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/* r8180_93cx6.h - 93c46 or 93c56 eeprom card programming routines
* This is part of rtl8187 OpenSource driver
* Copyright (C) Andrea Merello 2004-2005 <>
* Released under the terms of GPL (General Public Licence)
* Parts of this driver are based on the GPL part of the official realtek driver
* Parts of this driver are based on the rtl8180 driver skeleton from
* Patric Schenke & Andres Salomon.
* Parts of this driver are based on the Intel Pro Wireless 2100 GPL driver
* We want to thank the authors of the above mentioned projects and to
* the authors of the Ndiswrapper project.
#include "r8192E.h"
#include "r8192E_hw.h"
#define EPROM_DELAY 10
#define EPROM_RFCHIPID 0x6
#define EPROM_TXPW_BASE 0x05
#define EPROM_RF_PARAM 0x4
#define EPROM_CONFIG2 0xc
#define EPROM_VERSION 0x1E
#define MAC_ADR 0x7
#define CIS 0x18
#define EPROM_TXPW0 0x16
#define EPROM_TXPW2 0x1b
#define EPROM_TXPW1 0x3d
/* Reads a 16 bits word. */
u32 eprom_read(struct net_device *dev, u32 addr);