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# MMC/SD card drivers
comment "MMC/SD/SDIO Card Drivers"
config MMC_BLOCK
tristate "MMC block device driver"
depends on BLOCK
default y
Say Y here to enable the MMC block device driver support.
This provides a block device driver, which you can use to
mount the filesystem. Almost everyone wishing MMC support
should say Y or M here.
int "Number of minors per block device"
depends on MMC_BLOCK
range 4 256
default 8
Number of minors per block device. One is needed for every
partition on the disk (plus one for the whole disk).
Number of total MMC minors available is 256, so your number
of supported block devices will be limited to 256 divided
by this number.
Default is 8 to be backwards compatible with previous
hardwired device numbering.
If unsure, say 8 here.
bool "Use bounce buffer for simple hosts"
depends on MMC_BLOCK
default y
SD/MMC is a high latency protocol where it is crucial to
send large requests in order to get high performance. Many
controllers, however, are restricted to continuous memory
(i.e. they can't do scatter-gather), something the kernel
rarely can provide.
Say Y here to help these restricted hosts by bouncing
requests back and forth from a large buffer. You will get
a big performance gain at the cost of up to 64 KiB of
physical memory.
If unsure, say Y here.
config SDIO_UART
tristate "SDIO UART/GPS class support"
depends on TTY
SDIO function driver for SDIO cards that implements the UART
class, as well as the GPS class which appears like a UART.
config MMC_TEST
tristate "MMC host test driver"
Development driver that performs a series of reads and writes
to a memory card in order to expose certain well known bugs
in host controllers. The tests are executed by writing to the
"test" file in debugfs under each card. Note that whatever is
on your card will be overwritten by these tests.
This driver is only of interest to those developing or
testing a host driver. Most people should say N here.