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- Fix the loss of some blocks when receiving the video URB's
- Add a lock at tm6000_read_write_usb() to prevent two simultaneous access to the
URB control transfers
- Properly add the locks at tm6000-video
- Add audio support
- Add vbi support
- Add IR support
- Do several cleanups
- I think that frame1/frame0 are inverted. This causes a funny effect at the image.
the fix is trivial, but require some tests
- My tm6010 devices sometimes insist on stop working. I need to turn them off, removing
from my machine and wait for a while for it to work again. I'm starting to think that
it is an overheat issue - is there a workaround that we could do?
- Sometimes, tm6010 doesn't read eeprom at the proper time (hardware bug). So, the device
got miss-detected as a "generic" tm6000. This can be really bad if the tuner is the
Low Power one, as it may result on loading the high power firmware, that could damage
the device. Maybe we may read eeprom to double check, when the device is marked as "generic"
- Coding Style fixes
- sparse cleanups
Please send patches to