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* arch/arm/include/asm/fiq.h
* Support for FIQ on ARM architectures.
* Written by Philip Blundell <>, 1998
* Re-written by Russell King
* NOTE: The FIQ mode registers are not magically preserved across
* suspend/resume.
* Drivers which require these registers to be preserved across power
* management operations must implement appropriate suspend/resume handlers to
* save and restore them.
#ifndef __ASM_FIQ_H
#define __ASM_FIQ_H
#include <asm/ptrace.h>
struct fiq_handler {
struct fiq_handler *next;
/* Name
const char *name;
/* Called to ask driver to relinquish/
* reacquire FIQ
* return zero to accept, or -<errno>
int (*fiq_op)(void *, int relinquish);
/* data for the relinquish/reacquire functions
void *dev_id;
extern int claim_fiq(struct fiq_handler *f);
extern void release_fiq(struct fiq_handler *f);
extern void set_fiq_handler(void *start, unsigned int length);
extern void enable_fiq(int fiq);
extern void disable_fiq(int fiq);
/* helpers defined in fiqasm.S: */
extern void __set_fiq_regs(unsigned long const *regs);
extern void __get_fiq_regs(unsigned long *regs);
static inline void set_fiq_regs(struct pt_regs const *regs)
static inline void get_fiq_regs(struct pt_regs *regs)