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This is the contents of some of the drivers/usb/serial/ files that had old
changelog comments. They were quite old, and out of date, and we don't keep
them anymore, so I've put them here, away from the source files, in case
people still care to see them.
- Greg Kroah-Hartman <> October 20, 2005
usb-serial.h Change Log comments:
(03/26/2002) gkh
removed the port->tty check from port_paranoia_check() due to serial
consoles not having a tty device assigned to them.
(12/03/2001) gkh
removed active from the port structure.
added documentation to the usb_serial_device_type structure
(10/10/2001) gkh
added vendor and product to serial structure. Needed to determine device
owner when the device is disconnected.
(05/30/2001) gkh
added sem to port structure and removed port_lock
(10/05/2000) gkh
Added interrupt_in_endpointAddress and bulk_in_endpointAddress to help
fix bug with urb->dev not being set properly, now that the usb core
needs it.
(09/11/2000) gkh
Added usb_serial_debug_data function to help get rid of #DEBUG in the
(08/28/2000) gkh
Added port_lock to port structure.
(08/08/2000) gkh
Added open_count to port structure.
(07/23/2000) gkh
Added bulk_out_endpointAddress to port structure.
(07/19/2000) gkh, pberger, and borchers
Modifications to allow usb-serial drivers to be modules.
usb-serial.c Change Log comments:
(12/10/2002) gkh
Split the ports off into their own struct device, and added a
usb-serial bus driver.
(11/19/2002) gkh
removed a few #ifdefs for the generic code and cleaned up the failure
logic in initialization.
(10/02/2002) gkh
moved the console code to console.c and out of this file.
(06/05/2002) gkh
moved location of startup() call in serial_probe() until after all
of the port information and endpoints are initialized. This makes
things easier for some drivers.
(04/10/2002) gkh
added serial_read_proc function which creates a
/proc/tty/driver/usb-serial file.
(03/27/2002) gkh
Got USB serial console code working properly and merged into the main
version of the tree. Thanks to Randy Dunlap for the initial version
of this code, and for pushing me to finish it up.
The USB serial console works with any usb serial driver device.
(03/21/2002) gkh
Moved all manipulation of port->open_count into the core. Now the
individual driver's open and close functions are called only when the
first open() and last close() is called. Making the drivers a bit
smaller and simpler.
Fixed a bug if a driver didn't have the owner field set.
(02/26/2002) gkh
Moved all locking into the main serial_* functions, instead of having
the individual drivers have to grab the port semaphore. This should
reduce races.
Reworked the MOD_INC logic a bit to always increment and decrement, even
if the generic driver is being used.
(10/10/2001) gkh
usb_serial_disconnect() now sets the serial->dev pointer is to NULL to
help prevent child drivers from accessing the device since it is now
(09/13/2001) gkh
Moved generic driver initialize after we have registered with the USB
core. Thanks to Randy Dunlap for pointing this problem out.
(07/03/2001) gkh
Fixed module paramater size. Thanks to John Brockmeyer for the pointer.
Fixed vendor and product getting defined through the MODULE_PARM macro
if the Generic driver wasn't compiled in.
Fixed problem with generic_shutdown() not being called for drivers that
don't have a shutdown() function.
(06/06/2001) gkh
added evil hack that is needed for the prolific pl2303 device due to the
crazy way its endpoints are set up.
(05/30/2001) gkh
switched from using spinlock to a semaphore, which fixes lots of problems.
(04/08/2001) gb
Identify version on module load.
2001_02_05 gkh
Fixed buffer overflows bug with the generic serial driver. Thanks to
Todd Squires <> for fixing this.
(01/10/2001) gkh
Fixed bug where the generic serial adaptor grabbed _any_ device that was
offered to it.
(12/12/2000) gkh
Removed MOD_INC and MOD_DEC from poll and disconnect functions, and
moved them to the serial_open and serial_close functions.
Also fixed bug with there not being a MOD_DEC for the generic driver
(thanks to Gary Brubaker for finding this.)
(11/29/2000) gkh
Small NULL pointer initialization cleanup which saves a bit of disk image
(11/01/2000) Adam J. Richter
instead of using idVendor/idProduct pairs, usb serial drivers
now identify their hardware interest with usb_device_id tables,
which they usually have anyhow for use with MODULE_DEVICE_TABLE.
(10/05/2000) gkh
Fixed bug with urb->dev not being set properly, now that the usb
core needs it.
(09/11/2000) gkh
Removed DEBUG #ifdefs with call to usb_serial_debug_data
(08/28/2000) gkh
Added port_lock to port structure.
Added locks for SMP safeness to generic driver
Fixed the ability to open a generic device's port more than once.
(07/23/2000) gkh
Added bulk_out_endpointAddress to port structure.
(07/19/2000) gkh, pberger, and borchers
Modifications to allow usb-serial drivers to be modules.
(07/03/2000) gkh
Added more debugging to serial_ioctl call
(06/25/2000) gkh
Changed generic_write_bulk_callback to not call wake_up_interruptible
directly, but to have port_softint do it at a safer time.
(06/23/2000) gkh
Cleaned up debugging statements in a quest to find UHCI timeout bug.
(05/22/2000) gkh
Changed the makefile, enabling the big CONFIG_USB_SERIAL_SOMTHING to be
removed from the individual device source files.
(05/03/2000) gkh
Added the Digi Acceleport driver from Al Borchers and Peter Berger.
(05/02/2000) gkh
Changed devfs and tty register code to work properly now. This was based on
the ACM driver changes by Vojtech Pavlik.
(04/27/2000) Ryan VanderBijl
Put calls to *_paranoia_checks into one function.
(04/23/2000) gkh
Fixed bug that Randy Dunlap found for Generic devices with no bulk out ports.
Moved when the startup code printed out the devices that are supported.
(04/19/2000) gkh
Added driver for ZyXEL lcd plus ISDN TA
Made startup info message specify which drivers were compiled in.
(04/03/2000) gkh
Changed the probe process to remove the module unload races.
Changed where the tty layer gets initialized to have devfs work nicer.
Added initial devfs support.
(03/26/2000) gkh
Split driver up into device specific pieces.
(03/19/2000) gkh
Fixed oops that could happen when device was removed while a program
was talking to the device.
Removed the static urbs and now all urbs are created and destroyed
Reworked the internal interface. Now everything is based on the
usb_serial_port structure instead of the larger usb_serial structure.
This fixes the bug that a multiport device could not have more than
one port open at one time.
(03/17/2000) gkh
Added config option for debugging messages.
Added patch for keyspan pda from Brian Warner.
(03/06/2000) gkh
Added the keyspan pda code from Brian Warner <>
Moved a bunch of the port specific stuff into its own structure. This
is in anticipation of the true multiport devices (there's a bug if you
try to access more than one port of any multiport device right now)
(02/21/2000) gkh
Made it so that any serial devices only have to specify which functions
they want to overload from the generic function calls (great,
inheritance in C, in a driver, just what I wanted...)
Added support for set_termios and ioctl function calls. No drivers take
advantage of this yet.
Removed the #ifdef MODULE, now there is no module specific code.
Cleaned up a few comments in usb-serial.h that were wrong (thanks again
to Miles Lott).
Small fix to get_free_serial.
(02/14/2000) gkh
Removed the Belkin and Peracom functionality from the driver due to
the lack of support from the vendor, and me not wanting people to
accidenatly buy the device, expecting it to work with Linux.
Added read_bulk_callback and write_bulk_callback to the type structure
for the needs of the FTDI and WhiteHEAT driver.
Changed all reverences to FTDI to FTDI_SIO at the request of Bill
Changed the output urb size back to the max endpoint size to make
the ftdi_sio driver have it easier, and due to the fact that it didn't
really increase the speed any.
(02/11/2000) gkh
Added VISOR_FUNCTION_CONSOLE to the visor startup function. This was a
patch from Miles Lott (
Fixed bug with not restoring the minor range that a device grabs, if
the startup function fails (thanks Miles for finding this).
(02/05/2000) gkh
Added initial framework for the Keyspan PDA serial converter so that
Brian Warner has a place to put his code.
Made the ezusb specific functions generic enough that different
devices can use them (whiteheat and keyspan_pda both need them).
Split out a whole bunch of structure and other stuff to a separate
usb-serial.h file.
Made the Visor connection messages a little more understandable, now
that Miles Lott ( has gotten the Generic channel to
work. Also made them always show up in the log file.
(01/25/2000) gkh
Added initial framework for FTDI serial converter so that Bill Ryder
has a place to put his code.
Added the vendor specific info from Handspring. Now we can print out
informational debug messages as well as understand what is happening.
(01/23/2000) gkh
Fixed problem of crash when trying to open a port that didn't have a
device assigned to it. Made the minor node finding a little smarter,
now it looks to find a continuous space for the new device.
(01/21/2000) gkh
Fixed bug in visor_startup with patch from Miles Lott (
Fixed get_serial_by_minor which was all messed up for multi port
devices. Fixed multi port problem for generic devices. Now the number
of ports is determined by the number of bulk out endpoints for the
generic device.
(01/19/2000) gkh
Removed lots of cruft that was around from the old (pre urb) driver
Made the serial_table dynamic. This should save lots of memory when
the number of minor nodes goes up to 256.
Added initial support for devices that have more than one port.
Added more debugging comments for the Visor, and added a needed
set_configuration call.
(01/17/2000) gkh
Fixed the WhiteHEAT firmware (my processing tool had a bug)
and added new debug loader firmware for it.
Removed the put_char function as it isn't really needed.
Added visor startup commands as found by the Win98 dump.
(01/13/2000) gkh
Fixed the vendor id for the generic driver to the one I meant it to be.
(01/12/2000) gkh
Forget the version numbering...that's pretty useless...
Made the driver able to be compiled so that the user can select which
converter they want to use. This allows people who only want the Visor
support to not pay the memory size price of the WhiteHEAT.
Fixed bug where the generic driver (idVendor=0000 and idProduct=0000)
grabbed the root hub. Not good.
version 0.4.0 (01/10/2000) gkh
Added whiteheat.h containing the firmware for the ConnectTech WhiteHEAT
device. Added startup function to allow firmware to be downloaded to
a device if it needs to be.
Added firmware download logic to the WhiteHEAT device.
Started to add #defines to split up the different drivers for potential
configuration option.
version 0.3.1 (12/30/99) gkh
Fixed problems with urb for bulk out.
Added initial support for multiple sets of endpoints. This enables
the Handspring Visor to be attached successfully. Only the first
bulk in / bulk out endpoint pair is being used right now.
version 0.3.0 (12/27/99) gkh
Added initial support for the Handspring Visor based on a patch from
Miles Lott (
Cleaned up the code a bunch and converted over to using urbs only.
version 0.2.3 (12/21/99) gkh
Added initial support for the Connect Tech WhiteHEAT converter.
Incremented the number of ports in expectation of getting the
WhiteHEAT to work properly (4 ports per connection).
Added notification on insertion and removal of what port the
device is/was connected to (and what kind of device it was).
version 0.2.2 (12/16/99) gkh
Changed major number to the new allocated number. We're legal now!
version 0.2.1 (12/14/99) gkh
Fixed bug that happens when device node is opened when there isn't a
device attached to it. Thanks to for noticing this.
version 0.2.0 (11/10/99) gkh
Split up internals to make it easier to add different types of serial
converters to the code.
Added a "generic" driver that gets it's vendor and product id
from when the module is loaded. Thanks to David E. Nelson (
for the idea and sample code (from the usb scanner driver.)
Cleared up any licensing questions by releasing it under the GNU GPL.
version 0.1.2 (10/25/99) gkh
Fixed bug in detecting device.
version 0.1.1 (10/05/99) gkh
Changed the major number to not conflict with anything else.
version 0.1 (09/28/99) gkh
Can recognize the two different devices and start up a read from
device when asked to. Writes also work. No control signals yet, this
all is vendor specific data (i.e. no spec), also no control for
different baud rates or other bit settings.
Currently we are using the same devid as the acm driver. This needs
to change.
visor.c Change Log comments:
(06/03/2003) Judd Montgomery <judd at>
Added support for module parameter options for untested/unknown
(03/09/2003) gkh
Added support for the Sony Clie NZ90V device. Thanks to Martin Brachtl
<> for the information.
(03/05/2003) gkh
Think Treo support is now working.
(04/03/2002) gkh
Added support for the Sony OS 4.1 devices. Thanks to Hiroyuki ARAKI
<> for the information.
(03/27/2002) gkh
Removed assumptions that port->tty was always valid (is not true
for usb serial console devices.)
(03/23/2002) gkh
Added support for the Palm i705 device, thanks to Thomas Riemer
<> for the information.
(03/21/2002) gkh
Added support for the Palm m130 device, thanks to Udo Eisenbarth
<> for the information.
(02/27/2002) gkh
Reworked the urb handling logic. We have no more pool, but dynamically
allocate the urb and the transfer buffer on the fly. In testing this
does not incure any measurable overhead. This also relies on the fact
that we have proper reference counting logic for urbs.
(02/21/2002) SilaS
Added initial support for the Palm m515 devices.
(02/14/2002) gkh
Added support for the Clie S-360 device.
(12/18/2001) gkh
Added better Clie support for 3.5 devices. Thanks to Geoffrey Levand
for the patch.
(11/11/2001) gkh
Added support for the m125 devices, and added check to prevent oopses
for CliƩ devices that lie about the number of ports they have.
(08/30/2001) gkh
Added support for the Clie devices, both the 3.5 and 4.0 os versions.
Many thanks to Daniel Burke, and Bryan Payne for helping with this.
(08/23/2001) gkh
fixed a few potential bugs pointed out by Oliver Neukum.
(05/30/2001) gkh
switched from using spinlock to a semaphore, which fixes lots of problems.
(05/28/2000) gkh
Added initial support for the Palm m500 and Palm m505 devices.
(04/08/2001) gb
Identify version on module load.
(01/21/2000) gkh
Added write_room and chars_in_buffer, as they were previously using the
generic driver versions which is all wrong now that we are using an urb
pool. Thanks to Wolfgang Grandegger for pointing this out to me.
Removed count assignment in the write function, which was not needed anymore
either. Thanks to Al Borchers for pointing this out.
(12/12/2000) gkh
Moved MOD_DEC to end of visor_close to be nicer, as the final write
message can sleep.
(11/12/2000) gkh
Fixed bug with data being dropped on the floor by forcing tty->low_latency
to be on. Hopefully this fixes the OHCI issue!
(11/01/2000) Adam J. Richter
usb_device_id table support
(10/05/2000) gkh
Fixed bug with urb->dev not being set properly, now that the usb
core needs it.
(09/11/2000) gkh
Got rid of always calling kmalloc for every urb we wrote out to the
Added visor_read_callback so we can keep track of bytes in and out for
those people who like to know the speed of their device.
Removed DEBUG #ifdefs with call to usb_serial_debug_data
(09/06/2000) gkh
Fixed oops in visor_exit. Need to uncomment usb_unlink_urb call _after_
the host controller drivers set urb->dev = NULL when the urb is finished.
(08/28/2000) gkh
Added locks for SMP safeness.
(08/08/2000) gkh
Fixed endian problem in visor_startup.
Fixed MOD_INC and MOD_DEC logic and the ability to open a port more
than once.
(07/23/2000) gkh
Added pool of write urbs to speed up transfers to the visor.
(07/19/2000) gkh
Added module_init and module_exit functions to handle the fact that this
driver is a loadable module now.
(07/03/2000) gkh
Added visor_set_ioctl and visor_set_termios functions (they don't do much
of anything, but are good for debugging.)
(06/25/2000) gkh
Fixed bug in visor_unthrottle that should help with the disconnect in PPP
bug that people have been reporting.
(06/23/2000) gkh
Cleaned up debugging statements in a quest to find UHCI timeout bug.
(04/27/2000) Ryan VanderBijl
Fixed memory leak in visor_close
(03/26/2000) gkh
Split driver up into device specific pieces.
pl2303.c Change Log comments:
2002_Mar_26 gkh
allowed driver to work properly if there is no tty assigned to a port
(this happens for serial console devices.)
2001_Oct_06 gkh
Added RTS and DTR line control. Thanks to for parts of it.
2001_Sep_19 gkh
Added break support.
2001_Aug_30 gkh
fixed oops in write_bulk_callback.
2001_Aug_28 gkh
reworked buffer logic to be like other usb-serial drivers. Hopefully
removing some reported problems.
2001_Jun_06 gkh
finished porting to 2.4 format.
io_edgeport.c Change Log comments:
2003_04_03 al borchers
- fixed a bug (that shows up with dosemu) where the tty struct is
used in a callback after it has been freed
2.3 2002_03_08 greg kroah-hartman
- fixed bug when multiple devices were attached at the same time.
2.2 2001_11_14 greg kroah-hartman
- fixed bug in edge_close that kept the port from being used more
than once.
- fixed memory leak on device removal.
- fixed potential double free of memory when command urb submitting
- other small cleanups when the device is removed
2.1 2001_07_09 greg kroah-hartman
- added support for TIOCMBIS and TIOCMBIC.
(04/08/2001) gb
- Identify version on module load.
2.0 2001_03_05 greg kroah-hartman
- reworked entire driver to fit properly in with the other usb-serial
drivers. Occasional oopses still happen, but it's a good start.
1.2.3 (02/23/2001) greg kroah-hartman
- changed device table to work properly for 2.4.x final format.
- fixed problem with dropping data at high data rates.
1.2.2 (11/27/2000) greg kroah-hartman
- cleaned up more NTisms.
- Added device table for 2.4.0-test11
1.2.1 (11/08/2000) greg kroah-hartman
- Started to clean up NTisms.
- Fixed problem with dev field of urb for kernels >= 2.4.0-test9
1.2 (10/17/2000) David Iacovelli
Remove all EPIC code and GPL source
Fix RELEVANT_IFLAG macro to include flow control
changes port configuration changes.
Fix redefinition of SERIAL_MAGIC
Change all timeout values to 5 seconds
Tried to fix the UHCI multiple urb submission, but failed miserably.
it seems to work fine with OHCI.
( Greg take a look at the #if 0 at end of WriteCmdUsb() we must
find a way to work arount this UHCI bug )
1.1 (10/11/2000) David Iacovelli
Fix XON/XOFF flow control to support both IXON and IXOFF
0.9.27 (06/30/2000) David Iacovelli
Added transmit queue and now allocate urb for command writes.
0.9.26 (06/29/2000) David Iacovelli
Add support for 80251 based edgeport
0.9.25 (06/27/2000) David Iacovelli
Do not close the port if it has multiple opens.
0.9.24 (05/26/2000) David Iacovelli
Add IOCTLs to support RXTX and JAVA POS
and first cut at running BlackBox Demo
0.9.23 (05/24/2000) David Iacovelli
Add IOCTLs to support RXTX and JAVA POS
0.9.22 (05/23/2000) David Iacovelli
fixed bug in enumeration. If epconfig turns on mapping by
path after a device is already plugged in, we now update
the mapping correctly
0.9.21 (05/16/2000) David Iacovelli
Added BlockUntilChaseResp() to also wait for txcredits
Updated the way we allocate and handle write URBs
Add debug code to dump buffers
0.9.20 (05/01/2000) David Iacovelli
change driver to use usb/tts/
0.9.19 (05/01/2000) David Iacovelli
Update code to compile if DEBUG is off
0.9.18 (04/28/2000) David Iacovelli
cleanup and test tty_register with devfs
0.9.17 (04/27/2000) greg kroah-hartman
changed tty_register around to be like the way it
was before, but now it works properly with devfs.
0.9.16 (04/26/2000) david iacovelli
Fixed bug in GetProductInfo()
0.9.15 (04/25/2000) david iacovelli
Updated enumeration
0.9.14 (04/24/2000) david iacovelli
Removed all config/status IOCTLS and
converted to using /proc/edgeport
still playing with devfs
0.9.13 (04/24/2000) david iacovelli
Removed configuration based on ttyUSB0
Added support for configuration using /prod/edgeport
first attempt at using devfs (not working yet!)
Added IOCTL to GetProductInfo()
Added support for custom baud rates
Add support for random port numbers
0.9.12 (04/18/2000) david iacovelli
added additional configuration IOCTLs
use ttyUSB0 for configuration
0.9.11 (04/17/2000) greg kroah-hartman
fixed module initialization race conditions.
made all urbs dynamically allocated.
made driver devfs compatible. now it only registers the tty device
when the device is actually plugged in.
0.9.10 (04/13/2000) greg kroah-hartman
added proc interface framework.
0.9.9 (04/13/2000) david iacovelli
added enumeration code and ioctls to configure the device
0.9.8 (04/12/2000) david iacovelli
Change interrupt read start when device is plugged in
and stop when device is removed
process interrupt reads when all ports are closed
(keep value of rxBytesAvail consistent with the edgeport)
set the USB_BULK_QUEUE flag so that we can shove a bunch
of urbs at once down the pipe
0.9.7 (04/10/2000) david iacovelli
start to add enumeration code.
generate serial number for epic devices
add support for kdb
0.9.6 (03/30/2000) david iacovelli
add IOCTL to get string, manufacture, and boot descriptors
0.9.5 (03/14/2000) greg kroah-hartman
more error checking added to SerialOpen to try to fix UHCI open problem
0.9.4 (03/09/2000) greg kroah-hartman
added more error checking to handle oops when data is hanging
around and tty is abruptly closed.
0.9.3 (03/09/2000) david iacovelli
Add epic support for xon/xoff chars
play with performance
0.9.2 (03/08/2000) greg kroah-hartman
changed most "info" calls to "dbg"
implemented flow control properly in the termios call
0.9.1 (03/08/2000) david iacovelli
added EPIC support
enabled bootloader update
0.9 (03/08/2000) greg kroah-hartman
Release to IO networks.
Integrated changes that David made
made getting urbs for writing SMP safe
0.8 (03/07/2000) greg kroah-hartman
Release to IO networks.
Fixed problems that were seen in code by David.
Now both Edgeport/4 and Edgeport/2 works properly.
Changed most of the functions to use port instead of serial.
0.7 (02/27/2000) greg kroah-hartman
Milestone 3 release.
Release to IO Networks
ioctl for waiting on line change implemented.
ioctl for getting statistics implemented.
multiport support working.
lsr and msr registers are now handled properly.
change break now hooked up and working.
support for all known Edgeport devices.
0.6 (02/22/2000) greg kroah-hartman
Release to IO networks.
CHASE is implemented correctly when port is closed.
SerialOpen now blocks correctly until port is fully opened.
0.5 (02/20/2000) greg kroah-hartman
Release to IO networks.
Known problems:
modem status register changes are not sent on to the user
CHASE is not implemented when the port is closed.
0.4 (02/16/2000) greg kroah-hartman
Second cut at the CeBit demo.
Doesn't leak memory on every write to the port
Still small leaks on startup.
Added support for Edgeport/2 and Edgeport/8
0.3 (02/15/2000) greg kroah-hartman
CeBit demo release.
Force the line settings to 4800, 8, 1, e for the demo.
Warning! This version leaks memory like crazy!
0.2 (01/30/2000) greg kroah-hartman
Milestone 1 release.
Device is found by USB subsystem, enumerated, firmware is downloaded
and the descriptors are printed to the debug log, config is set, and
green light starts to blink. Open port works, and data can be sent
and received at the default settings of the UART. Loopback connector
and debug log confirms this.
0.1 (01/23/2000) greg kroah-hartman
Initial release to help IO Networks try to set up their test system.
Edgeport4 is recognized, firmware is downloaded, config is set so
device blinks green light every 3 sec. Port is bound, but opening,
closing, and sending data do not work properly.