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* must copy sram data + text segment BEFORE setting up the kernel stack,
* as init_thread_union may reside in this section
mov r5, __sram_datatext_start
mov r6, __sram_datatext_end
mov r7, __sram_load_addr
ld.ab r3, [r7, 4]
st.ab r3, [r5, 4]
brlt r5, r6, __copy_sram_datatext_loop
;; Flush and invalidate dcache
; Set flush mode for invalidate operation
lr r3, [0x48] ; DC_CTRL register
bset r3, r3, 0x6
sr r3, [0x48] ; DC_CTRL register
; Start operation
mov r3, 0x1
sr r3, [0x47] ; DC_IVDC register
; Wait operation completion
lr r3, [0x48] ; DC_CTRL register
and r3, r3, 0x100
brne r3, 0x0, __dcache_flush_continue
;; Invalidate icache
mov r3, 0x1
sr r3, [0x10] ; IC_IVIC