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/* mpc.h -- Include file for mpc.
Copyright (C) 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2014 INRIA
This file is part of GNU MPC.
GNU MPC is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under
the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License as published by the
Free Software Foundation; either version 3 of the License, or (at your
option) any later version.
GNU MPC is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY
WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS
FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU Lesser General Public License for
more details.
You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public License
along with this program. If not, see .
#ifndef __MPC_H
#define __MPC_H
#include "gmp.h"
#include "mpfr.h"
/* Backwards compatibility with mpfr<3.0.0 */
#ifndef mpfr_exp_t
#define mpfr_exp_t mp_exp_t
/* Define MPC version number */
#define MPC_VERSION_STRING "1.0.2"
/* Macros dealing with MPC VERSION */
#define MPC_VERSION_NUM(a,b,c) (((a) << 16L) | ((b) << 8) | (c))
#define MPC_VERSION \
/* Check if stdint.h/inttypes.h is included */
#if defined (INTMAX_C) && defined (UINTMAX_C)
#define _MPC_H_HAVE_INTMAX_T 1
/* Return values */
/* Transform negative to 2, positive to 1, leave 0 unchanged */
#define MPC_INEX_POS(inex) (((inex) < 0) ? 2 : ((inex) == 0) ? 0 : 1)
/* Transform 2 to negative, 1 to positive, leave 0 unchanged */
#define MPC_INEX_NEG(inex) (((inex) == 2) ? -1 : ((inex) == 0) ? 0 : 1)
/* The global inexact flag is made of (real flag) + 4 * (imaginary flag), where
each of the real and imaginary inexact flag are:
0 when the result is exact (no rounding error)
1 when the result is larger than the exact value
2 when the result is smaller than the exact value */
#define MPC_INEX(inex_re, inex_im) \
(MPC_INEX_POS(inex_re) | (MPC_INEX_POS(inex_im) << 2))
#define MPC_INEX_RE(inex) MPC_INEX_NEG((inex) & 3)
#define MPC_INEX_IM(inex) MPC_INEX_NEG((inex) >> 2)
/* For functions computing two results, the return value is
inexact1+16*inexact2, which is 0 iif both results are exact. */
#define MPC_INEX12(inex1, inex2) (inex1 | (inex2 << 4))
#define MPC_INEX1(inex) (inex & 15)
#define MPC_INEX2(inex) (inex >> 4)
/* Definition of rounding modes */
/* a complex rounding mode is just a pair of two real rounding modes
we reserve four bits for a real rounding mode. */
typedef int mpc_rnd_t;
#define MPC_RND(r1,r2) (((int)(r1)) + ((int)(r2) << 4))
#define MPC_RND_RE(x) ((mpfr_rnd_t)((x) & 0x0F))
#define MPC_RND_IM(x) ((mpfr_rnd_t)((x) >> 4))
/* Definitions of types and their semantics */
typedef struct {
mpfr_t re;
mpfr_t im;
typedef __mpc_struct mpc_t[1];
typedef __mpc_struct *mpc_ptr;
typedef const __mpc_struct *mpc_srcptr;
/* Support for WINDOWS DLL, see;
when building the DLL, export symbols, otherwise behave as GMP */
#if defined (__cplusplus)
extern "C" {
__MPC_DECLSPEC int mpc_add (mpc_ptr, mpc_srcptr, mpc_srcptr, mpc_rnd_t);
__MPC_DECLSPEC int mpc_add_fr (mpc_ptr, mpc_srcptr, mpfr_srcptr, mpc_rnd_t);
__MPC_DECLSPEC int mpc_add_si (mpc_ptr, mpc_srcptr, long int, mpc_rnd_t);
__MPC_DECLSPEC int mpc_add_ui (mpc_ptr, mpc_srcptr, unsigned long int, mpc_rnd_t);
__MPC_DECLSPEC int mpc_sub (mpc_ptr, mpc_srcptr, mpc_srcptr, mpc_rnd_t);
__MPC_DECLSPEC int mpc_sub_fr (mpc_ptr, mpc_srcptr, mpfr_srcptr, mpc_rnd_t);
__MPC_DECLSPEC int mpc_fr_sub (mpc_ptr, mpfr_srcptr, mpc_srcptr, mpc_rnd_t);
__MPC_DECLSPEC int mpc_sub_ui (mpc_ptr, mpc_srcptr, unsigned long int, mpc_rnd_t);
__MPC_DECLSPEC int mpc_ui_ui_sub (mpc_ptr, unsigned long int, unsigned long int, mpc_srcptr, mpc_rnd_t);
__MPC_DECLSPEC int mpc_mul (mpc_ptr, mpc_srcptr, mpc_srcptr, mpc_rnd_t);
__MPC_DECLSPEC int mpc_mul_fr (mpc_ptr, mpc_srcptr, mpfr_srcptr, mpc_rnd_t);
__MPC_DECLSPEC int mpc_mul_ui (mpc_ptr, mpc_srcptr, unsigned long int, mpc_rnd_t);
__MPC_DECLSPEC int mpc_mul_si (mpc_ptr, mpc_srcptr, long int, mpc_rnd_t);
__MPC_DECLSPEC int mpc_mul_i (mpc_ptr, mpc_srcptr, int, mpc_rnd_t);
__MPC_DECLSPEC int mpc_sqr (mpc_ptr, mpc_srcptr, mpc_rnd_t);
__MPC_DECLSPEC int mpc_div (mpc_ptr, mpc_srcptr, mpc_srcptr, mpc_rnd_t);
__MPC_DECLSPEC int mpc_pow (mpc_ptr, mpc_srcptr, mpc_srcptr, mpc_rnd_t);
__MPC_DECLSPEC int mpc_pow_fr (mpc_ptr, mpc_srcptr, mpfr_srcptr, mpc_rnd_t);
__MPC_DECLSPEC int mpc_pow_ld (mpc_ptr, mpc_srcptr, long double, mpc_rnd_t);
__MPC_DECLSPEC int mpc_pow_d (mpc_ptr, mpc_srcptr, double, mpc_rnd_t);
__MPC_DECLSPEC int mpc_pow_si (mpc_ptr, mpc_srcptr, long, mpc_rnd_t);
__MPC_DECLSPEC int mpc_pow_ui (mpc_ptr, mpc_srcptr, unsigned long, mpc_rnd_t);
__MPC_DECLSPEC int mpc_pow_z (mpc_ptr, mpc_srcptr, mpz_srcptr, mpc_rnd_t);
__MPC_DECLSPEC int mpc_div_fr (mpc_ptr, mpc_srcptr, mpfr_srcptr, mpc_rnd_t);
__MPC_DECLSPEC int mpc_fr_div (mpc_ptr, mpfr_srcptr, mpc_srcptr, mpc_rnd_t);
__MPC_DECLSPEC int mpc_div_ui (mpc_ptr, mpc_srcptr, unsigned long int, mpc_rnd_t);
__MPC_DECLSPEC int mpc_ui_div (mpc_ptr, unsigned long int, mpc_srcptr, mpc_rnd_t);
__MPC_DECLSPEC int mpc_div_2ui (mpc_ptr, mpc_srcptr, unsigned long int, mpc_rnd_t);
__MPC_DECLSPEC int mpc_mul_2ui (mpc_ptr, mpc_srcptr, unsigned long int, mpc_rnd_t);
__MPC_DECLSPEC int mpc_div_2si (mpc_ptr, mpc_srcptr, long int, mpc_rnd_t);
__MPC_DECLSPEC int mpc_mul_2si (mpc_ptr, mpc_srcptr, long int, mpc_rnd_t);
__MPC_DECLSPEC int mpc_conj (mpc_ptr, mpc_srcptr, mpc_rnd_t);
__MPC_DECLSPEC int mpc_neg (mpc_ptr, mpc_srcptr, mpc_rnd_t);
__MPC_DECLSPEC int mpc_norm (mpfr_ptr, mpc_srcptr, mpfr_rnd_t);
__MPC_DECLSPEC int mpc_abs (mpfr_ptr, mpc_srcptr, mpfr_rnd_t);
__MPC_DECLSPEC int mpc_sqrt (mpc_ptr, mpc_srcptr, mpc_rnd_t);
__MPC_DECLSPEC int mpc_set (mpc_ptr, mpc_srcptr, mpc_rnd_t);
__MPC_DECLSPEC int mpc_set_d (mpc_ptr, double, mpc_rnd_t);
__MPC_DECLSPEC int mpc_set_d_d (mpc_ptr, double, double, mpc_rnd_t);
__MPC_DECLSPEC int mpc_set_ld (mpc_ptr, long double, mpc_rnd_t);
__MPC_DECLSPEC int mpc_set_ld_ld (mpc_ptr, long double, long double, mpc_rnd_t);
__MPC_DECLSPEC int mpc_set_f (mpc_ptr, mpf_srcptr, mpc_rnd_t);
__MPC_DECLSPEC int mpc_set_f_f (mpc_ptr, mpf_srcptr, mpf_srcptr, mpc_rnd_t);
__MPC_DECLSPEC int mpc_set_fr (mpc_ptr, mpfr_srcptr, mpc_rnd_t);
__MPC_DECLSPEC int mpc_set_fr_fr (mpc_ptr, mpfr_srcptr, mpfr_srcptr, mpc_rnd_t);
__MPC_DECLSPEC int mpc_set_q (mpc_ptr, mpq_srcptr, mpc_rnd_t);
__MPC_DECLSPEC int mpc_set_q_q (mpc_ptr, mpq_srcptr, mpq_srcptr, mpc_rnd_t);
__MPC_DECLSPEC int mpc_set_si (mpc_ptr, long int, mpc_rnd_t);
__MPC_DECLSPEC int mpc_set_si_si (mpc_ptr, long int, long int, mpc_rnd_t);
__MPC_DECLSPEC int mpc_set_ui (mpc_ptr, unsigned long int, mpc_rnd_t);
__MPC_DECLSPEC int mpc_set_ui_ui (mpc_ptr, unsigned long int, unsigned long int, mpc_rnd_t);
__MPC_DECLSPEC int mpc_set_z (mpc_ptr, mpz_srcptr, mpc_rnd_t);
__MPC_DECLSPEC int mpc_set_z_z (mpc_ptr, mpz_srcptr, mpz_srcptr, mpc_rnd_t);
__MPC_DECLSPEC void mpc_swap (mpc_ptr, mpc_ptr);
__MPC_DECLSPEC int mpc_fma (mpc_ptr, mpc_srcptr, mpc_srcptr, mpc_srcptr, mpc_rnd_t);
__MPC_DECLSPEC void mpc_set_nan (mpc_ptr);
__MPC_DECLSPEC int mpc_real (mpfr_ptr, mpc_srcptr, mpfr_rnd_t);
__MPC_DECLSPEC int mpc_imag (mpfr_ptr, mpc_srcptr, mpfr_rnd_t);
__MPC_DECLSPEC int mpc_arg (mpfr_ptr, mpc_srcptr, mpfr_rnd_t);
__MPC_DECLSPEC int mpc_proj (mpc_ptr, mpc_srcptr, mpc_rnd_t);
__MPC_DECLSPEC int mpc_cmp (mpc_srcptr, mpc_srcptr);
__MPC_DECLSPEC int mpc_cmp_si_si (mpc_srcptr, long int, long int);
__MPC_DECLSPEC int mpc_exp (mpc_ptr, mpc_srcptr, mpc_rnd_t);
__MPC_DECLSPEC int mpc_log (mpc_ptr, mpc_srcptr, mpc_rnd_t);
__MPC_DECLSPEC int mpc_log10 (mpc_ptr, mpc_srcptr, mpc_rnd_t);
__MPC_DECLSPEC int mpc_sin (mpc_ptr, mpc_srcptr, mpc_rnd_t);
__MPC_DECLSPEC int mpc_cos (mpc_ptr, mpc_srcptr, mpc_rnd_t);
__MPC_DECLSPEC int mpc_sin_cos (mpc_ptr, mpc_ptr, mpc_srcptr, mpc_rnd_t, mpc_rnd_t);
__MPC_DECLSPEC int mpc_tan (mpc_ptr, mpc_srcptr, mpc_rnd_t);
__MPC_DECLSPEC int mpc_sinh (mpc_ptr, mpc_srcptr, mpc_rnd_t);
__MPC_DECLSPEC int mpc_cosh (mpc_ptr, mpc_srcptr, mpc_rnd_t);
__MPC_DECLSPEC int mpc_tanh (mpc_ptr, mpc_srcptr, mpc_rnd_t);
__MPC_DECLSPEC int mpc_asin (mpc_ptr, mpc_srcptr, mpc_rnd_t);
__MPC_DECLSPEC int mpc_acos (mpc_ptr, mpc_srcptr, mpc_rnd_t);
__MPC_DECLSPEC int mpc_atan (mpc_ptr, mpc_srcptr, mpc_rnd_t);
__MPC_DECLSPEC int mpc_asinh (mpc_ptr, mpc_srcptr, mpc_rnd_t);
__MPC_DECLSPEC int mpc_acosh (mpc_ptr, mpc_srcptr, mpc_rnd_t);
__MPC_DECLSPEC int mpc_atanh (mpc_ptr, mpc_srcptr, mpc_rnd_t);
__MPC_DECLSPEC void mpc_clear (mpc_ptr);
__MPC_DECLSPEC int mpc_urandom (mpc_ptr, gmp_randstate_t);
__MPC_DECLSPEC void mpc_init2 (mpc_ptr, mpfr_prec_t);
__MPC_DECLSPEC void mpc_init3 (mpc_ptr, mpfr_prec_t, mpfr_prec_t);
__MPC_DECLSPEC mpfr_prec_t mpc_get_prec (mpc_srcptr x);
__MPC_DECLSPEC void mpc_get_prec2 (mpfr_prec_t *pr, mpfr_prec_t *pi, mpc_srcptr x);
__MPC_DECLSPEC void mpc_set_prec (mpc_ptr, mpfr_prec_t);
__MPC_DECLSPEC const char * mpc_get_version (void);
__MPC_DECLSPEC int mpc_strtoc (mpc_ptr, const char *, char **, int, mpc_rnd_t);
__MPC_DECLSPEC int mpc_set_str (mpc_ptr, const char *, int, mpc_rnd_t);
__MPC_DECLSPEC char * mpc_get_str (int, size_t, mpc_srcptr, mpc_rnd_t);
__MPC_DECLSPEC void mpc_free_str (char *);
/* declare certain functions only if appropriate headers have been included */
__MPC_DECLSPEC int mpc_set_sj (mpc_ptr, intmax_t, mpc_rnd_t);
__MPC_DECLSPEC int mpc_set_uj (mpc_ptr, uintmax_t, mpc_rnd_t);
__MPC_DECLSPEC int mpc_set_sj_sj (mpc_ptr, intmax_t, intmax_t, mpc_rnd_t);
__MPC_DECLSPEC int mpc_set_uj_uj (mpc_ptr, uintmax_t, uintmax_t, mpc_rnd_t);
#ifdef _Complex_I
__MPC_DECLSPEC int mpc_set_dc (mpc_ptr, double _Complex, mpc_rnd_t);
__MPC_DECLSPEC int mpc_set_ldc (mpc_ptr, long double _Complex, mpc_rnd_t);
__MPC_DECLSPEC double _Complex mpc_get_dc (mpc_srcptr, mpc_rnd_t);
__MPC_DECLSPEC long double _Complex mpc_get_ldc (mpc_srcptr, mpc_rnd_t);
__MPC_DECLSPEC int mpc_inp_str (mpc_ptr, FILE *, size_t *, int, mpc_rnd_t);
__MPC_DECLSPEC size_t mpc_out_str (FILE *, int, size_t, mpc_srcptr, mpc_rnd_t);
#if defined (__cplusplus)
#define mpc_realref(x) ((x)->re)
#define mpc_imagref(x) ((x)->im)
#define mpc_cmp_si(x, y) \
( mpc_cmp_si_si ((x), (y), 0l) )
#define mpc_ui_sub(x, y, z, r) mpc_ui_ui_sub (x, y, 0ul, z, r)
Define a fake mpfr_set_fr so that, for instance, mpc_set_fr_z would
be defined as follows:
mpc_set_fr_z (mpc_t rop, mpfr_t x, mpz_t y, mpc_rnd_t rnd)
MPC_SET_X_Y (fr, z, rop, x, y, rnd)
#ifndef mpfr_set_fr
#define mpfr_set_fr mpfr_set
#define MPC_SET_X_Y(real_t, imag_t, z, real_value, imag_value, rnd) \
{ \
int _inex_re, _inex_im; \
_inex_re = (mpfr_set_ ## real_t) (mpc_realref (z), (real_value), MPC_RND_RE (rnd)); \
_inex_im = (mpfr_set_ ## imag_t) (mpc_imagref (z), (imag_value), MPC_RND_IM (rnd)); \
return MPC_INEX (_inex_re, _inex_im); \
#endif /* ifndef __MPC_H */