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#ifndef __irq_cpustat_h
#define __irq_cpustat_h
* Contains default mappings for irq_cpustat_t, used by almost every
* architecture. Some arch (like s390) have per cpu hardware pages and
* they define their own mappings for irq_stat.
* Keith Owens <> July 2000.
* Simple wrappers reducing source bloat. Define all irq_stat fields
* here, even ones that are arch dependent. That way we get common
* definitions instead of differing sets for each arch.
#ifndef __ARCH_IRQ_STAT
extern irq_cpustat_t irq_stat[]; /* defined in asm/hardirq.h */
#define __IRQ_STAT(cpu, member) (irq_stat[cpu].member)
/* arch independent irq_stat fields */
#define local_softirq_pending() \
__IRQ_STAT(smp_processor_id(), __softirq_pending)
/* arch dependent irq_stat fields */
#define nmi_count(cpu) __IRQ_STAT((cpu), __nmi_count) /* i386 */
#endif /* __irq_cpustat_h */