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/**@page mypage5 Demonstration application: call_qcsapi
* @brief An application is present to demonstrate the QCSAPI, <c>call_qcsapi</c>.
* It is a non-interactive command that takes all its parameter from the command line.
* This application is also the interface to the QSCAPI for scripting applications including web-based GUIs.
@section mysection5_1 Command Line Parameters
* The first command-line parameter specifies the API to be called.
* Remaining command-line parameters specify the arguments to that API.
* The order is the order of the arguments in the API.
* Thus the 2nd argument is usually the interface - e.g. wifi0 or eth1_0.
* For a generic QSCAPI, the 3rd argument will select the generic parameter - counter, option, etc.
* A set API will expect the new value as its final parameter.
* @subsection mysection5_1_1 Format for a MAC address
* MAC addresses are 48 bits, or 6 bytes long. They should be entered in this format:<br>
* where each "xx" represents the value of the corresponding byte in hexadecimal radix.
* The <c>call_qcsapi</c> command uses this same format to display MAC addresses, e.g. Get MAC Address (qcsapi_interface_get_mac_addr)
* or Get BSSID (qcsapi_wifi_get_BSSID).
* Not all sequences of 6 bytes represent valid MAC addresses for an individual interface.
* If the low-order bit is set in the 1st byte, the MAC address is interpreted as a multicast address.
* As this is a logical identifier for a group of interfaces on a network, it is not suitable as the address for an individual interface.
* Notice the broadcast address, <c>FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF</c>, is a special case of a multicast address.
* The MAC address that is all zeros (<c>00:00:00:00:00:00</c>) is also not valid as the MAC address for an individual interface.
* By convention, the all-zero MAC address is reported as the BSSID for a STA that is not in association.
* Since the BSSID for a STA is the MAC address of its partner AP, this means an AP cannot have a WiFi MAC address that is all zeros.
* This restriction applies to STAs as well as APs.
* All APIs that accept a MAC address as a parameter expect that MAC address to be valid for an individual interface.
* Thus a multicast address will not be accepted as a MAC address, and the selected API will return Invalid Value (<c>EINVAL</c>) as the error code.
* Additional details about command line parameters are listed with each individual QCSAPI.
* @section mysection5_2 Operation and Output
* Using its command line parameters, call_qcsapi calls the selected API, reports on the results and then exits.
* Its output depends on the nature of the API. For APIs that set a parameter, it displays the message complete.
* For APIs that get a parameter value, it reports the parameter value.
* If the API returns an error, the resulting message resembles the example below:
* <c>QCS API error 22: Invalid argument</c>
* The key is the word error, followed by the numeric error code (notice the actual returned error code will be less than 0, here -22).
* See @ref mysection4_1_4 "section QCS API Return Values" for more details on error codes.
* The <c>call_qcsapi</c> application also provides an interface to the QCSAPIs for scripting and web-based applications.
* @section mysection5_3 Examples
* The following examples are documented for the reader's reference.
* Example 1: Get the operational mode of a device:
* \code
quantenna # call_qcsapi get_mode wifi0
Access point
quantenna #
* Example 2: Disable the RF on a device:
* \code
quantenna # call_qcsapi rfenable wifi0 0
killing cmdloop hostapd with pid: 275
killing hostapd with pid: 278
[93387.180000] wifi0: station 00:26:86:01:1a:be disassociated
[93387.185000] wifi0: station 00:26:86:01:1a:be disassociated
01:56:27.304088 wifi0 Custom driver event:Dot11Msg:Client removed [00:26:86:01:1A:BE] [Deauthenticated - 3 - Deauthenticated because sendin[93387.210000] br0: port 2(wifi0) entering disabled state
g STA is leaving (or has left) IBSS or ESS]
01:56:27.304449 wifi0 Custom driver event:STA-TRAFFIC-STAT
01:56:27.306999 wifi0 Custom driver event:Dot11Msg:Client disconnected [00:26:86:01:1A:BE] [Client sent disassociation - 8 - Disassociated because sending STA is leaving (or has left) BSS]
01:56:27.307305 wifi0 Expired node:00:26:86:01:1A:BE
quantenna #
* Note in this example there was a single STA associated, which was removed when the RF was disabled on the AP via <c>call_qcsapi</c>.