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Authors of MPFR (in chronological order of initial contribution):
Guillaume Hanrot Main author
Fabrice Rouillier Original version of mul_ui.c, gmp_op.c
Paul Zimmermann Main author
Sylvie Boldo Original version of agm.c and log.c
Jean-Luc Rémy Original version of zeta.c
Emmanuel Jeandel Original version of exp3.c, const_pi.c, sincos.c
Mathieu Dutour acos.c, asin.c, atan.c and early gamma.c
Vincent Lefèvre Main author
David Daney Hyperbolic and inverse hyperbolic functions, base-2
and base-10 exponential and logarithm, factorial
Alain Delplanque Rewritten get_str.c
Ludovic Meunier Error function (erf.c)
Patrick Pélissier Main author
Laurent Fousse Original version of sum.c
Damien Stehlé Function mpfr_get_ld_2exp
Philippe Théveny Main author
Sylvain Chevillard Original version of ai.c
The main authors are included in the MPFR mailing-list <>.
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look at the MPFR web page <>.