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#ifndef __MMU_H
#define __MMU_H
typedef struct {
atomic_t attach_count;
unsigned int flush_mm;
spinlock_t list_lock;
struct list_head pgtable_list;
struct list_head gmap_list;
unsigned long asce_bits;
unsigned long asce_limit;
unsigned long vdso_base;
/* Cloned contexts will be created with extended page tables. */
unsigned int alloc_pgste:1;
/* The mmu context has extended page tables. */
unsigned int has_pgste:1;
} mm_context_t;
#define INIT_MM_CONTEXT(name) \
.context.list_lock = __SPIN_LOCK_UNLOCKED(name.context.list_lock), \
.context.pgtable_list = LIST_HEAD_INIT(name.context.pgtable_list), \
.context.gmap_list = LIST_HEAD_INIT(name.context.gmap_list),