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* Freescale PowerQUICC MDIO Driver -- MII Management Bus Implementation
* Driver for the MDIO bus controller on Freescale PowerQUICC processors
* Author: Andy Fleming
* Modifier: Sandeep Gopalpet
* Copyright 2002-2004, 2008-2009 Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
* under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the
* Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your
* option) any later version.
#ifndef __FSL_PQ_MDIO_H
#define __FSL_PQ_MDIO_H
#define MIIMIND_BUSY 0x00000001
#define MIIMIND_NOTVALID 0x00000004
#define MIIMCFG_INIT_VALUE 0x00000007
#define MIIMCFG_RESET 0x80000000
#define MII_READ_COMMAND 0x00000001
struct fsl_pq_mdio {
u8 res1[16];
u32 ieventm; /* MDIO Interrupt event register (for etsec2)*/
u32 imaskm; /* MDIO Interrupt mask register (for etsec2)*/
u8 res2[4];
u32 emapm; /* MDIO Event mapping register (for etsec2)*/
u8 res3[1280];
u32 miimcfg; /* MII management configuration reg */
u32 miimcom; /* MII management command reg */
u32 miimadd; /* MII management address reg */
u32 miimcon; /* MII management control reg */
u32 miimstat; /* MII management status reg */
u32 miimind; /* MII management indication reg */
u8 reserved[28]; /* Space holder */
u32 utbipar; /* TBI phy address reg (only on UCC) */
u8 res4[2728];
} __attribute__ ((packed));
int fsl_pq_mdio_read(struct mii_bus *bus, int mii_id, int regnum);
int fsl_pq_mdio_write(struct mii_bus *bus, int mii_id, int regnum, u16 value);
int fsl_pq_local_mdio_write(struct fsl_pq_mdio __iomem *regs, int mii_id,
int regnum, u16 value);
int fsl_pq_local_mdio_read(struct fsl_pq_mdio __iomem *regs, int mii_id, int regnum);
int __init fsl_pq_mdio_init(void);
void fsl_pq_mdio_exit(void);
void fsl_pq_mdio_bus_name(char *name, struct device_node *np);
#endif /* FSL_PQ_MDIO_H */