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* Definitions for PCI support.
#define FL_BASE_MASK 0x0007
#define FL_BASE0 0x0000
#define FL_BASE1 0x0001
#define FL_BASE2 0x0002
#define FL_BASE3 0x0003
#define FL_BASE4 0x0004
#define FL_GET_BASE(x) (x & FL_BASE_MASK)
/* Use successive BARs (PCI base address registers),
else use offset into some specified BAR */
#define FL_BASE_BARS 0x0008
/* do not assign an irq */
#define FL_NOIRQ 0x0080
/* Use the Base address register size to cap number of ports */
#define FL_REGION_SZ_CAP 0x0100
struct pciserial_board {
unsigned int flags;
unsigned int num_ports;
unsigned int base_baud;
unsigned int uart_offset;
unsigned int reg_shift;
unsigned int first_offset;
struct serial_private;
struct serial_private *
pciserial_init_ports(struct pci_dev *dev, const struct pciserial_board *board);
void pciserial_remove_ports(struct serial_private *priv);
void pciserial_suspend_ports(struct serial_private *priv);
void pciserial_resume_ports(struct serial_private *priv);