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#include <linux/memory.h>
* Put one of these structures in platform_data for SPI EEPROMS handled
* by the "at25" driver. On SPI, most EEPROMS understand the same core
* command set. If you need to support EEPROMs that don't yet fit, add
* flags to support those protocol options. These values all come from
* the chip datasheets.
struct spi_eeprom {
u32 byte_len;
char name[10];
u16 page_size; /* for writes */
u16 flags;
#define EE_ADDR1 0x0001 /* 8 bit addrs */
#define EE_ADDR2 0x0002 /* 16 bit addrs */
#define EE_ADDR3 0x0004 /* 24 bit addrs */
#define EE_READONLY 0x0008 /* disallow writes */
/* for exporting this chip's data to other kernel code */
void (*setup)(struct memory_accessor *mem, void *context);
void *context;
#endif /* __LINUX_SPI_EEPROM_H */