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#ifndef __LINUX_IBMTR_H__
#define __LINUX_IBMTR_H__
/* Definitions for an IBM Token Ring card. */
/* This file is distributed under the GNU GPL */
/* ported to the Alpha architecture 02/20/96 (just used the HZ macro) */
#define TR_RETRY_INTERVAL (30*HZ) /* 500 on PC = 5 s */
#define TR_RST_TIME (msecs_to_jiffies(50)) /* 5 on PC = 50 ms */
#define TR_BUSY_INTERVAL (msecs_to_jiffies(200)) /* 5 on PC = 200 ms */
#define TR_SPIN_INTERVAL (3*HZ) /* 3 seconds before init timeout */
#define TR_ISA 1
#define TR_MCA 2
#define TR_ISAPNP 3
#define NOTOK 0
#define IBMTR_SHARED_RAM_SIZE 0x10000
#define CHANNEL_ID 0X1F30
#define AIP 0X1F00
#define AIP4MBDHB 0X1FAA
#define AIP16MBDHB 0X1FAC
#define AIPFID 0X1FBA
#define ADAPTRESET 0x1 /* Control Adapter reset (add to base) */
#define ADAPTRESETREL 0x2 /* Release Adapter from reset ( """) */
#define ADAPTINTREL 0x3 /* Adapter interrupt release */
#define GLOBAL_INT_ENABLE 0x02f0
/* MMIO bits 0-4 select register */
#define RRR_EVEN 0x00 /* Shared RAM relocation registers - even and odd */
/* Used to set the starting address of shared RAM */
/* Bits 1 through 7 of this register map to bits 13 through 19 of the shared
RAM address.*/
/* ie: 0x02 sets RAM address to ...ato! issy su wazzoo !! GODZILLA!!! */
#define RRR_ODD 0x01
/* Bits 2 and 3 of this register can be read to determine shared RAM size */
/* 00 for 8k, 01 for 16k, 10 for 32k, 11 for 64k */
#define WRBR_EVEN 0x02 /* Write region base registers - even and odd */
#define WRBR_ODD 0x03
#define WWOR_EVEN 0x04 /* Write window open registers - even and odd */
#define WWOR_ODD 0x05
#define WWCR_EVEN 0x06 /* Write window close registers - even and odd */
#define WWCR_ODD 0x07
/* Interrupt status registers - PC system - even and odd */
#define ISRP_EVEN 0x08
#define TCR_INT 0x10 /* Bit 4 - Timer interrupt. The TVR_EVEN timer has
expired. */
#define ERR_INT 0x08 /* Bit 3 - Error interrupt. The adapter has had an
internal error. */
#define ACCESS_INT 0x04 /* Bit 2 - Access interrupt. You have attempted to
write to an invalid area of shared RAM
or an invalid register within the MMIO. */
/* In addition, the following bits within ISRP_EVEN can be turned on or off */
/* by you to control the interrupt processing: */
#define INT_ENABLE 0x40 /* Bit 6 - Interrupt enable. If 0, no interrupts will
occur. If 1, interrupts will occur normally.
Normally set to 1. */
/* Bit 0 - Primary or alternate adapter. Set to zero if this adapter is the
primary adapter, 1 if this adapter is the alternate adapter. */
#define ISRP_ODD 0x09
#define ADAP_CHK_INT 0x40 /* Bit 6 - Adapter check. the adapter has
encountered a serious problem and has closed
itself. Whoa. */
#define SRB_RESP_INT 0x20 /* Bit 5 - SRB response. The adapter has accepted
an SRB request and set the return code within
the SRB. */
#define ASB_FREE_INT 0x10 /* Bit 4 - ASB free. The adapter has read the ASB
and this area can be safely reused. This interrupt
is only used if your application has set the ASB
free request bit in ISRA_ODD or if an error was
detected in your response. */
#define ARB_CMD_INT 0x08 /* Bit 3 - ARB command. The adapter has given you a
command for action. The command is located in the
ARB area of shared memory. */
#define SSB_RESP_INT 0x04 /* Bit 2 - SSB response. The adapter has posted a
response to your SRB (the response is located in
the SSB area of shared memory). */
/* Bit 1 - Bridge frame forward complete. */
#define ISRA_EVEN 0x0A /*Interrupt status registers - adapter - even and odd */
/* Bit 7 - Internal parity error (on adapter's internal bus) */
/* Bit 6 - Timer interrupt pending */
/* Bit 5 - Access interrupt (attempt by adapter to access illegal address) */
/* Bit 4 - Adapter microcode problem (microcode dead-man timer expired) */
/* Bit 3 - Adapter processor check status */
/* Bit 2 - Reserved */
/* Bit 1 - Adapter hardware interrupt mask (prevents internal interrupts) */
/* Bit 0 - Adapter software interrupt mask (prevents internal software ints) */
#define ISRA_ODD 0x0B
#define CMD_IN_SRB 0x20 /* Bit 5 - Indicates that you have placed a new
command in the SRB and are ready for the adapter to
process the command. */
#define RESP_IN_ASB 0x10 /* Bit 4 - Indicates that you have placed a response
(an ASB) in the shared RAM which is available for
the adapter's use. */
/* Bit 3 - Indicates that you are ready to put an SRB in the shared RAM, but
that a previous command is still pending. The adapter will then
interrupt you when the previous command is completed */
/* Bit 2 - Indicates that you are ready to put an ASB in the shared RAM, but
that a previous ASB is still pending. The adapter will then interrupt
you when the previous ASB is copied. */
#define ARB_FREE 0x2
#define SSB_FREE 0x1
#define TCR_EVEN 0x0C /* Timer control registers - even and odd */
#define TCR_ODD 0x0D
#define TVR_EVEN 0x0E /* Timer value registers - even and odd */
#define TVR_ODD 0x0F
#define SRPR_EVEN 0x18 /* Shared RAM paging registers - even and odd */
#define SRPR_ODD 0x19 /* Not used. */
#define TOKREAD 0x60
#define TOKOR 0x40
#define TOKAND 0x20
#define TOKWRITE 0x00
/* MMIO bits 5-6 select operation */
/* 00 is used to write to a register */
/* 01 is used to bitwise AND a byte with a register */
/* 10 is used to bitwise OR a byte with a register */
/* 11 is used to read from a register */
/* MMIO bits 7-8 select area of interest.. see below */
/* 00 selects attachment control area. */
/* 01 is reserved. */
/* 10 selects adapter identification area A containing the adapter encoded
address. */
/* 11 selects the adapter identification area B containing test patterns. */
#define PCCHANNELID 5049434F3631313039393020
#define MCCHANNELID 4D4152533633583435313820
#define ACA_OFFSET 0x1e00
#define ACA_SET 0x40
#define ACA_RESET 0x20
#define ACA_RW 0x00
#define SET_PAGE(x) (writeb((x), ti->mmio + ACA_OFFSET+ ACA_RW + SRPR_EVEN))
#define SET_PAGE(x)
/* do_tok_int possible values */
#define FIRST_INT 1
#define NOT_FIRST 2
typedef enum { CLOSED, OPEN } open_state;
//staic const char *printstate[] = { "CLOSED","OPEN"};
struct tok_info {
unsigned char irq;
void __iomem *mmio;
unsigned char hw_address[32];
unsigned char adapter_type;
unsigned char data_rate;
unsigned char token_release;
unsigned char avail_shared_ram;
unsigned char shared_ram_paging;
unsigned char turbo;
unsigned short dhb_size4mb;
unsigned short rbuf_len4;
unsigned short rbuf_cnt4;
unsigned short maxmtu4;
unsigned short dhb_size16mb;
unsigned short rbuf_len16;
unsigned short rbuf_cnt16;
unsigned short maxmtu16;
/* Additions by David Morris */
unsigned char do_tok_int;
wait_queue_head_t wait_for_reset;
unsigned char sram_base;
/* Additions by Peter De Schrijver */
unsigned char page_mask; /* mask to select RAM page to Map*/
unsigned char mapped_ram_size; /* size of RAM page */
__u32 sram_phys; /* Shared memory base address */
void __iomem *sram_virt; /* Shared memory base address */
void __iomem *init_srb; /* Initial System Request Block address */
void __iomem *srb; /* System Request Block address */
void __iomem *ssb; /* System Status Block address */
void __iomem *arb; /* Adapter Request Block address */
void __iomem *asb; /* Adapter Status Block address */
__u8 init_srb_page;
__u8 srb_page;
__u8 ssb_page;
__u8 arb_page;
__u8 asb_page;
unsigned short exsap_station_id;
unsigned short global_int_enable;
struct sk_buff *current_skb;
unsigned char auto_speedsave;
open_state open_status, sap_status;
enum {MANUAL, AUTOMATIC} open_mode;
enum {FAIL, RESTART, REOPEN} open_action;
enum {NO, YES} open_failure;
unsigned char readlog_pending;
unsigned short adapter_int_enable; /* Adapter-specific int enable */
struct timer_list tr_timer;
unsigned char ring_speed;
spinlock_t lock; /* SMP protection */
/* token ring adapter commands */
#define DIR_INTERRUPT 0x00 /* struct srb_interrupt */
#define DIR_MOD_OPEN_PARAMS 0x01
#define DIR_OPEN_ADAPTER 0x03 /* struct dir_open_adapter */
#define DIR_CLOSE_ADAPTER 0x04
#define DIR_SET_GRP_ADDR 0x06
#define DIR_SET_FUNC_ADDR 0x07 /* struct srb_set_funct_addr */
#define DIR_READ_LOG 0x08 /* struct srb_read_log */
#define DLC_OPEN_SAP 0x15 /* struct dlc_open_sap */
#define DLC_CLOSE_SAP 0x16
#define DATA_LOST 0x20 /* struct asb_rec */
#define REC_DATA 0x81 /* struct arb_rec_req */
#define XMIT_DATA_REQ 0x82 /* struct arb_xmit_req */
#define DLC_STATUS 0x83 /* struct arb_dlc_status */
#define RING_STAT_CHANGE 0x84 /* struct dlc_open_sap ??? */
/* DIR_OPEN_ADAPTER options */
#define OPEN_PASS_BCON_MAC 0x0100
#define NUM_RCV_BUF 2
#define RCV_BUF_LEN 1024
#define DHB_LENGTH 2048
#define NUM_DHB 2
#define DLC_MAX_SAP 2
#define DLC_MAX_STA 1
/* DLC_OPEN_SAP options */
#define MAX_I_FIELD 0x0088
#define SAP_OPEN_IND_SAP 0x04
#define SAP_OPEN_PRIORITY 0x20
#define XMIT_DIR_FRAME 0x0A
#define XMIT_UI_FRAME 0x0d
#define XMIT_XID_CMD 0x0e
#define XMIT_TEST_CMD 0x11
/* srb close return code */
#define SIGNAL_LOSS 0x8000
#define HARD_ERROR 0x4000
#define XMIT_BEACON 0x1000
#define LOBE_FAULT 0x0800
#define AUTO_REMOVAL 0x0400
#define REMOVE_RECV 0x0100
#define LOG_OVERFLOW 0x0080
#define RING_RECOVER 0x0020
struct srb_init_response {
unsigned char command;
unsigned char init_status;
unsigned char init_status_2;
unsigned char reserved[3];
__u16 bring_up_code;
__u16 encoded_address;
__u16 level_address;
__u16 adapter_address;
__u16 parms_address;
__u16 mac_address;
struct dir_open_adapter {
unsigned char command;
char reserved[7];
__u16 open_options;
unsigned char node_address[6];
unsigned char group_address[4];
unsigned char funct_address[4];
__u16 num_rcv_buf;
__u16 rcv_buf_len;
__u16 dhb_length;
unsigned char num_dhb;
char reserved2;
unsigned char dlc_max_sap;
unsigned char dlc_max_sta;
unsigned char dlc_max_gsap;
unsigned char dlc_max_gmem;
unsigned char dlc_t1_tick_1;
unsigned char dlc_t2_tick_1;
unsigned char dlc_ti_tick_1;
unsigned char dlc_t1_tick_2;
unsigned char dlc_t2_tick_2;
unsigned char dlc_ti_tick_2;
unsigned char product_id[18];
struct dlc_open_sap {
unsigned char command;
unsigned char reserved1;
unsigned char ret_code;
unsigned char reserved2;
__u16 station_id;
unsigned char timer_t1;
unsigned char timer_t2;
unsigned char timer_ti;
unsigned char maxout;
unsigned char maxin;
unsigned char maxout_incr;
unsigned char max_retry_count;
unsigned char gsap_max_mem;
__u16 max_i_field;
unsigned char sap_value;
unsigned char sap_options;
unsigned char station_count;
unsigned char sap_gsap_mem;
unsigned char gsap[0];
struct srb_xmit {
unsigned char command;
unsigned char cmd_corr;
unsigned char ret_code;
unsigned char reserved1;
__u16 station_id;
struct arb_rec_req {
unsigned char command;
unsigned char reserved1[3];
__u16 station_id;
__u16 rec_buf_addr;
unsigned char lan_hdr_len;
unsigned char dlc_hdr_len;
__u16 frame_len;
unsigned char msg_type;
struct asb_rec {
unsigned char command;
unsigned char reserved1;
unsigned char ret_code;
unsigned char reserved2;
__u16 station_id;
__u16 rec_buf_addr;
struct rec_buf {
unsigned char reserved1[2];
__u16 buf_ptr;
unsigned char reserved2;
unsigned char receive_fs;
__u16 buf_len;
unsigned char data[0];
struct srb_set_funct_addr {
unsigned char command;
unsigned char reserved1;
unsigned char ret_code;
unsigned char reserved2[3];
unsigned char funct_address[4];