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* linux/drivers/video/kyro/STG4000Interface.h
* Copyright (C) 2002 STMicroelectronics
* This file is subject to the terms and conditions of the GNU General Public
* License. See the file COPYING in the main directory of this archive
* for more details.
#ifndef _STG4000INTERFACE_H
#define _STG4000INTERFACE_H
#include <linux/pci.h>
#include <video/kyro.h>
* Ramdac Setup
extern int InitialiseRamdac(volatile STG4000REG __iomem *pSTGReg, u32 displayDepth,
u32 displayWidth, u32 displayHeight,
s32 HSyncPolarity, s32 VSyncPolarity,
u32 *pixelClock);
extern void DisableRamdacOutput(volatile STG4000REG __iomem *pSTGReg);
extern void EnableRamdacOutput(volatile STG4000REG __iomem *pSTGReg);
* Timing generator setup
extern void DisableVGA(volatile STG4000REG __iomem *pSTGReg);
extern void StopVTG(volatile STG4000REG __iomem *pSTGReg);
extern void StartVTG(volatile STG4000REG __iomem *pSTGReg);
extern void SetupVTG(volatile STG4000REG __iomem *pSTGReg,
const struct kyrofb_info * pTiming);
extern u32 ProgramClock(u32 refClock, u32 coreClock, u32 *FOut, u32 *ROut, u32 *POut);
extern int SetCoreClockPLL(volatile STG4000REG __iomem *pSTGReg, struct pci_dev *pDev);
* Overlay setup
extern void ResetOverlayRegisters(volatile STG4000REG __iomem *pSTGReg);
extern int CreateOverlaySurface(volatile STG4000REG __iomem *pSTGReg,
u32 ulWidth, u32 ulHeight,
int bLinear,
u32 ulOverlayOffset,
u32 * retStride, u32 * retUVStride);
extern int SetOverlayBlendMode(volatile STG4000REG __iomem *pSTGReg,
u32 ulAlpha, u32 ulColorKey);
extern int SetOverlayViewPort(volatile STG4000REG __iomem *pSTGReg,
u32 left, u32 top,
u32 right, u32 bottom);
extern void EnableOverlayPlane(volatile STG4000REG __iomem *pSTGReg);
#endif /* _STG4000INTERFACE_H */