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/* hfa384x.h
* Defines the constants and data structures for the hfa384x
* Copyright (C) 1999 AbsoluteValue Systems, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
* --------------------------------------------------------------------
* linux-wlan
* The contents of this file are subject to the Mozilla Public
* License Version 1.1 (the "License"); you may not use this file
* except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of
* the License at
* Software distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS
* IS" basis, WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, either express or
* implied. See the License for the specific language governing
* rights and limitations under the License.
* Alternatively, the contents of this file may be used under the
* terms of the GNU Public License version 2 (the "GPL"), in which
* case the provisions of the GPL are applicable instead of the
* above. If you wish to allow the use of your version of this file
* only under the terms of the GPL and not to allow others to use
* your version of this file under the MPL, indicate your decision
* by deleting the provisions above and replace them with the notice
* and other provisions required by the GPL. If you do not delete
* the provisions above, a recipient may use your version of this
* file under either the MPL or the GPL.
* --------------------------------------------------------------------
* Inquiries regarding the linux-wlan Open Source project can be
* made directly to:
* AbsoluteValue Systems Inc.
* --------------------------------------------------------------------
* Portions of the development of this software were funded by
* Intersil Corporation as part of PRISM(R) chipset product development.
* --------------------------------------------------------------------
* [Implementation and usage notes]
* [References]
* CW10 Programmer's Manual v1.5
* IEEE 802.11 D10.0
* --------------------------------------------------------------------
#ifndef _HFA384x_H
#define _HFA384x_H
#define HFA384x_FIRMWARE_VERSION(a, b, c) (((a) << 16) + ((b) << 8) + (c))
#include <linux/if_ether.h>
/*--- Mins & Maxs -----------------------------------*/
#define HFA384x_PORTID_MAX ((u16)7)
#define HFA384x_NUMPORTS_MAX ((u16)(HFA384x_PORTID_MAX+1))
#define HFA384x_PDR_LEN_MAX ((u16)512) /* in bytes, from EK */
#define HFA384x_PDA_RECS_MAX ((u16)200) /* a guess */
#define HFA384x_PDA_LEN_MAX ((u16)1024) /* in bytes, from EK*/
#define HFA384x_SCANRESULT_MAX ((u16)31)
#define HFA384x_HSCANRESULT_MAX ((u16)31)
#define HFA384x_CHINFORESULT_MAX ((u16)16)
#define HFA384x_RID_GUESSING_MAXLEN 2048 /* I'm not really sure */
#define HFA384x_USB_RWMEM_MAXLEN 2048
/*--- Support Constants -----------------------------*/
#define HFA384x_PORTTYPE_IBSS ((u16)0)
#define HFA384x_PORTTYPE_BSS ((u16)1)
#define HFA384x_PORTTYPE_PSUEDOIBSS ((u16)3)
#define HFA384x_WEPFLAGS_PRIVINVOKED ((u16)BIT(0))
#define HFA384x_WEPFLAGS_EXCLUDE ((u16)BIT(1))
#define HFA384x_PORTSTATUS_DISABLED ((u16)1)
#define HFA384x_RATEBIT_1 ((u16)1)
#define HFA384x_RATEBIT_2 ((u16)2)
#define HFA384x_RATEBIT_5dot5 ((u16)4)
#define HFA384x_RATEBIT_11 ((u16)8)
/*--- MAC Internal memory constants and macros ------*/
/* masks and macros used to manipulate MAC internal memory addresses. */
/* MAC internal memory addresses are 23 bit quantities. The MAC uses
* a paged address space where the upper 16 bits are the page number
* and the lower 7 bits are the offset. There are various Host API
* elements that require two 16-bit quantities to specify a MAC
* internal memory address. Unfortunately, some of the API's use a
* page/offset format where the offset value is JUST the lower seven
* bits and the page is the remaining 16 bits. Some of the API's
* assume that the 23 bit address has been split at the 16th bit. We
* refer to these two formats as AUX format and CMD format. The
* macros below help handle some of this.
/* Mask bits for discarding unwanted pieces in a flat address */
#define HFA384x_ADDR_FLAT_AUX_PAGE_MASK (0x007fff80)
#define HFA384x_ADDR_FLAT_AUX_OFF_MASK (0x0000007f)
#define HFA384x_ADDR_FLAT_CMD_PAGE_MASK (0xffff0000)
#define HFA384x_ADDR_FLAT_CMD_OFF_MASK (0x0000ffff)
/* Mask bits for discarding unwanted pieces in AUX format
16-bit address parts */
#define HFA384x_ADDR_AUX_PAGE_MASK (0xffff)
#define HFA384x_ADDR_AUX_OFF_MASK (0x007f)
/* Make a 32-bit flat address from AUX format 16-bit page and offset */
#define HFA384x_ADDR_AUX_MKFLAT(p, o) \
((((u32)(((u16)(p))&HFA384x_ADDR_AUX_PAGE_MASK)) << 7) | \
/* Make CMD format offset and page from a 32-bit flat address */
#define HFA384x_ADDR_CMD_MKPAGE(f) \
#define HFA384x_ADDR_CMD_MKOFF(f) \
/*--- Controller Memory addresses -------------------*/
#define HFA3842_PDA_BASE (0x007f0000UL)
#define HFA3841_PDA_BASE (0x003f0000UL)
#define HFA3841_PDA_BOGUS_BASE (0x00390000UL)
/*--- Driver Download states -----------------------*/
/*--- Register Field Masks --------------------------*/
#define HFA384x_CMD_AINFO ((u16)(BIT(14) | BIT(13) \
| BIT(12) | BIT(11) \
| BIT(10) | BIT(9) \
| BIT(8)))
#define HFA384x_CMD_MACPORT ((u16)(BIT(10) | BIT(9) | \
#define HFA384x_CMD_PROGMODE ((u16)(BIT(9) | BIT(8)))
#define HFA384x_CMD_CMDCODE ((u16)(BIT(5) | BIT(4) | \
BIT(3) | BIT(2) | \
BIT(1) | BIT(0)))
#define HFA384x_STATUS_RESULT ((u16)(BIT(14) | BIT(13) \
| BIT(12) | BIT(11) \
| BIT(10) | BIT(9) \
| BIT(8)))
/*--- Command Code Constants --------------------------*/
/*--- Controller Commands --------------------------*/
#define HFA384x_CMDCODE_INIT ((u16)0x00)
#define HFA384x_CMDCODE_ENABLE ((u16)0x01)
#define HFA384x_CMDCODE_DISABLE ((u16)0x02)
/*--- Regulate Commands --------------------------*/
#define HFA384x_CMDCODE_INQ ((u16)0x11)
/*--- Configure Commands --------------------------*/
#define HFA384x_CMDCODE_DOWNLD ((u16)0x22)
/*--- Debugging Commands -----------------------------*/
#define HFA384x_CMDCODE_MONITOR ((u16)(0x38))
#define HFA384x_MONITOR_ENABLE ((u16)(0x0b))
#define HFA384x_MONITOR_DISABLE ((u16)(0x0f))
/*--- Result Codes --------------------------*/
#define HFA384x_CMD_ERR ((u16)(0x7F))
/*--- Programming Modes --------------------------
MODE 0: Disable programming
MODE 1: Enable volatile memory programming
MODE 2: Enable non-volatile memory programming
MODE 3: Program non-volatile memory section
#define HFA384x_PROGMODE_DISABLE ((u16)0x00)
#define HFA384x_PROGMODE_RAM ((u16)0x01)
#define HFA384x_PROGMODE_NV ((u16)0x02)
#define HFA384x_PROGMODE_NVWRITE ((u16)0x03)
/*--- Record ID Constants --------------------------*/
Configuration RIDs: Network Parameters, Static Configuration Entities
#define HFA384x_RID_CNFPORTTYPE ((u16)0xFC00)
#define HFA384x_RID_CNFOWNMACADDR ((u16)0xFC01)
#define HFA384x_RID_CNFDESIREDSSID ((u16)0xFC02)
#define HFA384x_RID_CNFOWNCHANNEL ((u16)0xFC03)
#define HFA384x_RID_CNFOWNSSID ((u16)0xFC04)
#define HFA384x_RID_CNFMAXDATALEN ((u16)0xFC07)
Configuration RID lengths: Network Params, Static Config Entities
This is the length of JUST the DATA part of the RID (does not
include the len or code fields)
#define HFA384x_RID_CNFOWNMACADDR_LEN ((u16)6)
#define HFA384x_RID_CNFDESIREDSSID_LEN ((u16)34)
#define HFA384x_RID_CNFOWNSSID_LEN ((u16)34)
Configuration RIDs: Network Parameters, Dynamic Configuration Entities
#define HFA384x_RID_CREATEIBSS ((u16)0xFC81)
#define HFA384x_RID_FRAGTHRESH ((u16)0xFC82)
#define HFA384x_RID_RTSTHRESH ((u16)0xFC83)
#define HFA384x_RID_TXRATECNTL ((u16)0xFC84)
#define HFA384x_RID_PROMISCMODE ((u16)0xFC85)
Information RIDs: NIC Information
#define HFA384x_RID_MAXLOADTIME ((u16)0xFD00)
#define HFA384x_RID_DOWNLOADBUFFER ((u16)0xFD01)
#define HFA384x_RID_PRIIDENTITY ((u16)0xFD02)
#define HFA384x_RID_PRISUPRANGE ((u16)0xFD03)
#define HFA384x_RID_PRI_CFIACTRANGES ((u16)0xFD04)
#define HFA384x_RID_NICSERIALNUMBER ((u16)0xFD0A)
#define HFA384x_RID_NICIDENTITY ((u16)0xFD0B)
#define HFA384x_RID_MFISUPRANGE ((u16)0xFD0C)
#define HFA384x_RID_CFISUPRANGE ((u16)0xFD0D)
#define HFA384x_RID_STAIDENTITY ((u16)0xFD20)
#define HFA384x_RID_STASUPRANGE ((u16)0xFD21)
#define HFA384x_RID_STA_MFIACTRANGES ((u16)0xFD22)
#define HFA384x_RID_STA_CFIACTRANGES ((u16)0xFD23)
Information RID Lengths: NIC Information
This is the length of JUST the DATA part of the RID (does not
include the len or code fields)
#define HFA384x_RID_NICSERIALNUMBER_LEN ((u16)12)
Information RIDs: MAC Information
#define HFA384x_RID_PORTSTATUS ((u16)0xFD40)
#define HFA384x_RID_CURRENTSSID ((u16)0xFD41)
#define HFA384x_RID_CURRENTBSSID ((u16)0xFD42)
#define HFA384x_RID_CURRENTTXRATE ((u16)0xFD44)
#define HFA384x_RID_SHORTRETRYLIMIT ((u16)0xFD48)
#define HFA384x_RID_LONGRETRYLIMIT ((u16)0xFD49)
#define HFA384x_RID_MAXTXLIFETIME ((u16)0xFD4A)
#define HFA384x_RID_PRIVACYOPTIMP ((u16)0xFD4F)
#define HFA384x_RID_DBMCOMMSQUALITY ((u16)0xFD51)
Information RID Lengths: MAC Information
This is the length of JUST the DATA part of the RID (does not
include the len or code fields)
((u16) sizeof(hfa384x_dbmcommsquality_t))
Information RIDs: Modem Information
#define HFA384x_RID_CURRENTCHANNEL ((u16)0xFDC1)
#define HFA384x_RID_CNFWEPDEFAULTKEYID ((u16)0xFC23)
#define HFA384x_RID_CNFWEPDEFAULTKEY0 ((u16)0xFC24)
#define HFA384x_RID_CNFWEPDEFAULTKEY1 ((u16)0xFC25)
#define HFA384x_RID_CNFWEPDEFAULTKEY2 ((u16)0xFC26)
#define HFA384x_RID_CNFWEPDEFAULTKEY3 ((u16)0xFC27)
#define HFA384x_RID_CNFWEPFLAGS ((u16)0xFC28)
#define HFA384x_RID_CNFROAMINGMODE ((u16)0xFC2D)
#define HFA384x_RID_CNFAPBCNint ((u16)0xFC33)
#define HFA384x_RID_CNFDBMADJUST ((u16)0xFC46)
#define HFA384x_RID_CNFWPADATA ((u16)0xFC48)
#define HFA384x_RID_CNFBASICRATES ((u16)0xFCB3)
#define HFA384x_RID_CNFSUPPRATES ((u16)0xFCB4)
#define HFA384x_RID_TXPOWERMAX ((u16)0xFCBE)
#define HFA384x_RID_JOINREQUEST ((u16)0xFCE2)
#define HFA384x_RID_AUTHENTICATESTA ((u16)0xFCE3)
#define HFA384x_RID_HOSTSCAN ((u16)0xFCE5)
#define HFA384x_RID_CNFWEP128DEFAULTKEY_LEN ((u16)14)
PD Record codes
#define HFA384x_PDR_PCB_PARTNUM ((u16)0x0001)
#define HFA384x_PDR_PDAVER ((u16)0x0002)
#define HFA384x_PDR_NIC_SERIAL ((u16)0x0003)
#define HFA384x_PDR_MKK_MEASUREMENTS ((u16)0x0004)
#define HFA384x_PDR_NIC_RAMSIZE ((u16)0x0005)
#define HFA384x_PDR_MFISUPRANGE ((u16)0x0006)
#define HFA384x_PDR_CFISUPRANGE ((u16)0x0007)
#define HFA384x_PDR_NICID ((u16)0x0008)
#define HFA384x_PDR_MAC_ADDRESS ((u16)0x0101)
#define HFA384x_PDR_REGDOMAIN ((u16)0x0103)
#define HFA384x_PDR_ALLOWED_CHANNEL ((u16)0x0104)
#define HFA384x_PDR_DEFAULT_CHANNEL ((u16)0x0105)
#define HFA384x_PDR_TEMPTYPE ((u16)0x0107)
#define HFA384x_PDR_IFR_SETTING ((u16)0x0200)
#define HFA384x_PDR_RFR_SETTING ((u16)0x0201)
#define HFA384x_PDR_HFA3861_BASELINE ((u16)0x0202)
#define HFA384x_PDR_HFA3861_SHADOW ((u16)0x0203)
#define HFA384x_PDR_HFA3861_IFRF ((u16)0x0204)
#define HFA384x_PDR_HFA3861_CHCALSP ((u16)0x0300)
#define HFA384x_PDR_HFA3861_CHCALI ((u16)0x0301)
#define HFA384x_PDR_MAX_TX_POWER ((u16)0x0302)
#define HFA384x_PDR_MASTER_CHAN_LIST ((u16)0x0303)
#define HFA384x_PDR_3842_NIC_CONFIG ((u16)0x0400)
#define HFA384x_PDR_USB_ID ((u16)0x0401)
#define HFA384x_PDR_PCI_ID ((u16)0x0402)
#define HFA384x_PDR_PCI_IFCONF ((u16)0x0403)
#define HFA384x_PDR_PCI_PMCONF ((u16)0x0404)
#define HFA384x_PDR_RFENRGY ((u16)0x0406)
#define HFA384x_PDR_USB_POWER_TYPE ((u16)0x0407)
#define HFA384x_PDR_USB_MAX_POWER ((u16)0x0409)
#define HFA384x_PDR_USB_MANUFACTURER ((u16)0x0410)
#define HFA384x_PDR_USB_PRODUCT ((u16)0x0411)
#define HFA384x_PDR_ANT_DIVERSITY ((u16)0x0412)
#define HFA384x_PDR_HFO_DELAY ((u16)0x0413)
#define HFA384x_PDR_SCALE_THRESH ((u16)0x0414)
#define HFA384x_PDR_HFA3861_MANF_TESTSP ((u16)0x0900)
#define HFA384x_PDR_HFA3861_MANF_TESTI ((u16)0x0901)
#define HFA384x_PDR_END_OF_PDA ((u16)0x0000)
/*--- Register Test/Get/Set Field macros ------------------------*/
#define HFA384x_CMD_AINFO_SET(value) ((u16)((u16)(value) << 8))
#define HFA384x_CMD_MACPORT_SET(value) \
#define HFA384x_CMD_PROGMODE_SET(value) \
#define HFA384x_CMD_CMDCODE_SET(value) ((u16)(value))
#define HFA384x_STATUS_RESULT_SET(value) (((u16)(value)) << 8)
/* Host Maintained State Info */
#define HFA384x_STATE_PREINIT 0
#define HFA384x_STATE_INIT 1
#define HFA384x_STATE_RUNNING 2
/* Commonly used basic types */
typedef struct hfa384x_bytestr {
u16 len;
u8 data[0];
} __attribute__ ((packed)) hfa384x_bytestr_t;
typedef struct hfa384x_bytestr32 {
u16 len;
u8 data[32];
} __attribute__ ((packed)) hfa384x_bytestr32_t;
Configuration Record Structures:
Network Parameters, Static Configuration Entities
/*-- Hardware/Firmware Component Information ----------*/
typedef struct hfa384x_compident {
u16 id;
u16 variant;
u16 major;
u16 minor;
} __attribute__ ((packed)) hfa384x_compident_t;
typedef struct hfa384x_caplevel {
u16 role;
u16 id;
u16 variant;
u16 bottom;
u16 top;
} __attribute__ ((packed)) hfa384x_caplevel_t;
/*-- Configuration Record: cnfAuthentication --*/
Configuration Record Structures:
Network Parameters, Dynamic Configuration Entities
/*-- Configuration Record: HostScanRequest (data portion only) --*/
typedef struct hfa384x_HostScanRequest_data {
u16 channelList;
u16 txRate;
hfa384x_bytestr32_t ssid;
} __attribute__ ((packed)) hfa384x_HostScanRequest_data_t;
/*-- Configuration Record: JoinRequest (data portion only) --*/
typedef struct hfa384x_JoinRequest_data {
u8 bssid[WLAN_BSSID_LEN];
u16 channel;
} __attribute__ ((packed)) hfa384x_JoinRequest_data_t;
/*-- Configuration Record: authenticateStation (data portion only) --*/
typedef struct hfa384x_authenticateStation_data {
u8 address[ETH_ALEN];
u16 status;
u16 algorithm;
} __attribute__ ((packed)) hfa384x_authenticateStation_data_t;
/*-- Configuration Record: WPAData (data portion only) --*/
typedef struct hfa384x_WPAData {
u16 datalen;
u8 data[0]; /* max 80 */
} __attribute__ ((packed)) hfa384x_WPAData_t;
Information Record Structures: NIC Information
/*-- Information Record: DownLoadBuffer --*/
/* NOTE: The page and offset are in AUX format */
typedef struct hfa384x_downloadbuffer {
u16 page;
u16 offset;
u16 len;
} __attribute__ ((packed)) hfa384x_downloadbuffer_t;
Information Record Structures: NIC Information
#define HFA384x_PSTATUS_CONN_IBSS ((u16)3)
/*-- Information Record: commsquality --*/
typedef struct hfa384x_commsquality {
u16 CQ_currBSS;
u16 ASL_currBSS;
u16 ANL_currFC;
} __attribute__ ((packed)) hfa384x_commsquality_t;
/*-- Information Record: dmbcommsquality --*/
typedef struct hfa384x_dbmcommsquality {
u16 CQdbm_currBSS;
u16 ASLdbm_currBSS;
u16 ANLdbm_currFC;
} __attribute__ ((packed)) hfa384x_dbmcommsquality_t;
FRAME STRUCTURES: Communication Frames
Communication Frames: Transmit Frames
/*-- Communication Frame: Transmit Frame Structure --*/
typedef struct hfa384x_tx_frame {
u16 status;
u16 reserved1;
u16 reserved2;
u32 sw_support;
u8 tx_retrycount;
u8 tx_rate;
u16 tx_control;
/*-- 802.11 Header Information --*/
u16 frame_control;
u16 duration_id;
u8 address1[6];
u8 address2[6];
u8 address3[6];
u16 sequence_control;
u8 address4[6];
u16 data_len; /* little endian format */
/*-- 802.3 Header Information --*/
u8 dest_addr[6];
u8 src_addr[6];
u16 data_length; /* big endian format */
} __attribute__ ((packed)) hfa384x_tx_frame_t;
Communication Frames: Field Masks for Transmit Frames
/*-- Status Field --*/
#define HFA384x_TXSTATUS_ACKERR ((u16)BIT(5))
#define HFA384x_TXSTATUS_FORMERR ((u16)BIT(3))
#define HFA384x_TXSTATUS_DISCON ((u16)BIT(2))
#define HFA384x_TXSTATUS_AGEDERR ((u16)BIT(1))
#define HFA384x_TXSTATUS_RETRYERR ((u16)BIT(0))
/*-- Transmit Control Field --*/
#define HFA384x_TX_MACPORT ((u16)(BIT(10) | \
BIT(9) | BIT(8)))
#define HFA384x_TX_STRUCTYPE ((u16)(BIT(4) | BIT(3)))
#define HFA384x_TX_TXEX ((u16)BIT(2))
#define HFA384x_TX_TXOK ((u16)BIT(1))
Communication Frames: Test/Get/Set Field Values for Transmit Frames
/*-- Status Field --*/
#define HFA384x_TXSTATUS_ISERROR(v) \
#define HFA384x_TX_SET(v, m, s) ((((u16)(v))<<((u16)(s)))&((u16)(m)))
#define HFA384x_TX_MACPORT_SET(v) HFA384x_TX_SET(v, HFA384x_TX_MACPORT, 8)
#define HFA384x_TX_STRUCTYPE_SET(v) HFA384x_TX_SET(v, \
#define HFA384x_TX_TXEX_SET(v) HFA384x_TX_SET(v, HFA384x_TX_TXEX, 2)
#define HFA384x_TX_TXOK_SET(v) HFA384x_TX_SET(v, HFA384x_TX_TXOK, 1)
Communication Frames: Receive Frames
/*-- Communication Frame: Receive Frame Structure --*/
typedef struct hfa384x_rx_frame {
/*-- MAC rx descriptor (hfa384x byte order) --*/
u16 status;
u32 time;
u8 silence;
u8 signal;
u8 rate;
u8 rx_flow;
u16 reserved1;
u16 reserved2;
/*-- 802.11 Header Information (802.11 byte order) --*/
u16 frame_control;
u16 duration_id;
u8 address1[6];
u8 address2[6];
u8 address3[6];
u16 sequence_control;
u8 address4[6];
u16 data_len; /* hfa384x (little endian) format */
/*-- 802.3 Header Information --*/
u8 dest_addr[6];
u8 src_addr[6];
u16 data_length; /* IEEE? (big endian) format */
} __attribute__ ((packed)) hfa384x_rx_frame_t;
Communication Frames: Field Masks for Receive Frames
/*-- Status Fields --*/
#define HFA384x_RXSTATUS_MACPORT ((u16)(BIT(10) | \
BIT(9) | \
#define HFA384x_RXSTATUS_FCSERR ((u16)BIT(0))
Communication Frames: Test/Get/Set Field Values for Receive Frames
#define HFA384x_RXSTATUS_MACPORT_GET(value) ((u16)((((u16)(value)) \
#define HFA384x_RXSTATUS_ISFCSERR(value) ((u16)(((u16)(value)) \
FRAME STRUCTURES: Information Types and Information Frame Structures
Information Types
#define HFA384x_IT_HANDOVERADDR ((u16)0xF000UL)
#define HFA384x_IT_COMMTALLIES ((u16)0xF100UL)
#define HFA384x_IT_SCANRESULTS ((u16)0xF101UL)
#define HFA384x_IT_CHINFORESULTS ((u16)0xF102UL)
#define HFA384x_IT_HOSTSCANRESULTS ((u16)0xF103UL)
#define HFA384x_IT_LINKSTATUS ((u16)0xF200UL)
#define HFA384x_IT_ASSOCSTATUS ((u16)0xF201UL)
#define HFA384x_IT_AUTHREQ ((u16)0xF202UL)
#define HFA384x_IT_PSUSERCNT ((u16)0xF203UL)
#define HFA384x_IT_KEYIDCHANGED ((u16)0xF204UL)
#define HFA384x_IT_ASSOCREQ ((u16)0xF205UL)
#define HFA384x_IT_MICFAILURE ((u16)0xF206UL)
Information Frames Structures
Information Frames: Notification Frame Structures
/*-- Inquiry Frame, Diagnose: Communication Tallies --*/
typedef struct hfa384x_CommTallies16 {
u16 txunicastframes;
u16 txmulticastframes;
u16 txfragments;
u16 txunicastoctets;
u16 txmulticastoctets;
u16 txdeferredtrans;
u16 txsingleretryframes;
u16 txmultipleretryframes;
u16 txretrylimitexceeded;
u16 txdiscards;
u16 rxunicastframes;
u16 rxmulticastframes;
u16 rxfragments;
u16 rxunicastoctets;
u16 rxmulticastoctets;
u16 rxfcserrors;
u16 rxdiscardsnobuffer;
u16 txdiscardswrongsa;
u16 rxdiscardswepundecr;
u16 rxmsginmsgfrag;
u16 rxmsginbadmsgfrag;
} __attribute__ ((packed)) hfa384x_CommTallies16_t;
typedef struct hfa384x_CommTallies32 {
u32 txunicastframes;
u32 txmulticastframes;
u32 txfragments;
u32 txunicastoctets;
u32 txmulticastoctets;
u32 txdeferredtrans;
u32 txsingleretryframes;
u32 txmultipleretryframes;
u32 txretrylimitexceeded;
u32 txdiscards;
u32 rxunicastframes;
u32 rxmulticastframes;
u32 rxfragments;
u32 rxunicastoctets;
u32 rxmulticastoctets;
u32 rxfcserrors;
u32 rxdiscardsnobuffer;
u32 txdiscardswrongsa;
u32 rxdiscardswepundecr;
u32 rxmsginmsgfrag;
u32 rxmsginbadmsgfrag;
} __attribute__ ((packed)) hfa384x_CommTallies32_t;
/*-- Inquiry Frame, Diagnose: Scan Results & Subfields--*/
typedef struct hfa384x_ScanResultSub {
u16 chid;
u16 anl;
u16 sl;
u8 bssid[WLAN_BSSID_LEN];
u16 bcnint;
u16 capinfo;
hfa384x_bytestr32_t ssid;
u8 supprates[10]; /* 802.11 info element */
u16 proberesp_rate;
} __attribute__ ((packed)) hfa384x_ScanResultSub_t;
typedef struct hfa384x_ScanResult {
u16 rsvd;
u16 scanreason;
hfa384x_ScanResultSub_t result[HFA384x_SCANRESULT_MAX];
} __attribute__ ((packed)) hfa384x_ScanResult_t;
/*-- Inquiry Frame, Diagnose: ChInfo Results & Subfields--*/
typedef struct hfa384x_ChInfoResultSub {
u16 chid;
u16 anl;
u16 pnl;
u16 active;
} __attribute__ ((packed)) hfa384x_ChInfoResultSub_t;
typedef struct hfa384x_ChInfoResult {
u16 scanchannels;
hfa384x_ChInfoResultSub_t result[HFA384x_CHINFORESULT_MAX];
} __attribute__ ((packed)) hfa384x_ChInfoResult_t;
/*-- Inquiry Frame, Diagnose: Host Scan Results & Subfields--*/
typedef struct hfa384x_HScanResultSub {
u16 chid;
u16 anl;
u16 sl;
u8 bssid[WLAN_BSSID_LEN];
u16 bcnint;
u16 capinfo;
hfa384x_bytestr32_t ssid;
u8 supprates[10]; /* 802.11 info element */
u16 proberesp_rate;
u16 atim;
} __attribute__ ((packed)) hfa384x_HScanResultSub_t;
typedef struct hfa384x_HScanResult {
u16 nresult;
u16 rsvd;
hfa384x_HScanResultSub_t result[HFA384x_HSCANRESULT_MAX];
} __attribute__ ((packed)) hfa384x_HScanResult_t;
/*-- Unsolicited Frame, MAC Mgmt: LinkStatus --*/
#define HFA384x_LINK_NOTCONNECTED ((u16)0)
#define HFA384x_LINK_CONNECTED ((u16)1)
#define HFA384x_LINK_DISCONNECTED ((u16)2)
#define HFA384x_LINK_AP_CHANGE ((u16)3)
#define HFA384x_LINK_AP_OUTOFRANGE ((u16)4)
#define HFA384x_LINK_AP_INRANGE ((u16)5)
#define HFA384x_LINK_ASSOCFAIL ((u16)6)
typedef struct hfa384x_LinkStatus {
u16 linkstatus;
} __attribute__ ((packed)) hfa384x_LinkStatus_t;
/*-- Unsolicited Frame, MAC Mgmt: AssociationStatus (--*/
#define HFA384x_ASSOCSTATUS_STAASSOC ((u16)1)
#define HFA384x_ASSOCSTATUS_REASSOC ((u16)2)
#define HFA384x_ASSOCSTATUS_AUTHFAIL ((u16)5)
typedef struct hfa384x_AssocStatus {
u16 assocstatus;
u8 sta_addr[ETH_ALEN];
/* old_ap_addr is only valid if assocstatus == 2 */
u8 old_ap_addr[ETH_ALEN];
u16 reason;
u16 reserved;
} __attribute__ ((packed)) hfa384x_AssocStatus_t;
/*-- Unsolicited Frame, MAC Mgmt: AuthRequest (AP Only) --*/
typedef struct hfa384x_AuthRequest {
u8 sta_addr[ETH_ALEN];
u16 algorithm;
} __attribute__ ((packed)) hfa384x_AuthReq_t;
/*-- Unsolicited Frame, MAC Mgmt: PSUserCount (AP Only) --*/
typedef struct hfa384x_PSUserCount {
u16 usercnt;
} __attribute__ ((packed)) hfa384x_PSUserCount_t;
typedef struct hfa384x_KeyIDChanged {
u8 sta_addr[ETH_ALEN];
u16 keyid;
} __attribute__ ((packed)) hfa384x_KeyIDChanged_t;
/*-- Collection of all Inf frames ---------------*/
typedef union hfa384x_infodata {
hfa384x_CommTallies16_t commtallies16;
hfa384x_CommTallies32_t commtallies32;
hfa384x_ScanResult_t scanresult;
hfa384x_ChInfoResult_t chinforesult;
hfa384x_HScanResult_t hscanresult;
hfa384x_LinkStatus_t linkstatus;
hfa384x_AssocStatus_t assocstatus;
hfa384x_AuthReq_t authreq;
hfa384x_PSUserCount_t psusercnt;
hfa384x_KeyIDChanged_t keyidchanged;
} __attribute__ ((packed)) hfa384x_infodata_t;
typedef struct hfa384x_InfFrame {
u16 framelen;
u16 infotype;
hfa384x_infodata_t info;
} __attribute__ ((packed)) hfa384x_InfFrame_t;
USB Packet structures and constants.
/* Should be sent to the bulkout endpoint */
#define HFA384x_USB_TXFRM 0
#define HFA384x_USB_CMDREQ 1
#define HFA384x_USB_WRIDREQ 2
#define HFA384x_USB_RRIDREQ 3
#define HFA384x_USB_WMEMREQ 4
#define HFA384x_USB_RMEMREQ 5
/* Received from the bulkin endpoint */
#define HFA384x_USB_ISTXFRM(a) (((a) & 0x9000) == 0x1000)
#define HFA384x_USB_ISRXFRM(a) (!((a) & 0x9000))
#define HFA384x_USB_INFOFRM 0x8000
#define HFA384x_USB_CMDRESP 0x8001
#define HFA384x_USB_WRIDRESP 0x8002
#define HFA384x_USB_RRIDRESP 0x8003
#define HFA384x_USB_WMEMRESP 0x8004
#define HFA384x_USB_RMEMRESP 0x8005
#define HFA384x_USB_BUFAVAIL 0x8006
#define HFA384x_USB_ERROR 0x8007
/* Request (bulk OUT) packet contents */
typedef struct hfa384x_usb_txfrm {
hfa384x_tx_frame_t desc;
} __attribute__ ((packed)) hfa384x_usb_txfrm_t;
typedef struct hfa384x_usb_cmdreq {
u16 type;
u16 cmd;
u16 parm0;
u16 parm1;
u16 parm2;
u8 pad[54];
} __attribute__ ((packed)) hfa384x_usb_cmdreq_t;
typedef struct hfa384x_usb_wridreq {
u16 type;
u16 frmlen;
u16 rid;
u8 data[HFA384x_RIDDATA_MAXLEN];
} __attribute__ ((packed)) hfa384x_usb_wridreq_t;
typedef struct hfa384x_usb_rridreq {
u16 type;
u16 frmlen;
u16 rid;
u8 pad[58];
} __attribute__ ((packed)) hfa384x_usb_rridreq_t;
typedef struct hfa384x_usb_wmemreq {
u16 type;
u16 frmlen;
u16 offset;
u16 page;
u8 data[HFA384x_USB_RWMEM_MAXLEN];
} __attribute__ ((packed)) hfa384x_usb_wmemreq_t;
typedef struct hfa384x_usb_rmemreq {
u16 type;
u16 frmlen;
u16 offset;
u16 page;
u8 pad[56];
} __attribute__ ((packed)) hfa384x_usb_rmemreq_t;
/* Response (bulk IN) packet contents */
typedef struct hfa384x_usb_rxfrm {
hfa384x_rx_frame_t desc;
} __attribute__ ((packed)) hfa384x_usb_rxfrm_t;
typedef struct hfa384x_usb_infofrm {
u16 type;
hfa384x_InfFrame_t info;
} __attribute__ ((packed)) hfa384x_usb_infofrm_t;
typedef struct hfa384x_usb_statusresp {
u16 type;
u16 status;
u16 resp0;
u16 resp1;
u16 resp2;
} __attribute__ ((packed)) hfa384x_usb_cmdresp_t;
typedef hfa384x_usb_cmdresp_t hfa384x_usb_wridresp_t;
typedef struct hfa384x_usb_rridresp {
u16 type;
u16 frmlen;
u16 rid;
u8 data[HFA384x_RIDDATA_MAXLEN];
} __attribute__ ((packed)) hfa384x_usb_rridresp_t;
typedef hfa384x_usb_cmdresp_t hfa384x_usb_wmemresp_t;
typedef struct hfa384x_usb_rmemresp {
u16 type;
u16 frmlen;
u8 data[HFA384x_USB_RWMEM_MAXLEN];
} __attribute__ ((packed)) hfa384x_usb_rmemresp_t;
typedef struct hfa384x_usb_bufavail {
u16 type;
u16 frmlen;
} __attribute__ ((packed)) hfa384x_usb_bufavail_t;
typedef struct hfa384x_usb_error {
u16 type;
u16 errortype;
} __attribute__ ((packed)) hfa384x_usb_error_t;
/* Unions for packaging all the known packet types together */
typedef union hfa384x_usbout {
u16 type;
hfa384x_usb_txfrm_t txfrm;
hfa384x_usb_cmdreq_t cmdreq;
hfa384x_usb_wridreq_t wridreq;
hfa384x_usb_rridreq_t rridreq;
hfa384x_usb_wmemreq_t wmemreq;
hfa384x_usb_rmemreq_t rmemreq;
} __attribute__ ((packed)) hfa384x_usbout_t;
typedef union hfa384x_usbin {
u16 type;
hfa384x_usb_rxfrm_t rxfrm;
hfa384x_usb_txfrm_t txfrm;
hfa384x_usb_infofrm_t infofrm;
hfa384x_usb_cmdresp_t cmdresp;
hfa384x_usb_wridresp_t wridresp;
hfa384x_usb_rridresp_t rridresp;
hfa384x_usb_wmemresp_t wmemresp;
hfa384x_usb_rmemresp_t rmemresp;
hfa384x_usb_bufavail_t bufavail;
hfa384x_usb_error_t usberror;
u8 boguspad[3000];
} __attribute__ ((packed)) hfa384x_usbin_t;
PD record structures.
typedef struct hfa384x_pdr_pcb_partnum {
u8 num[8];
} __attribute__ ((packed)) hfa384x_pdr_pcb_partnum_t;
typedef struct hfa384x_pdr_pcb_tracenum {
u8 num[8];
} __attribute__ ((packed)) hfa384x_pdr_pcb_tracenum_t;
typedef struct hfa384x_pdr_nic_serial {
u8 num[12];
} __attribute__ ((packed)) hfa384x_pdr_nic_serial_t;
typedef struct hfa384x_pdr_mkk_measurements {
double carrier_freq;
double occupied_band;
double power_density;
double tx_spur_f1;
double tx_spur_f2;
double tx_spur_f3;
double tx_spur_f4;
double tx_spur_l1;
double tx_spur_l2;
double tx_spur_l3;
double tx_spur_l4;
double rx_spur_f1;
double rx_spur_f2;
double rx_spur_l1;
double rx_spur_l2;
} __attribute__ ((packed)) hfa384x_pdr_mkk_measurements_t;
typedef struct hfa384x_pdr_nic_ramsize {
u8 size[12]; /* units of KB */
} __attribute__ ((packed)) hfa384x_pdr_nic_ramsize_t;
typedef struct hfa384x_pdr_mfisuprange {
u16 id;
u16 variant;
u16 bottom;
u16 top;
} __attribute__ ((packed)) hfa384x_pdr_mfisuprange_t;
typedef struct hfa384x_pdr_cfisuprange {
u16 id;
u16 variant;
u16 bottom;
u16 top;
} __attribute__ ((packed)) hfa384x_pdr_cfisuprange_t;
typedef struct hfa384x_pdr_nicid {
u16 id;
u16 variant;
u16 major;
u16 minor;
} __attribute__ ((packed)) hfa384x_pdr_nicid_t;
typedef struct hfa384x_pdr_refdac_measurements {
u16 value[0];
} __attribute__ ((packed)) hfa384x_pdr_refdac_measurements_t;
typedef struct hfa384x_pdr_vgdac_measurements {
u16 value[0];
} __attribute__ ((packed)) hfa384x_pdr_vgdac_measurements_t;
typedef struct hfa384x_pdr_level_comp_measurements {
u16 value[0];
} __attribute__ ((packed)) hfa384x_pdr_level_compc_measurements_t;
typedef struct hfa384x_pdr_mac_address {
u8 addr[6];
} __attribute__ ((packed)) hfa384x_pdr_mac_address_t;
typedef struct hfa384x_pdr_mkk_callname {
u8 callname[8];
} __attribute__ ((packed)) hfa384x_pdr_mkk_callname_t;
typedef struct hfa384x_pdr_regdomain {
u16 numdomains;
u16 domain[5];
} __attribute__ ((packed)) hfa384x_pdr_regdomain_t;
typedef struct hfa384x_pdr_allowed_channel {
u16 ch_bitmap;
} __attribute__ ((packed)) hfa384x_pdr_allowed_channel_t;
typedef struct hfa384x_pdr_default_channel {
u16 channel;
} __attribute__ ((packed)) hfa384x_pdr_default_channel_t;
typedef struct hfa384x_pdr_privacy_option {
u16 available;
} __attribute__ ((packed)) hfa384x_pdr_privacy_option_t;
typedef struct hfa384x_pdr_temptype {
u16 type;
} __attribute__ ((packed)) hfa384x_pdr_temptype_t;
typedef struct hfa384x_pdr_refdac_setup {
u16 ch_value[14];
} __attribute__ ((packed)) hfa384x_pdr_refdac_setup_t;
typedef struct hfa384x_pdr_vgdac_setup {
u16 ch_value[14];
} __attribute__ ((packed)) hfa384x_pdr_vgdac_setup_t;
typedef struct hfa384x_pdr_level_comp_setup {
u16 ch_value[14];
} __attribute__ ((packed)) hfa384x_pdr_level_comp_setup_t;
typedef struct hfa384x_pdr_trimdac_setup {
u16 trimidac;
u16 trimqdac;
} __attribute__ ((packed)) hfa384x_pdr_trimdac_setup_t;
typedef struct hfa384x_pdr_ifr_setting {
u16 value[3];
} __attribute__ ((packed)) hfa384x_pdr_ifr_setting_t;
typedef struct hfa384x_pdr_rfr_setting {
u16 value[3];
} __attribute__ ((packed)) hfa384x_pdr_rfr_setting_t;
typedef struct hfa384x_pdr_hfa3861_baseline {
u16 value[50];
} __attribute__ ((packed)) hfa384x_pdr_hfa3861_baseline_t;
typedef struct hfa384x_pdr_hfa3861_shadow {
u32 value[32];
} __attribute__ ((packed)) hfa384x_pdr_hfa3861_shadow_t;
typedef struct hfa384x_pdr_hfa3861_ifrf {
u32 value[20];
} __attribute__ ((packed)) hfa384x_pdr_hfa3861_ifrf_t;
typedef struct hfa384x_pdr_hfa3861_chcalsp {
u16 value[14];
} __attribute__ ((packed)) hfa384x_pdr_hfa3861_chcalsp_t;
typedef struct hfa384x_pdr_hfa3861_chcali {
u16 value[17];
} __attribute__ ((packed)) hfa384x_pdr_hfa3861_chcali_t;
typedef struct hfa384x_pdr_hfa3861_nic_config {
u16 config_bitmap;
} __attribute__ ((packed)) hfa384x_pdr_nic_config_t;
typedef struct hfa384x_pdr_hfo_delay {
u8 hfo_delay;
} __attribute__ ((packed)) hfa384x_hfo_delay_t;
typedef struct hfa384x_pdr_hfa3861_manf_testsp {
u16 value[30];
} __attribute__ ((packed)) hfa384x_pdr_hfa3861_manf_testsp_t;
typedef struct hfa384x_pdr_hfa3861_manf_testi {
u16 value[30];
} __attribute__ ((packed)) hfa384x_pdr_hfa3861_manf_testi_t;
typedef struct hfa384x_end_of_pda {
u16 crc;
} __attribute__ ((packed)) hfa384x_pdr_end_of_pda_t;
typedef struct hfa384x_pdrec {
u16 len; /* in words */
u16 code;
union pdr {
hfa384x_pdr_pcb_partnum_t pcb_partnum;
hfa384x_pdr_pcb_tracenum_t pcb_tracenum;
hfa384x_pdr_nic_serial_t nic_serial;
hfa384x_pdr_mkk_measurements_t mkk_measurements;
hfa384x_pdr_nic_ramsize_t nic_ramsize;
hfa384x_pdr_mfisuprange_t mfisuprange;
hfa384x_pdr_cfisuprange_t cfisuprange;
hfa384x_pdr_nicid_t nicid;
hfa384x_pdr_refdac_measurements_t refdac_measurements;
hfa384x_pdr_vgdac_measurements_t vgdac_measurements;
hfa384x_pdr_level_compc_measurements_t level_compc_measurements;
hfa384x_pdr_mac_address_t mac_address;
hfa384x_pdr_mkk_callname_t mkk_callname;
hfa384x_pdr_regdomain_t regdomain;
hfa384x_pdr_allowed_channel_t allowed_channel;
hfa384x_pdr_default_channel_t default_channel;
hfa384x_pdr_privacy_option_t privacy_option;
hfa384x_pdr_temptype_t temptype;
hfa384x_pdr_refdac_setup_t refdac_setup;
hfa384x_pdr_vgdac_setup_t vgdac_setup;
hfa384x_pdr_level_comp_setup_t level_comp_setup;
hfa384x_pdr_trimdac_setup_t trimdac_setup;
hfa384x_pdr_ifr_setting_t ifr_setting;
hfa384x_pdr_rfr_setting_t rfr_setting;
hfa384x_pdr_hfa3861_baseline_t hfa3861_baseline;
hfa384x_pdr_hfa3861_shadow_t hfa3861_shadow;
hfa384x_pdr_hfa3861_ifrf_t hfa3861_ifrf;
hfa384x_pdr_hfa3861_chcalsp_t hfa3861_chcalsp;
hfa384x_pdr_hfa3861_chcali_t hfa3861_chcali;
hfa384x_pdr_nic_config_t nic_config;
hfa384x_hfo_delay_t hfo_delay;
hfa384x_pdr_hfa3861_manf_testsp_t hfa3861_manf_testsp;
hfa384x_pdr_hfa3861_manf_testi_t hfa3861_manf_testi;
hfa384x_pdr_end_of_pda_t end_of_pda;
} data;
} __attribute__ ((packed)) hfa384x_pdrec_t;
#ifdef __KERNEL__
--- MAC state structure, argument to all functions --
--- Also, a collection of support types --
typedef struct hfa384x_statusresult {
u16 status;
u16 resp0;
u16 resp1;
u16 resp2;
} hfa384x_cmdresult_t;
/* USB Control Exchange (CTLX):
* A queue of the structure below is maintained for all of the
* Request/Response type USB packets supported by Prism2.
/* The following hfa384x_* structures are arguments to
* the usercb() for the different CTLX types.
typedef struct hfa384x_rridresult {
u16 rid;
const void *riddata;
unsigned int riddata_len;
} hfa384x_rridresult_t;
enum ctlx_state {
CTLX_START = 0, /* Start state, not queued */
CTLX_COMPLETE, /* CTLX successfully completed */
CTLX_REQ_FAILED, /* OUT URB completed w/ error */
CTLX_PENDING, /* Queued, data valid */
typedef enum ctlx_state CTLX_STATE;
struct hfa384x_usbctlx;
struct hfa384x;
typedef void (*ctlx_cmdcb_t) (struct hfa384x *, const struct hfa384x_usbctlx *);
typedef void (*ctlx_usercb_t) (struct hfa384x *hw,
void *ctlxresult, void *usercb_data);
typedef struct hfa384x_usbctlx {
struct list_head list;
size_t outbufsize;
hfa384x_usbout_t outbuf; /* pkt buf for OUT */
hfa384x_usbin_t inbuf; /* pkt buf for IN(a copy) */
CTLX_STATE state; /* Tracks running state */
struct completion done;
volatile int reapable; /* Food for the reaper task */
ctlx_cmdcb_t cmdcb; /* Async command callback */
ctlx_usercb_t usercb; /* Async user callback, */
void *usercb_data; /* at CTLX completion */
int variant; /* Identifies cmd variant */
} hfa384x_usbctlx_t;
typedef struct hfa384x_usbctlxq {
spinlock_t lock;
struct list_head pending;
struct list_head active;
struct list_head completing;
struct list_head reapable;
} hfa384x_usbctlxq_t;
typedef struct hfa484x_metacmd {
u16 cmd;
u16 parm0;
u16 parm1;
u16 parm2;
hfa384x_cmdresult_t result;
} hfa384x_metacmd_t;
#define MAX_GRP_ADDR 32
#define WLAN_COMMENT_MAX 80 /* Max. length of user comment string. */
#define WLAN_AUTH_MAX 60 /* Max. # of authenticated stations. */
#define WLAN_ACCESS_MAX 60 /* Max. # of stations in an access list. */
#define WLAN_ACCESS_NONE 0 /* No stations may be authenticated. */
#define WLAN_ACCESS_ALL 1 /* All stations may be authenticated. */
#define WLAN_ACCESS_ALLOW 2 /* Authenticate only "allowed" stations. */
#define WLAN_ACCESS_DENY 3 /* Do not authenticate "denied" stations. */
/* XXX These are going away ASAP */
typedef struct prism2sta_authlist {
unsigned int cnt;
u8 assoc[WLAN_AUTH_MAX];
} prism2sta_authlist_t;
typedef struct prism2sta_accesslist {
unsigned int modify;
unsigned int cnt;
unsigned int cnt1;
} prism2sta_accesslist_t;
typedef struct hfa384x {
/* USB support data */
struct usb_device *usb;
struct urb rx_urb;
struct sk_buff *rx_urb_skb;
struct urb tx_urb;
struct urb ctlx_urb;
hfa384x_usbout_t txbuff;
hfa384x_usbctlxq_t ctlxq;
struct timer_list reqtimer;
struct timer_list resptimer;
struct timer_list throttle;
struct tasklet_struct reaper_bh;
struct tasklet_struct completion_bh;
struct work_struct usb_work;
unsigned long usb_flags;
#define THROTTLE_RX 0
#define THROTTLE_TX 1
#define WORK_RX_HALT 2
#define WORK_TX_HALT 3
#define WORK_RX_RESUME 4
#define WORK_TX_RESUME 5
unsigned short req_timer_done:1;
unsigned short resp_timer_done:1;
int endp_in;
int endp_out;
int sniff_fcs;
int sniff_channel;
int sniff_truncate;
int sniffhdr;
wait_queue_head_t cmdq; /* wait queue itself */
/* Controller state */
u32 state;
u32 isap;
u8 port_enabled[HFA384x_NUMPORTS_MAX];
/* Download support */
unsigned int dlstate;
hfa384x_downloadbuffer_t bufinfo;
u16 dltimeout;
int scanflag; /* to signal scan comlete */
int join_ap; /* are we joined to a specific ap */
int join_retries; /* number of join retries till we fail */
hfa384x_JoinRequest_data_t joinreq; /* join request saved data */
wlandevice_t *wlandev;
/* Timer to allow for the deferred processing of linkstatus messages */
struct work_struct link_bh;
struct work_struct commsqual_bh;
hfa384x_commsquality_t qual;
struct timer_list commsqual_timer;
u16 link_status;
u16 link_status_new;
struct sk_buff_head authq;
/* And here we have stuff that used to be in priv */
/* State variables */
unsigned int presniff_port_type;
u16 presniff_wepflags;
u32 dot11_desired_bss_type;
int dbmadjust;
/* Group Addresses - right now, there are up to a total
of MAX_GRP_ADDR group addresses */
u8 dot11_grp_addr[MAX_GRP_ADDR][ETH_ALEN];
unsigned int dot11_grpcnt;
/* Component Identities */
hfa384x_compident_t ident_nic;
hfa384x_compident_t ident_pri_fw;
hfa384x_compident_t ident_sta_fw;
hfa384x_compident_t ident_ap_fw;
u16 mm_mods;
/* Supplier compatibility ranges */
hfa384x_caplevel_t cap_sup_mfi;
hfa384x_caplevel_t cap_sup_cfi;
hfa384x_caplevel_t cap_sup_pri;
hfa384x_caplevel_t cap_sup_sta;
hfa384x_caplevel_t cap_sup_ap;
/* Actor compatibility ranges */
hfa384x_caplevel_t cap_act_pri_cfi; /*
* pri f/w to controller
* interface
hfa384x_caplevel_t cap_act_sta_cfi; /*
* sta f/w to controller
* interface
hfa384x_caplevel_t cap_act_sta_mfi; /* sta f/w to modem interface */
hfa384x_caplevel_t cap_act_ap_cfi; /*
* ap f/w to controller
* interface
hfa384x_caplevel_t cap_act_ap_mfi; /* ap f/w to modem interface */
u32 psusercount; /* Power save user count. */
hfa384x_CommTallies32_t tallies; /* Communication tallies. */
u8 comment[WLAN_COMMENT_MAX + 1]; /* User comment */
/* Channel Info request results (AP only) */
struct {
atomic_t done;
u8 count;
hfa384x_ChInfoResult_t results;
} channel_info;
hfa384x_InfFrame_t *scanresults;
prism2sta_authlist_t authlist; /* Authenticated station list. */
unsigned int accessmode; /* Access mode. */
prism2sta_accesslist_t allow; /* Allowed station list. */
prism2sta_accesslist_t deny; /* Denied station list. */
} hfa384x_t;
void hfa384x_create(hfa384x_t *hw, struct usb_device *usb);
void hfa384x_destroy(hfa384x_t *hw);
hfa384x_corereset(hfa384x_t *hw, int holdtime, int settletime, int genesis);
int hfa384x_drvr_commtallies(hfa384x_t *hw);
int hfa384x_drvr_disable(hfa384x_t *hw, u16 macport);
int hfa384x_drvr_enable(hfa384x_t *hw, u16 macport);
int hfa384x_drvr_flashdl_enable(hfa384x_t *hw);
int hfa384x_drvr_flashdl_disable(hfa384x_t *hw);
int hfa384x_drvr_flashdl_write(hfa384x_t *hw, u32 daddr, void *buf, u32 len);
int hfa384x_drvr_getconfig(hfa384x_t *hw, u16 rid, void *buf, u16 len);
int hfa384x_drvr_ramdl_enable(hfa384x_t *hw, u32 exeaddr);
int hfa384x_drvr_ramdl_disable(hfa384x_t *hw);
int hfa384x_drvr_ramdl_write(hfa384x_t *hw, u32 daddr, void *buf, u32 len);
int hfa384x_drvr_readpda(hfa384x_t *hw, void *buf, unsigned int len);
int hfa384x_drvr_setconfig(hfa384x_t *hw, u16 rid, void *buf, u16 len);
static inline int hfa384x_drvr_getconfig16(hfa384x_t *hw, u16 rid, void *val)
int result = 0;
result = hfa384x_drvr_getconfig(hw, rid, val, sizeof(u16));
if (result == 0)
*((u16 *) val) = le16_to_cpu(*((u16 *) val));
return result;
static inline int hfa384x_drvr_setconfig16(hfa384x_t *hw, u16 rid, u16 val)
u16 value = cpu_to_le16(val);
return hfa384x_drvr_setconfig(hw, rid, &value, sizeof(value));
hfa384x_drvr_getconfig_async(hfa384x_t *hw,
u16 rid, ctlx_usercb_t usercb, void *usercb_data);
hfa384x_drvr_setconfig_async(hfa384x_t *hw,
u16 rid,
void *buf,
u16 len, ctlx_usercb_t usercb, void *usercb_data);
static inline int
hfa384x_drvr_setconfig16_async(hfa384x_t *hw, u16 rid, u16 val)
u16 value = cpu_to_le16(val);
return hfa384x_drvr_setconfig_async(hw, rid, &value, sizeof(value),
int hfa384x_drvr_start(hfa384x_t *hw);
int hfa384x_drvr_stop(hfa384x_t *hw);
hfa384x_drvr_txframe(hfa384x_t *hw, struct sk_buff *skb,
p80211_hdr_t *p80211_hdr, p80211_metawep_t *p80211_wep);
void hfa384x_tx_timeout(wlandevice_t *wlandev);
int hfa384x_cmd_initialize(hfa384x_t *hw);
int hfa384x_cmd_enable(hfa384x_t *hw, u16 macport);
int hfa384x_cmd_disable(hfa384x_t *hw, u16 macport);
int hfa384x_cmd_allocate(hfa384x_t *hw, u16 len);
int hfa384x_cmd_monitor(hfa384x_t *hw, u16 enable);
hfa384x_cmd_download(hfa384x_t *hw,
u16 mode, u16 lowaddr, u16 highaddr, u16 codelen);
#endif /*__KERNEL__ */
#endif /*_HFA384x_H */