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ramzswap: Compressed RAM based swap device
Project home:
* Introduction
The ramzswap module creates RAM based block devices which can (only) be used as
swap disks. Pages swapped to these devices are compressed and stored in memory
itself. See project home for use cases, performance numbers and a lot more.
Individual ramzswap devices are configured and initialized using rzscontrol
userspace utility as shown in examples below. See rzscontrol man page for more
* Usage
Following shows a typical sequence of steps for using ramzswap.
1) Load Modules:
modprobe ramzswap num_devices=4
This creates 4 (uninitialized) devices: /dev/ramzswap{0,1,2,3}
(num_devices parameter is optional. Default: 1)
2) Initialize:
Use rzscontrol utility to configure and initialize individual
ramzswap devices. Example:
rzscontrol /dev/ramzswap2 --init # uses default value of disksize_kb
*See rzscontrol man page for more details and examples*
3) Activate:
swapon /dev/ramzswap2 # or any other initialized ramzswap device
4) Stats:
rzscontrol /dev/ramzswap2 --stats
5) Deactivate:
swapoff /dev/ramzswap2
6) Reset:
rzscontrol /dev/ramzswap2 --reset
(This frees all the memory allocated for this device).
Please report any problems at:
- Mailing list: linux-mm-cc at laptop dot org
- Issue tracker:
Nitin Gupta