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#ifndef Py_ASDL_H
#define Py_ASDL_H
typedef PyObject * identifier;
typedef PyObject * string;
typedef PyObject * object;
#ifndef __cplusplus
typedef enum {false, true} bool;
/* It would be nice if the code generated by was completely
independent of Python, but it is a goal the requires too much work
at this stage. So, for example, I'll represent identifiers as
interned Python strings.
/* XXX A sequence should be typed so that its use can be typechecked. */
typedef struct {
int size;
void *elements[1];
} asdl_seq;
typedef struct {
int size;
int elements[1];
} asdl_int_seq;
asdl_seq *asdl_seq_new(int size, PyArena *arena);
asdl_int_seq *asdl_int_seq_new(int size, PyArena *arena);
#define asdl_seq_GET(S, I) (S)->elements[(I)]
#define asdl_seq_LEN(S) ((S) == NULL ? 0 : (S)->size)
#ifdef Py_DEBUG
#define asdl_seq_SET(S, I, V) { \
int _asdl_i = (I); \
assert((S) && _asdl_i < (S)->size); \
(S)->elements[_asdl_i] = (V); \
#define asdl_seq_SET(S, I, V) (S)->elements[I] = (V)
#endif /* !Py_ASDL_H */