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* include/linux/input/ad714x.h
* AD714x is very flexible, it can be used as buttons, scrollwheel,
* slider, touchpad at the same time. That depends on the boards.
* The platform_data for the device's "struct device" holds this
* information.
* Copyright 2009 Analog Devices Inc.
* Licensed under the GPL-2 or later.
#ifndef __LINUX_INPUT_AD714X_H__
#define __LINUX_INPUT_AD714X_H__
#define STAGE_NUM 12
#define SYS_CFGREG_NUM 8
/* board information which need be initialized in arch/mach... */
struct ad714x_slider_plat {
int start_stage;
int end_stage;
int max_coord;
struct ad714x_wheel_plat {
int start_stage;
int end_stage;
int max_coord;
struct ad714x_touchpad_plat {
int x_start_stage;
int x_end_stage;
int x_max_coord;
int y_start_stage;
int y_end_stage;
int y_max_coord;
struct ad714x_button_plat {
int keycode;
unsigned short l_mask;
unsigned short h_mask;
struct ad714x_platform_data {
int slider_num;
int wheel_num;
int touchpad_num;
int button_num;
struct ad714x_slider_plat *slider;
struct ad714x_wheel_plat *wheel;
struct ad714x_touchpad_plat *touchpad;
struct ad714x_button_plat *button;
unsigned short stage_cfg_reg[STAGE_NUM][STAGE_CFGREG_NUM];
unsigned short sys_cfg_reg[SYS_CFGREG_NUM];