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#include <linux/mtd/mtd.h>
#include <linux/mtd/partitions.h>
struct pxa3xx_nand_timing {
unsigned int tCH; /* Enable signal hold time */
unsigned int tCS; /* Enable signal setup time */
unsigned int tWH; /* ND_nWE high duration */
unsigned int tWP; /* ND_nWE pulse time */
unsigned int tRH; /* ND_nRE high duration */
unsigned int tRP; /* ND_nRE pulse width */
unsigned int tR; /* ND_nWE high to ND_nRE low for read */
unsigned int tWHR; /* ND_nWE high to ND_nRE low for status read */
unsigned int tAR; /* ND_ALE low to ND_nRE low delay */
struct pxa3xx_nand_cmdset {
uint16_t read1;
uint16_t read2;
uint16_t program;
uint16_t read_status;
uint16_t read_id;
uint16_t erase;
uint16_t reset;
uint16_t lock;
uint16_t unlock;
uint16_t lock_status;
struct pxa3xx_nand_flash {
char *name;
uint32_t chip_id;
unsigned int page_per_block; /* Pages per block (PG_PER_BLK) */
unsigned int page_size; /* Page size in bytes (PAGE_SZ) */
unsigned int flash_width; /* Width of Flash memory (DWIDTH_M) */
unsigned int dfc_width; /* Width of flash controller(DWIDTH_C) */
unsigned int num_blocks; /* Number of physical blocks in Flash */
struct pxa3xx_nand_timing *timing; /* NAND Flash timing */
* Current pxa3xx_nand controller has two chip select which
* both be workable.
* Notice should be taken that:
* When you want to use this feature, you should not enable the
* keep configuration feature, for two chip select could be
* attached with different nand chip. The different page size
* and timing requirement make the keep configuration impossible.
/* The max num of chip select current support */
#define NUM_CHIP_SELECT (2)
struct pxa3xx_nand_platform_data {
/* the data flash bus is shared between the Static Memory
* Controller and the Data Flash Controller, the arbiter
* controls the ownership of the bus
int enable_arbiter;
/* allow platform code to keep OBM/bootloader defined NFC config */
int keep_config;
/* indicate how many chip selects will be used */
int num_cs;
const struct mtd_partition *parts[NUM_CHIP_SELECT];
unsigned int nr_parts[NUM_CHIP_SELECT];
const struct pxa3xx_nand_flash * flash;
size_t num_flash;
extern void pxa3xx_set_nand_info(struct pxa3xx_nand_platform_data *info);
#endif /* __ASM_ARCH_PXA3XX_NAND_H */