SOCKET, struct sockaddr *ADDR, socklen_t *LENGTH-PTR)'
`sys/socket.h' (BSD): *note Who is Connected::.
`int getpgid (pid_t PID)'
`unistd.h' (POSIX.1): *note Process Group Functions::.
`pid_t getpgrp (void)'
`unistd.h' (POSIX.1): *note Process Group Functions::.
`long int get_phys_pages (void)'
`sys/sysinfo.h' (GNU): *note Query Memory Parameters::.
`pid_t getpid (void)'
`unistd.h' (POSIX.1): *note Process Identification::.
`pid_t getppid (void)'
`unistd.h' (POSIX.1): *note Process Identification::.
`int getpriority (int CLASS, int ID)'
`sys/resource.h' (BSD,POSIX): *note T