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* drivers/net/ibm_newemac/tah.h
* Driver for PowerPC 4xx on-chip ethernet controller, TAH support.
* Copyright 2007 Benjamin Herrenschmidt, IBM Corp.
* <>
* Based on the arch/ppc version of the driver:
* Copyright 2004 MontaVista Software, Inc.
* Matt Porter <>
* Copyright (c) 2005 Eugene Surovegin <>
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
* under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the
* Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your
* option) any later version.
/* TAH */
struct tah_regs {
u32 revid;
u32 pad[3];
u32 mr;
u32 ssr0;
u32 ssr1;
u32 ssr2;
u32 ssr3;
u32 ssr4;
u32 ssr5;
u32 tsr;
/* TAH device */
struct tah_instance {
struct tah_regs __iomem *base;
/* Only one EMAC whacks us at a time */
struct mutex lock;
/* number of EMACs using this TAH */
int users;
/* OF device instance */
struct of_device *ofdev;
/* TAH engine */
#define TAH_MR_CVR 0x80000000
#define TAH_MR_SR 0x40000000
#define TAH_MR_ST_256 0x01000000
#define TAH_MR_ST_512 0x02000000
#define TAH_MR_ST_768 0x03000000
#define TAH_MR_ST_1024 0x04000000
#define TAH_MR_ST_1280 0x05000000
#define TAH_MR_ST_1536 0x06000000
#define TAH_MR_TFS_16KB 0x00000000
#define TAH_MR_TFS_2KB 0x00200000
#define TAH_MR_TFS_4KB 0x00400000
#define TAH_MR_TFS_6KB 0x00600000
#define TAH_MR_TFS_8KB 0x00800000
#define TAH_MR_TFS_10KB 0x00a00000
#define TAH_MR_DTFP 0x00100000
#define TAH_MR_DIG 0x00080000
extern int tah_init(void);
extern void tah_exit(void);
extern int tah_attach(struct of_device *ofdev, int channel);
extern void tah_detach(struct of_device *ofdev, int channel);
extern void tah_reset(struct of_device *ofdev);
extern int tah_get_regs_len(struct of_device *ofdev);
extern void *tah_dump_regs(struct of_device *ofdev, void *buf);
# define tah_init() 0
# define tah_exit() do { } while(0)
# define tah_attach(x,y) (-ENXIO)
# define tah_detach(x,y) do { } while(0)
# define tah_reset(x) do { } while(0)
# define tah_get_regs_len(x) 0
# define tah_dump_regs(x,buf) (buf)
#endif /* __IBM_NEWEMAC_TAH_H */