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* arch/s390/kernel/relocate_kernel.S
* (C) Copyright IBM Corp. 2005
* Author(s): Rolf Adelsberger,
* Heiko Carstens <>
* moves the new kernel to its destination...
* %r2 = pointer to first kimage_entry_t
* %r3 = start address - where to jump to after the job is done...
* %r5 will be used as temp. storage
* %r6 holds the destination address
* %r7 = PAGE_SIZE
* %r8 holds the source address
* %r9 = PAGE_SIZE
* %r10 is a page mask
.globl relocate_kernel
basr %r13,0 # base address
stnsm sys_msk-.base(%r13),0xfb # disable DAT
stctl %c0,%c15,ctlregs-.base(%r13)
stm %r0,%r15,gprregs-.base(%r13)
la %r1,load_psw-.base(%r13)
mvc 0(8,%r0),0(%r1)
la %r0,.back-.base(%r13)
st %r0,4(%r0)
oi 4(%r0),0x80
mvc 0x68(8,%r0),0(%r1)
la %r0,.back_pgm-.base(%r13)
st %r0,0x6c(%r0)
oi 0x6c(%r0),0x80
lhi %r0,0
diag %r0,%r0,0x308
basr %r13,0
oi have_diag308-.back_base(%r13),0x01
lctl %c0,%c15,ctlregs-.back_base(%r13)
lm %r0,%r15,gprregs-.back_base(%r13)
j .start_reloc
lm %r0,%r15,gprregs-.base(%r13)
lhi %r10,-1 # preparing the mask
sll %r10,12 # shift it such that it becomes 0xf000
lhi %r7,4096 # load PAGE_SIZE in r7
lhi %r9,4096 # load PAGE_SIZE in r9
l %r5,0(%r2) # read another word for indirection page
ahi %r2,4 # increment pointer
tml %r5,0x1 # is it a destination page?
je .indir_check # NO, goto "indir_check"
lr %r6,%r5 # r6 = r5
nr %r6,%r10 # mask it out and...
j .top # iteration
tml %r5,0x2 # is it a indirection page?
je .done_test # NO, goto "done_test"
nr %r5,%r10 # YES, mask out,
lr %r2,%r5 # move it into the right register,
j .top # and read next...
tml %r5,0x4 # is it the done indicator?
je .source_test # NO! Well, then it should be the source indicator...
j .done # ok, lets finish it here...
tml %r5,0x8 # it should be a source indicator...
je .top # NO, ignore it...
lr %r8,%r5 # r8 = r5
nr %r8,%r10 # masking
0: mvcle %r6,%r8,0x0 # copy PAGE_SIZE bytes from r8 to r6 - pad with 0
jo 0b
j .top
sr %r0,%r0 # clear register r0
la %r4,load_psw-.base(%r13) # load psw-address into the register
o %r3,4(%r4) # or load address into psw
st %r3,4(%r4)
mvc 0(8,%r0),0(%r4) # copy psw to absolute address 0
tm have_diag308-.base(%r13),0x01
jno .no_diag308
diag %r0,%r0,0x308
sr %r1,%r1 # clear %r1
sr %r2,%r2 # clear %r2
sigp %r1,%r2,0x12 # set cpuid to zero
lpsw 0 # hopefully start new kernel...
.align 8
.long 0x00080000,0x80000000
.quad 0
.rept 16
.long 0
.rept 16
.long 0
.byte 0
.align 8
.globl relocate_kernel_len
.quad relocate_kernel_end - relocate_kernel