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This is a driver for the ET1310 network device.
Based on the driver found at
Cleaned up immensely by Olaf Hartman <> and Christoph
Hellwig <>
Note, the powermanagement options were removed from the vendor provided
driver as they did not build properly at the time.
- kernel coding style cleanups
- forward port for latest network driver changes
- kill useless typecasts (e.g. in et1310_phy.c)
- alloc_etherdev is initializing memory with zero?!?
- add_timer call in et131x_netdev.c is correct?
- Add power saving functionality (suspend, sleep, resume)
- Implement a few more kernel Parameter (set mac )
Please send patches to:
Greg Kroah-Hartman <>
And Cc: Olaf Hartmann <> as he has this device and can
test any changes.