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#ifndef __PARISC_IPCBUF_H__
#define __PARISC_IPCBUF_H__
* The ipc64_perm structure for PA-RISC is almost identical to
* kern_ipc_perm as we have always had 32-bit UIDs and GIDs in the kernel.
* 'seq' has been changed from long to int so that it's the same size
* on 64-bit kernels as on 32-bit ones.
struct ipc64_perm
key_t key;
uid_t uid;
gid_t gid;
uid_t cuid;
gid_t cgid;
unsigned short int __pad1;
mode_t mode;
unsigned short int __pad2;
unsigned short int seq;
unsigned int __pad3;
unsigned long long int __unused1;
unsigned long long int __unused2;
#endif /* __PARISC_IPCBUF_H__ */