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#include <linux/device.h>
struct parisc_device {
struct resource hpa; /* Hard Physical Address */
struct parisc_device_id id;
struct parisc_driver *driver; /* Driver for this device */
char name[80]; /* The hardware description */
int irq;
int aux_irq; /* Some devices have a second IRQ */
char hw_path; /* The module number on this bus */
unsigned int num_addrs; /* some devices have additional address ranges. */
unsigned long *addr; /* which will be stored here */
#ifdef CONFIG_64BIT
/* parms for pdc_pat_cell_module() call */
unsigned long pcell_loc; /* Physical Cell location */
unsigned long mod_index; /* PAT specific - Misc Module info */
/* generic info returned from pdc_pat_cell_module() */
unsigned long mod_info; /* PAT specific - Misc Module info */
unsigned long pmod_loc; /* physical Module location */
u64 dma_mask; /* DMA mask for I/O */
struct device dev;
struct parisc_driver {
struct parisc_driver *next;
char *name;
const struct parisc_device_id *id_table;
int (*probe) (struct parisc_device *dev); /* New device discovered */
int (*remove) (struct parisc_device *dev);
struct device_driver drv;
#define to_parisc_device(d) container_of(d, struct parisc_device, dev)
#define to_parisc_driver(d) container_of(d, struct parisc_driver, drv)
#define parisc_parent(d) to_parisc_device(d->dev.parent)
static inline const char *parisc_pathname(struct parisc_device *d)
return dev_name(&d->dev);
static inline void
parisc_set_drvdata(struct parisc_device *d, void *p)
dev_set_drvdata(&d->dev, p);
static inline void *
parisc_get_drvdata(struct parisc_device *d)
return dev_get_drvdata(&d->dev);
extern struct bus_type parisc_bus_type;