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* linux/arch/arm/mach-at91/generic.h
* Copyright (C) 2005 David Brownell
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 as
* published by the Free Software Foundation.
#include <linux/clkdev.h>
/* Map io */
extern void __init at91_map_io(void);
extern void __init at91_init_sram(int bank, unsigned long base,
unsigned int length);
/* Processors */
extern void __init at91rm9200_set_type(int type);
extern void __init at91_initialize(unsigned long main_clock);
extern void __init at91x40_initialize(unsigned long main_clock);
/* Interrupts */
extern void __init at91_init_irq_default(void);
extern void __init at91_init_interrupts(unsigned int priority[]);
extern void __init at91x40_init_interrupts(unsigned int priority[]);
extern void __init at91_aic_init(unsigned int priority[]);
/* Timer */
struct sys_timer;
extern struct sys_timer at91rm9200_timer;
extern void at91sam926x_ioremap_pit(u32 addr);
extern struct sys_timer at91sam926x_timer;
extern struct sys_timer at91x40_timer;
/* Clocks */
* function to specify the clock of the default console. As we do not
* use the device/driver bus, the dev_name is not intialize. So we need
* to link the clock to a specific con_id only "usart"
extern void __init at91rm9200_set_console_clock(int id);
extern void __init at91sam9260_set_console_clock(int id);
extern void __init at91sam9261_set_console_clock(int id);
extern void __init at91sam9263_set_console_clock(int id);
extern void __init at91sam9rl_set_console_clock(int id);
extern void __init at91sam9g45_set_console_clock(int id);
extern void __init at91cap9_set_console_clock(int id);
extern int __init at91_clock_init(unsigned long main_clock);
static int inline at91_clock_init(unsigned long main_clock) { return 0; }
struct device;
/* Power Management */
extern void at91_irq_suspend(void);
extern void at91_irq_resume(void);
/* reset */
extern void at91_ioremap_rstc(u32 base_addr);
extern void at91sam9_alt_restart(char, const char *);
extern void at91sam9g45_restart(char, const char *);
/* shutdown */
extern void at91_ioremap_shdwc(u32 base_addr);
/* GPIO */
#define AT91RM9200_PQFP 3 /* AT91RM9200 PQFP package has 3 banks */
#define AT91RM9200_BGA 4 /* AT91RM9200 BGA package has 4 banks */
struct at91_gpio_bank {
unsigned short id; /* peripheral ID */
unsigned long regbase; /* offset from system peripheral base */
extern void __init at91_gpio_init(struct at91_gpio_bank *, int nr_banks);
extern void __init at91_gpio_irq_setup(void);
extern int at91_extern_irq;