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This is, produced by makeinfo version 5.1 from m4.texi.
This manual (22 September 2013) is for GNU M4 (version 1.4.17), a
package containing an implementation of the m4 macro language.
Copyright (C) 1989-1994, 2004-2013 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this
document under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License,
Version 1.3 or any later version published by the Free Software
Foundation; with no Invariant Sections, no Front-Cover Texts, and
no Back-Cover Texts. A copy of the license is included in the
section entitled "GNU Free Documentation License."
INFO-DIR-SECTION Text creation and manipulation
* M4: (m4). A powerful macro processor.

Indirect: 813 301580

Tag Table:
Node: Top813
Node: Preliminaries9617
Node: Intro10303
Node: History11934
Node: Bugs16028
Node: Manual17279
Node: Invoking m420671
Node: Operation modes22815
Node: Preprocessor features25782
Node: Limits control28878
Node: Frozen state32775
Node: Debugging options33574
Node: Command line files35554
Node: Syntax37127
Node: Names38246
Node: Quoted strings38708
Node: Comments39357
Node: Other tokens40234
Node: Input processing40812
Ref: Input processing-Footnote-148738
Node: Macros48933
Node: Invocation49427
Node: Inhibiting Invocation50228
Node: Macro Arguments54364
Node: Quoting Arguments57423
Node: Macro expansion59546
Node: Definitions60247
Node: Define61032
Node: Arguments63468
Node: Pseudo Arguments67138
Node: Undefine70680
Node: Defn71810
Node: Pushdef76254
Node: Indir78879
Node: Builtin81002
Node: Conditionals83219
Node: Ifdef84161
Node: Ifelse85022
Node: Shift88335
Node: Forloop98803
Node: Foreach101440
Node: Stacks106928
Node: Composition109968
Node: Debugging115907
Node: Dumpdef116492
Node: Trace117845
Node: Debug Levels121402
Node: Debug Output126093
Node: Input Control127372
Node: Dnl127909
Node: Changequote129808
Node: Changecom135890
Node: Changeword139568
Node: M4wrap145009
Node: File Inclusion149005
Node: Include149322
Node: Search Path152030
Node: Diversions152947
Node: Divert154630
Node: Undivert157155
Node: Divnum160477
Node: Cleardivert160941
Node: Text handling162145
Node: Len162868
Node: Index macro163253
Node: Regexp164125
Node: Substr166656
Node: Translit167700
Node: Patsubst170420
Node: Format174943
Node: Arithmetic178134
Node: Incr178583
Node: Eval179356
Node: Shell commands187288
Node: Platform macros188210
Node: Syscmd190325
Node: Esyscmd192605
Node: Sysval194114
Node: Mkstemp195796
Node: Miscellaneous199746
Node: Errprint200179
Node: Location201396
Node: M4exit204167
Node: Frozen files206252
Node: Using frozen files207034
Node: Frozen file format210299
Node: Compatibility213365
Node: Extensions214430
Node: Incompatibilities218297
Node: Other Incompatibilities227211
Node: Answers229857
Node: Improved exch230639
Node: Improved forloop231177
Node: Improved foreach236507
Node: Improved copy249467
Node: Improved m4wrap253421
Node: Improved cleardivert255845
Node: Improved capitalize256826
Node: Improved fatal_error261686
Node: Copying This Package262746
Node: GNU General Public License263225
Node: Copying This Manual301580
Node: GNU Free Documentation License302100
Node: Indices327210
Node: Macro index327490
Node: Concept index333873

End Tag Table